CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 3 Part 1 – The shut-in desperately wants to rest

“Ah… I’m exhausted… Today, I managed to complete eighty quests all by myself…” (Wilhelm)

I worked until night. It’s not just feeling exhausted anymore. The position where my belt is tightened has moved forward by two holes. And because of fatigue, my appetite has diminished.

How long will this life continue? It feels like it will last forever. After all, the work just keeps coming in.

Haa… working is really tough…” (Wilhelm)

Everyone who manages to work every day without being a shut-in is truly amazing. With the mental state of a shut-in like me, it’s impossible to keep enduring something this tough for long.

“Well, I don’t think there’s anyone in this town who’s been working as hard as me lately…” (Wilhelm)

Ah, the bath feels so good.

The warmth of the water and the buoyancy make my body and mind feel lighter. I feel like taking a long bath today. Ahh, it feels like my spirit is melting into the water. A relaxing bath after such intense labor is nice.

“But even so, I don’t feel like I’ll be motivated to work hard tomorrow. Fuwaa” (Wilhelm)

I let out a yawn. Maybe I’m relaxing too much.

But baths are supposed to be relaxing, so I guess this is the right thing to do.

“I want to laze around in bed all day and just read novels.” (Wilhelm)

Not too long ago, that was just a normal life for me. How did things end up like this?

“Still… being a shut-in… was… wonderful… zzz” (Wilhelm)

After a while, water entered my mouth.

Pwahhh” (Wilhelm)

Wait, where am I? What’s happening now? Wasn’t I sleeping in bed? No, this is the bath.

I quickly lifted my upper body out of the bathtub.

“Whoa, that was close. I almost drowned in the bath.” (Wilhelm)

A shut-in like me drowning in someone else’s bath… That would’ve been such an embarrassing story. Can’t help but laugh imagining it. I must be way too tired.

It’s my first time falling asleep in the bath. People really do sleep in the bath, huh? I heard of such things, but I never thought I’d actually experience it.

“Wil-sama, are you awake?” (Anya)

The bath door opened abruptly. It was Anya. She looked worried, but when she saw my face, she smiled. So cute.

“Yeah, I’m awake, I’m awake.” (Wilhelm)

Managed to reassure Anya somehow.

Feeling like I might doze off again if I stayed in the bath any longer, I quickly got out.

Then, I went upstairs and sprawled out on the bed.

“Ugh, so tired… It would be nice if fairy-san could take care of all the work while I’m asleep… zzz…” (Wilhelm)

In no time, I fell into a deep sleep.

The hands of the clock kept ticking away. It must be really late now, even the plants and trees are asleep.

Strange. Even in my sleep, I can clearly sense it. It feels like something suspicious has invaded my room. I feel a magical presence that makes me uneasy.

I’m known for never waking up except on my own terms once I’ve fallen asleep, but I decided to slightly open my eyes here.

What’s this?

Right next to my face, there’s a ball of light. Is this a spiritual phenomenon? Or am I just half-asleep?

For a moment, it felt like the ball of light fluttered its wings.

“I’ve checked many residents of this city, but this person definitely has the strongest magic around here. In other words, this person is undoubtedly the most suitable for my master, right?” (?)

“Huh?” (Wilhelm)

I felt like I heard a girl’s voice. But I was still half asleep and didn’t hear it clearly.

I rubbed my eyes. I could see more clearly now than I could a moment ago. The true form of the glowing light was a small girl.

The girl was wearing a white dress and had four wings… She was about the size of my palm. She definitely looked like a fairy. Could she be the type of fairy that secretly does work while I’m asleep?

“Hey, are you, like, a fairy or something secretly living in this guild?” (Wilhelm)

“Eh? No, not at all?” (?)

“I see. Well, thanks for showing up in front of me anyways. You really saved me. I was in a tough spot. You’re the type of fairy who quietly does work, right? I really appreciate it. Thank you.” (Wilhelm)

“Um, I said I’m not…” (?)

“Got it, got it. Anyway, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’m gonna sleep.” (Wilhelm)

“Wait, wait, wait a minuteee! How are you able to sleep in this situation? Wake~up~alrea~dy! Oh, he’s already asleep.” (?)


“Shall I flap my wings over your face? I’ll just make it too bright for you to sleep.” (?)

