CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 2 – The shut-in summons a Great King

It is predicted that the ancient magical beast will reach the city by the evening of the day after tomorrow.

The best-case scenario is that we encounter the ancient magical beast as far away from the city as possible. That’s why we decided to depart early in the morning.

At the designated meeting place, which is the eastern gate of the city, Sofia, Anya, and I have already gathered. Now, we’re just waiting for Clara.

Clara’s probably taking a longer time than expected to prepare. After all, the distance we’re covering isn’t short at all, so there’s probably a lot of baggage.

Furthermore, because it’s an emergency, she might not have had enough sleep.

But the ancient magical beast won’t wait, so I hope Clara will arrive on time.

Yesterday, Liliana showed us a topographic map. If we can encounter the ancient magical beast beyond the third mountain, diverting its path to the northwest will be easier.

If we encounter the ancient magical beast closer to the city, there are hardly any paths leading to the northwest. Well, there are some, but they’re meant for humans so they’re not wide enough for the colossal body of the ancient magical beast to pass through. If we encounter it there, the quest will become more problematic.

“Still, why is Clara coming along? It’s not like she’ll benefit from this at all.” (Wilhelm)

Although I didn’t address the question to anyone in particular, Anya was the one who responded.

“Clara-chan has a sense of pride in inheriting the number one guild in the city from her parents. So, despite the emergency situation, the fact that the city didn’t rely on the largest guild, [Cosmic Falcon], must have hurt her pride. She likely wants to reaffirm that our guild was the one who can handle this request by going to see the ancient magical beast with her own eyes.” (Anya)

“I see. Clara does have a strong sense of pride.” (Wilhelm)

Even if they lost one quest, the trust in the city’s number one guild wouldn’t be shaken that much. Is Clara more stressed about this than I thought she would be?

“Did something happen to Clara’s parents?” (Wilhelm)

“Clara-chan’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her… As for her father, he fell ill last year and went on a special emergency quest assigned by the country…” (Anya)

“A special emergency quest? Was it for an ancient magical beast?”  (Wilhelm)

“No, it was to gather materials to make medicine for a prevalent illness. They needed to hunt down large quantities of powerful magical beasts to obtain the ingredients.” (Anya)

Ah, that’s the illness that was going around while I was shut in.

From what I heard, it was caused by the venom of a rare plant-based magical beast. Once infected, one obvious symptom is an incredibly high fever. Adventurers who accepted a quest to collect materials from it got infected, and it spread throughout the city in no time.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that someone sick was sent on a quest?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes… Clara-chan and others tried to stop him, but… her father was a man filled with courage… He couldn’t stand not doing anything during the city’s crisis. No matter what people said, he just gave a thumbs up and replied with the same line. ‘Don’t worry, leave it to me, I’ll take care of everything,’ he’d say…” (Anya)

Wow~ What a cool guy.

“Clara-chan’s father also stopped by our place before going on the quest. He gave my father a thumbs up and said the same thing, ‘Don’t worry, leave everything to me, I’ll take care of it all’.” (Anya)

Wow, that’s impressive.

“So, what did Anya’s dad reply?” (Wilhelm)

“He said, ‘I don’t need your help. I’ll just drink some alcohol, and I’ll be fine.’” (Anya)

“No way, did he actually drink alcohol thinking it would protect him?” (Wilhelm)

“Despite our desperate attempts to stop him…” (Anya)

“He actually drank it…” (Sofia)

“Yes, he drank it straight from the bottle.” (Anya)

Oh no… he actually did it…

“And the next day, he peacefully passed away to heaven…” (Sofia)

Well, that’s how it goes.

“My condolences…” (Wilhelm)

But you know, I kind of admire him for his absurdity.

“By the way, what happened to Clara’s dad afterward?” (Wilhelm)

“He ventured into the distant mountains and discovered a herd of herbivorous monsters that were natural enemies of the plant-based monsters that caused the illness. Thinking that these monsters could have secrets of a potential cure, he engaged in fierce battles, facing them one after another… And after obtaining the necessary materials, he entrusted them to his fellow guild members and peacefully departed to heaven. His final words were, ‘See? Everything would have been fine if you left it to me.'” (Anya)

Wow~ What a really cool guy.

