CBCF – Chapter 59 – An Infected Childhood Friend

“Ouka~. Your udon is ready! It’s egg-drop udon.” (Asuka)

“Oh… Asuka… Thanks…” (Ouka)

“You know, I never thought I’d actually spread to Ouka…” (Asuka)

“It’s all because Asuka said something about wanting to hold my hand, and then we fell asleep while holding hands. I guess it was also my fault in a way…” (Ouka)

“When I woke up, Ouka was sleeping next to me. Sorry, did I not let go of it the entire time?” (Asuka)

“No, it’s just that I got drowsy looking at Asuka’s sleeping face.” (Ouka)

“Since Ouka saw my sleeping face, you gotta take responsibility☆” (Asuka)

“Who’s the one who’s supposed to take responsibility here? I’ll forgive you if you’ll take care of me properly…” (Ouka)

“Well, it’s technically my fault, so I guess I have no choice.” (Asuka)

“You know, when you’re mom came over and covered us with a blanket last night, it felt like I was lying on a hot stone.” (Ouka)

“Was it because we kissed in the middle of the night?” (Asuka)

“…We did?” (Ouka)

“I wonder. Did you want it to happen?” (Asuka)

“Don’t lie. Asuka, you slept soundly until morning…” (Ouka)

“Ahaha, did you know? We didn’t kiss… it was something more than that…” (Asuka)

“Don’t tease me… I’m not in the mood to joke around now…” (Ouka)

“Sorry sorry, nothing happened last night~. Hey, want me to feed you some udon?” (Asuka)

“It’s okay… I can eat by myself…” (Ouka)

“You don’t have to push yourself. Come on, it’s okay to rely on me.” (Asuka)

“I’m always relying on you… so at times like this…” (Ouka)

Fuu… Here, say ahh.” (Asuka)

“…?” (Ouka)

“Ahhh?” (Asuka)

“No…” (Ouka)

“Ahh♡” (Asuka)

“…Don’t make weird noises, I’ll eat quietly.” (Ouka)

“Okay okay. Just be obedient and rely on me, especially when you’re sick.” (Asuka)

*Mmgh*Haa, I’m always relying on Asuka…” (Ouka)

“That’s not true.” (Asuka)

“Asuka…” (Ouka)

“What is it, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“I’m still not doing well, so… please don’t leave me…” (Ouka)

“I would never leave you. Get well soon, okay?” (Asuka)

“…Thank you… the udon is delicious…” (Ouka)

“Aww, Ouka looks so cute when he’s weakened by a cold. Makes me want to push you down.” (Asuka)

“…Please… stop that…” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

By the time you’re reading this, it’s probably Chinese New Year. Or at least it is at my place, so happy Chinese New Year.


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