CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 2 Part 2 – The shut-in was expelled from home

“Wil-sama, I received some cherries as a gift. How about having them for dessert after dinner?” (Anya)

“Sounds good. I want to eat them.” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm?” (Mew-chan)

“What’s wrong, Mew-chan?” (Anya)

Mew-chan, on the other side of the kitchen, seems to be on alert, as if sensing something outside. She must have detected the same presence I did.

As expected of a magical beast. Even if not in the wild, her ability to sense presence is high.

“Mew-chan, is someone coming?” (Anya)

Oh, the back door is not locked. This could be bad.

By the way, the back door is right in front of us, just beyond the kitchen table where we are. If I close the door now… probably won’t make it in time.


The back door is forcefully swung open.

The force was strong, so the door naturally bounced back, closing itself.

What on earth is going on? If that was a thief, they must be quite a fool.

I opened the door again.

This time, I gripped the handle and carefully opened the door.

“Emergency, emergency, it’s a big deal! Quest level emergency!” (?)

It’s a woman in her late teens or early twenties. Her large breasts bounce energetically.

With incredibly large breasts and a distinctive ponytail, she seems like a lively person. Her eyes are wide open, full of vitality and the thighs extending from her shorts are dazzling to me.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the cleavage and thighs of a teenage girl. Were they always this radiant? Because my gaze seemed to be getting inappropriate, I looked at Anya to recompose myself. Ah, her small chest gives a peace of mind.

“Hey, Anya. Is that woman a friend of yours?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. She’s Sofia Barrett. She’s my friend and also a guild member.” (Anya)

“A guild member? Surprising.” (Wilhelm)

Sofia energetically entered the kitchen. She seems to be the complete opposite of the quiet and modest Anya. Bright and full of energy.

I mean, her breasts are bouncing a lot. How much do they bounce? They are much larger than my head. They bounce so much that my gaze is inevitably drawn to it. Wearing a top that emphasizes the cleavage is also quite provocative.

“Amazing…” (Wilhelm)

I unintentionally let out a comment about her breasts. Sofia heard it and grew more wary.

“Hmm? You there, what exactly did you say was ‘amazing’ just now?” (Sofia)

“The grace of a woman, I guess? I felt the greatness of a lady that I haven’t seen in a while.” (Wilhelm)

I said something random.

“You were looking at my breasts, weren’t you?” (Sofia)

“Soda ne.” (Mew-chan)

I intended to deny it, but Mew-chan answered in my stead.

“I knew it~” (Sofia)

I pinched Mew-chan’s cheek without saying anything. Mew-chan pinched my cheek back.

“Oh, you two seem close. I’ve never seen a man get along so well with Mew-chan. That’s kinda amazing. Ah, wow, there are cherries. Anya-chan, is it okay if I eat them? Itadakimasu!” (Sofia)

She’s eating so fast! Hey, leave some for me too!

Apparently, Sofia’s appetite seems to be the usual thing as Anya is watching with a smile, unsurprised.

“So, Sofia-san. Coming to my place at this hour, is something wrong?” (Anya)

“Oh, right. It seems like Aravesk-san from the Force Avenue is showing blood-sucking symptoms. Someone contacted me saying that she was starting to go crazy.” (Sofia)

Blood-sucking symptoms—

In other words, a vampire. Vampires are part of the demonic race which are scattered around the city, but they generally live normal lives. Rarely do they cause any trouble. The fact that one of them is causing trouble makes this an urgent request. I hope the situation isn’t too dire.

Anya stood up.

“Let’s go right away!” (Anya)

“Are you sure? The opponent is part of the demonic race. Even if they look like an ordinary person, their magic should be quite strong.” (Wilhelm)

“Aravesk-san was originally a human. She ended up like this after being bitten by a vampire and now whenever she sees the moon, her vampire side awakens. She won’t stop without the use of my purification magic. If left alone, she might be disposed of by the soldiers.” (Anya)

“I see. We need to do something about that.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. We will save Aravesk-san. <Grand Bahamut>, mobilize!” (Anya)

“Yeah!” (Sofia)

The woman referred to as Sofia raised her fist energetically. Her gestures are childlike. If we’re talking about composure, Anya is far superior.

Her big eyes look at me curiously.

“So? Who are you, exactly?” (Sofia)

Is she seriously asking that at this time? Shouldn’t you have asked that the moment you got here?

The guild <Grand Bahamut> has only two members, excluding Mew-chan.

One is Anya, and the other is Sofia Barrett, a friend and neighbor of Anya.

By the way, Sofia is apparently 18 years old, older than me. No wonder she has that seductive charm.

Guided by Sofia, we run through the night city.

Ah, I forgot to bring a sword because we left immediately… Oh well, I’ll manage somehow. After all, I’m a genius.

