CGM – Vol 1 Epilogue

“Don’t mess with me! Who gave you permission to come back here?” (Robert)

“W-Wait!” (Wilhelm)

I narrowly escaped being cut in half by the family heirloom sword.

I was blissfully taking a nap in my bedroom, also known as paradise, when it happened. I had let my guard down completely and I was moments away from being killed by my father.

Ah, my nose got a little scratched. I guess I didn’t dodge my father’s attack completely. Ouch.

“F-Father. [Grand Bahamut] has already been completely restored. You must have seen Anya’s performance in the Guild Competition.” (Wilhelm)

As a high-ranking noble, he should have been sitting in the king’s VIP section. He must have been watching Anya closely while enjoying some fine wine poured by the maids.

“Oh, I saw it. Anastasia was so beautiful, that it reminded me of her mother. Back then, her mother was more beautiful and stronger than anyone else.” (Robert)

Hmm, so Anya inherited both her beauty and her sense of combat from her mother, huh?

If Anya continues to polish her skills, she’ll only grow stronger. I sense incredible talent in her. Both in strength and beauty.

“So, Father, you acknowledge Anya as well. Well then, let’s cut to the chase. I’m going back to nap, so please leave my paradise.” (Wilhelm)

“I cannot allow that.” (Robert)

Whoa, that was close! I parried his attack with my sword. I won’t allow anyone to split my paradise in half. Not a scratch is allowed on it.

“What are you so angry about? Please tell me the reason.” (Wilhelm)

“Seeing your face just makes me irritated reflexively. Isn’t that an obvious enough reason?” (Robert)

“That’s the worst reason as a parent.” (Wilhelm)

“By the way, what about the payment of one million gold for next year? The guild’s operational fees for the country occur annually. Without you, Anastasia won’t be able to afford it at all.” (Robert)

Ugh… That’s harsh to hear. It’s highly unlikely that Anya and Sofia-san alone could afford it. Even if the number of requests to [Grand Bahamut] increases in the future, there’s a limit to what they can achieve with just the two of them. There’s no way the business will run smoothly.

“There are still other concerns.” (Robert)

“Regarding [Grand Bahamut]?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s right. The guilds in this city aren’t just [Grand Bahamut] and [Cosmic Falcon]. Guess how many guilds there are in the entire country.” (Robert)

“I don’t know. About ten?” (Wilhelm)

“Even a hundred would be a laughable number.” (Robert)

Seriously? Competition is quite fierce huh?

“[Grand Bahamut] would undoubtedly be at the bottom of the list in terms of performance among those numerous guilds. There’s even internal talk among officials of revoking [Grand Bahamut]’s business license due to its poor performance. History has shown that struggling guilds tend to be a place where unsavory characters gather. [Grand Bahamut] can’t ignore this anymore. In such a situation, I wonder if Anastasia’s dream will ever come true.” (Robert)

“G-Grr…!” (Wilhelm)

Anya’s dream is to make [Grand Bahamut] the top guild in the country. It’s definitely impossible as it is now. In fact, it would be a disaster if strange guild members gathered.

By the way, my father won’t stop pushing his sword onto me.

His eyes are filled with madness and it’s terrifying.

“Also, Wilhelm.” (Robert)

“Is there something else?” (Wilhelm)

My father applies even more pressure, pushing the sword further.

How much does he want to kill me?

I put all my strength into my defense stance. There’s no way I’m losing.

“I’m seriously considering your marriage with Anastasia.” (Robert)

“So, you want to kick me out of the house and downgrade me to a commoner, is that it?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, to put it bluntly, yes.” (Robert)

I was completely taken aback. What a despicable adult. Not only that, but he’s the worst parent ever.

