CBCF – Chapter 58 – Childhood Friend Catching a Cold

“Asuka~ the porridge is ready.” (Ouka)

“Ah… Thank you, Ouka…” (Asuka)

“I didn’t expect you to get hit by the combo of muscle pain and a cold tho.” (Ouka)

“Maybe I used up all my strength… I wonder if my immune system weakened?” (Asuka)

“Well, I’d say the cause is more likely the pajama fashion show, wouldn’t you agree?” (Ouka)

“But… I wanted you to see my cute negligee…” (Asuka)

“It was too thin. And besides, that wasn’t a negligee, it was one of those babydoll things, right? It was so see-through that I didn’t know where to look.” (Ouka)

“I wish you had looked at me more tho… *cough* *cough*” (Asuka)

“Stop joking around at a time like this. Come on, eat it quickly, and then get warm and go to sleep.” (Ouka)

“Okay~ Ahh~ give it to me.” (Asuka)

“…Seriously?” (Ouka)

“Yep, but this time, I’m sick so pamper me~” (Asuka)

“Alright, alright. So, what do you want with the porridge? Pickled plum or Kombu (kelp seaweed)?” (Ouka)

“Pickled plum.” (Asuka)

“Got it.” (Ouka)

“Suddenly craving sour things… could it be… I’m pregnant?” (Asuka)

“The porridge is ready. Unfortunately, it seems like I have also caught a cold so I can’t feed you.” (Ouka)

“No way!! Don’t do this to me…!!” (Asuka)

“You’re actually feeling better now, aren’t you?” (Ouka)

“…Actually, I’m in a lot of pain… I just wanted to lighten the mood…” (Asuka)

“Don’t push yourself so much!! Don’t make me worry any more than I already am!! Look, I’ll hang out with you as much as you want after you recover… Here…” (Ouka)

“Mm… Ouka, you’re porridge is delicious. Have you gotten better at cooking?” (Asuka)

“That’s an exaggeration. It’s nothing compared to Asuka’s cooking.” (Ouka)

“I can feel Ouka’s love…” (Asuka)

“Yeah, yeah. I put plenty of love into it, so eat up and go to sleep.” (Ouka)

“Okay~ When I wake up, I think I’ll be sweating, so will you wipe it off for me?” (Asuka)

“Alright, alright.” (Ouka)

“Will you give me a goodnight kiss?” (Asuka)

“Alrig… no, we’re not doing that.” (Ouka)

“Aww. I heard that giving kisses can make you recover faster.” (Asuka)

“Don’t try to infect me. Just go to sleep quietly.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

To be honest, I don’t really have much to write here since each chapter is so short. I guess you can just enjoy the fluff.


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