The muscle pain still stings a bit, but it’s not as painful as earlier in the day.

It’s probably thanks to the slow bath I took earlier. I can probably endure this level of pain with my willpower.

We turn a few corners and continue running. As we got closer, I gradually started to feel the presence of magic nearby. There’s also a faint sense of miasma in the air.

“There she is! Aravesk-san!” (Anya)

“What on earth is happening? Aravesk-san is attacking people, biting their necks, and drinking blood. Oh, but the middle-aged man she’s feeding on seems to be feeling incredibly good.” (Sofia)

“Being bitten by a vampire is said to feel good. But Aravesk-san, who is biting, looks really uncomfortable.” (Wilhelm)

Honestly, her face seems to be saying she’d prefer the blood of a younger, more handsome man.

By the way, Aravesk-san is around 30 years old. She has a slightly beautiful face with an unfortunate expression. Her complexion is pale, and her eyes shine red. Perhaps due to vampire transformation, her pointy teeth and nails are pretty noticeable.

“For now, let’s try to stop the bloodsucking. If she keeps at it, that guy might even turn into a vampire. Let me deal with this real quick.” (Wilhelm)

“No, I will take care of this.” (Anya)

“Anya? Are you sure about this?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. After all, I am the guild master of <Grand Bahamut>.” (Anya)

She seems kinda frail though.


Anya steps forward with a cute rod she brought from home in her hand. Such rods can be used in fights to enhance the user’s magic.

In an instant, magic started to accumulate in the gem at the tip of the rod. Anya seems to have quite a talent for magic.

Anya raises the rod towards the sky and…

“Here we go! Purification magic: [Saint Flare]!” (Anya)

Holy white flames envelop Aravesk-san.

Though it takes the form of flames, it’s not hot. This magic is created for purifying curses and malicious energy eating away at the body.

Purification magic can only be wielded by those with a pure heart. What a fitting magic for Anya. Even going through the trouble of taking care of a shut-in like me, her heart must be exceptionally pure.

Aravesk-san twists her expression in pain.

She stops the bloodsucking and pushes the middle-aged man away.

Then, she flails her arms and struggles to escape from the purification magic.

The bloodsucking impulse doesn’t seem to have subsided yet. Aravesk-san drools and glares at us. She looks terrible. She’s probably lost her sanity and has turned into a monster driven by their instinct to suck blood.

“Such a shame, a beauty gone to waste.” (Wilhelm)

“You can fight, right?” (Sofia)

“Yep. Sofia-san, please step back. I’ll support Anya’s purification.” (Wilhelm)

“Alright, I’m interested in seeing what you can do. Here’s a little gift from me.” (Sofia)

Sofia concentrates magical energy at her fingertips. Her fingertips are pointed at me.

“Support magic: [Body Builder]!” (Sofia)

Whoa, seriously?

This is a type of magic they didn’t teach at the school I attended. I wonder if she learned it through self-study or perhaps through connections with a skilled mage while working at the guild.

The effect of the magic was just as the name suggested.

My muscles swelled like a bodybuilder’s and my clothes felt like they were about to burst. The softness of my belly, which was previously saggy, probably turned into a set of six-pack abs.

A sense of weight is added to my body.

Come to think of it, using magic that puts such a strain on the muscles during severe muscle pain—is this really going to be okay? Well, it’s too late to worry about it now. Anyways, I’ll probably just have a nice long sleep after today.

In no time, I rapidly transform into a macho man.

“Wow, amazing! Boys do become bulkier when they use it.” (Sofia)

“Please don’t do it without asking next time. Even without any buff-type magic, I’m strong, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“Sorry, sorry, but your abilities have definitely increased. So, do your best!” (Sofia)

Sofia doesn’t seem remorseful at all. On the contrary, she looks rather amused. She’s laughing playfully while rolling her eyes.

Oops. Aravesk-san is extending her claws to go after Anya. When the bloodsucking impulse intensifies, the aggressiveness also increases, so she will start to attack people indiscriminately.

“Eek! Aravesk-san, it’s me. Can’t you see?” (Anya)

Anya, in a state of panic, elegantly dodges the attack.

That’s quite a skillful movement. Perhaps she learned at least the basic combat techniques from her father, who was the previous guild master.

If she can move so gracefully, Anya might be able to fight with a sword.

Aravesk-san changes direction by putting strength into her legs and lunges at Anya again.

“Sorry, this might hurt a bit.” (Wilhelm)

I close the distance in an instant and deliver a palm strike to Aravesk-san’s side.

I’m not sure if I used the correct amount of force. I hope I didn’t crush any internal organs or anything.

Aravesk-san is sent flying, crashing into the wall of a nearby house.

