CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 1 Part 3 – The shut-in works diligently

*sizzle, sizzle, sizzle*

The sound of beef sizzling was pleasing to my ears. I took a deep breath, inhaling the delicious aroma. Ah, what an appetizing smell.

I’m currently in the kitchen of [Grand Bahamut].

Tonight’s dinner was a grilled plate meal. We placed a thick cloth on the table and then set a hot stone underneath it, heating it to a high temperature. On the heated plate, we grilled meat and vegetables to our hearts’ content and enjoyed the meal together.

When the temperature of the plate dropped, we replaced the stone with another one. This way, we could enjoy the meal to the fullest.

Amid the sound of the beef sizzling, Anya seemed to have heard my stomach growling. She smiled.

“It’s almost done. Please wait a little longer.” (Anya)

Anya, wearing a cute frilly apron, was cooking with a spatula in hand. She expertly seasoned the meat with salt and pepper.

While waiting for the food to finish, Sofia-san prepared a special sauce for the dish.

The first batch of beef seemed ready.

Anya neatly cut the beef with the spatula and placed it on my plate.

“Wil-sama, here you go. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.” (Anya)

“Alright! Itadakimasu. Whoa, it’s hot! But that heat is just right. It’s super delicious! You’re the best, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

Ah, the taste really hit the spot for my tired body. The deliciousness gave me strength.

Today, if I counted correctly, I think I completed twenty-five quests. Maybe it’s because I worked so hard that the meat tasted even better.

Anya looked pleased.

“I’m glad Wil-sama is enjoying it. Please eat until you’re full.” (Anya)

“Yeah, it’s so good, I’ll be sure to eat a lot. The vegetables are ready too, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, go ahead.” (Anya)

I was about to take some, but Anya served them for me. Ah, the vegetables, soaked in the flavor of the beef, were incredibly delicious. The carrots and bell peppers were the best.

“Anya-chan, you can sit and eat too. I’ll help grill the meat.” (Sofia)

Sodane! Ojou, you don’t need to look after this neet. A neet, hell even an ant, can grill meat mew.” (Mew-chan)

No, even ants can’t manage that.

“Nonono, Mew-chan. Even someone as skilled as me couldn’t achieve this level of perfect seasoning and grilling.” (Wilhelm)

Sodane! Wait, no, that’s not what I meant mew. A neet like you should at least grill his own food.” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan didn’t understand. Having a beautiful girl grill in front of you was the best seasoning. That’s a man’s romance.

“Here, here, take this burnt vegetable mew.” (Mew-chan)

“I don’t want it. Why did you leave it until it got burnt?” (Wilhelm)

“Kekeke, Wil-oniisan and Mew-chan get along so well. I’m jealous.” (Eva)

“What are you talking about, Eva? How is this getting along? Wait, ah! Blacky-chan took my meat! I don’t care if you burn your mouth.” (Wilhelm)

Blackie-chan took my beef and smirked. This cat wasn’t supposed to handle hot food easily. Yet it was eating with ease. That really pissed me off.

“Wil-sama, let me take care of everything tonight. I’ll keep grilling more meat, so don’t hesitate to eat as much as you want.” (Anya)

Anya is smiling brightly. She’s so cute. With a girl this adorable cooking for me, I feel like I could eat as much as I want.

Ah, Sofia-san just took the spatula from Anya.

“Alright, Anya-chan, you sit down. It’s time for a change in grill master!” (Sofia)

It seems that Sofia-san will grill next, followed by Eva.

It’s nice to have cute women taking turns cooking for you.

The sound of beef and vegetables sizzling on the grilling plate created a delightful melody.

Dinner sure was lively today. It was so delicious that my appetite seemed insatiable.

By the way, with Mew-chan’s strong recommendation, I also grilled various things for everyone. Apparently, it turned out quite well, which was a relief.

For dessert, we had apple pie.

Anya grilled it on the hot plate, and the sweet apple juice danced on the plate, filling the air with a delightful aroma. When I tried it, it was unbelievably delicious. Even though I was already full, I couldn’t resist and ate a lot more.

It turned out to be a memorable and wonderful dinner. Meals after hard work are really something special. I’m glad I worked hard.

Ah, it was such a blissful dinner. After that, I spent some time chatting leisurely with everyone, and now I’m taking a bath. I sweated a lot, so I needed to clean myself thoroughly.

I wash my body thoroughly with soap.

“Ah… it would be amazing if Anya joined me…” (Wilhelm)

Well, the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Huh, I sense a cute presence coming from the changing room. I can hear the rustling sound of clothes being taken off.

N-No way… Could it be――? Did my daydreaming actually lead to us taking a bath together? The power of imagination is incredible. Oh no, I’m getting nervous. I have to act gentlemanly. Let’s put on a handsome face.

