CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 6 Part 1 – The Shut-In Dances All Night

“I’ve had enough of this! Wake up already!!!” (?)

“Uwaahhhhh!” (Wilhelm)

I was mercilessly stripped away from my futon and tumbled ungracefully off the bed.

What a rough way to wake someone up.

“Hah, Mew-chan, couldn’t you have woken me up a little more gently? I’m a delicate, anemic guy in the mornings, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s not even morning, and your issue isn’t anemia, it’s just plain oversleeping. It’s already noon. Honestly, you haven’t grown a millimeter since your student days.” (?)

“Hmm? Mew-chan?” (Wilhelm)

I reluctantly opened my heavy eyelids.

Though I still wanted to sleep, being woken up was unavoidable.

“Ah, class rep.” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm-kun, are you still half asleep? I haven’t been a class rep for three years already.” (Liliana)

“Three years ago? Huh? Oh, Liliana. That took me a while. Anyways, why are you here? This is Anya’s house.” (Wilhelm)

Back in my student days, I was more outstanding than anyone else, but unfortunately, I had a habit of oversleeping.

And it was none other than Liliana, who was the class rep at the time, who woke me up every morning.

Nostalgic. Liliana’s way of waking me up was always rough and forceful.

She was the kind of person who would stick mustard up my nose to wake me up. Compared to that, today’s wake-up call was much more milder than usual.

I looked up at Liliana, or rather, class rep again.

She seemed much more mature than the class president in my memories. She had makeup on now, and her lips looked particularly alluring. She looked like a dignified and beautiful woman.

“You’ve really become beautiful.” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm… Are you still half asleep? Instead of saying something stupid, go and wash your face already.” (Liliana)

“I’m not half asleep. I’m serious about what I said just now. Ahh… Liliana, have you gotten married or found a boyfriend yet?” (Wilhelm)

“My lover is my job, so I don’t see myself having that kind of conversation anytime soon.” (Liliana)

“Wow, so you’re the late bloomer kind when it comes to marriage.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s completely sexual harassment, you know.” (Liliana)

Well, I guess it is. I start taking off my pajamas and casually changing clothes. Liliana seems somewhat pleased as she stares at my body.

Oh, she’s trying to touch me. She’s tracing my chest with her fingers.

“It’s strange, even though you were a shut-in, your muscles haven’t deteriorated at all. You’re just as robust as you were back then.” (Liliana)

“Well, that’s cause I’m a genius, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“Hehehe, muscles~” (Liliana)

“I told you, no touching!” (Wilhelm)

“Hehe, but isn’t it fine~” (Liliana)

“What kind of tyrant are you? Isn’t this the real harassment?” (Wilhelm)

“Aren’t we on good terms, Wilhelm-kun?” (Liliana)

“What kind of terms?” (Wilhelm)

“We’re on ‘touching muscles is allowed’ terms.” (Liliana)

“That’s definitely not true!” (Wilhelm)

“Oh, it’s wonderful. Such magnificent muscles. Hehehe. Let me touch them a little more, please.” (Liliana)

“Oh…” (Wilhelm)

What does she think she’s making me do? This teasing has gone too far.

Honestly, she should be aware that she’s become an attractive woman. Her touch is way too suggestive. It’s making me become aware of Liliana as a woman.

Liliana, with heavy breaths, continues to stroke my muscles meticulously.

She’s definitely a muscle fetishist. Nothing has changed since our student days. I wonder if there’s any way to break this bad habit. Probably not.

“Alright, I’m putting on my clothes. That’s enough, that’s enough. So, what did you come here for today?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, of course, to touch muscles… Hah… I mean, no, that’s not it. But Wilhelm-kun, your body still looks as great as ever.” (Liliana)

“You’re still breathing heavily.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana closes her eyes, looking embarrassed, and clears her throat.

Finally, Liliana’s usual expression returned.

“Wilhelm-kun, I came here today to thank you. Thank you for dealing with the emergency quest so quickly. Thanks to you, the city was saved. You know, your name is on everyone’s lips in the castle recently. They’re all convinced that you’re a real hero.” (Liliana)

“Wow, that’s quite something.” (Wilhelm)

“There were a few government officials on-site, and they were thrilled by the sudden appearance of Bahamut while they were scouting the ancient magical beast.” (Liliana)

“Oh, so there were people watching. It was so cool and amazing, wasn’t it? Not to mention, it was incredibly powerful. That was undoubtedly the king of the biological world.” (Wilhelm)

I descended the stairs. I washed my face. Oh, terrible bedhead. Was Liliana looking at this face of mine?

Well, it’s too late now. She’s someone who’s seen my face plenty of times in the morning.

“Wilhelm-kun, don’t you have any intention of becoming a civil servant? You would definitely excel more than anyone else. Considering your family is a prominent noble family, I think you could climb the ranks endlessly.” (Liliana)

“Hah, no way. My occupation is forever a shut-in. So, today, I’ll continue to shut myself in as usual.” (Wilhelm)

After all, the debt to the country that [Grand Bahamut] owed has been fully settled through the emergency quest.

