CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3 – The shut-in baits others to take it easy

Soon enough, we reached the sea. This is the stage for the Kraken subjugation.

“Ugh, it’s still cold.” (Sofia)

Sofia changed into a swimsuit in the rocky shade. I know it’s still spring and chilly, but I think this is necessary for the upcoming event.

“So? What’s the point of putting this onee-san in a bikini?” (Sofia)

“Isn’t it obvious?” (Wilhelm)

When Sofia heard that, she blushed a little and covered her cleavage with her arms.

Her breasts were too voluptuous. The bikini even accentuated their perfect shape.

Her breasts were so magnificent that any man would want to shower her with praise. They might even be the best in the whole country.

“Um… could it be that Wil-kun brought me to a secluded place… to do something naughty?” (Sofia)

“It’s just because we need to swim, you know?” (Wilhelm)

Then, Sofia looked at the sea and embarrassedly covered her breasts.

“…Did you have some indecent thoughts about me?” (Sofia)

“It’s just because we need to swim, you know?” (Wilhelm)

Sofia looked at the sea again, embarrassedly covering her breasts, and swayed her hips.

“…Are we going to be doing some—” (Sofia)

“Come on, when you wear a swimsuit by the sea, swimming is a given, isn’t it?” (Wilhelm)

“At least think about something naughty for a moment. Mouu~ I’m putting my body on the line to provide you with some swimsuit service, you know?” (Sofia)

You’re being unreasonable. While it’s true that I, like any man, have desires, openly expressing them would surely get me ridiculed.

“Could it be that you only get excited by a loli-like body, like Anya?” (Sofia)

“Well, it’s more about looking forward to the future, isn’t it? Give it five years, or no, three years, and she likely blossom nicely.” (Wilhelm)

“Ehh~ You were looking at her like that. That’s naughty~” (Sofia)

How am I supposed to respond to that?

Saying that I’m not interested in Anya might be disrespectful to her. Women’s hearts are complicated after all.

“Well, that’s okay, I guess. Let’s get back to work. This onee-san will do her best.” (Sofia)

Sophia started her warm-up exercises.

Stretch, stretch. Stretch, stretch. Bounce―――

With each stretch and movement, her breasts swayed playfully.

My eyes couldn’t help but follow her movements. I know it’s a man’s instinct, but it’s frustrating that I can’t resist those breasts.

“I guess you were after my body after all.” (Sofia)

“I invoke my right to remain silent.” (Wilhelm)

“Rejected. You like breasts, don’t you? Honestly, if you were honest about it, I might consider letting you touch them.” (Sofia)

“Uh… Well, I… like them.” (Wilhelm)

“Gotcha! That was obviously a lie, you know?” (Sofia)

Annoying. I wish she wouldn’t toy with the innocent heart of a boy. Is Sophia a villain? With breasts like those, she could easily manage to be one. Regardless of how many handsome guys there are, or even hundreds of them, they would all surely bow down to Sophia’s breasts.

“Alright, time for a swim~ By the way, aren’t you coming, Wil-kun?” (Sofia)

“I’m currently banned from going home.” (Wilhelm)

“I heard. You were basically exiled, right?” (Sofia)

“So, I don’t have my swimsuit with me.” (Wilhelm)

“Such a boring reason.” (Sofia)

Also, the fact that I’m broke is another reason. I haven’t been working, after all. Can’t even afford to buy a swimsuit.

“Anyways, I have no choice but to rely on Sofia-san.” (Wilhelm)

“Got it. So, what should I do?” (Sofia)

“The target of the quest, the Kraken, is a large sea-dwelling magical beast. It’s pretty big so you shouldn’t need to go too close, so could you swim around the area and search for it? Once you find it, I, being the outstanding person I am, will quickly defeat it.” (Wilhelm)

“I trust you. Alright then, I’ll go search for it.” (Sofia)

“According to the quest, the Kraken hides near shallow waters, searching for prey. Be careful when searching.” (Wilhelm)

“If it’s just finding it, I’ll be fine. I’m also a guild member, and despite appearances, I have quite a bit of experience. Leave it to onee-san!” (Sofia)

With that, she gracefully dived into the sea like a mermaid.

Is she gone…?

Well then, Sofia-san. Will you become good bait?

Actually, I wouldn’t have minded swimming naked.

But, well, thinking logically, Sofia-san with her ample, pheromone-rich breasts probably looks more appetizing to the Kraken than me, a regular guy. So, I thought Sofia-san would be more suitable for the role.

Surely, the Kraken will take the bait.

Sofia-san surfaced from the sea a few times, then dived again. It seems that she’s quite skilled at swimming. With each dive, her thing moves quite a bit.

If you have such large breasts, it should be easy to find the Kraken, right?

Weird… it’s nowhere to be found. It’s quite a large sea monster so it should be pretty easy to spot too.

Could it be that, because three months have passed since the request, it’s no longer around?

If that’s the case, it would be a waste because we won’t get paid. I’d prefer it to still be around.

Oh, Sofia has started swimming fiercely towards me.

That’s an unusual speed. This was no crawl, she was swimming towards me in a panic. She’s swimming so desperately that her body is floating above the water. That’s quite amazing.

Ah, Sofia has started running on the surface of the sea floor using her legs. Her legs were moving so fast that they were barely visible.

Not only that, her breasts were bouncing like crazy. I’ll make sure to burn this into my memory.

