CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 1 – The shut-in baits others to take it easy

“Can’t you wake up on your own, you lazy neetttttt!” (Mew-chan)

“Gaaaaaaaah. My muscles hurttttttt.” (Wilhelm)

Tch, I got woken up by Mew-chan again.

Seriously, my muscles are still sore so it’s not like I’m having it easy. Intense pain shoots through my body every time I move.

“What time is it now? Also, stop waking me up in such a rough way.” (Wilhelm)

If it’s 10 o’clock or something, I’ll kick you out. Actually, maybe it’s around 11 right now? At least I didn’t sleep more than yesterday.

“It’s already 1:30 in the afternoon mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Huh, seriously. I’m truly sorry for this. I’ll do my best to wake up next time.” (Wilhelm)

“Hmph. As long as you understand mew.” (Mew-chan)

Damn it. Never thought the day would come when I apologize to a magical beast in my life. How did I even sleep until the afternoon? I went to bed at 10:30 yesterday so that’s roughly 15 hours of sleep…

Maybe it’s because Anya’s bed is too comfortable. 

I have always thought that I couldn’t sleep well unless it was my own bed. However, this bed here provides a level of comfort beyond my imagination. The only thing that could be better is if Anya was sleeping with me, but that’s probably too luxurious.

As I went downstairs, a delicious aroma filled the air. Considering the time, lunch must have been prepared already. 

I washed my face and headed to the living room. Anya had her hair in a ponytail. She must be on her way to a quest since she’s carrying a rod with her.

“Ah, good morning. Lunch is in the kitchen, so please eat it before it gets too cold.” (Anya)

“Ah, thanks. Going on a quest?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. It’s a bit far, so I’ll be going with Mew-chan. If, Wil-sama wants to goes outside, please hang the sign there on the door.” (Anya)

Upon closer inspection, it was a cute sign that read, “We apologize, We’re currently out on a quest. We look forward to your next visit.”

“It must be tough with so few people. Are there any other quests? I still have some muscle soreness, but it’s better than yesterday, so I think I can handle a bit of work now.” (Wilhelm)

“No, unfortunately, this is the only one at the moment…” (Anya)

“I see… Well, take it easy and do your best. I’ll take care of the next one.” (Wilhelm)

Anya went on a quest with Mew-chan.

So it’s up to me to run the guild, huh…

Even Mew-chan being gone makes it a bit lonely… not. It’s better without that guy. He’s too noisy.

Alright, let’s just laze around again today.

The lunch that Anya had prepared today was omurice. It was a bit cold, but incredibly delicious.

It’s been about an hour since Anya and Mew-chan went on their quest.

After finishing lunch, I went and entered Anya’s room. Of course, I got her permission beforehand. It was a cute room with many stuffed animals and a stylish bookshelf with plenty of books for girls.

Now, which one should I read today?

There are adventure stories, romance stories, and heartwarming animal tales—What a colorful selection of choices.

Suddenly, one picture book caught my eye. Though it had slightly faded colors, it seemed to be well-cherished. The title was “The Gentle Girl and the Great Dragon King.” It’s a story that features Bahamut, which is also the name of this guild.

Right, Anya admires Bahamut.

I hope that I can introduce them to each other someday, maybe when my muscle pain settles down and I have some time. There should be an opportunity at some point.

Well, today I’ll just laze around.

I pick one of the many books which includes a princess going on an adventure and head downstairs.

I lay on the sofa, absorbed in a girl’s novel. Despite the adventure-themed title, the story turned out to be so touching that I couldn’t help but be moved.

But you know, I can’t help but think.

Even if a princess who has been shut in her room for years suddenly goes outside, she probably won’t be able to move energetically due to a lack of stamina and muscle pain that will stem from it.

Because even I, who only stayed shut in for a year, feel like I’m dying when going outside. A princess who wasn’t originally trained would probably have it worse.

I think she should take it slow and go on adventures while doing more rehabilitation.

Wait, why am I making such serious nitpicks on a fiction?

Ugh, boring. I wish someone would come.

It’s been noisy around here for a while, so when it gets too quiet, it feels oddly boring. Maybe I should take a walk in the town… even though I don’t have money.

But then again, I get tired when I’m exposed to sunlight. The crowds in the town are bothersome too. What should I do?

Right at this moment, I sensed the door to the guild opening. It seems like my prayers have been heard.

However, this is unusual. A customer coming to such a small guild. I wonder if it’s a dire situation. Normally, they would just rely on a larger guild.

I’ve at least heard how to handle requests from customers. It’s simple, so even I should be able to handle it.

“Hellooo. Is anyone here?” (?)

“Yes, I’m coming.” (Wilhelm)

Gotta be friendly. I wouldn’t want the reputation of [Grand Bahamut] to suffer because of me.