Moreover, we still have enough money to cover our living expenses. There’s simply no reason for me to work anymore. So, I’ll proudly continue to be a shut-in.

“Being a shut-in is definitely not the way to go. With such overwhelming talent and ability, why don’t you want to use them for the world and for others?” (Liliana)

“Using them for the world and for others… the scale of that is too grand for me. If there are people nearby who need me and rely on me, I’ll still use my strength to support them.” (Wilhelm)

I tried saying something a little cool.

When there’s no one who needs me, I just want to laze around in bed. That’s the kind of person I am.

Liliana touched my muscles, and I felt something.

“I need you, Wilhelm-kun. The civil service needs you.” (Liliana)

Is that so…

“But I like my bed.” (Wilhelm)

“If you work hard, you can sleep in an even better bed. How about a memory foam mattress, with a fluffy down comforter? Doesn’t that sound appealing?” (Liliana)

“The bed here is good enough. Luxury is the enemy.” (Wilhelm)

“You’re talking like a commoner. Aren’t you the eldest son of a prominent noble family?” (Liliana)

“Oh, right. I was, huh?” (Wilhelm)

“You’re the only one who could forget that. Oh, by the way, I met your father at the castle this morning. I asked if there were any messages he wanted to relay to you.” (Liliana)

I wonder what my father would say. 

—My child who saved the city is a hero among heroes. Please return to the paradise named your room. 

Or something like that.

“Don’t get too cocky just because you got out of a tough situation with [Grand Bahamut]. Until you become a full-fledged man, never return home. If you dare to come back now, I’ll strike you down on the spot. He specifically asked me to convey that message.” (Liliana)

“That damn old man.” (Wilhelm)

“So, in other words, he’s telling you to work seriously as a civil servant.” (Liliana)

“No way.” (Wilhelm)

“By the way, there’s one more thing. Your father mentioned that a recommendation letter for university admission for you has arrived again.” (Liliana)

Ah, that old story. It’s probably the same one that came when I was suspected of being the Demon Lord but I declined it.

I prefer being a student to working, but it’s too late for further education now. Waking up every morning is such a hassle, and I don’t have the passion for studying. It’s just impossible for me now.

“I don’t think I’ll go. Please let my father know.” (Wilhelm)

“Can’t you show a bit of motivation for something? It would put my mind at ease.” (Liliana)

“Are you my mom or something?” (Wilhelm)

“After all the trouble I’ve gone through for you, I might as well be.” (Liliana)

“Do you have to agree with that…?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana chuckled happily.

I wonder how long it’s been since I last saw her smile like that.

When I was suspected of being the Demon Lord, Liliana was undoubtedly the one who worried about me the most. She came to check on me every single day. She even came to the castle where I was detained. Every single day, without fail.

…It took some time, but I’m happy that I could see her smile.

I’m glad I worked hard on the ancient magical beasts incident.

“Mew… Hey, you NEET, if you’re awake, go have lunch already. It’s still warm.” (Mew-chan)

“Oh, thanks.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh, wait? Did the Sodane Mew talk just now?” (Liliana)

“Oh, he did. …Hmm, you’re one dirty-minded person, aren’t you?” (Wilhelm)

“What? My heart is as clean as glass, you know?” (Liliana)

What are you talking about?

Mew-chan’s voice can only heard by people with clean hearts. People like me, with dirty hearts, can hear Mew-chan’s voice. This is the conclusion I arrived at.

Apparently, even though Liliana looks serious, she’s actually someone with a dirty heart.

During the leisurely lunchtime, we gathered in the backyard behind [Grand Bahamut].

Anya, Sofia-san, and I all brought swords. We were here to practice swordsmanship in preparation for the guild competition at the Spring Festival.

In the guild competition, it’s not about brute forcing your way with swords. There’s a rule that you’ll be disqualified if you don’t use a special sword technique called “Kenbu (sword dance)”.

Even if you defeat your opponent with brute force, the outcome of the match is separate. If the judging panel determines that what you’re doing isn’t Kenbu, you’ll lose.

Since it’s meant to add style to the festival, you have to fight with elegance, grace, and beauty.

[Grand Bahamut] participates in this event every year. Sofia-san used to compete in it until last year.

So, first, we decided to have Sofia-san teach us the basics.

Sofia-san stood in front of Anya and me, ready to explain.

“Are you both ready? So, Kenbu is a form of sword technique, but it’s closer in concept to dancing. On the day of the event, you’ll wear glamorous costumes like dancers and move your sleeves and skirts a lot while fighting to make it look beautiful.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san’s explanation continued.

“Sword dancing has been around for a long time, so there are many styles and schools. I learned the one I know from Anya-chan’s mom. Let me give you a little demonstration as a reference.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san drew her sword.

Then, she swayed her hips. Spinning around which lifted her skirt.

She held the sword gently and swung it gracefully.

With moves like that, it’s probably too gentle to inflict fatal wounds on the opponent. But since it’s a technique meant to not cause harm, it’s fine as it is.

“…Beautiful.” (Wilhelm)

I couldn’t help but murmur my thoughts.

