CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 2 Part 3 – The shut-in was expelled from home

“Get up already, you lazy NEET! Arghh!” (Mew-chan)

The futon I was clinging to was forcefully pulled away.

“Owwww! It hurts!” (Wilhelm)

Argh, the worst way to wake up.

My body is still stiff and aching all over from the neck down to the tips of my toes.

It was a bad idea to fight last night after all. Uuuuuu… it seems like today will be another tough day.

“Seriously, it had to be you to wake me up from my peaceful sleep.” (Wilhelm)

It’s Mew-chan. I never thought the day would come when I’d be awakened by a magical beast.

“It’s already noon, go and do your work mew!” (Mew-chan)

“Adding ‘Mew’ at the end sounds depressing, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s racial discrimination meww—” (Mew-chan)

Sparks fly early in the morning as both Mew-chan and I glare at each other with fierce expressions.

Let’s settle with this thing today—

Or so I was going to, but then, Anya flutters into the room.

“Mew-chan, has Wil-sama woken up?” (Anya)

Both of us quickly put on smiles and linked our arms right before we clashed.

“Oh, good morning, Anya. It’s a beautiful morning!” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

“Hehe, you two seem to be getting along well. Lunch will be ready soon, so please go wash your faces.” (Anya)

“Huh, lunch?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, it’s already lunchtime. It’s half past twelve.” (Anya)

Seriously? I thought it was only around nine. So I did overslept. Hahaha…

“This NEET…” (Mew-chan)

Well, my body was tired from yesterday so it can’t be helped, right?

Today, lunch consisted of sandwiches, a specialty of Anya.

Soft-textured bread, with a large hamburger and vegetables tightly sandwiched in. To be honest, it’s incredibly delicious. The richness of the meat flavor is outstanding, and it’s easy to eat because it’s a sandwich. I could eat this every day.

Even the accompanying tomato soup is delicious. The gentle taste seeps into every joint of my sore muscles, providing a soothing feeling.

After finishing the meal, I sat on the sofa and browsed through the newspaper.

Oh, the time for this year’s spring festival is gradually approaching. It’s a peaceful piece of news. Also, there was a grand entrance ceremony for new government officials at the castle. Come to think of it, everyone who was my classmate is entering the workforce this year.

…I’m a shut-in while everyone else is getting employed. The gap is really something…

Well, they’ve probably forgotten about someone like me. Getting a job, getting married, having children… They’ll probably have a happy retirement.

As for me… how long will I continue to be a shut-in? Well, I was kicked out of my parents’ house, so maybe I’m not completely a shut-in anymore.

Even so, I’m at best just a NEET.

It’s tough. I’ll just ignore my classmates if I see them. I don’t want to get reminded of the gap between us.

And seriously, why are those who treated me poorly and discriminated against me at school living a happier life than me? It’s infuriating. There is something definitely wrong in this world.

Haa, it’s not fun at all.

“Wil-sama, I’ve prepared coffee for you.” (Anya)

“Thanks, Anya~” (Wilhelm)

Anya is my only ally after all. I kind of want to be spoiled by Anya for the rest of my life.

“W-What happened? I suddenly felt a great sense of gratitude just now.” (Anya)

“Yeah, I’m really grateful. Thank you.” (Wilhelm)

“You really like coffee, don’t you? I’ll make another for you if you want.” (Anya)

Anya is a good girl. She’s almost too good for me. Learn from Anya, all you rotten classmates of mine.

“Oh, I’m going to head out for a quest soon. I’m sorry, but please take care of the shop again.” (Anya)

She takes off her cute apron.

“Do we still have a quest ongoing or something?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, actually, we got one quest this morning. It’s for collecting medicinal herbs, so I’ll go and finish it quickly.” (Anya)

“Alright, do your best!” (Wilhelm)

I stayed behind. It’s a good time to let my body rest.

Since I had free time, Anya let me read a girls’ novel she had read a few years ago. There are some awkward parts, but it’s surprisingly interesting.

So, Anya’s pure heart was nurtured by these kinds of stories, huh? If I ever have a daughter, maybe I should let her read such works.

It was a peaceful day. 

The wind from the window feels refreshing, the town is quiet, and the coffee Anya made is delicious. She left me plenty for refills, so I took my time and had several cups.

At one point, Sophia-san dropped by the guild.

Seeing nothing on the quest board, Sophia-san greeted me and quickly went back. It seems she’s doing some side job, as quests alone won’t sustain. She’s quite diligent, unlike me.

In the evening, Anya came back carrying a large paper bag.

She received a lot of vegetables from the neighbors again. Man, she’s really popular. Well, she’s a kind and cute girl so I can understand why. If Anya and I were neighbors, I would want to give her something too.

“I’m back. I’ll prepare dinner right away.” (Anya)

I always look forward to her cheerful words when she returns, it makes me oddly happy.

And I also like watching Anya cook. It’s a charming sight that is worth paying for. I want to keep watching it forever.

Mew-chan had kindly prepared the bath, so I decided to go in first.

After washing myself for a while, I felt a presence near the bath entrance.

Is Mew-chan coming to check on me again? Even though I’m a shut-in, I can at least take a proper bath. She’s probably here to make fun of me again.

