CBCF – Side Story 18 – A Conversation Between Mothers

“(Ahh, Test-Test. Mitori-san? Hananoki Mitori-san, can you hear me?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Test-Test. Loud and clear, Toriyabe Sakura-san~” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Hooray~ Long time no see, Mitori-san. How have you been?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“I’m doing well. You seem to be doing well too. I heard that you’re taking the summer vacation to come back here.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Yeah, I should be back home in a few days. I had some paid leave saved up, so I decided to make use of it.)” (Ouka’s mom)

“That’s great. Looking forward to seeing you after so long.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(So do I. By the way, any progress between my son and Asuka-chan? To be frank, have they fucked yet?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Nope. It’s the same as always, those two.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Ohh!? They still haven’t done it?! That cowardly son of mine! He better hurry up and do it before she gets taken by another man!)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Sakura-san~ that’s vulgar. Meh1~ Well, it seems like they do sleep together sometimes?” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Why didn’t he do anything after going that far?! Wait, did I… forget to attach a penis to Ouka when I gave birth to him…?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Sakura-san, that’s even more vulgar. Meh desu yo? Those two are probably too close to each other and it’s messing with their heads.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Damn it, I was looking forward to seeing Asuka-chan become Ouka’s girlfriend when I return home!!)” (Ouka’s mom)

“I know right~? I’ve been giving Asuka micro bikinis, sexy swimsuits, and ultra-sexy lingerie so that she could use it to break Ouka-kun’s self-control…” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Mitori-san, your actions were more outrageous than I expected!?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“No results yet. Maybe I should try approaching him together with Asuka wearing the same thing? Anyway, we need to break his self-control.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Stop that drastic measure! That’s too much!)” (Ouka’s mom)

“I’m just kidding. I won’t expose my skin to anyone other than my beloved husband.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Oh… that’s a relief… I was worried Mitori-san might actually do it… A childhood friend and Oyakodon2 combo is just too much…)” (Ouka’s mom)

“In the first place, Ouka-kun is completely uninterested in anyone other than Asuka.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Yeah, then why aren’t those two dating already…?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Hmm… Maybe it’s because they’ve skipped the dating phase and gone straight to a married couple phase?” (Asuka’s mom)

“(I can’t tell if that’s good or bad…)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Anyway, let’s come up with our next plan.” (Asuka’s mom)

“(Hehehe… I’ll make sure to show my son the happy ending between childhood friends…!!)” (Ouka’s mom)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

These two must have gotten it the worst, seeing the same shit for years. You can tell they’re starting to get a loose screw in their heads cause of it. As a firm believer in childhood friend love, I fully support their plan.

Also, if you haven’t caught on, they are talking over the phone, hence the brackets.

I was gonna use their first names, but ‘mom’ is probably easier to read.


  1. I have no idea how to explain this, but basically it’s like saying ‘no’ but a more babyish talk way. For example, ‘Meh desu yo’ is like lightly telling a baby “no, you can’t”.
  2. Threesome with mother and daughter.
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“(Mitori-san, you’re actions were more outrageous than I expected!?)” (Ouka’s mom)

Your, not you’re.

Thank you for your translation.