CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 5 Part 1 – The shut-in becomes a sword instructor for a beautiful girl

It was a sunny day, almost too hot. Feeling this heat, I realized that summer was approaching.

On a day like this, Anya and I are about to start sword training in the garden of [Grand Bahamut].

Anya brought a heavy-looking greatsword which seemed well-used.

“Wil-sama, this is my father’s greatsword.” (Anya)

“It’s an impressive weapon. I can tell that your dad was strong.” (Wilhelm)

“Mnn. He could swing this with ease using just one hand.” (Anya)

Incredible. As expected of someone who used to be a guild master.

Anya tries to swing it as a test, but just lifting it makes her legs wobble.

“Careful.” (Wilhelm)

I took the greatsword from her.

“It’s still a bit too early for you to handle this greatsword, Anya.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, but I wish to be able to swing a greatsword like this one day.” (Anya)

Anya narrowed her eyes as if reminiscing.

“A long time ago, he used to tell me, ‘If Anya can swing a greatsword like this and defeat powerful monsters, then you’ll be a full-fledged guild warrior.'” (Anya)

According to Anya, it was a story she heard when she was about eight years old. It would definitely be impossible for an eight-year-old to swing a weapon this big.

Or rather, I’m not sure if her dad was serious. This bulky greatsword doesn’t seem like a weapon for women to handle. Maybe he said it on the spur of the moment.

“Would you, the excellent Wil-sama, be able to make me a full-fledged guild warrior?” (Anya)

“Eh…?” (Wilhelm)

Wow, her hopeful gaze is intense.

The beautiful, sparkling eyes of this cute girl are too dazzling for me.

“You see, I want to become a full-fledged guild warrior in about ten more days, if possible.” (Anya)

“Ten days? To become one in such a short amount of time?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes!” (Anya)

Ten days? Before the Lantern sending, huh? No, no way, that’s impossible.

Anya is petite and lacks muscle mass. Maybe she could do it with body enhancement magic? But all the body enhancement magics are too advanced for children.

I want to respond to her feelings, but…

“L-Let’s start by assessing Anya’s capabilities.” (Wilhelm)

I handed Anya a practice wooden sword.

“First, could you try some basic swings with that sword?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes!” (Anya)

Anya swung the sword. Her form was quite good.

“Next, try attacking me using Kenbu moves.” (Wilhelm)

“Here I go!” (Anya)

She spun around gracefully while attacking me. It was incredibly cute. Especially the way her skirt and long hair fluttered.

“Finally, show me your serious sword skills. I want to see the technique Anya is most confident in.” (Wilhelm)

“Understood!” (Anya)

Anya approached me with small hops, one foot at a time.

Yeah, that’s it. This mysterious movement again.

She did the same thing when fighting the Ghosty Mountain Cat. Anya has some strange habits.

Movements like this are incredibly weak.

I easily tapped her head with the sword. Anya’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Anya, what was that sword technique just now? Who taught you that?” (Wilhelm)

“My father did!” (Anya)

Oh, Dad…

“He said he wanted me to inherit my mother’s sword technique.”

Oh, Mom…

As a result, your daughter has picked up some strange habits. Well, I can sense your family’s feelings coming through.

“What’s the name of Anya’s mom’s sword technique?” (Wilhelm)

“I don’t know.” (Anya)

“Huh?” (Wilhelm)

“Sofia-san said she forgot too.” (Anya)

Oh, Sofia-san…

She gives off a reliable older sister vibe, but I feel like she’s unreliable most of the time.

“Maybe Uncle Robert knows.” (Anya)

My dad. I’d rather not.

“They used to go on quests together with my parents.” (Anya)

Seriously… Well, I guess I have no choice but to ask.

Mew-chan popped her head out of the house.

She was wearing an apron and looked cute.

“Take a break mew. Sofia brought some financiers (small french almond cake).” $

“Alright, let’s take a break for now.” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama, after we finish eating, could you teach me the simplest hero’s divine sword technique?” (Anya)

“A divine sword technique… That’s something you learn after mastering the basics of swordsmansh—” (Wilhelm)

Wait a minute.

I just had an idea.

For the hero’s divine sword technique, having a heavier sword increases the rotational force and thus the power.

If Anya could learn that technique, and then use it with the greatsword—

Maybe she could be proud of herself for becoming a little more competent by the time of the Lantern Sending.

Anya’s dad would surely feel relieved in heaven seeing his daughter mastering such an incredible technique. That’s why maybe it’s best to teach her that divine sword technique.

By the way, Sofia-san seems to want to learn it too. She wants to change herself, as she can only clear simple quests up to D-rank.

I think everyone’s ambition is admirable. It’s completely different from me, a shut-in.

And here I am, arriving at my own home, the Wondersky household.

It’s dusk. At this time, my father should definitely be present.

As I tried to enter, the soldiers stopped me.

“Y-Young master, you’re strictly prohibited from returning home by your father!” (Soldier)

“This is my home. I have every right to return. I have an important matter to discuss with my father. Step aside!” (Soldier)

Pushing past the blocking soldiers, I forcefully entered the house.

My father was in the dining room.

He had laid out a lavish meal on the table, looking like he was about to start eating.

It was an extravagant dinner with luxurious shrimp, shellfish, meat, and all sorts of extravagance.

“Ah… What a pleasant feeling! My heart clears up when the shut-in is not here.” (Robert)

Yes, that’s me. Hello.

