CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 4 – The shut-in hears stories about ghosts

“Wake up already! You should be aware of your role as the guardian of this house!” (Liliana)

“Ugyaaaaaah!” (Wilhelm)

Ah, my muscles snapped.

I rolled out of the bed and collapsed onto the floor in a weird position.

Ugh, I can’t move.

My head hasn’t fully woken up yet, and my muscles hurt.

“Owwww. What is it, Liliana? Can’t you let me sleep in properly on my day off?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana stood right beside me, holding my blanket. It looks like I’ve been forcefully awakened once again.

“Wilhelm-kun, you’re seriously mistaken. Today is not a day off; it’s a weekday. You’re the only one in this city slacking off on weekdays, you know?” (Liliana)

“But even little kids don’t work, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t compare yourself to little kids. You’re a grown adult who’s already graduated from school.” (Liliana)

“Then, I’ll just be a half-baked adult.” (Wilhelm)

“Society won’t approve of that.” (Liliana)

Man, I’m sleepy. I feel like I could just fall asleep in this weird position on the floor.

I snatch the blanket from Liliana.

Wrapping myself in it, I fall asleep.


“Please, don’t go back to sleep!” (Liliana)

“Aaaaaaaah!” (Wilhelm)

She snatched the blanket away from me.

Mou, you’re such a handful no matter how old you are.” (Liliana)

Liliana makes me sit up. I lean back against the bed.

Suddenly, she leans in close, and before I know it, she starts unbuttoning my pajamas. Is she going to help me change?

“Hurry up and become a responsible adult so you can put my mind at ease.” (Liliana)

I rubbed my sleepy eyes.

“Mmm… Every time I see Liliana, she seems to become more and more of a mother figure.” (Wilhelm)

“If you say that to a girl your age, she won’t like it, you know?” (Liliana)

“Your hair smells really nice.” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t sexually harass me so smoothly. You just made my heart skip a beat.” (Liliana)

“Well, as long as Liliana doesn’t hate me, I’m good.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana takes off my pajamas. My muscles are exposed.

Haah… this again…

Suddenly, Liliana’s face becomes sloppy. Ah… Liliana, you’re hopeless.

“Hehehe… muscles. Ah… it’s been a while, my muscles.” (Liliana)

They’re mine. Mine.

Alright, time to get up. Before Liliana starts harassing me too much.

Liliana traces my muscles with her index finger. Eek.

“…Huh?” (Liliana)

“What’s wrong? You suddenly look troubled.” (Wilhelm)

“Your muscles seem worse off than yesterday, what’s this?” (Liliana)

“That’s because I was fighting yesterday.” (Liliana)

Liliana’s eyebrows shoot up.

“Huh? Wilhelm-kun, I did tell you, didn’t I? These aren’t just your muscles anymore.” (Liliana)

“Oh, right, you did say something like that.” (Wilhelm)

“And yet, you let yourself get into such a sorry state. What’s the meaning of this? I can’t enjoy touching your muscles like this!” (Liliana)

Don’t say such perverted things with a serious face…

The cool beauty image I have of you is ruined.

“Liliana, think about it carefully. If you hadn’t forced me to work, this wouldn’t have happened, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“You have a point…” (Liliana)

“Finally, you understand.” (Wilhelm)

I knew that Liliana would understand one day.

“…Not, I don’t understand after all.” (Liliana)

Darn, she didn’t fall for it.

“By the way, what did you come here for today? Just to touch my muscles?” (Wilhelm)

“Isn’t it obvious? Wilhelm-kun, other than your muscles, what else… Oh? Ah, that’s right. I came here for work. Come on, hurry up and wash your face.” (Liliana)

I checked the clock. It was one o’clock. I really should get up now.

“Everyone’s waiting downstairs.” (Liliana)

Liliana took out the clothes I would wear today from the dresser. It was quite a stylish outfit.

It seems like Sofia-san and Eva are here. They were probably waiting for me to wake up.

“What’s going on? Is this a tea party or something?” (Wilhelm)

“Not at all, Wilhelm-kun. It’s a serious discussion.” (Sofia)

“A serious discussion…? This early in the morning?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s already noon.” (Sofia)

I knew that.

Liliana looked at Eva.

“Well then, Eva-san, could you tell us about ghosts?” (Liliana)

“Sure. Let’s talk about the cute ghost named Bagi.” (Eva)

As it turns out, Eva’s profession is a shaman.