“Mmm… Fairy-san, it’s a bit too bright…” (Wilhelm)

Half-asleep, I waved my hand at the fairy. But my hand passed right through her body. Seriously?

I opened my eyes wide. I tried again, this time making sure to look at the fairy before waving my hand. And once again, my hand passed right through her body.

“I can’t touch fairy-san? Does that mean there are limitations to what you can do?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s right. The only thing I can do is to ruthlessly slay humans and magical beasts.” (?)

“That’s scary. Are there really fairies like that? Not cute at all.” (Wilhelm)

“Please don’t say I’m not cute…” (?)

“If you can’t do the job, then never mind. I’m going back to sleep.” (Wilhelm)

“Wait, please be my partner! I’m really good at slaying!” (?)

“Oh, I see… Then, come back another day… I’m going to sleep now… zzz…” (Wilhelm)

“Do you have such a strong desire for sleep? Haa… Since it’s a waste of magic, I’ll leave for today. I didn’t expect you to be so uninterested. …I’ll need a strategy. It seems I’ll have to prove to you that I’m an excellent weapon.” (?)

The fairy seemed to have flown up cutely with her four wings.

“Oh, right. I can’t be touched right now, but when I have enough magic, I’ll be able to materialize and you’ll be able to touch me. Please look forward to that day. Well then, excuse me.” (?)

I had a feeling that something unpleasant might happen from now on. But I didn’t have the capacity to deal with it. Sleep was more important to me now.

I sank deeper and deeper into the abyss of sleep.

I woke up at noon. Blacky-chan, the black cat, kept hitting my face with her paw, so I had no choice but to wake up. I must’ve been hit about a thousand times.

When I woke up, she gave me a smug look. Not a pleasant way to wake up.

After washing my face, I headed to the kitchen. Eva was preparing my lunch. Anya’s frilly apron suited her quite well. She looked cute.

I thanked Eva and took my seat.

“Oh, right. There’s something I wanted to ask you, Eva.” (Wilhelm)

Eva tilted her head eerily. Couldn’t she bend her neck at a slightly more normal angle? I guess not.

“Last night, a fairy appeared by my pillow.” (Wilhelm)

I got a skeptical look in response.

“No, seriously, she really did appear. And for some reason, I couldn’t touch her. Looking back now, it felt like some kind of spiritual phenomenon…” (Wilhelm)

The existence of fairies itself is unclear, to begin with. Is there even a reason for one to suddenly appear by my pillow?

“Wil-onii-san, were you just half-asleep? Was there really a fairy?” (Eva)

“No, I’m telling you, there definitely was. It wasn’t a dream, I remember it clearly. She emitted this eerie kind of magical aura that made me really uneasy.” (Wilhelm)

Eva grinned eerily, like she could fit right into an adult horror movie as a vengeful spirit.

“Maybe you’ve been cursed? Wil-onii-san, that sounds so great. Kekeke… Kekekekekeke…” (Eva)

“Wow, you look so happy.” (Wilhelm)

“Well, Eva-chan loves that kind of stuff. Wil-onii-san, I’m really jealous. Kekeke… Kekekekekeke…” (Eva)

Oh no, Eva’s hair started to grow and wriggle wildly. Creepy. Eva herself is more mysterious and scary than the mysterious fairy. In no time, her hair grew so long that it reached the floor.

“Ahh, what a disaster… I’ve been trying so hard to keep my hair from growing long because it’s too hot in the summer.” (Eva)

Eva took out a ribbon and she twirled her long hair into a ponytail. She looked incredibly cute.

“Oh, lunch is ready!” (Eva)

“Thanks.” (Wilhelm)

Eva had made a plate of perfectly toasted hot sandwiches. They were filled with cheese, thick ham, crispy lettuce, and a sunny-side-up egg.

I took a bite immediately.

Wow, it’s delicious! The spicy seasoning enhances the flavor perfectly. The more I eat, the more energized I feel. This goes really well with milk.

It’s amazing. Eva will definitely make a great wife in the future.

“This is incredibly delicious!” (Wilhelm)

Eva smiled brightly, like a mother pleased with her child’s appetite.

Oh, a customer has arrived at the guild. I can hear their greetings.

“Coming!” (Eva)

Eva took off her apron and went to greet the customer. I thanked Eva and continued to enjoy my hot sandwich.

“Wil-onii-san, Wil-onii-san!” (Eva)

Huh, why did Eva suddenly come back to the kitchen, leaving the customer behind?

