CBCF – Chapter 89 – Which One

“Don’t you want to get something more expensive? Are you sure you want this?” (Ouka)

“Yeah, this Chocolate Monaka Ice Cream is one of my favourites. It’s nice and crispy.” (Asuka)

“I thought you were going to ask for something expensive…” (Ouka)

“That wouldn’t be very kind to Ouka’s wallet. There are still plenty of things I want to do during summer vacation.” (Asuka)

“Asuka… It makes me happy to see you growing into such a considerate child… your father is pleased.” (Ouka)

“Why are you looking at it from a father’s perspective? Anyways, which one did Ouka buy?” (Asuka)

“I went with Pino1.” (Ouka)

“Pino? That’s nice~ I wonder if it has heart-shaped or star-shaped pieces inside?” (Asuka)

“Apparently, they’ve also been including four-leaf clover shapes inside recently.” (Ouka)

“Really? I didn’t know that. Come on, open it!” (Asuka)

“Sure thing. Let’s see…” (Ouka)

“Wow, amazing!! It has both heart and star-shaped pieces!!” (Asuka)

“Oh, that’s lucky! Hearts represent happiness, and stars are for wishes, right? This is great.” (Ouka)

“I guess it’s Ouka’s lucky day today. Hmm… Ouka’s wishes and happiness …” (Asuka)

“What’s wrong, Asuka? You’re making a strange face.” (Ouka)

“…Could it be that Ouka wished to see my butt at the pool today!?” (Asuka)

“I didn’t wish for that! Why would I?!” (Ouka)

“Well, isn’t that the luckiest thing that happened to you today?” (Asuka)

“Well… I mean, I won’t deny it, but…” (Ouka)

“I see… So Ouka prefers butts over boobs… It’s a bit embarrassing to think about that… but I’ll have to prepare myself…!!” (Asuka)

“No, there’s no need to prepare yourself. I don’t understand Asuka’s standards for embarrassment.” (Ouka)

“Ouka, do you think I should start wearing miniskirts more often from now on? I don’t have many miniskirts… If you prefer butts, maybe hot pants? Or jeans?” (Asuka)

“What are you saying that with such a serious face…” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

A chapter just can’t end without Asuka making some sort of ecchi joke.

Also, I googled Monaka Ice Cream and it looked like some sort of waffle with ice cream fillings inside. It actually looks kinda nice.

Anyways, I’m back and there are only about 7 chapters left so let’s finish it.


  1. Raw said Pinyo, but I guess it’s supposed to be Pino, which is apparently a popular ice cream brand in Japan. They’re like small bite-sized chocolate ice cream.
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