CBCF – Chapter 57 – Forgotten Things

“I can’t believe that something as stupid as leaving your summer homework at school can actually happen.” (Ouka)

“Ouka… walk a little slower… it still hurts a bit…!!” (Asuka)

“Oh oops. Hold onto me, and take it easy while walking” (Ouka)

“Sorry about dragging you into this. And thanks for coming to get my homework with me.” (Asuka)

“You have no idea how surprised I was when I came to your room to do homework with you only to find an empty desk.” (Ouka)

“I was surprised to find nothing there too, you know?” (Asuka)

“It would have been better if you had left your homework back at school on purpose. That look of despair you had did not help.” (Ouka)

“I thought for sure Ouka would be angry with me.” (Asuka)

“I’m not angry, just bewildered.” (Ouka)

“Although, I never imagined that I would end up coming to school in the evening when I don’t have supplementary classes…” (Asuka)

“Well, I’m glad that we noticed it early. If I hadn’t come to Asuka’s room, we might have never found out about this.” (Ouka)

“Speaking of which, it’s been a while since Ouka came to my room… and for this to happen on such a day…” (Asuka)

“I get what you mean. It’s always been in my room. It’s been a while since I last saw Asuka’s room, but it’s really changed a lot from what I remembered…” (Ouka)

“Was it a cute room like you’d expect from a beautiful girl?” (Asuka)

“No, I just never expected it to be a room decorated with merchandise of your favorite characters all over the place. And all of them are female characters, too.” (Ouka)

“I don’t really like male characters. They’re not very moe, I guess.” (Asuka)

“Hmm. Well, I suppose that’s one way to look at it. Anyways, grab onto me. Let’s head to the classroom.” (Ouka)

“Alright, alright.” (Asuka)

“Now, what should we do about the stairs…” (Ouka)

“I request a piggyback ride…” (Asuka)

“A piggyback ride, huh…” (Ouka)

“I’ll press my breasts against your back, so please. You can enjoy it shaking.” (Asuka)

“Do your best to endure and walk. I’ll be cheering you on.” (Ouka)

“Ouka onii~ Onii~chan… Ah, should I call you onii-chan for today?” (Asuka)

“Stop changing the subject.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So, anybody remember this series? I remember reading it a looong time ago but only today was I wondering what happened to it. 

Well, I still don’t really know what happened to it, but there are still some chapters left and it hasn’t been updated in years so I’ll go ahead and finish it. 

Chapters are super short so I can probably post often. I never re-read any of the earlier chapters but I think the chapters are pretty independent of one another so it should be fine.


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Adinara Pratama

God bless you! Thank you for translating this serie! Thank you!

Adinara Pratama

A million years I have waited for someone to continue translating this series! Thank you very much