I step out of the living room and into the shop.

What I saw was a woman with a very upright posture standing in front of the counter.

She’s probably a civil servant working in the castle. Mmm, that deep navy uniform suits her well.

“I apologize for the wait. Please tell me your request.” (Wilhelm)

I take out the quest management book from the shelf in the back and keep the simple fee table hidden from the customer’s view. The pen and ink are nearby and ready.

“Huh? Could it be Wilhelm-kun?” (?)

Why was my name mentioned?

“Yes… I’m Wilhelm Wondersky. Why do you ask?” (Wilhelm)

A woman with elegant blue hair… Definitely a noble.

She’s probably around the same age as me. Young, but a mature and cool beauty.

I don’t remember any acquaintances near my age who work as a civil servant. Who could she be?

“It’s me, Lilliana. Lilliana Shootingstar. Have you already forgotten?” (Lilliana)

“Lilliana? Ah…” (Wilhelm)

It’s coming back to me…

This woman was a classmate of mine. We were in the same year.

Of course, we haven’t seen each other since I became a shut-in, so it’s been about a year.

Although it was only a year of not seeing her, she’s become incredibly beautiful. With this level of beauty, she’s probably popular with the men.

“It seems that you remembered. It’s been a while, Wilhelm-kun. How have you been?” (Lilliana)

“Well, I’m suffering from extreme muscle pain. Anyways, Lilliana, it looks like you became a civil servant.” (Wilhelm)

Uaaah, I’m a shut-in while my female classmate has managed to become a successful civil servant and secured her future.

In this country, being a civil servant is an admired occupation, only achievable by the elite. Originally, I was the elite, but now…

Somehow, the roles have reversed, and there’s a huge gap in our lives. I’m starting to lose more confidence with each passing day…

“Hehehe, I worked really hard to become a civil servant, you know?” (Lilliana)

Dazzling. Lilliana is so dazzling.

“Did you get a job at the guild, Wilhelm-kun?” (Lilliana)

Gyaaaah! Don’t ask that! My heart is being torn apart!

“N-No, I just started helping out for a little while…” (Wilhelm)

“Is that so? That’s really nice.” (Lilliana)

No, this is bad. My paranoid thoughts are exploding. I feel like I’m being ridiculed.

She’s living a hugely successful life, while I’m a complete failure. This distinctness is painful. No, more than that, just having Lilliana in my field of vision is painful. She’s too dazzling.

“Well then, in celebration of our reunion.” (Lilliana)

Lilliana reached out her hand to me.

S-Stop it. If you shake hands with someone like me, you might catch the shut-in disease.

But I can’t just push her away.

I hesitantly reached out and gave her hand a light shake. It was the gentle hand of an adult woman. Somehow she became beautiful without me noticing. Damn it.

“I’m really happy to meet you again.” (Lilliana)

I’m not happy at all. My heart is screaming.

“I was worried. I heard that you wouldn’t come out of your room.” (Lilliana)

“Oh, that. Well… It’s just that I placed a sealing magic in my room and shut myself in. But my father broke the seal with the family heirloom sword, and I was forcefully dragged out.” (Wilhelm)

Ah, she’s making a really troubled expression.

She probably thought I had fully recovered from my shut-in status and was starting fresh with a positive attitude. Hahaha, as if. I’m eager to return to being a shut-in whenever there’s a chance. My only paradise is my room.

“Wilhelm-kun, shall I help you find a job?” (Lilliana)

“No need for sympathy.” (Wilhelm)

“Is that so? Then, can I touch your muscles a little instead?” (Lilliana)

“What?” (Wilhelm)

Before I could respond, she gracefully reached out and touched my chest. Lilliana’s troubled expression quickly turned into a soft and sloppy one.

Oh, right, I remember now. This woman’s got a muscle fetish. I vaguely recall her doing things like this back in our school days.

“Oh… If possible, can I see your muscles in person? Honestly, Wilhelm-kun, I’ve been admiring the artistic aspect of your muscles since our school days. I’ve been hiding it, but I really like muscles.” (Lilliana)

“No, you weren’t really hiding it that much. Even I knew it back then.” (Wilhelm)

“In that case, there’s no need to hold back.” (Lilliana)

Lilliana’s openly eager hand approached.

“Stop, stop!” (Wilhelm)

“Eh~?” (Lilliana)

She pouted with dissatisfaction.

“Come back to your senses. What did Lilliana come here for?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course, to touch muscles… hehe… huh? Something feels off. Uh… Ah, I came for work.” (Lilliana)

“You finally remembered. So, what’s the deal? Did you have a request for [Grand Bahamut]?” (Wilhelm)

Depending on how you look at it, having an acquaintance as your first customer is convenient.

But if she became a civil servant, she must be quite capable. She should be able to handle things on her own without relying on the guild for trivial matters.

