CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 6 Part 2 – The Shut-In Dances All Night

I stuffed my cheeks with the cookies Sofia had baked at home.

Delicious. I need something to drink with this. Tea… no, it’s gotta be coffee. Maybe I should make it myself for a change. I’ve been relying on Anya too much.

It’s already nighttime, but Anya is still practicing her Kenbu diligently in the garden.

Sofia was next to me, desperately adjusting the Kenbu costume she wore last year to fit Anya’s size.

Both of them are hard workers. I hope they don’t push themselves too hard and end up collapsing.

“Hey, Neet, mind if I ask you something, Mew?” (Mew-chan)

“What is it, Mr White Fluff?” (Wilhelm)

Mew-chan stuffs the cookies into its cheeks. Quite the eater, huh? Maybe that’s why he’s so big.

“Do you think she can win mew?” (Mew-chan)

“Hmph, of course she can. After all, I’m the one who trained her. There’s no way she won’t win.” (Wilhelm)

“Coaching from a Neet, huh, mew…” (Mew-chan)

“Got a problem with that?” (Wilhelm)

“Hah, just this once, mew, you seem a bit dependable.” (Mew-chan)

“Well, that’s good to hear.” (Wilhelm)

I eat another cookie. Still delicious. Alright, maybe I’ll make some coffee.

I wonder what Mew-chan is rummaging around in the back of the shelf for. Is there something back there?

Mew-chan pulls out a nice-looking bottle.

“What’s that?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s honey wine from the neighbor mew. It’s still too early for her, so I kept it stored away in the back mew.” (Mew-chan)

Well, you can’t drink until you’re sixteen so it’s definitely too early for Anya.

“Are you going to drink it now, Mew-chan?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, want to celebrate ojou’s victory together beforehand mew?” (Mew-chan)

“That sounds great!” (Wilhelm)

We bring out the glasses and pour each other’s drinks.

Ah, what a lovely aroma. It’s like all the fatigue from labor just disappeared. Even though I didn’t work today.

Mew-chan extended the glass towards me and I took it.

“A pre-celebration for ojou mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Ah, cheers to Anya’s victory!” (Wilhelm)

With a cheer, we clink our glasses together.

“Wow, this is delicious!” (Wilhelm)

“Delicious mew. I could have as many glasses as I want mew. Aren’t you quite a drinker for a Neet mew?” (Mew-chan)

“You’re one to talk, drinking like a beast. Oh, your glass is empty already. Let me refill it.” (Wilhelm)

“Ah. Yours is empty too, Mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Oops, sorry about that. Wow, you’re good at pouring. Thanks.” (Wilhelm)

Surprisingly, this honey wine goes well with the cookies.

This is unstoppable. There’s no point in leaving it, so I might as well finish the whole bottle with my little friend here.

“Hey, Wil-kun, why are you celebrating when there are two girls here working hard?” (Sofia)

“Oh, Sofia-san, want to join us?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, I want to try it!” (Sofia)

I also clinked glasses with Sofia-san.

Sofia-san, who was drunk, got really excited.

When Anya came back all sweaty, she looked at us, who were drunk, with envy. Just wait four more years. Then we’ll drink together.

Celebratory cannon fire echoed through the city.

The long-awaited Spring Festival has finally begun.

Drink, sing, dance.

The harsh and cold winter is over. Let’s celebrate the blossoming of spring together.

Today, everyone can let loose. It’s a day for everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Wherever you walk in the city, it’s bustling with lively and happy laughter. I doubt there’s anyone whose spirits aren’t lifted by this atmosphere.

On this joyous day, Anya woke up at six in the morning to make fruit cakes with Sofia-san. After all, it’s also a good chance to make some money. We need to sell a lot of them.

I also woke up early today to help Mew-chan prepare the street stalls.

By the way, I dressed Mew-chan up in a festive outfit, with a hat and colored glasses. She’s wearing an apron too, isn’t she cute? Hopefully, she won’t scare off the kids too much.

“The streets are filled with balloons, flowers, and flags mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Yeah, it would have been nice to have some flowers at our stall.” (Wilhelm)

“Then why don’t you go buy some mew?” (Mew-chan)

“I don’t have any money, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Alright, Neet, then go get some from outside the city mew.” (Mew-chan)

What a dreadful beast. Treating a noble like myself this way.

Well, it’s fine. With wind magic, I can get there quickly, and I know the location of the flower field. I’ll just swiftly run over and grab some.