I wonder what’s going on. Her cheeks are flushed red and her eyes are sparkling. She’s in full-on maiden-in-love mode. Is it just my imagination, or does her skin and hair look even more radiant? It’s an expression that’s completely unlike Eva.

“What’s wrong? Did a handsome guy come in?” (Wilhelm)

Eva blushed and covered her cheeks with her hands, looking embarrassed. How cute.

“He was like a prince.” (Eva)

Seriously? Such a handsome guy came?

“He said he wanted to meet you, Wil-onii-san.” (Eva)

“Me? A prince-like guy wants to meet me? Hmm…” (Wilhelm)

I have no idea who that could be. Since becoming a shut-in, I haven’t really expanded my circle of male friends. I don’t even remember having a conversation with a handsome guy.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” (Wilhelm)

I went out to see who it was. Oh, it was someone I definitely knew.

“Nii-san, listen to this!” (Tony)

“Oh, it’s Tony.” (Wilhelm)

But it made sense. My younger brother Tony is indeed handsome, like a prince. I think he’s the most attractive guy in town.

Tony leaned over the counter, resting his hands on it.

“Nii-san, do you know about the upcoming diplomatic ceremony with the neighboring country?” (Tony)

This was a topic I didn’t see coming.

“I haven’t been keeping up with the news lately. Which country is it with?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s with the Seagull Principality in the west. They want to celebrate a hundred years of friendship.” (Tony)

The Seagull Principality is an island nation across the sea.

Until a few hundred years ago, the Seagull Principality was actually part of our country, but due to various reasons, it became a separate nation. Over time, things improved, and now the two countries are on friendly terms. Seems like the hundredth anniversary of their friendship is coming up.

“Is there any connection between that diplomatic ceremony and Tony coming here?” (Wilhelm)

“At the ceremony, Father wants Tony to give a speech as the representative of the Wondersky family.” (Tony)

“Father said that…?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s strange, isn’t it? Especially when we have someone as wonderful as nii-san, in the Wondersky family.” (Tony)

“No, if it’s Father, he’d definitely say something like that. It wouldn’t be surprising for him to endorse Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Nii-san, what are you saying? And… nii-san? You look like you’ve lost quite a bit of weight since the last time I saw you. And those dark circles under your eyes are terrible.” (Tony)

“Oh, I’m just a bit overworked.” (Wilhelm)

I never thought I’d see the day when I, a shut-in, would be talking about being overworked.

Tony’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

“Could it be that you’re in a difficult situation right now, nii-san?” (Tony)

His eyes were filled with hope.

“Well, yeah, kind of. Take a look at the number of jobs posted on the bulletin board over there. Despite me tackling them until I’m practically burnt out, instead of decreasing, they keep increasing little by little.” (Wilhelm)

“I see… That’s indeed an incredible workload. Alright, I’ll take care of all of them. I’ve got plenty of free time anyway.” (Tony)

Tony looked delighted. Why? It’s work, isn’t it? It’s labor. isn’t this something that most people dislike?

“Even though you’re a student, you want to work that much?” (Wilhelm)

“I don’t want to work, I just want to be helpful to you, nii-san.” (Tony)

Wow, what a thoughtful younger brother he is.

Tony, like me, is remarkably capable. If he helped out, he’d be more than just an asset.

“What about your classes? Aren’t final exams coming up soon?” (Wilhelm)

“I’ve already earned most of my credits, so I don’t really need to attend classes anymore. There’s just one final exam, but that’s it. So, it’s no problem at all.” (Tony)

“That’s impressive. You’ve been really dedicated to your studies.” (Wilhelm)

“Well, I want to become an amazing person like nii-san.” (Tony)

So, does that mean Tony wants to become a shut-in too?

As your older brother, I wouldn’t really recommend it. The public’s opinion is harsh, the quality of the meals at home keeps declining, and Father is, well, Father. There aren’t too many good things about it. But if you’re still determined to become a shut-in, you should at least be prepared to seal yourself in your room like I did. Otherwise, it’s going to be tough.

Oh, it’s getting lively at the entrance of the guild. That vibrant and energetic atmosphere must be Sofia-san.

“I’m back~! Just got home from work~” (Sofia)

Yep, it’s definitely Sofia-san.

