CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 2 – The shut-in goes on a death march

I used the Demon King’s ultimate magic, [Magic Avatar].

I created multiple copies of myself to handle numerous quests simultaneously. Without this, today’s goals might be impossible to achieve.

There were thirty quests in total, many of which were quite difficult. I planned to have my avatars take care of all the dangerous ones. As for the real me, I would focus on supporting Anya.

Anya and I would tackle seven quests together. I intended to proceed efficiently and swiftly while ensuring that Anya gained valuable experience.

To get started on the first quest, we headed into the mountain where I had gone with Sofia-san yesterday.

The quest was “Collect 30 Akaboushitake Mushrooms!” The difficulty level was extremely easy, an E rank. I thought it would be a good quest for Anya.

As for what the Akaboushitake Mushrooms looked like, they were pretty much similar to ordinary mushrooms.

They are magical beasts with red caps, white spots, and round eyes on the stems. Each mushroom was about the size of three of my fists.

These mushrooms didn’t move at all and didn’t prey on animals. Although they were classified as magical beasts, they posed no threat. Additionally, they were incredibly delicious. Whether they were boiled or grilled, they tasted great. So, they were essentially just regular mushrooms.

“Wil-sama, I’ll do my best to gather the mushrooms.” (Anya)

“Yeah, let’s do our best. Just one thing to watch out for: be careful of Aoboushitake. It looks similar to the Akaboushitake, but the spores of the Aoboushitake have strong hallucinogenic effects.” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t worry. I’m the guild master, so there’s no way I’ll mistakenly pick up an Aoboushitake.” (Anya)

Aoboushitake can be distinguished from Akaboushitake only by the color of its cap. The color to watch out for was a striking blue. These mushrooms weren’t edible and accidentally inhaling their spores could cause hallucinations, so we needed to be cautious.

Oh, someone was walking behind us. Only guild members would be walking in such an off-road area.

Ah, it was Clara from [Cosmic Falcon].

Clara had entered the mountain in a red Gothic Lolita outfit. I was a bit worried about how hard it was for her to move in that, but the mountain wasn’t particularly steep, and it was close to the city, so she should be fine.

“Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! Good day, Wilhelm-sama.” (Clara)

“Ah, good day, Clara.” (Wilhelm)

“And to think we would meet here after one hundred years, Anastasia!” (Clara)

“Yeah, it’s been two days, Clara-chan!” (Anya)

Anya cheerfully spread her arms wide and approached Clara. Clara pulled back in horror and put her hands out to stop her, but Anya didn’t stop.

“Wa-Wait! No hugging allowed desu wa.” (Clara)

“Yeah yeah, you’re just pretending you don’t want a hug. I totally get it, so don’t worry!” (Anya)

“You don’t understand at all—!!” (Clara)

Like lovers reunited after a hundred years, Anya hugged Clara tightly. She looked so happy.

“Clara-chan, you’re so warm!” (Anya)

“NOOOO! Please, get-aw-ay-from-meee! Wilhelm-sama, Wilhelm-sama! Stop smirking and do something about Anastasia, please!” (Clara)

“Oh, thank you for the treat (gochisousamadesu).” (Wilhelm)

“What do you mean by that?! Anastasia, cheek rubbing is absolutely forbidden too. Wilhelm-sama, please help me already!” (Clara)

Clara reached out to me. However—

“But Clara, you look really happy.” (Wilhelm)

“I’m clearly not enjoying this! Ah, enough with the hugs desu wa. How long are you going to cling to me?” (Clara)

Reluctantly, Anya let go of Clara. But Anya looked very satisfied. Clara, with a slightly embarrassed expression, straightened her appearance.

Mattaku, it’s already getting hot with summer approaching, and now it’s even worse.” (Clara)

I mean, Clara’s outfit doesn’t seem to be helping in that regard either. Her Gothic Lolita attire covered her skin completely, and she even wore a headdress. Not to mention her very long curly drill hair.