Shamans are a rare type of magician who specializes in ghosts and spirits.

Looks like the focus of this gathering is to get information from Eva, a specialist in this field, about the powerful ghost we encountered in the abandoned castle.

Eva made a dark, eerie expression.

“First, let’s start with some basic information. Ghosts are cute beings that become what they are after humans pass away with feelings of hatred or grudges.” (Eva)

Cute, huh…?

“In other words, Bagi was originally a human. Everyone knows about the children’s book1 about the ghost Bagi, right?” (Eva)

I found that picture book in Anya’s room the other day.

It’s called “Crybaby-chan and the Ghost Bagi”.

It seems that the Bagi from the book and the one from yesterday are the same entity.

“There was an incident that led to the creation of that picture book. It involved a sad historical fact that greedy humans erased from history. And the protagonist of that was a young man named Bagi Walt, who was once the kindest and strongest knight.” (Eva)

Here’s the story Eva told:

Once, there was a kind young man named Bagi Walt who was loved by the children of the town and always played with them.

But one day, a nobleman’s little boy was kidnapped by bandits.

Bagi, who loved children, was outraged. He searched for the bandits, fought dozens of enemies alone, and managed to rescue the boy.

“Up to this point, it sounds like a heroic tale. But here comes the tragedy. Kekekeke.” (Eva)

Those bandits claimed they kidnapped the boy on the orders of a noble. After the kidnapping, they planned to sell the boy as a slave to another country.

The reason for such actions stemmed from inheritance issues with the noble who commissioned the kidnapping. The mother of the boy was a concubine, and when the legitimate wife finally bore a son, there was a problem. They wanted the legitimate son to inherit the family estate.

In other words, the child of the concubine became a hindrance because they wanted the legitimate son to inherit the family estate.

The mastermind behind this kidnapping incident was, in fact, the biological father of the boy.

“That nobleman’s father wanted to get rid of Bagi Walt once he knew the truth. So he told the soldiers that ‘Bagi Walt was the true kidnapper’.” (Eva)

And unbelievably, that story was accepted. This happened during the time when the power of nobles was even stronger than it is now so it wasn’t improbable.

From Bagi’s perspective, it was a false accusation. So he wanted to find a way to prove his innocence.

It seems there was no other way but to prove his innocence in court.

There was a chance. The boy he saved was close to Bagi. All he needed to do was tell the truth in court.

The boy was called as a witness in court.

The judge asked the boy, “Is Bagi Walt the kidnapper?”

The boy said, “Yes, that’s correct. Bagi Walt is the kidnapper.”

The judge confirmed repeatedly, “Is Bagi Walt the kidnapper?”

The boy repeated over and over, “Yes, there is no mistake. Bagi Walt is the kidnapper.”

It’s said that the boy was trembling with fear, shedding tears, looking pitiful.

He must have been strongly pressured by his father to abandon Bagi Walt.

In the end, the boy couldn’t bring up the courage to defy the adults. It is said that he cried pitifully.

“That’s how the trial ended. Bagi was sentenced to death for kidnapping a noble’s child.” (Eva)

In other words, he was beheaded. It must have been a bitter end.

Bagi Walt’s final words were reportedly like this:

“I will never forgive you! I will definitely get my revenge! Every single one of you! Not a single child or adult will be spared! I will make sure tragedy rains upon this town!” (Eva)

It is said that Bagi’s face, filled with resentment, struck fear into everyone present, making their knees tremble.

And then, Bagi died.

The following year, during the rainy season, Bagi Walt returned from the afterlife as a powerful ghost. It seems he kidnapped the town’s children all at once.

The saint at the time, along with shamans and knights, joined forces to search for Bagi’s mansion. They rushed to the scene.

However, they found only Bagi there. When the adults asked what happened to the children—

“The children? I ate them all up deliciously. Hahahaha!” (Bagi)

It’s said that Bagi laughed heartily as he said this.

He then reportedly tore apart the grieving adults.

Eva is smiling brightly. It seems she’s thoroughly enjoying this story from the bottom of her heart.

“Kekeke… That’s the end of the story. Wasn’t it a wonderful tale?” (Eva)

Where’s the wonder in that? It’s just too pitiful.

Anya is crying.

“Ana-chan, you mustn’t cry. If you cry, the ghost will become stronger. So, be brave. The children in the picture book were like that too, right?” (Eva)

“But, when I think about how difficult it must have been for Bagi Walt-san…” (Anya)

Sofia-san embraces Anya.