The sound of woodwind and brass instruments fills the air. There are even people cheerfully playing the accordion.

Many people are dancing. A woman in a long, red skirt is gracefully tap dancing, drawing attention.

There are street performances and magic shows everywhere. It looks incredibly fun.

Watching the happy people around, my mood starts to lift.

I swiftly ran over, gathered some flowers, and returned.

Arranging the flowers in a vase, I think our stall has turned out quite charming.

At exactly 1 PM, we started selling the fruit cakes and surprisingly, they sold like hotcakes. Even the additional cakes that Sofia-san made were sold out.

It was a huge profit.

Both Anya and Sofia-san were smiling from start to finish.

It was wonderful to see them welcoming this festival with such happiness. Despite everything, I think their hard work paid off.

The time for the showdown had arrived.

It was 6 PM. In the city’s main square, amidst loud cheers, the Guild Competition commenced.

A vibrant makeshift stage adorned with flowers had been set up.

Countless spectators filled the seats, stood in the aisles, and even climbed onto nearby houses and trees to enjoy the highlight event of the Spring Festival.

The Guild Competition was the centerpiece of the festival.

Young maidens, dressed in beautiful attire, danced and battled gracefully.

Everyone was thrilled, sending warm cheers of encouragement.

One of the good things about this battle is that even in defeat, you can still smile. Regardless of victory or defeat, fair applause is given to the beautiful maidens who have adorned the festival.

Now, let’s focus on Anya and Clara. Both of them are excelling in their performances.

Anya fights like a delicate fairy, while Clara battles like a spirited princess. Both seem to have captured the hearts of the townspeople. They are unquestionably beautiful young ladies.

Now, it’s time for the highly anticipated final battle of the exhilarating Guild Competition.

Facing off against each other are our very own Anastasia Milkyway of [Grand Bahamut], and Clara Voyager of the city’s leading guild, [Cosmic Falcon].

Both of them are hardworking individuals who became guild masters at a young age. I hope this grand stage becomes a memorable battle for both of them.

Of course, I want Anya to win. I want her to win and then I can brag to everyone in the town that it was I who trained her.

Anya and Clara gracefully walked to the center of the stage.

Under the watchful eyes of the king, my father, those who have always supported us, and the entire town, the two maidens drew their swords.

Both of them were shining brighter than anyone else.

Anya’s attire exposed her shoulders, back, and one leg boldly in a white outfit, reminiscent of a wedding dress or an angelic attire. It suits the pure-hearted Anya perfectly. By the way, this outfit was worn by Anya’s mother, then by Sofia-san, and now inherited by Anya. I think it’s a very cute outfit.

As for Clara, she wears a passionate red outfit. Similar to her usual attire, her skirt is adorned with frills, but that’s not all. This outfit has translucent areas, exuding a mature feeling. Furthermore, it exposes her midriff and cleavage, seemingly inspired by a dancer’s attire. I wonder if men would get excited seeing Clara. Judging by the cheers, she seems to be popular among women too.

As a rival to the lovely Anya, Clara’s bold and beautiful appearance is impeccable.

Voices of betting can be heard everywhere, arguing over whether red or white will win.

Some voices joyfully discuss which color is cuter.

Additionally, voices from the generation who know their mothers reminisce about the past.

“Anya, you can do it!” (Wilhelm)

I encouraged Anya, though I’m not sure if my voice reached her.

“Anya-chan, you’re the cutest in the world!” 

I could hear Sofia-san’s voice. It’s quite clear. Perhaps that voice reached Anya.

Sofia-san is closer to the stage than I am since she’s accompanying Anya. While I’m in the front row of the VIP seats, I’m still a bit far from the stage.

Near me are the members of [Cosmic Falcon]. Their loud cheers can be heard.

All eyes are on them. It’s the moment of truth.

Gradually, it’s getting quieter.

It’s the tension before the match starts. We swallow nervously, waiting for the signal to start.

“Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho. You’ve come this far without running away. I’ll give you some praise, Anastasia.” (Clara)

With the gradual silence, Clara’s voice carried well.

“Yeah, I’ve come to win against Clara-chan. Let’s have a fair and square match.” (Anya)

“You said it. I’ll show you the difference in strength. What is weak can’t beat the strong. I’ll prove that and make [Grand Bahamut] the property of [Cosmic Falcon].” (Clara)

“Mmm, I’ll win. So let’s drop that talk. After this is over, let’s dance together until dawn.” (Anya)

Their gazes meet.

