When I Appeared on My Childhood Friend’s VTuber Stream, My Life Changed Dramatically After It Went Viral

Vol 1 Illustration


Alias: Childhood Friend VTuber (CFVT)


Miyasaka Rui continued to work part-time without any goals or plans to attend university. However, by chance, he was invited by his estranged childhood friend, Ayaka, to appear on her VTuber livestream. And… before he knew it, that stream had gone viral and it became a massive hit online.

Having made his VTuber debut on a whim, Rui enjoys hanging out with his VTuber friends, getting teased by viewers, and receiving praise for playing his favorite games—experiencing the youth he missed out on during his student days. And of course, romance with his cute childhood friend is an essential part of youth…

“Rui, you’ve always been kind and cool since we were kids, and even now, in my eyes, you still are—”

Unaware of the upcoming life-changing viral stream, Rui embarks on a new journey as a rookie VTuber, follow him as he relives his youth through live streams!

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