Did that restrain her movements? No… of course it’s not that easy. Aravesk-san rises like a zombie with bloodshot eyes. Her long, beautiful hair sways mysteriously in the magical breeze.

“Uwawawa, Wil-sama, she’s about to use a powerful magic!” (Anya)

“Don’t worry. It’s not a problem.” (Wilhelm)

“Can you dodge it?” (Anya)

“Well, when you’re as good as I am, you don’t need to dodge it. More importantly, after Aravesk-san finishes casting that magic, there will be an opening. That opening will be the sign for Anya to use her purification magic again.” (Wilhelm)

Anya nods in agreement just as Aravesk-san’s casts her magic.

“Blood Magic: [Death Blood]!” (Aravesk)

Evil blood magic shoots out from Aravesk’s wide-open mouth.

It’s like a waterfall of blood.

If it hits, it might not just blister the skin but could potentially dissolve the bones. The blood magic comes at me with intense horizontal force.

Generally, blood is filled with magic, which is why the magic used by vampires can be very powerful. If it hits, an ordinary person would suffer major injuries.

If I dodge, it might hit Anya. Well, not that I need to dodge.

I gather magic into my fist, reinforcing it. Then, with all my strength, I punch the blood magic. With that, I easily dispel the blood magic.

“Hehehe. How was that, Anya? Did you see that? I’m good, right?” (Wilhelm)

“That was amazing. To punch and nullify such an extremely dangerous magic… I genuinely respect you. But, are your hands okay?” (Anya)

“Of course. Not a scratch.” (Wilhelm)

This feels nice. The admiring gaze from a cute girl.

To think that I would receive praise instead of scorn. It’s truly something to be proud of.

I’ve been looked down upon both at school and at home. I never dreamed that a day like this would come.

“Now, Anya, save Aravesk-san!” (Wilhelm)

“Yes! Purification Magic: [Saint Flare]!” (Anya)

“Gyaaaaa!” (Aravesk-san)

After letting out a somewhat villainous death cry, Aravesk-san falls to the ground, lying on her back. Her long hair spreads out widely.

After getting closer and seeing her face, she indeed looks like a quiet and beautiful woman.

Poor thing. If only she hadn’t become a vampire, she could have had a normal life, or even a better one than most people, given her beauty.

“Wil-sama, I’d like to take Aravesk-san back home. Could you help me?” (Anya)

“Ah, sure. Uh, but wait a moment.” (Wilhelm)

I place my hand near Aravesk-san’s heart.

“?” (Anya)

It’s not anything inappropriate.

I infuse my hand with magic. Various magic circles, large and small, glow and shimmer around my hand.

“Saint Flare can temporarily suppress the bloodthirst, but that’s about it. I’ll return her to her human form.” (Wilhelm)

I concentrate for a moment.

“Dispel Magic: [Discourse].” (Wilhelm)

A powerful surge of magic emanates from my hand. It not only lifts my bangs but also causes Anya’s hair and skirt to float.

Anya hurriedly held down her skirt, but I could see everything perfectly. She blushes, tightly seals her lips, and her eyes blink in embarrassment.

“Did you… see…?” (Anya)

“No, not at all?” (Wilhelm)

“It was red, right?” (Anya)

“No, it was yellow with white polka dots. Ah…” (Wilhelm)

Another trap. Why did I fall for it again? 

“Wil-sama, you’re quite a naughty person, you know? It’s embarrassing… but I don’t mind. After all, Wil-sama will eventually become my future husband.” (Anya)

“Hahaha… A shut-in like me can’t get married, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“No, you’re not a shut-in. You’re already an excellent guild member, you know?” (Anya)

True, I might be registered with <Grand Bahamut>, but deep down, I’m still a shut-in. My main job is being a shut-in, with guild activities as a side gig, I suppose.

Anya’s face is still bright red but she seems to be smiling, so she probably isn’t angry. It must be incredibly embarrassing for her.

With everything over, I carried Aravesk-san safely to her house. Since she’s unconscious, I can’t exactly confirm the effect of [Discourse] on her. Well, it doesn’t matter; we’ll find out soon enough.

On the way back, Sofia gave me a suspicious look. She whispered a question to me in a voice that Anya couldn’t hear.

“The magic from earlier… That’s like legendary-level types of magic, right? Who exactly are you?” (Sofia)

“I’m just a humble shut-in.” (Wilhelm)

“Wow, that’s so not cool.” (Sofia)

Thanks for your honest opinion.

See what I mean? Anya is too kind. Normally, Sofia-san’s reaction would be appropriate.

By the way, “Discourse” is one of the Demon King’s ultimate magics. As far as I know, I’m the only one in the world who can use it in the present day.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I have a feeling that MC is just walking into all those traps by accident lol. He really made it sound like he’s doing his best to get caught.


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