CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 1 – The shut-in meets a beautiful girl who is good at cooking

I saw a girl’s panties for the first time in a while.

After living in isolation for a long time, one can completely forget how precious, beautiful, and radiant it was.

“Ah… It’s dazzling…” (Wilhelm)

The panties fit gently against the skin. It makes her cute butt look even more charming. The pure white color even seemingly reflects the purity of a girl’s heart.

Awawawawawa. To show something so unsightly during our first meeting. P-Please wait a moment.” (?)

Such an elegant and charming voice.

It’s nice. The flustered voice of a beautiful girl is soothing to the ears.

“Take your time. I’m not in a hurry.” (Wilhelm)

Considering I was a shut-in until just now, I don’t have any plans today, tomorrow, or the day after, for that matter.

Or rather, the panties are so dazzling that I want to keep looking at them.

Come to think of it, how did someone like me end up with such a lucky event?

Oh, right. It’s because I was kicked out of the paradise called my own room.

I reluctantly followed my father’s orders and came to a small guild in town, and the moment I reached there, I was greeted by a very cute pair of panties.

I wonder if that girl is working at this guild. She’s a really cute girl. Even her flustered appearance is cute.

Ah, beautiful girls are truly amazing.

“Ah mouu, come on, let gooo!” (?)

That beautiful girl is being dragged and her skirt pulled down by a small dog-like magical beast called a Lightning Dog.

The girl is desperately trying to resist and separate herself from the Lightning Dog, but the dog continues to wag its tail happily, seemingly enjoying the situation.

By the way, Lightning Dogs are cute-looking dogs with short legs. Due to their charm, they are highly popular as pets for nobles. In fact, I used to have one in the past.

Although Lightning Dogs are classified as magical beasts, they are friendly and rarely attack people. Their signature move is an electrical attack, but they can only shoot it once a day, and even if you get hit, it’s only enough to numb you. As such they aren’t lethal at all.

So, well, leaving them alone should be fine. I took a seat on a nearby chair.

I’ll just enjoy the view while sipping tea. 

“Awawawawa. U-Um, if possible, I would be extremely happy if you could help me.” (?)

“Hmm, so it has come to this.” (Wilhelm)

I wanted to keep watching, though.

“Yes, if possible. I apologize, but I don’t think I can separate this child with my own strength.” (Wilhelm)

“You could just give up on the skirt, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“B-but my panties would be visible!” (?)

“They’re already visible…” (Wilhelm)

“Waah!” (?)

It seems that she just noticed. Her face turned bright red, and her eyes spun around in embarrassment. So cute.

Well, well. Despite everything, even as a shut-in, I can’t help but be moved by that cuteness. I’ll at least lend a hand.

“So, do I just have to defeat that thing?” (Wilhelm)

Come to think of it, I didn’t bring a sword.

Well, I’m resourceful, and it’s not a problem. Besides, even if I had a sword, it’s probably all rusted from being left unused for so long.

*Snap, snap* 

I snapped my fingers.

“W-Wait a minute. This magical beast needs to be delivered to a customer later.” (?)

“Meaning?” (Wilhelm)

“I was hoping that you could help without hurting it.” (?)

“I see. Quite a hassle.” (Wilhelm)

“I apologize…” (?)

But, rest assured. I’m capable, so I’ll figure something out.

I approached the girl and the dog.

W-Wow, this looks even more cute up close. Were a girl’s panties always this radiant? The plumpness of her butt is enticing. I might even accidentally reach out. I want to gently run my hand along the round line, all the way down to her thighs.


I’m getting a bit too lecherous.

Let’s just deal with the magical beast in front of me.

I casually lifted the Lightning Dog by the scruff of its neck.

And what do you know? Since the Lightning Dog was still biting the skirt, I ended up pulling up the skirt in the process.

“Hiiiee~!” (?)

Tears welled up.

“Ah, sorry.” (Wilhelm)

“I-It’s okay. S-So, what are you trying to do by opening its mouth?” (?)

“I’m gonna put it to sleep. Sleep Magic: [Sleep Sleep].” (Wilhelm)

I raised my index finger and directed it towards the magical beast’s forehead.

The Lightning Dog who was hit by the magic, instantly fell into a peaceful slumber. This kind of magic is quite effective against a weak magical beast like this one.

With the Lightning Dog asleep, the skirt was finally let go from its mouth.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” (?)

I received genuine admiration.

When was the last time someone praised me?

Come to think of it, ever since I became a shut-in, I’ve only ever received harsh words. 

Being called a failure, a neet, a disappointment from the Wondersky family—my family sure doesn’t hold back with their words.

So, getting praised like this feels incredibly uplifting.

“Here, make sure to put it in the cage.” (Wilhelm)

“Y-yes. Thank you so much. You really saved me.” (?)

I handed over the sleeping Lightning Dog to the girl.


It slipped down.

The skirt.

Seems like the waistband got stretched out completely, probably due to being pulled too hard by the Lightning Dog. Her pure white panties are now completely exposed.

Wonderful. Thank you.

“Awawawawa. I-I’ve shown something so indecent. I’ll go and get changed right away. P-Please wait for a moment.” (?)

“Oh, take your time.” (Wilhelm)

The girl fluttered around, gently placing the Lightning Dog in the cage. While holding down her skirt, she disappeared behind the counter.

What a cute girl. Perhaps she’s the daughter of someone here.

“Mew…” (?)

Whoa! As if swapping places with the girl, a large, round, white magical beast appeared.

This one is much stronger than the Lightning Dog. It’s not the type to easily get attached to humans, but I wonder if it’s being kept as a pet?

This magical beast’s name is Sodane Mew. It’s taller than me and has rabbit-like ears. There’s a small ribbon attached to one of its long ears, so it’s probably a pet the girl was taking care of.

…There’s quite a tense atmosphere.

Back in my student days, I’ve taken down quite a few Sodane Mews for quests so those old instincts are resurfacing, and I can’t help but want to fight it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

The author sure wasted no time establishing that his perverted.
Putting that aside, the author came up with some interesting names for fantasy creatures I’ve never seen before. 

There isn’t exactly an illustration in the LN for these creatures, but it is present in the manga.


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