It seemed like my father hadn’t noticed my presence in the room. He was holding a bottle of wine and showing it off to the maid. It looked like his prized wine.

“Hehehe. Do you know what kind of wine this is?” (Robert)

“A very expensive wine?” (Maid)

“Exactly. But that’s not all. This is the wine from the year that Wil something was born. I’ve been keeping it safe to drink together with him when he becomes an outstanding man. But he hasn’t shown any signs of that at all. So I’ve decided to just open it today!” (Robert)

What a thing to say!

I’ve already become an outstanding man long ago!

“Hahaha! Just imagining his frustrated face brings me joy! I’ll drink while enjoying that expression! Now, let’s feast! Let’s all drink together! Today, we’ll have a party!” (Robert)

The maid glanced at me nervously. Not knowing what to do, she gave me a sympathetic smile.

My father still hadn’t noticed me, it seemed.

“Oh! I don’t have a corkscrew. Hey, you, could you bring it to me? No, perhaps I should bring it myself after all. I feel like enjoying the occasion. What a good day~” (Robert)

Father stood up and turned to head to the kitchen.

As he turned around, he saw me with a deadpan expression.

Finally noticing me, Father looked so surprised that his eyeballs seemed about to pop out.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! The ghost of my eldest son has appeared!” (Robert)

“That’s too much of a reaction. And I’m not a ghost!” (Wilhelm)

“Eeek! Eeek! Even if you were a ghost, it would have been fine!” (Robert)

As if I would ever become one. 

“Father, for now, I’ll hold onto this wine, okay?” (Wilhelm)

I picked up the bottle of high-quality wine.

Reading the label, I confirmed it was indeed from the year I was born.

Moreover, it was an extremely high-end wine. It wasn’t something to be opened on just any ordinary day.

“Ahhhh! My enjoyment for tonight—give it back!” (Robert)

With astonishing speed, my father snatched the wine back from me.

“Hahaha! Who said I’d let the likes of you drink it!” (Robert)

You bought it precisely to let me drink it!

I swiftly snatched the wine back from him.

“Aaaaaahhh!” (Robert)

“I’ll be the one to take care of this wine!” (Wilhelm)

“As if I’d allow that! WIl something, hurry up and give back the wine!” (Robert)

“It’s Wilhelm, not Wil something. And please don’t get so close to my face. It’s creepy.” (Wilhelm)

Father reached out with both hands, getting uncomfortably close.

I placed my hand on his face to keep the wine away from him.

What are we even doing? Let’s get to the point already.

“Father, there’s something I want to ask you.” (Wilhelm)

“What is it? Do you want to know how to get a job?” (Robert)

“No, it’s not that.” (Wilhelm)

“Why not?” (Robert)

“Because my main job is being a shut-in, which is a respectable occupation.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s definitely not respectable!” (Robert)

“No, it is! But that’s not what I want to ask about!” (Wilhelm)

“Fine. Is it about renouncing your inheritance of the Wondersky household? How joyous!” (Robert)

“What kind of ridiculous dream are you living in? Even if I die, I won’t renounce my inheritance for the sake of my eat-and-sleep lifestyle.” (Wilhelm)

“If you’re dead, you better renounce it, you useless eldest son!” (Robert)

Well, I can’t deny being a useless eldest son.

“Anyway, let me get to the point.” (Wilhelm)

“You should have done that from the start” (Robert)

“I was trying to until you kept changing the subject. You were close with Anya’s parents, right?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s true.” (Robert)

“Could you tell me about Anya’s mom’s sword technique? I want to teach it to Anya.” (Wilhelm)

“Who would teach the likes of youuuu!” (Robert)

“It’s for the sake of cute Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“Anastasia may be cute enough to not cause any pain to the eyes, but I’d rather die than see you, who isn’t cute at all, be happy!” (Robert)

“Isn’t that statement too harsh?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s not harsh at all!” (Robert)

What a parent. I should have known better than to ask this person.

I’ll just take the wine and leave.

“Ugh, I’ll come back another time.” (Wilhelm)

“You don’t need to come back! Oh, wait, Wil something. This is perfect. Richard, bring that here!” (Robert)

“Right away.” (Richard)

The butler, Richard, exited the room with a dignified posture, then quickly returned. He was holding a piece of paper and a pen, which he handed to Father.

“Thank you, Richard. Now, sign this paper without asking anything.” (Robert)

“That’s clearly something out of a scam!” (Wilhelm)

Let’s see… What is this paper?

The paper contained a statement titled “Agreement to Make the Eldest Son the Second Son and the Second Son the Eldest Son.”

Is he planning to turn me into the second son?

“Who would ever sign such an agreement!” (Wilhelm)

I dramatically tore up the document, and the torn pieces floated through the air.

“Aaaahhhh! I painstakingly wrote that while holding back tears!” (Robert)

“It looked more like scribbles you drafted in a few seconds!” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not true! Are you doubting your father’s love?” (Robert)

“There’s nothing believable in what you’re saying. Anyway, I’ll be taking this wine with me.” (Wilhelm)

“Waiiiiiiiit!” (Robert)

Oh, I might as well wrap up some of the feast on the table to take with me.

I’ll let Anya and Mew-chan have a taste. They probably don’t often get the chance to eat noble’s luxury cuisine.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, that was a massive waste of time. He should have known that his father wouldn’t just give the information. I guess he did manage to steal the wine back so it wasn’t pointless.


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