And then, Anya’s face peeks in.

“Wil-sama, may I join you in the bath?” (Anya)

Yes! It happened! This moment has finally arrived after so long. All the hard work was worth it. I’m so happy I could cry.

I’ve already washed my body, but that’s okay. I don’t mind getting washed again.

“Sure, go ahead. Take your time.” (Wilhelm)

I tried to sound a bit cool.

“Thank you. I’ll be joining you for a little while, then.” (Anya)

Anya hopped in. It’s a bit disappointing that she’s wrapped in a bath towel, but that’s okay. The fact that she’s properly covering herself shows modesty and elegance, which is even better.

But I’ll make a suggestion. After all, I’m still a male.

“Anya, actually, I have something important to tell you.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes? Is it something important to discuss in the bath?” (Anya)

“Yeah, it is.” (Wilhelm)

“Please tell me.” (Anya)

“Did you know that wrapping a towel around yourself when getting into the bath is actually a breach of etiquette?” (Wilhelm)

“I-Is that so? Then I’ll remove the towel right away.” (Anya)


Blushing with embarrassment, Anya slowly loosened the bath towel. With her face turning red and her eyes wavering, she hesitantly opened the towel.

Oh… ohh… ohhh… A modest but definitely noticeable soft curve emerged―

“Okay, okay, Anya-chan, stop. You don’t have to believe such silly stories.” (Sofia)

But I haven’t seen anything yet… Sofia-san peeks into the bath area with a stern look.

“W-Whaaaat?! Sofia-san, are you joining us too? Are you sure? With your figure, even if you wrap a towel, it might slip here and there…” (Wilhelm)

“Haha, you’re such a fool. There’s no way I’d join you.” (Sofia)

“T-That’s right… Please, don’t respond with a straight face… Your making me look like an idiot for hoping…” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, you are an idiot.” (Sofia)

“Grrrr!” (Wilhelm)

Anya’s cute hand touched my back. Could it be… Is she going to wash me with her bare hands? Isn’t her sense of service too excessive? Is it okay? Is it okay? Can I be spoiled?

“Wil-sama, please lie face down.” (Anya)

“L-Like this?” (Wilhelm)

Guided by Anya’s hand, I turned face down.

“Thank you. Now, excuse me for a moment. Here I go.” (Anya)

Anya straddled my hips. What’s going on? What kind of situation is this? If I were lying face up, would this be a different kind of position? But I’m lying face down…

“Hey, Anya, what’s happening?” (Wilhelm)

“Sorry if it hurts a little.” (Anya)

“Huh? Something painful? Aren’t you going to wash my body?” (Wilhelm)

“Sofia-san, it’s right here, right?” (Anya)

Anya seemed to be pointing to somewhere on my back.

“Yeah, right there! Wil-kun, your heart is filled with wicked thoughts right now, so Anya-chan you don’t have to hold back.” (Sofia)

“Got it. I’ll go all out then.” (Anya)

“Huh, wait, my heart isn’t filled with wicked thoughts. I’m as clean as a white shirt after laundry—” (Wilhelm)

“Here I go!” (Anya)

“Aaaaargh! What, what, it hurts like hell! And it feels so weird!” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama, this is one of the pressure points taught to me by our neighbors to relieve your fatigue and prevent muscle soreness completely (although it comes with extreme pain). Even though it hurts, rest assured that it’s just improving your health.” (Anya)

“I-I see. Can I really trust that? Or is it just another piece of random knowledge from the neighbor?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, but you don’t need to worry since it’s information from a reliable neighbor. Now, let’s move on to the next pressure point.” (Anya)

“Gahhhhhhh! It hurts, it feels weird, what’s this?!” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama’s reactions are quite amusing. Now, let’s move on to the next pressure point.” (Anya)

“Sheesh, this is relentless… Aaarghhh! A-Anya, if possible, I’d like you to take the towel and we could wash each other’s bodies instead…” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Should we do that?” (Anya)

“Nonono, Anya-chan, put more weight on the next pressure point and press firmly.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, Sofia-san.” (Anya)

“It hurts! Aaaaaagh! I’m dying, I’m dying! And it feels weird… S-Sofia-san, please don’t teach Anya weird things! Is my body really becoming healthier?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, I hope it is!” (Sofia)

“W-What?!” (Wilhelm)

“Make sure to get super healthy so you can work like a horse again tomorrow!” (Sofia)

Damn it, Sofia-san has such a mischievous smile.

“So—the next one is here!” (Anya)

Anya also has a cheerful smile.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Anya looks like she’s giving off sadist vibes. And the pressure point thing to completely cure muscle soreness sounds like bs. 

Honestly, I don’t understand taking a bath with a towel on, can you really wash yourself like that?


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