“Evaaa-chan~! Isn’t it about time to wake up dear Wil-kun~? Today, onee-san will wake him up in a sexy way~! And then promptly send him off to work and make him work like a horse… huh? No wayyy! Wil-kun is already awake~?” (Sofia)

Anya popped up behind Sofia-san with a little hop.

“Wow, amazing! Wil-samais already awake!” (Anya)

Mew-chan enters through the door.

“Whoa, the net is already up? This must be a sign of the apocalypse.” (Mew-chan)

Tony straightens up, greeting everyone with a sociable smile.

“Wow, there’s a sparkling handsome young man here! Wil-kun, who’s this handsome guy?” (Sofia)

“He’s my younger brother, Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Wil-kun’s brother? But you two look nothing alike.” (Sofia)

“That’s true. I’ve been told that a lot since we were kids.” (Wilhelm)

“Nice to meet you, Tony-kun! Hey, are you interested in older girls?” (Sofia)

“Hey, Sofia-san, don’t hit on my brother as soon as you meet him!” (Wilhelm)

Sofia-san let out a disappointed “Eh?”  She’s wearing a pretty girlish expression, one I’ve never seen her show me before. So she can pull off such a look too.

Mew-chan looks intrigued, staring at Tony’s face.

“Ohh, so the neet has such a handsome brother mew? Are you also a shut-in, or a neet?” (Mew-chan)

“Huh? Did you just greet me? Nice to meet you too!” (Tony)

Mew-chan seems visibly shocked. It seems that he’s taken aback by the fact that his voice didn’t reach him.

Mew-chan’s voice can only be heard by those with impure hearts so Tony won’t be able to hear him.

“That’s impossible mew! He’s so handsome, yet so pure-hearted, it’s unbelievable! I can’t believe siblings could be so different… Even though your brother is so disappointing mew…” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan glanced at me for a moment.

“Ahh, my eyes have been tainted mew!” (Mew-chan)

What a rude thing to say.

“Mew-chan, could you at least give me a little praise?” (Wilhelm)

“Even if you say that, there’s nothing to praise about you.” (Mew-chan)

Oh come on, there’s at least one thing.

I try to strike a pose for Mew-chan. He looks like he’s about to vomit.

“Nii-san, nii-san, how are you able to talk to the Sodane Mew? Do you have a magic that can read a magical beast’s mind?” (Tony)

“Well, it’s kind of strange, but Mew-chan’s voice can be heard only by those with a tainted heart.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh, so should I get myself tainted too?” (Tony)

“Please don’t… I beg you. Just stay as you are, Tony. I like you just the way you are.” (Wilhelm)

“Nii-san…” (Tony)

Tony and I ended up gazing at each other for some reason.

“By the way, Mew-chan was saying how cool Tony is. Lucky you.” (Wilhelm)

“Really? Thanks for the compliment.” (Tony)

“Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

Tony thanked Mew-chan for the praise.

Anya timidly approached Tony, looking apologetic as she began to speak.

“Um, Tony-sama…” (Anya)

“What’s wrong, Anya-chan?” (Tony)

“Would it be possible to borrow Wil-sama from now on? We have a lot of quests with approaching deadlines, and it’s quite difficult to manage without Wil-sama.” (Anya)

Anya conveyed to Tony that she was the guild master.

Upon learning that even at such a young age she was already a guild master, Tony was greatly impressed.

“Well, you see, Anya-chan, there are quite a few quests piled up here, but would it be okay if I handle them all? As you can see, nii-san’s exhausted and slimmed down. I want him to take a break for a while.” (Tony)

“It would be very helpful if Tony-sama could assist us… Are you sure?” (Anya)

Anya glanced at me.

“Tony is well-trained and talented. He will definitely be of great help to [Grand Bahamut]. I guarantee it.” (Wilhelm)

Anya looked delighted.

“Very well, Tony-sama. I apologize for the inconvenience, but may we entrust the quests to you? There are about eighty quests that must be cleared by the end of today…” (Anya)

“Heh, leave it to me. With my exceptional skills, I’ll have them all cleared by dinnertime.” (Tony)

“The way you just spoke… It reminded me of Wil-sama as well. Very reassuring.” (Anya)

I decided to entrust the quest clearances to Tony. Since I handed over my quest log to him, I won’t be working today anymore. I’ll just shut myself in without hesitation and take some rest.