“Oh, and there’s something else I remembered.” (Robert)

“What is it?” (Wilhelm)

“There’s something I’ve been repeatedly told by the inspection officer of the guild, um, yes, the young lady from the Shootingstar family.” (Robert)

“Liliana?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, Liliana. She mentioned something about you.” (Robert)

“What was it?” (Wilhelm)

“She said, ‘Your son has a disappointing tendency to retreat into his shell whenever he’s pampered, so please never spoil him,’ or something along those lines.” (Robert)

What’s she talking about? Didn’t we spend one entire night dancing together? What happened to our friendship? Damn it, next time I see her, I’ll whisper complaints in her ear.

So, I was promptly kicked out of the house. It seems like the seal on my hard-earned paradise was tightened even more than before.

“Welcome back, Wil-sama. You’ve returned quite early.” (Anya)

When I returned to [Grand Bahamut], Anya greeted me with a smile.

“Would you like a bath? Or perhaps dinner? Or maybe… me?” (Anya)

“Where did you learn such newlywed lines?” (Wilhelm)

“Hehe, from the neighbors.” (Anya)

There’s definitely a neighbor who’s constantly whispering strange things to Anya. Maybe I should meet them next time. I’m curious to see who they are.

“Since I started Kenbu, my bust has gotten a little bigger. I really want Wil-sama to see it so I tried saying some lines to seduce men.” (Anya)

I take a look at Anya’s chest.

Hmm, I can’t really tell if there’s been any growth. Has she really grown? At the very least, it’s not enough to be noticeable on top of her clothes.

Anya, while looking embarrassed, proudly accepts my gaze on her chest. She seems somewhat happy.

“Well, maybe in three years.” (Wilhelm)

*Gasp* I can see a hint of shock on Anya’s face.

“Well, but occasionally, it would be nice if you could wash my back again.” (Wilhelm)

“Oh, yes. I’ll do my best to satisfy Wil-sama. Hehe… I guess we could bathe together. Wil-sama ecchi.” (Anya)

She quickly brightened up. That’s good.

“Whoa, look who’s back mew.” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan, who emerged from the back, looks incredibly unhappy.

“I thought you went to the demon city or something mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Huh? Why would I go there?” (Wilhelm)

“According to the newspaper, there’s a theory that Wilhelm Wondersky is the Demon King mew. The demon city seems to welcome you anytime mew. Look, the people there are even saying they’re waiting for Wilhelm-sama in interviews mew.” (Mew-chan)

“There’s no way they’re really waiting for me. Don’t get swayed by gossip articles.” (Wilhelm)

“But, at that time, the Neet didn’t know yet. That this would foreshadow what’s to come mew…” (Mew-chan)

“Hey, don’t go making ominous remarks. I’m not a Demon King.” (Wilhelm)

Last year’s trauma is coming back. The Demon King thing was the worst trauma that caused me to shut myself in last year.

“It’s okay. Wil-sama is not the Demon King. He’s the hero who saved [Grand Bahamut] and this city. I know that better than anyone.” (Anya)

Anya is such a good girl. I pat her head and gently stroke her hair. She just lets me do it. How cute.

“Anya, I’ll be relying on you for a while again. I look forward to working with you.” (Wilhelm)

“Y-Yes, likewise.” (Anya)

I think I’ll stay shut-in for a while, but by next year, I’ll earn 1 million, no, that’s too small. I’ll aim for 10 million, no, even 100 million. I’ll make a big profit and ensure the stability of [Grand Bahamut].

Then, I’ll proudly stay shut in for as many years as I want. No one can complain. Not even my father.

“Wil-sama, what would you like to eat for dinner tonight?” (Anya)

“Hmm…” (Wilhelm)

When I suggested my favorite dish, Anya happily agreed.

Isn’t it fine for a shut-in like me to be taken care of by the cute guild master?

After all, because of my brilliance, I’m going to make [Grand Bahamut] the top guild in the country.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

It took a while, but vol 1 is finally done. Well, I guess not really since there’s still the short story, but I’ll do that one sometime later today. Short story was supposed to come out at the same time, but I just got Persona 5 Royal, so I spent a lot of time today playing that. Soz.


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