Compared to Anya’s dad… Well, let’s not make that comparison.

I think I understand the difference in the two guilds’ charisma now. With Clara’s dad around, people would naturally be drawn to that guild.

But despite the difference in their fathers’ coolness, Anya and Clara are in similar situations, aren’t they? Both inherited their guilds at a young age, unexpectedly.

Anya is working hard to revive her struggling guild, while Clara is striving to maintain the position of the most trusted guild in the country.

They’re both hard workers.

Maybe Anya and Clara could become even closer than they are now, like their fathers. That’s how I feel.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Looks like everyone’s here.” (Clara)

Speak of the devil. Clara has arrived.

It seems like Clara managed to pack everything into a not-too-bulky backpack. Instead of her usual frilly dress, she’s wearing comfortable shorts and white tights, with sturdy boots on her feet. She looks ready to trek through the mountains for hours.

I was a bit worried she might prioritize fashion, but it seems like she’s aware of her role as a guild master. I’m glad my concern was unfounded. She even arrived three minutes earlier than the agreed time.

“Alright, let’s go then. Since we don’t have much time and it’s quite far, I’ll use my wind magic to speed up everyone’s walking pace.” (Wilhelm)

The three of them tilted their heads in confusion at my suggestion.

Even with my wind magic pushing them forward and making their steps lighter, climbing up and down two mountains is incredibly tiring.

I’ll probably have muscle soreness again tomorrow. Well, I don’t think it’ll be so bad that I can’t move my whole body like before.

…It’s amazing how far I’ve come, from being a shut-in not too long ago to being able to travel this far.

Turning around, I couldn’t see the town at all; the mountains obstructed the view completely. We’ve traveled such a long distance that even if we wanted to go back, we wouldn’t make it today.

I’m starting to miss the city.

“After this is over, I think I want to go back to being a shut-in.” (Wilhelm) 

I muttered this quietly to myself. Ah, I want to go home to my paradise.

And I want to eat the meal Anya made. Just that would make me incredibly happy.

While thinking about such things, I lit a firewood. Being the skilled person I am, I succeeded in lighting it on my first go.

Then, I cast a magic barrier around the perimeter to keep wild beasts out.

With that, the camping preparations are complete.

Traveling through the mountains at night is tough, so we’ve decided to camp here.

Right now, we’ve just crossed over the middle of the third mountain and this one seems particularly tall.

The scenery is nothing short of spectacular. The mountains are tinged orange in the evening, making the view even more magnificent.

By the way, the women are bathing in the river. Once they return, we’ll all have dinner together.


That was Clara’s voice.

She sounds so energetic. I wonder what they’re so excited about.

“Heeeeeeeee! Wil-sama, Wil-samaaaaa!” (Anya)

Anya too? I guess both of them have plenty of energy left.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” (Wilhelm)

“Whoa, wait. It’s forbidden to look this way! Anya-chan, Clara-chan, hide behind me!” (Sofia)

“What are you talking about? If anyone needs to hide, it’s you, Sofia-san. Now, get behind me desu wa!” (Clara)

Wow… That’s quite…

When I turned around, I saw Sofia’s breasts, Clara’s breasts, and Anya’s breasts, all on full display.

It was overwhelming for me. I quickly averted my gaze.

“What kind of service is this? Are you inviting me to bathe with you?” (Wilhelm)

“Not quite, Wil-kun. There’s a bear out there. Hurry up and get rid of it!” (Sofia)

“Ah, figures. We’re in the mountains after all. I feel bad for it so I’ll just scare it away.” (Wilhelm)

The bear isn’t a magical beast. There’s no reason to kill it, just scaring it off should be enough.

I went to the river and quickly scared it away with some fire magic.

This should be an easy task for adventurers even if they’re naked. Well, at least I got to see something nice.

Night fell.

It’s pitch black out here once you move away from the campfire. It’s the kind of darkness you don’t normally experience in the city.

Strangely enough, I’m feeling a bit pumped up. It’s weird to feel excited in such a situation, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s because of the campfire. The warmth of the fire might be heating up my spirits.