It might have been too harsh of a story for the pure-hearted Anya.

By the way, Bagi, who became a ghost and ate the children, was reportedly sealed by the saint of that era, albeit at a great sacrifice.

The seal was none other than the sword found in the graveyard.

300 years have passed since then. The seal weakened, and the sword was pulled out by the children of this era, releasing Bagi.

“This… It feels like something bad is about to happen.” (Wilhelm)

I looked at Eva.

Eva had predicted that something bad would happen to me.

“That’s right. Wil-oniisan, you especially need to be careful. Don’t forget to light the lamp at night.” (Eva)

Liliana smoothly summarized the investigation report.

It was the first time in a while that I saw Liliana’s serious face. I feel like I used to see this expression often when we were students.

“Thank you for the explanation, Eva-san. We will definitely work together with the soldiers and the church to come up with a plan.” (Liliana)

“Eva-chan will also help. Dealing with ghosts is the duty of a shaman.” (Eva)

“Thank you. We also need to warn everyone in the town. We can’t sit around and wait for the damage to be done.” (Liliana)

“We only need to be cautious for a short while.” (Eva)

“Is that so?” (Liliana)

“Ghosts don’t like bright and lively places. Summer is coming soon, bright and hot. Ghosts return to the afterlife in summer. Unlike the rainy season, they don’t like the summer season.” (Eva)

“But, Eva-chan, doesn’t that mean Bagi’s ghost will return next year during the rainy season…” (Anya)

Indeed, as Anya pointed out, the country should take Bagi’s threat seriously.

I’m worried that Anya might get kidnapped… I can only hope that Eva’s ominous prediction turns out to be wrong.

Liliana and Eva returned to their respective workplaces.

It’s raining quite heavily today, so the members of [Grand Bahamut] don’t have much to do. We’re all gathered in one room, just lounging around.

Considering I’m battered and sore from muscle pain, this rain is a blessing. It’s the perfect excuse to stay indoors without any reservations.

It’s snack time.

I wonder if there’s anything for snacks today. As I pondered absentmindedly, a customer arrived at the shop.

I can see the shop perfectly from where I’m sitting. Despite feeling sore from muscle pain, I stood up.

The customer had a fluttering red umbrella. To my surprise, it was Clara. The red Gothic Lolita outfit suits her well.

Clara was carrying a large basket on her arm.

“Oh-hohohoho! Anastasia, I came all this way to visit you. And good day to everyone at [Grand Bahamut]!” (Clara)

That’s a typical greeting from Clara.

We all gathered at the entrance to greet Clara and Anya’s face lit up like a flower in bloom.

“Wow, it’s Clara-chan! Welcome!” (Anya)

Anya stretched out her arms and approached Clara with enthusiasm. Clara visibly flinched and took a step back.

“Hey, Anastasia, no hugging allowed desu wa.” (Clara)

“Yeah, got it!” (Anya)

“Absolutely no hugging desu wa. Do you understand?” (Clara)

“Yeah yeah, got it!” (Anya)

“Then why are you still approaching with your arms wide open?” (Clara)

Anya happily clung to Clara despite the warning.

“Clara-chan, you’re so cute~” (Anya)

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” (Clara)

Anya hugged Clara tightly without reservation.

Although Clara protested verbally, she didn’t seem entirely displeased.

It’s the usual peaceful scene.

Clara, wouldn’t it be better if you were more straightforward? Life would surely be more enjoyable that way, don’t you think?

“Hey, Clara-chan, thanks for coming over today. Oh, want to have a sleepover?” (Anya)

“No-Th-a-n-k-yo-u.” (Clara)

“Aww. How about we have a tongue twister contest?” (Anya)

“No-Th-a-n-k-yo-u. But I’ll listen anyway. What’s the tongue twister?” (Clara)

Anya took a deep breath and began the tongue twister with a determined expression.

“Mew-chan myumyumyumyu, mimyumyumyumyu! Awasete myumyumyumyu, mumyumyumyumyu!” (Anya)

Wait, what?

That was incredibly impressive, wasn’t it?

“Okay~ it’s Clara-chan’s turn.” (Anya)

“Eh? Ehh? Ehh?” (Clara)

Clara whispered to herself, “Mew-chan myumyumyumyu?” as she prepared herself.

Then she quickly recited the tongue twister.

