CGM – Vol 1 Prologue

When I was in school until the age of fifteen, I was good—no, I was just talented.

To be specific, I surprised those around me by mastering the divine sword techniques that were said to be usable only by heroes.

I even intimidated those around me by learning to use extreme magic that was said to be usable only by the demon king.

Moreover, I excelled in my studies more than anyone else.

Naturally, I skipped grades and started working on my graduation thesis earlier than usual. Despite my hesitations, I decided to choose the theme “The Demon King’s Ultimate Magic”.

This was an incredibly complex topic that had barely been explored by researchers worldwide. I thought I would receive a merit at academic conferences for it.

However, the reality was different.

I received a large amount of criticism at the conference and the academic community labeled me as the man destined to become the future Demon King for handling such magic.

Moreover, before the conference even concluded, I was forcibly taken into confinement by the soldiers—

A thorough investigation of my personal life, including my home and school, was conducted.

The aim was to find decisive evidence that I was on the path to becoming the Demon King.

During those three months of searching for evidence, I kept being continuously detained and restricted.

The suspicions were eventually cleared, but when I returned to school, no one was pleased to see me back. In fact, everyone looked at me with cold eyes.

I, who should have had a brilliant future, was treated as if I were a complete outcast. Because of that, I completely lost my motivation to work hard.

I declined any higher education offer that had come through recommendations and decided to return to my parents’ home.

With that, I, Wilhelm Wondersky, proudly became a shut-in.

A year has passed since I became a shut-in.

Since I’m from a prestigious noble family, I don’t have to worry about my living conditions.

I sent the servants to buy novels for me, as I continued to enjoy a lifestyle of eating and sleeping.

Because of this, my father constantly remarks, “Your eyes look like those of a dead fish”. The family butler commented something similar and said that I ‘Look just like a zombie’.

Not even wanting to go get my hair cut, I decided to just tie up my long hair.

Of course, living this kind of life means that I have no friends.

But even so, I was happy. I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life lounging on the bed in my room.

This place is my paradise.

Yup, my bed is my paradise. The final destination of my life. An eternal paradise.

One day, my father suddenly invaded my paradise and sliced my room’s door into two.

The cut door fell to the floor, making a hollow sound.

“Wh-What the hell?! I had placed a highly advanced magic lock on that door! How did Father get in?” (Wilhelm)

“Hehehe, this is an incredibly powerful sword that can nullify all magic effects. No matter how strong the magic lock is, it’s useless against this sword. With this sword, I can simply cut down the lock itself.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“Why on earth do we have such an amazing sword?” (Wilhelm)

“I didn’t tell you, but this has been a precious family heirloom passed down through generations to the head of the Wondersky family. Until today, it had only been up for display, but I’ve decided to use it for the first time to forcefully drag you out of this room.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“You’re using such a precious sword for something so trivial?” (Wilhelm)

Uh-oh. Father is dead serious. Those are of someone who is prepared to kill. I need to get out of this room and put an end to my shut-in life pronto. Otherwise, I have no idea what might happen to me.

“If it’s for the sake of my worthless son—oops, wrong choice of words. If it’s for the sake of my dear son, I’ll do anything. Now, Wilhelm, come out of your room.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“Wait, did you just make a really terrible slip of the tongue?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s just your imagination. Now, come out of your room quickly.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“N-No, I refuse.” (Wilhelm)

“Then, die!” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“N-no way! I’m your beloved son, you know!” (Wilhelm)

However, Father was deadly serious.

He swung the precious family heirloom sword at me while I lay on the bed. With that thing as my opponent, defensive magic is useless. After all, it will just cut right through it. This sword is way too dangerous.

I managed to dodge the attack, but my beloved bed was now sliced into two pieces.

“Nooooooo! My paradiseeeeeee!” (Wilhelm)

“No, it’s time to wake up. That’s not a paradise, that’s just a bed! HAA!!” (Wilhelm’s Father)

Father relentlessly continued his attacks.

*Dodge Dodge Dodge.*

These are serious strikes. If one of them landed, I might actually die.

“Father, are you seriously trying to kill your own adorable child?” (Wilhelm)

“You’re not adorable at all. You’ve become a disgrace to our family. Everyone in town is thinking the same thing. ‘Hey, hey, the eldest son of the Wondersky family is a shut-in, what a fool’… or something along those lines.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“That’s a delusional fantasy!” (Wilhelm)

“No, it’s not. Now, if you understand, die for the honor of the Wondersky family!” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“If I die, who’s going to inherit the Wondersky family, huh? I’m the eldest son.” (Wilhelm)

“We have Tony, my diligent second son who actually takes his studies seriously, unlike you.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“No way! Am I not going to be the head of the family?” (Wilhelm)

“I’ve already planned for Tony to inherit that position.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“If that happens, I won’t be able to live my life of eating and sleeping forever!” (Wilhelm)

“Isn’t that obvious, you idiot!” (Wilhelm’s Father)

I managed to block Father’s all-out attack with a serious sword parry.

I seriously thought I was going to die. It was my first time dealing with something like this. With my muscles and reflexes dulled by my long shut-in life, I somehow still managed to successfully pull off a sword parry. I’m really amazing, aren’t I?

“G-Give me a chance, Father! Give this beloved and cute son another chance!” (Wilhelm)

“…I don’t love you, and you’re not cute at all, but well, we’ve been together for a long time so I’ll consider it. Wilhelm, do you have what it takes to break out from being a shut-in?” (Wilhelm’s Father)

“I can’t promise that, but it’s better than being killed by my own parent.” (Wilhelm)

Father’s face brightened.

If I were to compare, it was like the relief of finally getting rid of a week-long constipation. Ugh, I feel like garbage.

“Alright, Wilhelm. It seems like you have a bit of motivation. Well then, it’s a shame, but let’s put off killing my foolish son. Ah, I really wanted to kill you. It might have relieved my constipation.” (Wilhelm’s Father)

He was seriously constipated?

Father sheathed his sword. It seemed like the immediate threat to my life had passed.

Father looked straight at me. When was the last time he looked at me like that? Usually, he would give a look as if he were looking at trash.

“Listen, Wilhelm. This child’s room is no longer a suitable place for you. From now on—” (Wilhelm’s Father)

I decided to follow my father’s orders.

It seems that he had arranged for me to meet a girl.

I’m not thrilled about it, but it’s better than being killed by my father, so I have no choice but to go see her.

Farewell, my happy shut-in life.

Ah, it’s been a while since I stepped outside.

The sun overhead was much brighter than I had imagined.

Illustrations before prologue

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

This was one of those series that was on my reading list, but I immediately forgot about it afterwards. I remember thinking it was interesting when I first saw it. Since there wasn’t much progression, I decided to just start from scratch instead of continuing where the previous TL left off.

I have another ongoing series rn, so I can’t post this as often right now. I’ll shift the focus to this LN once I finish my other one, so for now, I’ll just randomly post chapters.

Fair warning MC’s a bit of a pervert.


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I feel bad for MC. Guy is basically screaming out for help, love, and trust and people are fine with just abandoning him. Including shit head dad.