CBCF – Side Story 17 – Two Couples

“Boss, there were two high school couples here.” (Kamizuru)

“Yes, Kamizuru-san. It’s heartwarming, isn’t it?” (Aketagawa)

“Even though it’s summer vacation, they’re still going to school…?” (Kamizuru)

“Well, there are still supplementary lessons and club activities, so that’s probably it.” (Aketagawa)

“I see. One of the couples was our usual couple, but they were closer than usual, and the other couple seemed a bit suspicious.” (Kamizuru)

“Kamizuru-san, you can’t call our customers suspicious.” (Aketagawa)

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but be jealous of them. Also, the last two looked like a high school student and child together.” (Kamizuru)

“You’re jealous of them?” (Aketagawa)

“Yeah… Would it be weird for a girl like me who has eyes like a delinquent to say that?” (Kamizuru)

“Not at all. Kamizuru-san, I think you’re a lovely woman.” (Aketagawa)

“…Boss, even if it’s just flattery, I’m happy.” (Kamizuru)

“It’s not flattery. Occasionally, there are even customers who ask me to tell them more about you.” (Aketagawa)

“That’s news to me.” (Kamizuru)

“Some were even asking me about where you live. Of course, I kept it to myself. You don’t mind, do you?” (Aketagawa)

“I don’t mind. Oh, so does that mean you’ll occasionally give me a ride in your car?” (Kamizuru)

“If it’s late at night. It would be bad if something happened to you.” (Aketagawa)

“Boss, you’re such a gentleman, aren’t you?” (Kamizuru)

“It’s only natural to want to protect my important colleague whom I work with.” (Aketagawa)

“Colleagues, huh…” (Kamizuru)

“Yep.” (Aketagawa)

“It’s fine to treat me like a girl, you know?” (Kamizuru)

“Treat you like a girl? Kamizuru-san, I think you’re a cute girl tho?” (Aketagawa)

“I didn’t mean it in that sense… Well, never mind. I’m going to go replenish the supplies.” (Kamizuru)

“Thank you. Please take care.” (Aketagawa)

“…Boss, will you also give me a ride home today?” (Kamizuru)

“Sure, gladly.” (Aketagawa)

“Alright! I’ll work hard for today!” (Kamizuru)

“Good luck…! *whisper* Kamizuru-san, you are really charming, you know?” (Aketagawa)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

For context, the suspicious couple is our side character from the previous chapter. They looked sus because Hishiki looked short.

Apparently, there are 3 sets of recurring characters for these side stories and the author has done a character introduction for them before. So here’s a link to that.

Anyways, I’m gonna do a shameless promotion here. If you like this series, you will probably enjoy this other series I translated a few months ago. It’s a oneshot so feel free to read it and move on with life. It’s called “How to Make a Childhood Friend! ~If You Don’t Have a Childhood Friend, You Can Just Make One!?~


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