“Mew-chan myumyumyumyu, mimyumyumyumyu! Awasete myumyumyumyu, mumyumyumyumurururururu! …There’s no way I can say that!” (Clara)

Quite a valiant effort.

“Alright, Clara-chan loses. You get a year’s worth of my hugs as a prize!” (Anya)

“I lost, so it’s odd to receive a prize. One more time, one more time.” (Clara)

“Huh? I can’t hear you.” (Anya)

“Quite the convenient ears you have, huh? Ahh!” (Clara)

Anya squeezed Clara tightly again.

The basket in Clara’s arms shook and Anya finally noticed the basket.

“Oh? What was your purpose for coming today?” (Anya)

When I asked if she came for a hug, Clara replied, “Of course not.”

“Since it was raining and I had free time, I made a pound cake.” (Clara)

Clara handed the basket to Anya.

“I made too much for one person to eat, so I came to share it with everyone.” (Clara)

“Thank you! Let’s eat it together with some whipped cream.” (Anya)

“Well, I suppose it can’t be helped. Since Anastasia insists so much, I’ll eat with her. Oh-ho-ho-ho!” (Clara)

I guess she was planning on eating together with us from the start. It’s so typical of Clara to have Anya invite her.

Sofia prepared some tea.

It’s snack time.

After trying the pound cake, I found it to be incredibly sweet and delicious. It was tasty even without whipped cream, and even more so with it. It was of the level that could be sold in stores.

Clara delicately sipped her tea with her pinky raised, then carefully placed the cup on the saucer.

“Now, everyone, here’s a quiz for you.” (Clara)

All eyes turned to Clara.

Clara really does seem to like quizzes, doesn’t she?

“As you can see, it’s raining outside. Yes, it’s currently the rainy season desu wa. So, what comes to mind when you think of the rainy season? Yes, Anastasia, you’re quick desu wa!” (Clara)

“Um, I’m still thinking…” (Anya)

“You need to get in the groove desu wa.” (Clara)

“Then, frog-san!” (Anya)

“Bzzzt desu wa. That’s too simple of an answer~” (Clara)

Clara looked at Sofia.

“The rainy season, huh. The fishmonger said that sardines are in season.” (Sofia)

“Bzzzt desu wa.” (Clara)

She glanced at Mew-chan.

“Personally, I’d say it’s the humid environment mew. My fluffy fur gets all damp and bothersome during this time mew.” (Mew-chan)

I totally get it.

Ah, Clara’s making a puzzled face. If she doesn’t understand what Mew-chan is saying, why did she ask him?

“I get it. Humidity sucks, right? My hair never stays in place.” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane. But aren’t you just getting bed hair mew.” (Mew-chan)

“This isn’t bed hair, it’s a hairstyle ahead of its time.” (Wilhelm)

“That time will never come mew~” (Mew-chan)

How rude. It’s my favorite hairstyle. I take the time to set it every day, you know?

Oops, it was a quiz about what comes to mind when you think of the rainy season. Clara looks excitedly at me.

“The answer is ‘Rainy Holiday’, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Spot on desu wa! As expected of Wilhelm-sama desu wa!” (Clara)

Is it really…? Clara’s quiz answers are always so straightforward.

“Clara-chan, I think ‘Rainy Holiday’ is a bit too simple for what comes to mind when you think of the rainy season.” (Anya)

“Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

“I totally agree~” (Sofia)

Clara looked smug.

“No, it’s not simple at all. When you think of the rainy season, you think of ‘Rainy Holiday’. This is a truly splendid quiz desu!” (Clara)

Well, it’s definitely a Clara-style quiz.

By the way, “Rainy Holiday” is a holiday for children to let loose after staying indoors for so long during the rainy season. So, there are plenty of fun things for them to do. I remember when I was a kid, I used to run around the streets and have a blast.

Then, Clara pointed at Anya, who smiled.

“Anastasia, would you like to compete with me during the Rainy Holiday?” (Clara)

“Yeah, sure~” (Anya)

Anya’s so casual about it. Clara is serious though.

“If I win, no hugging for a year.” (Clara)

“Ah, I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!” (Anya)

Anya covered her ears. How cute.

“Convenient ears you have there. I know you can hear just fine.” (Clara)

“I said I can’t hear you. Clara-chan, let’s have a good match together.” (Anya)

“Hmph, I won’t lose to the weak guild’s Anastasia.” (Clara)

“I won’t lose either. But what kind of match are we having?” (Anya)

“I haven’t thought about it at all.” (Clara)

Everyone went silent for a moment.