“No, I just came to say hello. I’ve been assigned as the inspection officer of the guild.” (Lilliana)

“Inspection officer? Of what again?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course, the guild. Is the Guild Master here? I’d like to greet them.” (Lilliana)

“Unfortunately, the Guild Master is currently on a quest.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? But I heard that the Guild Master is a 12-year-old girl. Where is she now?” (Lilliana)

“I told you, she’s on a quest outside the city.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? And what about Wilhelm-kun?” (Lilliana)

“Manning the guild.” (Wilhelm)

Lilliana’s face is saying, “That can’t be right.”

When I say it out loud, I can’t help but agree with that.

“Wilhelm-kun, do you not have human blood flowing through you?” (Lilliana)

A pitying gaze.

“How cruel. It’s flowing just fine. Despite appearances, my entire body is currently in intense muscle pain.” (Wilhelm)

“In other words, you’re making an innocent girl work like a carriage horse, and then you act high and mighty at home. When the exhausted girl comes back, you complain about not making much money, right? Even then, the diligent girl shows a tired smile and says she’ll do her best again tomorrow. Is that how it goes?” (Lilliana)

“That’s completely wrong…” (Wilhelm)

“Aah, what a pitiful Guild Master.” (Lilliana)

“Listen, your fantasy is terrible. There is nothing but absurdity.” (Wilhelm)

Come on. That’s never happened.

It’s true that I’ve been slacking off while Anya was working, but well, eventually, I’ll have to start working too. I need to repay the meals.

“Let’s get back on track. What does an inspection officer for the guild do?” (Wilhelm)

“I check if the guild is operating healthily, if there are any issues, or if there are trends in recent quests to assess the town’s challenges.” (Lilliana)

“Seems like an easy job.” (Wilhelm)

“Compared to being a shut-in, I’m quite busy, you know?” (Lilliana)

Oof. It feels like a cold arrow just pierced my heart. Please stop dissing me. Moreover, being dissed by a classmate who entered the elite path is just too pitiful for me.

“Well, anyways, I just recently started working here, so I don’t know much. If you don’t have a request, please come back later.” (Wilhelm)

“I understand. Wilhelm-kun, can I also ask you to pass a message to the Guild Master? It’s just one thing, so you can remember it, right?” (Lilliana)

“Of course. My brain isn’t rotten.” (Wilhelm)

Well, my heart and principles might be rotten, though.

“Great. Please tell her that I can’t extend the deadline any further. Can you repeat it back to me?” (Lilliana)

“’The deadline can’t be extended any further.’ Seriously, you’re making fun of me too much. What deadline are we talking about?” (Wilhelm)

“Maybe it’s better if you hear it from the Guild Master herself. Well then, it was nice meeting you, Wilhelm-kun. No, the ‘Hero with the Magic Eye’. Or was it the ‘Demon Lord the Second’?” (Lilliana)

“Both were nicknames imposed on me without my consent. I don’t particularly like either of them.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s right. It brings back so many memories from our school days.” (Lilliana)

Those nicknames were given to me without my approval during my school days. 

Especially ‘Demon Lord the Second’; it was given after people started suspecting that I might become a Demon Lord. Just hearing it brings back unpleasant memories.

While those around me enjoyed calling me the ‘Demon Lord the Second’, I have no memory of ever granting permission for that title. I’d prefer to be called ‘The Genius and Outstanding Wilhelm-kun’. Oh well.

Suddenly, the guild door swung open energetically.

“Good morning! Well, it’s already noon. Anyways, hello!” (Sofia)

It was Sofia-san. Her greetings were accompanied by a lively bounce, and her ample bosom was as noticeable as ever.

“Huh? Is Anya-chan not here? Wil-kun, is this a customer?” (Sofia)

“No, it seems that she’s the inspection officer.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana offered a polite introduction while Sofia-san looked apologetic.

“Sorry you had to wait so long…” (Sofia)

“It’s okay, but we’re reaching the limit of what we can do. The previous inspector managed to extend it for this long, but we really need to do something soon.” (Lilliana)

“I’m truly sorry. We’ll do something about it as soon as possible.” (Sofia)

“Please do.” (Lilliana)

Liliana responded with a mysterious expression. There are definitely some circumstances that I wasn’t aware of.

“Also, let’s go out for a drink sometime, Wilhelm-kun.” (Lilliana)

With that unnecessary social greeting, she left the guild.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I don’t really get a lot of views for this series that’s why I don’t post as much, mostly because NU doesn’t show this series on their front page whenever I post.

Idk why, but I suddenly got a large sense of motivation to do this series. Maybe it’s because I have no idea what’s going to happen in the story so it feels kinda exciting.

Anyways there will be more chapters coming out per week. I actually enjoy translating this more than my other ongoing series lol.


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