CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 1 – The shut-in summons a Great King

Today, I managed to clear eighteen quests.

However, the earnings aren’t all that great. There was one B-rank quest, but the rest were small quests, so I only made seventy thousand gold.

At this rate, we won’t be able to pay the country’s one million gold by the deadline.

Although the receptionist at [Cosmic Falcon] was impressed with my results, with earnings like this, it’s still not enough.

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll look at quests from another guild. With such thoughts in mind, I try to leave the guild.

“Wilhelm-sama, could you wait a moment?” (Clara)

“What’s up, Clara?” (Wilhelm)

I was called out by Clara’s voice from behind the counter. She’s carrying a large basket. It looks quite heavy.

“Sorry, the load is a bit heavy.” (Clara)

“What’s this?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s a meal offering for [Grand Bahamut]. It has bread, meat dishes, and various other items. It includes food that can be preserved, so if you can’t finish it in a day, you can save it for your next meal.” (Clara)

“Seriously? Clara, you’re really something. This helps a lot.” (Wilhelm)

“We have a good rivalry with [Grand Bahamut]. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone starved themselves out so soon. I can lend a hand sometimes.” (Clara)

“Thank you. I’m sure Anya will be delighted to hear this.” (Wilhelm)

If only Clara had a more straightforward personality and could get along well with Anya.

I carried the basket as we walked to [Grand Bahamut]. Well, it’s actually pretty close by, so the traveling wasn’t all that long.

“I’m back!” (Wilhelm)

“Welcome back.” (?)

Oh, we have a guest. It’s quite unusual for someone to come after the sun has already set.

Since she’s wearing a navy blue uniform, she must be a civil servant. Wait… isn’t she my former classmate, Liliana?

“Good evening, Wilhelm-kun. Good evening, Clara-san.” (Liliana)

“Good day to you, Liliana-san.” (Clara)

“Oh, good evening. Aren’t civil servants supposed to finish work at five? Working late into the night? Stop it, you’ll die from overwork at this rate. Even if you don’t, you might get depression.” (Wilhelm)

“Civil servants are often associated with easy work, but for national civil servants, there’s definitely overtime. Those who can go home at five in the national civil service are either clueless or middle-aged people who’ve lost their jobs.” (Liliana)

Her words are quite sharp.

You can see on her face that she’s seen a lot of incompetent senpais.

“The reason I worked overtime today is because there was a special request. There’s something I want to ask [Grand Bahamut], or more specifically, Wilhelm-kun.” (Liliana)

“Me? Muscles again?” (Wilhelm)

“Not this time. Today, I’m in serious mode. Muscles can wait for another day.” (Liliana)

Oh my.

“If it’s a request related to the guild, can Anya also listen in?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course.” (Liliana)

I sit in a guild chair.

Liliana and I sat facing each other across the table. Anya and Clara were on either side of me. Sofia-san, who had just returned from questing, sat next to Anya.

“This is a formal request from the country. It’s a significant matter and classified as a special emergency case.” (Liliana)

Liliana placed the request document carefully on the table.

It was written on high-quality paper with beautiful characters in a polite tone. It was a special quest assigned by the country to [Grand Bahamut].

Anya read aloud the words that caught her eye.

“The migration of an ancient magical beast?” (Anya)

“Yes, even though it’s called migration, it’s just one beast. However, this creature is said to have caused a catastrophe of historic tragedies.” (Liliana)

That’s to be expected. Ancient magical beasts are the most feared creatures by humanity.

“The creatures known as ancient magical beasts are unbelievably enormous. They surpass even the size of a Kraken and are capable of crushing everything in a city if they were to come. They’re overwhelmingly beings.” (Liliana)

“Everything?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. For example, the size of a Kraken is often likened to a small island. But when it comes to an ancient magical beast, it’s comparable to a mountain. You know the mountain on the west side of the city, right? The one where children often go for picnics. Imagine that mountain growing legs and walking towards us. That’s the kind of imposing presence an ancient magical beast possesses.” (Liliana)

A sense of tension ran through everyone.

Wasn’t that mountain nearly twice as tall as the highest point of the royal castle? If something like that came with legs attached, it would be catastrophic for the city.

It would trample over houses with a single step.

This was not something to take lightly. There’s a reason why the country treats it as an emergency case.

Especially Anya seemed to be listening more seriously than anyone else, perhaps due to her sense of responsibility as the guild master.

“Um, Liliana-san, is there a reason why this ancient magical beast would come to this city? Is there some delicious food here?” (Anya)

“An ancient magical beast doesn’t eat humans. They may consume large organisms, but only while they’re actively moving. Basically, they’re special creatures that can directly absorb energy from nature.” (Liliana)

“And?” (Anya)

“In the world, there are places called dragon veins where the energy of nature gathers. They monopolize those places and continue to absorb nutrients while sleeping. For hundreds, even thousands of years, they live by absorbing energy while asleep.” (Liliana)

“Wow, that’s amazing. I’m so jealous.” (Wilhelm)

The women in the room looked astonished.