“I’ve got it. How about a dragon race for kids? Wouldn’t that be exciting?” (Clara)

I remember winning that once when I was younger. It’s where kids ride tamed dragons and race. It was fun.

But Anya doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it.

“Then, shall we make it a competition based on sales from the stalls? [Cosmic Falcon] plans to set up a sweets shop as usual.” (Clara)

“Um, [Grand Bahamut] doesn’t participate in Rainy Holiday stalls.” (Anya)

Sofia reacted.

“Anya-chan, let’s give it a try too. It’ll be super fun~” (Sofia)

“Eh, but what kind of stall should we set up?” (Anya)

“Back in the day, [Grand Bahamut] used to have a stall during Rainy Holiday too. It was a cute candy shop.” (Sofia)

“A candy shop! That sounds like fun!” (Anya)

Anya and Sofia promised to do it together.

“Clara-chan, we’ll make sure [Grand Bahamut] has a great stall that won’t lose to [Cosmic Falcon].” (Anya)

“That’s what makes you my rival. I’m looking forward to it. Well then, it’s a competition to see which stall, [Cosmic Falcon] or [Grand Bahamut], sells out first.” (Clara)

“Bring it on!” (Anya)

Clara looked satisfied.

Anya and Clara are friends yet rivals. They’ll probably push each other to improve and grow.

I envy that. As a shut-in, I don’t have any rivals to push me to improve.

It was nighttime. After coming out of the bath, Anya called out to me.

Anya was sitting on the sofa, welcoming me with a motherly expression.

“Wil-sama, please rest your head here.” (Anya)

Anya gestured towards her own thigh with a gentle pat. It looked very soft.

But I don’t understand what she means.

“Huh, what’s going on?” (Wilhelm)

“Please use my thigh as a pillow. Do you dislike it?” (Anya)

Wha-What? Is it… okay? For a cute 12-year-old girl to offer such a service?

“Of course, I’m flattered. But why suddenly suggest using your thigh as a pillow?” (Wilhelm)

Anya blushed.

“W-Well… I heard from our neighbors.” (Anya)

Oh no, here it comes, the neighbors. They’re the ones feeding Anya misinformation all the time.

“If you want to get closer to the person you like, it’s said that giving them an ear-cleaning after they come out of the bath is a good idea.” (Anya)

Hmm, I see. That might actually make sense.

If a cute girl were to clean your ears for you, there wouldn’t be a guy who wouldn’t like it.

Anya welcomed me with open arms.

“Now, Wil-sama, please.” (Anya)

I looked right, left, behind me. Alright, there’s no noisy, fluffy white thing here. I’ll indulge in Anya’s kindness to the fullest.

I leaned on the sofa and rested my head on Anya’s pure, soft thigh.

Wow, this is amazing.

“T-This… is even better than I thought.” (Wilhelm)

In an instant, I felt like a child again. Anya’s nurturing and maternal instincts made me feel incredibly comfortable. I felt a strong surge of willingness to let her take care of me to the fullest.

Anya’s thigh is soft.

Anya’s stomach is warm.

Anya’s breathing is cute.

Anya’s eyes are gentle.

She carefully cleans my ears with gentle movements.

The earpick’s tip enters my ear. The sensation of Anya entering a part of my body that no one else usually touches was overwhelming. I felt like I was shedding a layer of myself, both as a person and as a man.

“Hehe, I’m so happy to be able to clean your ears.” (Anya)

What a pure-hearted girl she is.

“I’m happy too, Anya.” (Wilhelm)

Ah, it feels so good. I want to stay like this forever. For years, for eternity…

However, such happiness always comes to an end sooner or later. The ear-cleaning session is over. It’s a pity, but I have to let go of Anya’s thigh…

“Wil-sama, please turn to the other side.” (Anya)

“Huh, is it okay?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course it is.” (Anya)

Half of the happiness still remained.

I got up to let her clean the other side.

Ah, there’s a fluffy white thing behind the sofa.

It seems to be twitching its ears and in a very bad mood. Its eyes look fierce. It seems to be stressed.

Well, let’s not worry about it. I’m busy getting my ears cleaned by Anya. Just leave it be. Ah, I want to stay nestled in Anya’s thigh.

“T-This Neet. How dare you shamelessly rely on the young lady mew.” (Mew-chan)

I could hear a deep, imposing voice.