They have cute smiles, but as expected from daughters born into guilds, their gazes are filled with determination to win.

Liliana, who serves as the referee, walked to the center of the stage.

Considering her role as a guild inspector, Liliana must have been entrusted with this role.

Given the significant responsibilities entrusted to her, she might be on the fast track for career advancement. The gap between her and me seems to be widening even further. It’s making my stomach churn.

I think Liliana looks stunning in the blue dress she’s wearing. She’s likely to gain a lot of fans today.

Anya, Clara, and Liliana gathered at the center of the stage. It seemed as if there were beautiful flowers blooming over there.

Liliana raised her hand high. Once it’s brought down, the sword dance will commence.

“Are both of you ready?” (Liliana)

The audience was eagerly anticipating. I felt the same way.

“Then, let the final guild battle, begin!” (Liliana)

Liliana’s hand came down.

A huge cheer erupted all at once.

Undoubtedly, it’s the biggest cheer since the festival started today. The city’s excitement and fervor are directed towards this stage. I could feel the incredible energy.

Anya and Clara clashed their swords against each other. Then, they gracefully stepped back, creating distance between them. This marks the true beginning of the match.

This isn’t about overpowering the opponent by force.

It’s a contest of elegance, aiming to gracefully strike the opponent’s body.

Both of them, perhaps due to their petite stature, moved swiftly.

They elegantly approached each other, swaying their long skirts.

They swung their swords, testing each other’s skills.

Neither seemed to be falling behind as their swords clashed.

Clara’s expression turned confident.

“You’re quite good. But can you keep up with this?!” (Clara)

She attacked with strikes from high, mid, and low angles, spinning as she did so.

Anya didn’t parry with her sword but deftly dodged, dancing around to evade every strike. This evasion technique had been honed through rigorous training by me and Sofia-san. With the speed of Clara’s attack, it wouldn’t be easy for her to land a hit on Anya.

Clara looked surprised as Anya evaded all her attacks.

Alright, there’s an opening for Anya to strike now.

Anya carefully dodged her opponent’s attacks and, as the flow of attacks momentarily ceased, she gracefully approached her like a butterfly. It was the traditional style of Kenbu of [Grand Bahamut], passed down from Anya’s mother’s era.

Unfortunately, Clara elegantly evaded Anya’s attack by performing a backward somersault.

But that was okay. Anya’s sword dance remained intact.

Clara’s acrobatic evasions further heightened the excitement of the audience, eliciting thunderous cheers that could almost deafen.

They continued to engage in an intense exchange, dodging each other’s attacks, and dancing around.

Clara’s Kenbu seemed to evoke imagery of cherry blossom petals fluttering in the wind. Sometimes vibrant, sometimes melancholic, it seemed to dance with the breeze, displaying unexpected movements. It was quite elusive to grasp.

Anya knew that her opponent was not unbeatable.

“Anya! Keep a close eye on your opponent’s movements!” (Wilhelm)

Whether my advice reached her or not, at least Sofia-san seemed to have heard it.

“Anya-chan, be careful!” (Sofia)

Voices of concern reached her ears.

“Ojou! Be the pride of the city’s number-one guild!” (Audience)

Cheers for Clara were also audible.

Unconsciously, I found myself sweating in my palms. My blood boiled with excitement.

Honestly, the large crowd made me a bit dizzy.

But strangely enough, I realized that I was grateful for the presence of so many people around it.

Because it’s more exciting like this. Because it’s making me feel so passionate. And because it’s so much fun.

It wouldn’t be like this if I were alone.

If I were a shut-in, I wouldn’t be able to experience this excitement.

After all, I was completely absent from last year’s Spring Festival. I was cooped up alone in paradise, spending my time quietly.

Since then, there have been ups and downs, but right now, I feel happy to be here like this.

I’m glad I met Anya.

And Sofia-san, Clara, Mew-chan, and Liliana too. Thanks to everyone, I think my life has become a little more colorful.

After this, I’ll probably go back to being a shut-in again, but I think I’ll try to interact with people occasionally like this.

Oh, Clara’s movement has changed.

“Anya, Clara’s finishing move is coming! Be careful!” (Wilhelm)

Unlike Sofia-san, who is near the stage, I’m in the audience seats for VIP. It couldn’t be helped because there’s a rule that only girls can be near the stage.