The most challenging A-rank quests are all taken care of by me, so there’s nothing to worry about with Tony. He’ll surely deliver results beyond expectations.

Everyone walked off lively alongside Tony.

Tony seemed to be having a lot of fun. Oh, did Eva go with them too? There’s no one left to watch the store.

Haa, I guess it’s up to me. Even though I wanted to leisurely take a nap.

I brewed some coffee and took some rest while casually attending to the customers, enjoying a relaxed time.

It feels like it’s been a while since I got to lay back. I guess I really have been working too much.

“Ugh, this is so boring.” (?)

I am the consciousness of a magic sword. By using magic, I can transform into the form of a fairy and move around freely. My name when in my fairy form is Feene. Of course, the person who gave me this name was the Demon King.

“Ugh, this is getting annoying. Even though I’m an exceptional magic sword.” (Feene)

I’m in a bad mood because of what happened last night.

I tried to appeal to the most powerful magic user in the city, but he showed absolutely no interest in me. It was shocking. I thought he’d readily become my owner, but I guess I was being too expectant.

“Seriously, why am I being displayed in a museum like some kind of exhibit?” (Feene)

It’s infuriating. A magic sword is meant to be used. Just being exposed to curious stares is so dull.

Until the night when the museum closed, I endured. And then, in the form of a fairy, I flew out from the magic sword.

Hiding in the shadows, I checked to see if there were any suitable individuals flying around. People who seem like they might need to use a magic sword. Ideally, someone shady.

But, I couldn’t find anyone that easily. In the era when the Demon King existed, there were plenty of people who desired the magic sword…

“Ugh, why is it so peaceful in this era? Humans are supposed to be creatures who seek more conflict.” (Feene)

Hmm, are there no individuals conveniently with unpleasant personalities who might need the power of a magic sword?

“Seriously! How can such a story exist?” (?)

I heard a loud thud as a table was forcefully struck. It startled me a bit.

I sense strong malice. Though their magic isn’t particularly remarkable, that person seems quite wicked.

This is a tavern. I decided to hide in the shadow of a barrel in the corner and observe the person who raised their voice earlier for a while.

There are about five people drinking at the table in the corner. They all look rather unsavory. Judging from my intuition, they must be some kind of thieves or bandits.

“Why does the Grand Duke have to come to this country’s friendship ceremony when his own people are suffering from food shortages? He just wants to enjoy the delicious food at the ceremony, doesn’t he?!” (Bandit)

The Grand Duke—They’re referring to the top figure of a country. Probably the Seagull Principality.

“I can’t forgive them! How hard do they think we work to gather food in this country!” (Bandit)

“Yeah, that’s right. Robbery, theft, smuggling. None of it’s easy. And yet, the Grand Duke leisurely comes to visit this country enjoying himself. Unforgivable!” (Bandit)

“Hey boss, maybe we should just take care of that Duke while he’s leisurely sightseeing in this country. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of better leaders for their country than him in the future.” (Bandit)

“Well, I’d love to do it if I could… But we don’t have enough power to pull off something like that. It’s not so easy to kill a leader of a country. If only we had a powerful weapon that would go down in history…” (Bandit)

The atmosphere at the table turned grim.

I see, I see. They’re quite the nasty bunch of bandits. Not content with just robbery, theft, and smuggling, they’re even plotting to assassinate a country’s leader and incite a political coup. And to top it off, they’re actively seeking powerful weapons. In other words, they need me!

I’ve made up my mind. I’ll temporarily entrust myself, as the magic sword Catastrophe, to those individuals.

And then, I’ll have them instigate a major incident. That should surely make the headlines. My reputation will surely grow. And once that happens, even that man who holds the strongest magic in the city should take an interest in me.

Ah, this is wonderful. Let’s proceed with this plan.

On the night road, I approached them and, thankfully, they agreed to my invitation, and we made a pact.

The thieves have carefully planned to raid the museum and steal the magic sword at a later date.

Things are getting interesting, aren’t they? I couldn’t help but grin to myself. I’ll be able to cause quite a commotion. Maybe even bathe in blood. I can’t wait, I really can’t.

Illustration of the fairy

“Shall I flap my wings over your face? I’ll just make it too bright for you to sleep.”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

MC’s sleep is about to cause the destruction of the world. Also, who decided it was a good idea to put up something so dangerous in the museum? This thing better be at maximum security even though we know that it isn’t.


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