“It’s just one side left. So please watch over there a little longer. Anya, please continue.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, Wil-sama!” (Anya)

“That’s enough ear-cleaning mew! Why did I have to go upstairs and change the sheets to new ones for this guy? Just go to bed in your comfortable bed already mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Huh, did you do that for a shut-in like me? Thanks.” (Wilhelm)

“I can hear that your gratitude is only half-hearted mew. If you really want your ears cleaned, I’ll do it with this fluffy thigh!” (Mew-chan)

“I’ll pass on that…” (Wilhelm)

I was interrupted by Mew-chan, who lifted me up.

Oh well, I guess I’ll give up. Being happy with just one side cleaned is enough.

But it feels weird to have only one ear cleaned. I guess I’ll do it myself while remembering the feeling of Anya’s thigh and her gentle touch.

“Mew-chan, I’d like to serve Wil-sama if you don’t mind.” (Anya)

“No, the young lady is going to take a bath.” (Mew-chan)

Since Anya couldn’t understand Mew-chan’s words, Mew-chan lifted Anya up and walked her towards the bathroom.

While cleaning my own ears, I speak to Anya.

“Anya, the ear-cleaning was amazing. I want to thank you somehow. Is there anything you want?” (Wilhelm)

Anya’s eyes sparkled.

“I want to become strong.” (Anya)

Her response was immediate. It seemed like something she had been thinking about for a while. Anya slipped through Mew-chan’s hand and approached me.

“The Lantern Sending ceremony is coming up soon, isn’t it? It’s the day of my father’s final farewell.” (Anya)

The Lantern Sending ceremony is an important event where the souls of loved ones are sent to the afterlife.

Indeed, the date of the ceremony isn’t far off.

“I want to become a strong girl by that day, strong enough to give my father peace of mind. I used to be a crybaby when he was around.” (Anya)

Oh, so Anya used to be a crybaby.

The Anya I knew was someone who didn’t cry.

Even when she faced financial trouble, even when [Grand Bahamut] seemed to be on the verge of collapse, even when she encountered ancient magical beasts, she never cried.

I patted Anya’s head and ran my fingers through her hair. Since she was going to take a bath anyway, it didn’t matter if her hair got messy. I stroked her hair without hesitation.

“Wil-sama, your hands are big.” (Anya)

Anya just let me do as I pleased.

Anya is good at being petted. Surely her dad used to do things like this for her.

“I understand, Anya. I’ll help you. With an excellent person like me guiding you, you’ll definitely become strong.” (Wilhelm)

Oh? Anya reacted with a twitch and looked towards the window.

Her face seemed like she was about to cry.

She tightly grasped my clothes with her small hands.

And then I saw something stuck to the window of the house.

“Oh, it’s a ghost. It must have come to play from the afterlife.” (Wilhelm)

But its power seemed weak, like it couldn’t fully materialize, resembling more of a blob. In that state, it couldn’t harm humans.

The ghost waved its hand from outside the window. Anya hid behind me.

“You’ll be fine, Anya. A ghost like that won’t do anything at all.” (Wilhelm)

“But, but…” (Anya)

“The young lady is afraid of ghosts mew. There are always things that people are afraid of mew. Oh, by the way, I forgot to light the lamp today. I’ll go and light it.” (Mew-chan)

“Mew-chan, don’t set yourself on fire again, okay?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I do it every year, so I’m used to it mew.” (Mew-chan)

Anya was still clinging to me, frightened by the ghost.

I patted her back.

Once Mew-chan lights the lamp, it’ll disappear.

“Ah! Hot, hot, mew!” (Mew-chan)

Oh, he’s burning his fluffy fur again. That guy has a lot of fur.

The ghost slowly drifted away. Looks like he managed to light the lamp properly.

Worried, I went to check the back door, and Mew-chan looked extremely embarrassed.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Clara was pretty close to nailing that tongue twister, she just messed up at like the very last word. Also, I thought for a second that Clara could understand Mew-chan.

That’s right, I managed to translate an entire full-length chapter in one go. It’s more like I don’t really know where to cut into parts so I just kept going until I reached the end.

Since this was much longer than usual, I probably made a few mistakes somewhere so don’t mind that.


  1. This is the book that MC read in v2 ch3 part1. I translated it as ‘Buggy’ instead of ‘Bagi’ in that chapter but I’ll change it to ‘Bagi’ from now on.
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