From here, I don’t think I can provide Anya with advice. It’s frustrating.

Clara deliberately created an opening.

I can see that, but Anya, with her limited combat experience, probably doesn’t.

Anya gets caught up in the attack.

The moment Anya enters Clara’s range, Clara’s eyes light up.

“I’ve got you now, Anastasia!” (Clara)

“Huh?” (Anya)

Clara gracefully dodged Anya’s sword by lowering her posture.

And now, here comes her special move.

Clara spins rapidly while rising up. It’s fast, incredibly fast. And beautiful, like cherry blossoms.

“Here it comes! My ultimate move, [Sakura Tornado]! How do you like that!” (Clara)

She did it.

With the strength and speed of her spin, Clara effortlessly took the sword Anya was holding.

The sword flew far away into the sky.

Anya is left without her sword. She can’t attack like this.

In fact, it’s even worse than that.

When her sword was taken away, Anya instinctively reached out her arm, leaving her torso wide open.

It seemed like the match was decided. Everyone must have thought so.

The excited cheers turned into cheers of blessing.

But it’s not over yet.

Here. This is it. This is the only chance. The real battle starts here.

With all the strength I could muster, I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“Anya―――――! Do it now!” (Wilhelm)

“Yes!” (Anya)

I felt like I got a response.

Anya had only been training with the sword for about a week. She worked hard every day, but her sword skills were still immature.

However, I taught Anya one of the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques, though she hadn’t mastered it yet. There just wasn’t enough time.

Anya showed a smile.

Seeing that smile, the audience seemed to think there was still something more to come.

And indeed, there was.

Anya hadn’t mastered the Hero’s Divine Sword technique.

No, let me rephrase that. She hadn’t fully mastered it.

In other words, Anya could only use the Hero’s Divine Sword technique when certain conditions were met.

It was the result of my excellent guidance and Anya’s diligent efforts – the culmination of our hardships.

Anya can only use one of the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques when the condition of not holding a sword is met.

Anya’s silhouette flickered.

“It’s over! [Cosmic Falcon] will win the competition this time!” (Clara)

“Not yet, Clara-chan!” (Anya)

From the flickering outline of Anya, multiple images of her emerged, floating out like a mirage.

It looked as if seven angels had descended to earth. It was the beautiful and graceful Hero’s Divine Sword Technique Anya learned.

“T-There are seven of you? W-What’s going on?!” (Clara)

“This is the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique, taught and customized by Wil-sama himself. Its name is [Mirage Step]!” (Anya)

“T-The Hero’s Divine Sword Technique?!” (Clara)

Yes, the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique—I specifically customized it to be more suitable for Kenbu.

Originally, one of the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques, [Mirage Attack], creates illusions of the user like a mirage, confusing the enemy and breaking through their defenses.

However, its offensive nature was too strong and didn’t quite fit with the spirit of Kenbu.

So, I customized the technique to be more suitable for it. That’s how the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique, [Mirage Attack], transformed into [Mirage Step].

While its offensive capabilities are lower, in return, it allows Anya to multiply herself and perform different dances while significantly confusing the opponent.

The audience seemed to be holding their breath.

And no wonder. Seeing one beautiful Anya was mesmerizing enough, but now there were seven of her, gracefully dancing across the stage.

This is undeniably cute.

All seven Anyas are smiling, which adds to the charm.

In contrast, Clara looks bewildered, her expression stiffening.

“W-What is this? What kind of cheat-like special move is this? I’ve never heard about this or seen anything like it!” (Clara)

Clara complains as she tries to strike nearby Anyas, but they gracefully evade. By the way, what she just saw was an illusion.

The real Anya, however, is carefully watching for an opening from afar.

Anya’s sword is not in her hands. It’s just starting to fall from the sky.

She needs to retrieve that sword to attack, but if she does, [Mirage Step] will end.

The only chance lies in exploiting Clara’s opening while simultaneously retrieving the sword and launching an attack. There’s no other option.

To achieve this, Anya strategically places illusions.

She guides Clara to the center of the stage using illusions.

Meanwhile, the real Anya, dancing gracefully, gradually moves behind Clara.

The audience erupts. Everyone is impressed by this spectacular sword dance they’ve never seen before.

Anya has become the star of the stage.

She doesn’t stop dancing. While each of the seven Anyas shows a different dance, they all follow the same rhythm. The audience naturally starts clapping along. Anya’s dance becomes even more captivating.