“Hey, Clara, don’t you have a summer-themed gothic lolita outfit?” (Wilhelm)

“I’m still looking for one. This year’s trends don’t quite resonate with me desu wa.” (Clara)

“I see. I’m worried you might get heatstroke.” (Wilhelm)

“No need to worry. This mountain is relatively cool. And Anastasia, please don’t change people’s hairstyles without permission. Hey, stop it!” (Clara)

Ohh, Anya turned Clara’s hair into twin tails. Cute. Really cute. I want to hug her. She’s super cute.

“Clara-chan, wouldn’t this hairstyle be cooler?” (Anya)

With a displeased expression, Clara undid the twin tails. Anya seemed shocked.

“Hmph, if you want me to change my hairstyle, you’ll have to beat me in a challenge desu wa!” (Clara)

“That’s so like you, Clara. Alright, what’s the challenge?” (Anya)

“First, you’ll have to answer a quiz.” (Clara)

Here we go, Clara and her quizzes.

“Now, what quest am I tackling right now? Yes, Anastasia, please answer.” (Clara)

“It’s a quest to get Akaboushitake Mushrooms!” (Anya)

“Correct! Anastasia, you surprised me!” (Clara)

Well, this is a well-known spot for Akaboushitake Mushroom gathering, so anyone would know.

“Clara-chan, actually, I’m on a similar quest. It must be fate, right?” (Anya)

“It seems so. It’s destiny. We were born to compete against each other. So, shall we make a competition out of who can gather the Akaboushitake Mushroom first?” (Clara)

“If that’s what you want.” (Anya)

“Then, let the competition begin!” (Clara)

“Yay!” (Anya)

Anya and Clara scattered cutely as they searched among the roots of trees and amidst the flowers for Akaboushitake Mushrooms.

Should I join in the search too? No, they’re having a competition. Would it be wrong to assist Anya?

Well, maybe I’ll just take a rest in the shade of the trees for now.

…Huh? I sensed something amiss just a little ahead among the trees. There were pitiful-looking plants with branches cut roughly.

This is… lychee, isn’t it? It’s the season for it to be delicious. Was it ravaged by a magical beast? No, that’s not it. There are multiple sets of adult male footprints. Did humans do this?

Cutting the branches so deeply and roughly might mean they won’t bear fruit next year. This happened yesterday too. So, this must be the work of the thieves or bandits that Sofia mentioned. This is troublesome.

Could this be related to the fact that there are many quests in the guild related to food gathering? It’s just my intuition, but I feel like there might be some connection.

“Anastasia, how many do you have now?” (Clara)

“Hehe, I have ten! What about Clara-chan?” (Anya)

“Ohohoho, as expected of a small guild, nothing much. I have eleven.”

Not much of a difference, huh? But Anya seems a little disappointed while Clara looks satisfied. Apparently, one mushroom makes a big difference to them.

“I won’t lose! I’ll definitely make a comeback!” (Anya)

“Ohohoho, give it a try if you can. But it’s impossible, isn’t it?” (Clara)

Huh, there’s a tanuki. It approached quietly behind Anya. Is it a normal tanuki? No, it’s walking on two legs. Normal tanuki wouldn’t do that, so it must be a magical beast tanuki.

Well, either way, they’re weak creatures. Shouldn’t be much of a problem… huh?

The tanuki just flipped up Anya’s skirt! Hooray! I don’t know why, but thank you, unknown tanuki. You saved me. Ah, it’s pastel pink with lots of hearts. Thank you so much, tanuki. You’re my hero. I’ll never forget this favor.

Alright, let’s take a good look while I can. Anya’s panties are… exquisite. They’re like a work of art. I could stare at them forever. To think that there are such wonderful sights in the world.

“Hey, Anastasia, your skirt got flipped up.” (Clara)

“Eh, by Wil-sama?” (Anya)

That reaction tells me everything about how much Anya trusts me. I’m shocked.

Looks like Anya finally noticed the tanuki.

“Ah, hiyyaa! Tanuki-san ecchi!” (Anya)

The tanuki stuck its face under the skirt. Hey, wait a minute, I wanna do that too! That’s not fair! Hurry up and tell me how it feels. It must smell good, right? It has to, it’s Anya’s panties. It must smell amazing.