And the breathtaking beauty of the starry sky is also adding to the excitement. It’s a sight you don’t normally get in the city.

“Clara-chan, this beef is delicious.” (Anya)

Anya is currently munching on the roast beef Clara brought as a snack yesterday.

We were supposed to eat it last night, but since it can be preserved, we decided to save it for today. The special sauce is especially exquisite, and I find it truly delicious.

Looks like Clara is quite the cook herself, she isn’t falling behind Anya by much.

“That’s good to hear. There’s plenty, so please, help yourselves.” (Clara)

Of course, I accepted that offer without holding back.

By the way, in addition to the roast beef, we’re also enjoying some salted chicken that Sofia grilled on the iron plate, vegetables that Anya brought and grilled, and Clara’s bread topped with cheese and baked. 

Everything is delicious.

Back in my student days when I camped alone, I never had such a delicious dinner. All I remember is gnawing on preserved jerky and hard bread.

Having girls around really changes the camping food scene. I’m grateful.

I pick up a piece of chicken with my fork. Ah, the seasoning and pepper are just right.

Anya seems to be in high spirits.

Her eyes are sparkling, and she looks cute.

She speaks to Clara with a cheerful expression on her face.

“Being around the fire like this reminds me of the Spring Festival.” (Anya)

“Yes? Why is that? Oh, I see. Because of the campfire at night, right? Singing and dancing through the night, yeah, I can see the resemblance.” (Clara)

“Yeah. Mind if I sing?” (Anya)

“Feel free to do so.” (Clara)

“Great, then I’ll sing.” (Anya)

Anya’s angelic and adorable voice fills the air.

It’s a soothing sound to the ears.

It reminds me of listening to my mother’s songs during my childhood. It’s a voice that naturally warms the heart.

Sofia also joined in and started singing.

Her voice is just as lovely.

Now, Clara, it’s your turn to sing.

I shot a glance at Clara, but she seemed reluctant. Instead, her eyes seemed to say, “You sing, I’m not interested.” No way, nobody’s asking for a song from a guy like me. Come on, Clara, sing.

Sofia starts clapping her hands.

I join in with the clapping.

The stage is set for Clara to sing. Come on, sing!

She turns her face away with a huff. Such a proud and shy girl.

But when she turned her face, Anya was there.

Anya looks at Clara with delight. She reaches out her hand.

“Clara-chan, want to dance together?” (Anya)

“No desu wa.” (Clara)

“It’s fun, you know?” (Anya)

“I don’t know what you’re talking about desu wa. Please enjoy dancing by yourself.” (Clara)

“But I want to dance with Clara-chan.” (Anya)

“Then, win against me in the Guild competition at the Spring Festival and become the champion. Unless you do something like that, I won’t dance even if I die.” (Clara)

Quite stubborn. It would be nice if she could be a bit more flexible.

Anya looked a little sad. But she didn’t insist. Instead, she started singing again with her gentle and beautiful voice.

“Alright, Anya-chan, shall we dance?” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san, are you sure? Thank you so much!” (Anya)

As expected of Sofia-san. Anya is back to her energetic self.

But if the two of them are dancing, then there’s no one left to sing.

Clara, it’s your turn to sing.

When I sent her a glance, she turned her face away again. I could hear Clara chuckling softly.

“Well then, Wil-kun, you do the singing.” (Sofia)

Why me, Sofia-san? My singing voice, of all things…

Well, whatever. It’s just in the mountains at night anyway. No one’s going to hear it except maybe bears.

Ah, but singing, it’s been a while. I might be a talented guy, but even I’m not confident I can still sing properly.

Anya and Sofia-san whirl around, sometimes apart, sometimes hand in hand, moving their bodies with smiles. It’s graceful and fun. Their smiles really light up the scene.

My singing voice and clapping echo through the quiet mountains.

No one says anything, so I can’t tell if I’m bad or good. But Clara, she’s the only one, covering her mouth with both hands, smiling happily.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What a chill chapter. Well, except for the revelation about how Anya’s father died. Someone should have definitely forcefully stopped him.

Also, if you still remember, there was that one illustration of Anya and Clara dancing, so I guess it’s safe to say who won the bet.


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