It looked like movements to enhance the beauty of a woman. If done on stage, the audience would surely be thrilled.

I should have paid more attention to this since my student days. I didn’t watch much of it before as it was always crowded. What a shame.

Sofia-san’s sword dance ended. It seems she showed us all the basic moves.

The image of Sofia-san’s movements is like that of a butterfly. Moving like a butterfly dancing over spring flowers. I’m starting to grasp it somehow.

“I’ll give it a try. Please watch.” (Anya)

Anya tried to imitate Sofia-san’s movements.

However, it’s not something you can master in just one or two tries. The Spring Festival is only about a week away. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about finances anymore, so if she spends the next few days practicing diligently every day, she should be able to make it in time. She needs to work hard to beat Clara.

“Oh, is that Kenbu? It’s very cute.” (Liliana)

A woman’s voice came from beyond the garden fence. It was Liliana.

“You’ve been coming here quite often lately. What’s up today?” (Wilhelm)

“I came to touch Wilhelm-kun’s muscles… not. I brought some work. When I asked Sodane Mew at the shop, she said everyone was in the garden, so I came here.” (Liliana)

Being able to have a normal conversation with Mew-chan… Her heart is still as dirty as ever.

“Well then, thanks. Anya, let’s take a little break. We’ve got some work to do.” (Wilhelm)

“Okay.” (Anya)

“Oh, right. Since you’re a girl, Liliana, you took Kenbu classes at school, didn’t you?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, I did.” (Liliana)

“Would you mind sparring with me for a bit?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana graciously agreed.

She carefully lectured me on the basics of Kenbu that she learned at school.

Then, we sparred in a practical setting.

I tried to use Kenbu in combat, mimicking her movements but it’s frustrating.

It’s frustrating when I can’t attack effectively when I want to. Dancing takes priority but defense is important too. It’s frustrating.

It seems that without a considerable amount of practice on the steps, one can easily lose. But once I master them, I’ll be able to control the distance between my opponent and me. Then, I can exploit their breathing patterns and land graceful strikes. Kenbu may have many unnecessary movements, but it’s certainly not weak. It’ll be tough to master, though.

“Thanks, Liliana. You’ve helped me grasp it. Anya, remember, the basics of Kenbu are like dancing. Remember when we were in the mountains, and I sang while you and Sofia danced around the campfire? We can approach it the same way.” (Wilhelm)

During that night, I sang while Anya and Sofia danced around the campfire. If we imagine that dance, we can get the hang of it.

“Singing…?” (Anya)

Uh-oh, this conversation is taking a bad turn.

“Okay, could you sing for us?” (Anya)

“Sofia-san…” (Wilhelm)

“Then I’ll dance with Anya-chan. How nostalgic. Anya-chan’s mom used to sing for us too.” (Sofia)

“Liliana…” (Wilhelm)

“I’ll join in the Kenbu as well. Do your best, okay?” (Liliana)

Ugh, these girls have it easy.

I might be tone-deaf. This isn’t the secluded mountains; it’s a busy street outside the garden, with other shops and houses nearby. I won’t deal with any complaints about my tone-deaf singing.

Embarrassing as it is, I decided to accompany the song with clapping.

But no one said anything about it.

I was worried, but everyone is gracefully twirling around without paying it any mind, so maybe it’s not a problem.

“Hey Anya, you’re practically a pro at Kenbu now. Your moves are just as good as theirs.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana and Sofia agreed.

“Really? It’s easier than I thought.” (Anya)

“You’re a great teacher, Wilhelm-kun. It usually takes months to learn this at school.” (Liliana)

“Oh, I didn’t do much. It’s all thanks to Anya’s exceptional talent.” (Wilhelm)

Anya looked pleased.

“Wil-sama, do you think I can beat Clara-chan?” (Anya)

“You’ll probably lose.” (Wilhelm)

“E-Even so, I’ll do my best. There’s still plenty of time left. I’ll definitely win and then dance with Clara-chan all night at the festival.” (Anya)

So, that’s what she wants after winning against Clara.

Clara wants to merge [Grand Bahamut] with [Cosmic Falcon] if she wins, meanwhile, Anya is just being cute.

But that’s just like Anya. That’s her charm. It’s wonderful how pure-hearted she is.

“Hey, Anya, effort is important, but…” (Wilhelm)

I puffed out my chest and put on a proud expression.

“Winning against strong opponents requires something special, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Something special?” (Anya)

“Yeah, that’s where I come in. I’m going to teach you one of the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques. Once you master it, Anya, you’ll definitely be able to beat Clara.” (Wilhelm)

There it is. Among the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques, there must be one that can be applied to sword dancing.

If she can master that, not only will she defeat Clara, but the audience will also be thrilled.

And so, from that day on, Anya’s intense training began.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I like how MC isn’t even participating in the event but he still joined in on the training. Character development moment?

I picked up a new series feel free to check it out. It’s called “The S-Rank Hero Wants to Retire! ~The Leader of the Kingdom’s Strongest Party Doesn’t Realize He’s a One-of-a-Kind Commander~


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