“Awawawa, please don’t press your nose there! It’s ticklish!” (Anya)

Wow—embarrassed Anya is so cute.

I wish it would switch places with me… I’m so jealous of that tanuki…

Oh… Anya picked up the tanuki and let it go. Her panties are finally hidden by her skirt. Well, it was good while it lasted.

Mouu, what a naughty tanuki-san.” (Anya)

The tanuki looked at Clara and started walking towards her.

Ohh, Clara’s panties, huh? That’s a first! The whole world has been waiting for this moment. Even gentlemen and ladies will shed tears of joy. I might shed a tear too!

But Clara firmly held down her skirt with her hands.

“I won’t allow it. A lady must never show what’s under her skirt.” (Clara)

Tch, her defense was too strong…

“Tch.” (Tanuki)

The tanuki clicked its tongue like I did. It seemed to give up, kicking a nearby pebble in disappointment. Hey, don’t give up there. Make this gentleman here shed some tears.

Anya grabbed the tanuki by the scruff of its neck, smiling brightly.

“Tanuki-san, since you’ve seen my panties, please help me find some Akaboushitake Mushrooms.” (Anya)

The tanuki gave a thumbs-up. I guess it agreed.

“Alright, Clara-chan, let’s continue the competition!” (Anya)

“Hey, that’s not fair!” (Clara)

“Then, Clara-chan, you should try tempting the tanuki too!” (Anya)

“Who would engage in such indecent behavior?” (Clara)

Oh, the tanuki is working quite efficiently. It’s finding a lot of Akaboushitake Mushrooms and handing them over to Anya.

In no time, it already surpassed Clara’s count. Looks like it’s going to be Anya’s victory at this rate.

Five minutes later…

Anya cheered triumphantly while Clara gritted her teeth in frustration.

“We did it! Victory for [Grand Bahamut]!” (Anya)

Anya and the tanuki high-fived.

“This is so unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair!” (Clara)

Clara seemed really upset.

Oh, the tanuki brought something over. It handed Clara a mushroom it had plucked from under her skirt. Oh, that’s the blue one.

“Even if you bring it after I’ve lost… Wait, this is… an Aoboushitake!” (Clara)

Uh oh… From that distance, Clara probably inhaled some of the spores.

Clara dropped the Aoboushitake from her hand. Concerned, I looked at Clara’s face and saw her eyes spiraling around in confusion. She was completely disoriented.

Suddenly, an Aoboushitake sprouted from the top of Clara’s head. It was proof that she had been affected by the spores. The confusion would continue until it was removed. I had to do something.

“I feel so… fluffy~” (Clara)

Clara began skipping on the spot. Then, she stretched out her arms sideways, tilted her head, and started spinning around. Next, she started tap dancing joyfully. She actually looks quite skilled at it.

“Clara-chan, are you okay?” (Anya)

“Anastasia!” (Clara)

“W-What is it?” (Anya)

“There’s something I’ve been hiding from you.” (Clara)

Oh? This could be interesting. What bombshell would the disoriented Clara drop?

“Actually, um… I, I…” (Clara)

“Yes?” (Anya)

“I-I’ve always, always loved you, Anastasia!” (Clara)

As soon as she heard that, Anya sparkled as bright as the summer sun. She looked incredibly happy.

“Wow, Clara-chan, thank you! I love you too!” (Anya)

“Really? Then, we both feel the same way, don’t we?” (Clara)

“Yeah, we’ll go from best friends to lovers!” (Anya)

“Exactly desu wa. Now, let’s soar into our own little world together! Mwah!” (Clara)

Wow, Clara’s kissing face is super cute! I want to remember it forever. That kissing face. And I want her to do it to me too.

Clara planted a kiss on Anya’s cheek. Anya blushed happily.

Hiyaa! Clara-chan, that was amazing! It was like an angel’s kiss! Next, let me―― Huh?!” (Anya)

Oops, did she get too close to Clara? She has the mushroom on her head too. I guess the spores reached Anya.

Anya grabbed Clara’s shoulders and put on a handsome face.

“Clara-chan, let’s get married!” (Anya)

Kya~ Anya is so cool! Why do I sound like a fangirl? 