Well, isn’t it enviable? I’d love to live a life of eating and sleeping.

“However, there’s been a change in the lazy lifestyle that even Wilhelm-kun envies. In other words, the position of the dragon vein where the ancient magical beast had been sitting for so long has shifted. Can you imagine what might have caused it?” (Liliana)

Anya was the first to react.

“Is it due to tectonic movements?” (Anya)

“Exactly. There have been significant tectonic shifts near the coast of this city lately. As a result, underwater volcanoes have been erupting, right? Due to these tectonic movements, the dragon vein has shifted significantly. And that’s why the ancient magical beast is reluctantly getting up and heading towards the new dragon vein.” (Liliana)

I totally understand the feeling of being forced to move.

“Liliana-san, where is this new dragon vein?” (Anya)

“Most likely, it’s at the bottom of the sea on the opposite side of the continent. That area has stable tectonics. However, to get there, we inevitably have to cross the continent where we live.” (Liliana)

“So, unfortunately, our city happens to be along the way across the continent.” (Anya)

“Yes, unfortunately.” (Wilhelm)

“So, the migration of this ancient magical beast poses a serious threat that could destroy the entire city.” (Clara)

“Without a doubt.” (Liliana)

I guess the reason why the Kraken relocated to the beach was to stay away from this creature.

I recalled a conversation with Mew-chan from some time ago. Mew-chan’s insight is really impressive.

The atmosphere in the guild is becoming increasingly heavy.

Liliana’s eyes are filled with a sense of urgency. She must have rushed to the [Grand Bahamut] knowing the scale of the quest, even though it’s nighttime.

“We earnestly request all members of the [Grand Bahamut] to divert the path of the ancient magical beast at all costs. If you can redirect it to the northwest, not only will this city be saved, but there will also be no risk to other cities. Please, for the sake of everyone in the city and for the country, we sincerely ask for your cooperation.” (Liliana)

Liliana bowed deeply. It’s clear that she’s requesting it with sincerity and seriousness.

Liliana must be feeling the pressure too. If the ancient magical beast were to come to the city, it would be more than just a panic. She’s working hard as a civil servant to keep everyone safe. She’s always been a serious and caring kind of person since our school days.

Meanwhile, Anya seems a bit proud.

“It’s an honor for us, [Grand Bahamut], to receive such an important request.” (Anya)

Upon hearing that, Clara seems dissatisfied.

“Hmm, indeed. Why couldn’t this important request have been given to the [Cosmic Falcon]? If you think about it logically, it would have been appropriate for us to receive it.” (Clara)

“Unfortunately, [Cosmic Falcon] doesn’t have Wilhelm-kun, I mean, we could use the help of the unparalleled genius and once said to be the strongest, ‘Hero with Magic Eye’.” (Liliana)

All eyes turn to me. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

“If we were to set the difficulty level for this request, it would surpass even the highest difficulty, S. But even so, you could achieve it. Right? Hero with the Magic Eye?” (Liliana)

“Me…? Hey, Liliana, what’s the reward for this quest?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s 3 million gold.” (Liliana)

“What?!” (Wilhelm)

“It’s 3 million gold. In other words, after settling the payment to the country that the [Grand Bahamut] owes, there will still be plenty of change left over.” (Liliana)

“I’d be more than happy to take on this quest!” (Wilhelm)

Isn’t she actually a good person?

I thought she’d become completely cold-hearted once he started working, but it turns out Liliana is still the same caring person she always was.

“As expected of you, Wilhelm-kun. I was counting on you for this one. I have more hope in you than anyone else in this city.” (Liliana)

“Yeah. You can trust me more than anyone else. Hey, Liliana, we were classmates in the same school, so you should know that no quest in this world is impossible for me to accomplish. No matter how huge or overwhelmingly powerful the opponent may be, I will always clear it perfectly.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, I know. That’s why I brought the request to [Grand Bahamut]. Please, save our beloved city.” (Liliana)

Without delay, we began preparations.

This is a major event for the city. The three members of [Grand Bahamut] are preparing to tackle it together. Also, Clara will be joining us as well.

Each of us will prepare and depart early tomorrow morning.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Ouhh that’s interesting, Clara will also be going. I wonder if she can fight or is she gonna bring some people from Cosmic Falcon?

I’m no geography god, so the explanation for that tectonic plate stuff is gonna be a little wonky.

Also, I’m sure Sofia had a line somewhere during the conversation, but I couldn’t distinguish between hers and Anya’s.

Ok, I realized that I keep interswapping between Sofia and Sophia. I’m gonna just use Sofia from now on.


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