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Last updated: 6th June 2024

Spoilers up to v3 epilogue

Main characters

Wilhelm Wondersky – the MC. A shut-in from a prestigious noble family.

Anastasia Milkyway (aka Anya) – Guild Master of [Grand Bahamut]. A great cook. Her father is close friends with MC’s father.

Sofia Barrett – Member of [Grand Bahamut].

Mew-chan – A magical creature (Sodane Mew) who is also part of [Grand Bahamut].

Side characters

Robert Wondersky – MC’s father who kicked him out of the house.

Richard Sebastian – A tall 50-year-old butler who looks out for the MC since childhood.

Liliana Shootingstar – A women with blue hair who works as a government official. Used to be classmates with MC and they’re in the same grade. The inspection officer assigned to [Grand Bahamut].

Clara Voyager – The guild master of [Cosmic Falcon]. She has curly vertical roll hair and, well, is the ‘Oh-hohoho’ kind of lady.

Tony Wondersky – MC’s brother. A talented and handsome guy.

Evabloom Snowmoon – Granddaughter of the manager of Bones Magic Shop. She has short black hair but has a constitution where her hair grows very quickly. She can sense bad omens that are about to happen around her. She talks in third person and has a creepy laugh.

Edelweiss Selena Caramelise – The saint from the church. She’s MC’s childhood friend and was a tomboy in the past.

Stephanie – A twin-tailed pink haired girl who performs magic tricks as a street performer. She has a tendancy to fail her performance.

Catastrophe/Feene – A magic sword that belonged to the Demon King. She has a desire to slaughter things. In her fairy form, she’s known as Feene.


Grand Bahamut – The main guild of the story. Anya is the guild master while her father was the former guild master. Back when her father was the guild master, this was a relatively popular guild.

Cosmic Falcon – Largest guild in town. Clara is the guild master.

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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