“Okay desu wa!” (Clara)

Woahhh! Congratulations! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Phew, that was something.

Let’s stop here. It seems more fun to leave it at this point. If we don’t stop now, they might completely immerse themselves in their own world and go on forever.

I went to Anya and Clara and pulled out the mushrooms growing on their heads. The eyes of the mushrooms turned into X’s. The dizzy eyes of Anya and Clara returned to normal.

Anya and Clara were staring at each other like lovers. They suddenly met eyes with a surprised expression.

Anya showed a smile as if spring flowers had bloomed. Clara’s face turned pale and she took a step back. She held her head in both hands. It’s funny how pale she became.

“Ahhhhhhhh! What a huge blunder! Everything I just said was a lie desu wa! I said nothing but insincere things!” (Clara)

Anya had a happy maiden’s expression. She’s totally smitten.

“I understand how Clara-chan feels. Hehe, it’s making me blush.” (Anya)

“Ahhh, I want to go back in time desu wa. I want to turn back the clock desu wa. I want to erase all memories of me and Anastasia desu wa.” (Clara)

“Even if the two of you forget, I’ll never forget Clara’s feelings.” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm-sama’s smug face is so irritating! I’ve made a lifelong embarrassment. This is the worst. Ahhhh! There’s a bear!” (Clara)

Clara looks like she’s having fun. Well, there really is a bear right behind Anya. It’s a bear magical beast.

The bear is eyeing them both hungrily. It seems to be deciding which one to eat first.

“Wilhelm-sama, Wilhelm-sama!” (Clara)

“I got it. I’ll take it down quickly.” (Wilhelm)

Clara and Anya quickly hid behind me.

Watch closely as I unleash my awesome technique.

“The Hero’s Divine Fist Technique, [Explosive Palm Strike]!” (Wilhelm)

I delivered a palm strike to the abdomen of the bear. It winced in pain.

But this technique doesn’t end there.

The energy I blasted through with my palm strike reaches deep into the enemy’s body, disrupting the life energy flowing within. Then, it causes a massive explosion within the body. This is the Hero’s Divine Fist Technique, [Explosive Palm Strike]. Though it doesn’t involve a sword, it’s a terrifying technique.

A thunderous explosion echoed from within the bear’s body as the technique detonated. The sound echoed through the mountains.

The bear roared and fell backward as it let out a final demonic cry. 


Anya and Clara looked wide-eyed. Were they more impressed than scared?

“Wi—Wilhelm-sama.” (Clara)

“What is it, Clara?” (Wilhelm)

“Please, teach me that technique you just used. I’ll do anything you say!” (Clara)

“Anything? Really, anything?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes! I’ll do anything you say!” (Clara)

“Then, can you tell me if what you said about your feelings for Anya earlier was true?” (Wilhelm)

Clara’s eyes widened in surprise. She showed an awkward expression like she’d made a mistake. Her troubled face was quite adorable.

“W-Well, maybe not ‘anything.’ Let’s skip the Anastasia-related questions, please.” (Clara)

She was blushing from embarrassment. 

“Clara-chan, it’s okay to be honest.” (Anya)

“Yeah, just be honest, Clara.” (Wilhelm)

“I’m always honest!” (Clara)

However, the self-proclaimed honest Clara didn’t seem to express her true feelings at all. Well, that’s just like Clara, isn’t it?

Anya played with Clara’s hair, styling it into twin tails. Since Anya won the contest, she got to decide Clara’s hairstyle.

Clara’s twin tails looked as cute as an angel.

In such a lively manner, we continued to tackle quests. Despite the heavy workload, I found joy in working every day.

After finishing our quests, there was already food waiting back at the guild. After eating my fill and replenishing my energy, I slept soundly. Then, I would wake up the next day, ready to work hard again.

If everything went well and all the work was done, I could return to my shut-in life. At that time, I still earnestly believed that.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Of course you can’t go back to your shut-in life~ We’re not even close to the end of the volume.

And now the mystery of the Clara kiss has been solved. I didn’t even notice it before, but looking at it closer, there is indeed a mushroom sticking out of her head.


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