“Awawawawawa. Wil-kun, I saw it! I saw it! There was a huge squid! It’s about a hundred times bigger than I imagined. There’s no way humans can defeat that!” (Sofia)

“The tentacles, or rather, the legs of the squid are still chasing after you, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“No wayyy! Is this for real?! Oh nooo! Help meee! I’m gonna be eaten… I won’t even make a good meal!” (Sofia)

“I’m sure you would taste absolutely delicious.” (Wilhelm)

“No way, Wil-kun, did you plan to use me as bait from the beginning?” (Sofia)

“No, no, not at all.” (Wilhelm)

“Why are you looking away like that?” (Sofia)

The Kraken’s four tentacles extended, in pursuit of Sofia. However, perhaps due to the fight for her life, Sofia was moving incredibly fast. It seemed she might just make it to the sandy beach without being caught.

Now, who will emerge victorious?

Oh! One of the Kraken’s tentacles shot out at high speed. Wow, Sofia managed to dodge it. It was like she had eyes in the back of her head. Sofia, you’re doing great!

“Aaaaah! My swimsuit top got taken off!” (Sofia)

“Nice one, Kraken!” (Wilhelm)

“Come on, Wil-kun! You’re not allowed to look over here. Otherwise, I’ll tell Anya-chan about this?!” (Sofia)

Tch, that would be bad.

While it’s enjoyable to see those bouncing breasts even more after having the swimsuit taken off, let’s handle this like a gentleman. I’ve had more than enough of a good look already.

*Huff, huff*

…The raw, bouncing breasts… Maybe just a little more peek won’t hurt.

How beautiful. Absolutely stunning. It’s good to be alive.

But then… a massive squid suddenly emerged from the sea with a splash.

Ah, here comes the Kraken.

Let’s switch back to serious mode.

“Wow, it’s huge.” (Wilhelm)

It may not be a hundred times as big as I imagined, but it’s at least ten times. It’s probably the size of a small island.

“Hmm, selling that could make some good money.” (Wilhelm)

I check my quest log.

Oh, it says they’ll buy it only if it’s in good condition. Alright, let’s figure out how to bring it back safely.

“Wil-kun, you can handle the rest, right?” (Sofia)

“Yep, piece of cake.” (Wilhelm)

“I can’t imagine a human defeating that thing tho.” (Sofia)

“I’m far beyond your average human, so no problem.” (Wilhelm)

However, what should I do?

Using the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique would cut the Kraken into two, so the client might not accept it.

The situation calls for the Demon Lord’s ultimate magic. In fact, that seems to be the only option. It’s probably the only way I can defeat the Kraken swiftly while keeping it in good condition.

“Well, it might be a bit tiring, but oh well.” (Wilhelm)

I raised my magic to its utmost limit. Immediately, the Kraken turned towards me, recognizing me as an enemy rather than prey.

The Kraken’s tentacles approached me at an unbelievable speed.

However, I effortlessly dodged them.

Even the flashy water magic and destructive spells unleashed by the Kraken were easily avoided.

“Whoa, Wil-kun, what’s with those eyes?” (Sofia)

When I use one of the Demon Lord’s ultimate magic, my eyes turn blood-red and shine brightly, resembling the eyes of a powerful magical beast.

This is known as the “Magic Eye”.

“Watch this. This is one of the Demon Lord’s ultimate magic.”  (Wilhelm)

I snapped my fingers.

“[Instant Death Magic: Devil Death Scythe]” (Wilhelm)

Two gigantic scythes resembling those used by shinigamis1 appeared.

Of course, these were created using magic and weren’t real scythes. And what these scythes reap isn’t the body but the life force itself. With a single strike, it can reap all the life force, or rather, the very essence of life, surging within a being. That’s the [Instant Death Magic: Devil Death Scythe] for you.

In other words, if anything is struck by this, the opponent dies instantly.

The magical scythe cut through the center of the Kraken’s body. There wasn’t a single scratch on the Kraken’s body, but all of its life force was reaped.

The towering legs of the Kraken, which had been raised menacingly, fell onto the sandy beach and into the sea. Power drained from the Kraken’s black eyes, and it seemed as if a high-pitched scream of agony echoed, gradually fading away.

With a thud, the Kraken collapsed. The Kraken was dead, thanks to my exceptional magic.

Its upper body slumped onto the sandy shore while its lower body sank into the depths of the sea. It no longer moved, not even a twitch.

Quest complete.

“Eh, is that thing dead? It’s kind of surreal, isn’t it? There’s no blood gushing out or anything.” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san, your breasts. They are still fully exposed, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Ah! Wil-kun ecchi.” (Sofia)

“Thanks for the meal (gochisousamadeshita).” (Wilhelm)

And with that, the matter was resolved. I used levitation magic to transport the Kraken back to the town.

There was quite a distance from the sea to the town, so I had to use magic continuously for a long time. It was really tiring. I want my bed… Excessive fatigue is mentally taxing for a shut-in.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

lmao my man has an instant kill button. I’m assuming that people don’t know about this since he would have been called on more frequently otherwise. 

I mentioned this in my other series, but I might as well mention it here as well. I don’t post during weekends for now since I need some time for a break. I can start posting again during weekends once I’m done with my work, which is like in mid-February.


  1. In Japanese folklore, Shinigami, also known as “death gods,” serve to take human lives, similar to the Grim Reaper in Western culture
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