“Th-This! I-I feel like the cute me is being sidelined!” (Clara)

Clara, your anger only creates openings.

In this dazzling stage, showing an opening will cause victory to slip through your fingers like sand.

Anya has completely taken Clara’s back.

All the Anyas raised their hands overhead.

Clara seemed bewildered by their movement, instinctively assuming a defensive stance.

However, the real Anya is behind Clara. Even if Clara remains vigilant against attacks from the front or sides, there’s nothing she can do.

“Clara-chan, that was an amazing match!” (Anya)

The sword falls into Anya’s hand.

Under the light of the bonfire, the sword shines brightly. It looked as if an angel had descended from the heavens with a sacred sword.

Clara turned around, and simultaneously, the six illusions of Anya. It felt like awakening from a dream.


“Let’s battle together again next year!” (Anya)

With a gentle tap, the sword is lowered onto Clara’s head.

As it’s a blunt sword, it wouldn’t cause any harm. Still, Clara seemed to have taken some emotional damage. Her expression twisted in frustration.

However, she quickly smiled.

Fuu… You win. Congratulations, Anastasia.” (Clara)

There were no objections from the judging panel. Liliana raised her hand towards the sky.

“The winner is Anastasia Milky Way from [Grand Bahamut]!” (Liliana)

As if a dam had burst, cheers flooded in.

How much energy did they have left? Normal people sure are on a different level compared to shut-ins. The cheers are so loud, I can’t even make sense of it anymore.

Applause, cheers, words of blessing, and even people crying with emotion.

Isn’t this the most excitement we’ve ever had? I haven’t been watching every year, but I’m sure it is.

The audience is getting more and more hyped, chanting ‘Anastasia, Anastasia.’

Sofia beckoned me over. Is it over already? I crossed the barrier and approached Sofia.

Wow, Sofia is crying so much.

“Congratulations, Sofia-san.” (Wilhelm)

“Thank you, Wil-kun. I… I… I actually thought [Grand Bahamut] was done for, but ever since you came, things have been getting better, so I can’t thank you enough.” (Sofia)

“It’s thanks to your leadership, Sofia-san.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not true. It’s because of Wil-kun and Anya’s hard work.” (Sofia)

The two of them look up at Anya on the stage.

Anya is shaking hands with Clara.

Then Clara applauds Anya.

Anya bows to the audience and smiles.

“…Maybe Anya-chan’s dream has just come true, even if just a little.” (Sofia)

“Dream? Ah, to make [Grand Bahamut] the top guild in the country. Indeed, it might just have.” (Wilhelm)

Being the winner of this festival’s battle, where even the king is watching, the winner is undoubtedly [Grand Bahamut].

Sofia applauded for Anya, and I followed suit.

Anya, who noticed us quite late, gave us a double peace sign.

The prize for winning was 500,000 gold.

We also received a massive trophy and got to shake hands with the king.

It seems even the king was deeply invested in Anya’s match, showing quite a bit of excitement.

“Today marks the birth of the city’s new heroine. Looking forward to next year,” he graciously remarked.

With even the king’s acknowledgment, [Grand Bahamut]’s fame is bound to skyrocket.

Anya seemed quite shy but had a cute smile on her face.

On the other hand, Clara looked sulky and uninterested, and for some reason, she was sticking quite close to me.

“Ugh… To think that the clumsy Anastasia, who always just followed behind me, would…” (Clara)

“Anya really put in a surprising amount of effort, you know.” (Wilhelm)

She practiced swordsmanship and the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique from early morning to late at night, making time whenever she could.

“But even if she worked hard, there wasn’t much time, right? It’s impossible for Anastasia to suddenly surpass me like this desu wa.” (Clara)

“Well, of course, my excellent guidance played a role in this.” (Wilhelm)

I raised that girl. I feel like shouting it out loud for everyone in the city to hear that I was the one who raised Anya who won the guild competition.

I feel like I could receive praise from various people.

“That’s how it is, isn’t it?” (Clara)

Clara looked up at me with a disgruntled expression.

“Defeating the Kraken, driving away the ancient magical beasts, and winning the guild competition—all of that happened because Wilhelm-sama was there.” (Clara)

It’s kind of embarrassing to be praised like this.

“In other words, it’s all thanks to Wilhelm-sama that Anastasia and [Grand Bahamut] are being so highly praised.” (Clara)

Clara looked up at me with a slightly resentful gaze.