“Um, excuse me…” (Anya)

To my surprise, it was not Mew-chan who timidly entered but Anya.

“Huh…?” (Wilhelm)

I must have had a ridiculous dumbfounded expression.

But I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Anya had wrapped herself in a thin white bath towel and shyly entered the bath.

“I-I apologize. I know it might be inappropriate, but I really wanted to try washing Wil-sama’s back.” (Anya)

I’ve already washed it tho… What a shame… No wait, I can just wash it again.

“Y-Yeah, sure.” (Wilhelm)

I stumbled over my words. I seemed to be more nervous than she was.

Because, to me, Anya looked like an angel. So much so that her skin seems to be glowing.

“P-Please, go ahead.” (Wilhelm)

Anya gave me a look full of maternal warmth.

“U-Understood. E-Excuse me then.” (Anya)

As I turned my back, Anya gently poured water over me. Then, with her cute palms, she foamed up the soap and delicately stroked my back with graceful movements.

Ahhh… This is nice. Her touch is too gentle, it feels amazing. What’s this? It’s the best.

“Hehehe, you have a strong back, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“I used to work out quite a bit back then.” (Wilhelm)

Well, not anymore.

“In noble households, do young maidens like me come to bathe and wash the body of their lord every day?” (Anya)

“Ah, some tasteless nobles might do that.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Then, Wil-sama…” (Anya)

“It’s my first time, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Uuuu. Our neighbor is a liar.” (Anya)

Perhaps she got some misinformation and accidentally blurted it out. Thanks to the neighbors, though. I had a pleasant experience.

“Anya’s hands feel so good. I wish you could keep doing this forever.” (Wilhelm)

“W-Well, if that is your wish, Wil-sama. I find touching your back very pleasant as well.” (Anya)

*stroke stroke stroke* 

She continues to gently stroke my back and upper arms.

Is this what happiness feels like?

It feels incredibly good. This is the best.

Who would have thought such happiness awaited me in my shut-in life? Ugh, it’s as if all the struggles I’ve faced so far are being washed away along with the soap by Anya’s soothing hands.

“Wil-sama, thank you for yesterday.” (Anya)

“Yesterday?” (Wilhelm)

“Aravesk-san delivered a letter of gratitude and a generous reward to us yesterday. She was overjoyed and started shedding tears of happiness at being able to return to being a normal human.” (Anya)

“That’s good to hear.” (Wilhelm)

As expected of the Demon Lord’s ultimate magic. It seems the effect was outstanding.

Anya gently pours warm water over my back.

Ah… it’s already over. But it was great while it lasted. I felt incredibly happy.

Looking back, I could see Anya blushing but smiling happily.

“Thank you. It felt great. How about I wash your back too, Anya?” (Wilhelm)

“W-well, um… I can’t bother you with that.” (Anya)

“It’s a simple task, you know?” (Wilhelm)

Anya placed her hand around her chest area, letting out a sad sigh.

“It’s just that I haven’t fully matured as a woman yet. When I have a body that can satisfy Wil-sama, please ask me then.” (Anya)

“Are you talking about your breasts? Are they not growing yet?” (Wilhelm)

“Hehe, I apologize for raising your expectations. I’m still far from that. I want to have voluptuous breasts like Sophia-san rather than these modest ones.” (Anya)

Washing the back has nothing to do with breasts, but it seems to be a matter of Anya’s pride as a woman. Pushing this topic too much might upset Anya so let’s just drop it.

“I see. Well then, let’s save this for when that day comes.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes! On that occasion, please allow me to wash every part of Wil-sama’s body and hair.” (Anya)

“Sure, I’m looking forward to it.” (Wilhelm)

Hm? All of my body?

So, she means she’ll even wash, well, that thing of mine. A pure and cute girl like her doing something like that…

“Well then, I’ll go back to cooking. I’m a bit worried about leaving Mew-chan there alone.” (Anya)

“Oh, I’m always making you do the cooking. Should I help out too?” (Wilhelm)

“No, I enjoy cooking. Please don’t worry. Wil-sama, please relax and take your time.” (Anya)

Anya leaves the bath.

But she quickly peeked back in, as if she had a question for me.

“Um, what do you think of Sophia-san’s figure, Wil-sama? Do you think it would be better to have breasts like hers?” (Anya)

I recall. It was indeed an unbelievably large size. With breasts that big, one could probably keep fondling them for decades without getting bored.

“Well, having bigger ones is never a bad thing.” (Wilhelm)

“Alright, then I’ll drink plenty of milk.” (Anya)

“I guess I prefer a taller height. Anya is still quite petite.” (Wilhelm)

“W-well, I’ll make sure to drink plenty of milk regardless.” (Anya)

“Sure, just be careful not to overdo it.” (Wilhelm)

Drinking too much can upset your stomach, you know.

Anya fluttered back to the kitchen.

While reminiscing about the feel of Anya’s hands, I slowly sank into the bath. It was a blissful time. I look forward to the day when Anya grows into an alluring, slender woman.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I mean… I’m no girl or anything, but I‘m sure there are some downsides to having big ones. I guess MC just prefers bigger. Also I have no idea if drinking milk actually helps in that aspect or not. I keep hearing about it but idk if it actually works.

This illustration is definitely gonna get flagged by Google Adsense lol.


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