This girl knows exactly how to use her cute looks to perfection. Those upward glances are just too much. It really makes me want to hug her.

“Wilhelm-sama, I’d like to extend my invitation once again. Won’t you join [Cosmic Falcon]?” (Clara)

“No, I refuse.” (Wilhelm)

Gununu… How about this? In addition to a hefty contract fee, we’ll provide delicious meals three times a day, along with the finest beds. And as a bonus, we’ll even hire a young maiden as your personal caretaker. How about that?” (Clara)

“Huh…” (Wilhelm)

That’s quite tempting. What an amazing offer.

But… but…

I caught a glimpse of Anya out of the corner of my eye.

I couldn’t betray that girl. If I were to leave, Anya would surely feel lonely. Plus, I don’t think I’ve repaid her enough for her delicious meals yet.

So, I…

“I’ll stay with [Grand Bahamut].” (Wilhelm)

“That’s disappointing…” (Clara)

“If it’s not [Grand Bahamut], then the only other place is paradise.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Paradise?” (Clara)

“Don’t worry about it. Look, Anya’s here.” (Wilhelm)

I gave Clara a playful shove. She instantly looked exhausted.

“Ah… You finally came…” (Clara)

Anya carefully entrusted the large trophy to Mew-chan, who was following her quietly.

Anya happily went and hugged Clara tightly.

Clara seemed reluctant, but I didn’t miss the faint smile she showed.

Several large fireworks went off from the direction of the castle.

The city erupted in cheers and applause.

The real festival is just beginning. From now until late at night, fireworks will illuminate the sky, and the city will host the official night parade organized by the kingdom. The night shops will thrive, and dance music will echo throughout the night.

Tonight, even children are allowed to stay up late.

“Clara-chan, will you dance with me?” (Anya)

“I-It can’t be helped, I suppose. Anastasia just can’t seem to let go of me.” (Clara)

“Tonight, I won’t let you sleep, okay?” (Anya)

“That’s my line desu wa. When it comes to stamina, I won’t lose, you know.” (Clara)

Both of them are pumped up.

As soon as they start dancing, they immediately attract everyone’s attention in the city. Naturally, a dance circle forms around them, and the music and singing soar. Everyone was happily enjoying themselves.

The most adorable pair in the city danced all night long as they moved around the streets, attracting crowds wherever they went.

As for me, I was dragged into dancing by Sofia-san, and I danced so much that I felt like I had endless energy. I’m definitely going to have muscle soreness tomorrow from all that dancing.

Exhausted, I went to get dinner, enjoyed the festivities, and indulged in plenty of dessert.

Then, feeling happily tired and full, I began to make my way back to the guild, only to bump into Liliana unexpectedly.

I couldn’t refuse her invitation to dance.

After all, Liliana was dressed in a beautiful dress.

If I were to refuse, it would embarrass Liliana. Being from a prominent noble family, I can’t afford to shame a well-dressed lady. Besides, she’s someone I’ve been indebted to since my school days, so it’s only right to repay the favor a little.

So, I danced around with her.

Liliana looked more beautiful than ever before. She seemed so happy, never once losing her smile.

…I’m grateful that she danced with someone like me.

For me, even though I was exhausted by then, it was still enjoyable.

If only I had spent my school days normally, I might have danced with Liliana like this last year too.

The fireworks show no sign of stopping, continuing to paint the night sky.

The energy of the festival is mysterious. Even though I’m tired, I feel like I could continue dancing endlessly.

We danced and danced for what felt like forever.

Occasionally, I crossed paths with Anya and Clara while dancing. We exchanged smiles as we passed each other. Sofia and Mew-chan were also dancing, and we laughed as we occasionally passed by.

A day as fulfilling as this might be a first in my life.

The city during the Spring Festival never sleeps.

Everyone laughs, sings, and dances to their heart’s content.

The enjoyable time continued relentlessly until morning arrived.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I like how the final fight isn’t the ancient magical beast but just a friendly battle between Anya and Clara. I mean yeh, the stakes are kinda high in Clara’s favor, but it sure doesn’t feel like it and we naturally know that Anya’s gonna win.

Yes, this is the end of ch 6. I wanted to split this up even more, but it would probably break the immersion so I just did everything in one go. Next is the epilogue followed by an extra short story. I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but after that’s done, I’ll continue with vol 2.


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