CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 3 Part 2 – The shut-in desperately wants to rest

The quests piled up in [Grand Bahamut] decreased rapidly.

Tony is working diligently. I have to admit, his performance is impressive. Honestly, I didn’t expect him to work this hard. It’s a pleasant surprise.

Tony told me, “Nii-san, no working for a while,” and I think I’ll take advantage of my little brother’s words.

I lie on the sofa, reading newspapers, and novels, just lounging around.

It’s a happy life. But strangely enough, lately, I’ve been feeling a bit bored. I put down the newspaper I was reading on the table and lie back on the sofa, gazing at the ceiling.

“It’s too quiet.” (Wilhelm)

Not too long ago, it was bustling with activity due to quest completions. But now, all I can hear is the sound of people walking down the street. Will I continue to live like this, feeling the silence? It’s what a shut-in like me desires, but it brings a tinge of loneliness—

“I’m home! Finished all my work for today!” (Sofia)

Suddenly, the atmosphere became lively again. The loneliness I was starting to feel vanished somewhere. It’s because Sofia-san, the liveliest person in the guild, came back.

After neatly placing her delivery items in the box, Sofia-san found some snacks in the kitchen and started munching on them by herself.

“Welcome back, Sofia-san.” (Wilhelm)

I sat up from the sofa.

“I-I’m surprised. Wil-kun, you’re awake. I thought you might be dead since you didn’t react at all.” (Sofia)

“Well, if I were dead, you should definitely worry.” (Wilhelm)

“Eh? Even if Wil-kun was a bit dead, I feel like just sprinkling some water on you would bring you back to life.” (Sofia)

“At that point, I’d be beyond human.” (Wilhelm)

I wonder if shut-ins seem like dried-up mushrooms to other people. Even if you sprinkle water, will I come back?

“Hey, Wil-kun.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san looked at me while munching on her snacks.

“Are you free today?” (Sofia)

“I’m quite busy.” (Wilhelm)

“Well, I happen to have these tickets here.” (Sofia)

Sofia showed me two tickets. I wonder what kind of tickets they are.

“Aren’t these tickets for the art museum? I read that it’s really popular right now. You managed to get tickets, huh?” (Wilhelm)

I remember reading about it in the newspaper. The museum has been bustling with activity lately.

“Our neighbor passed these tickets on to us. Do you know what the current buzz is about?” (Sofia)

“It’s the exhibition of artifacts from the Demon King, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, that’s it. Apparently, they’re showcasing artifacts that were once possessed or created by the Demon King. I was wondering if Wil-kun would be interested.” (Sofia)

Artifacts from the Demon King—weapons and tools once created or owned by the Demon King.

Each one is precious and highly functional. It’s said that if used maliciously, they could easily destroy an entire country.

The country must have understood the danger of these artifacts. After the Demon King’s demise, they collected all the artifacts and stored them as national treasures for a hundred years.

I’ve had some unpleasant experiences with Demon King-related matters before, so ideally, I wouldn’t want to get involved, but…

“I’m interested. It sounds like there are plenty of fascinating things on display. My intellectual curiosity piqued.” (Wilhelm)

“All right then, shall we go together?” (Sofia)

“Huh, right now?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, life’s too short to just lounge around.” (Sofia)

“By that logic, I wonder how much of my life I’ve wasted…” (Wilhelm)

“You might just be living the most wasted life in the city.” (Sofia)

“Hmm, ‘the most wasted life’ does have a nice ring to it.” (Wilhelm)

“No, it doesn’t!” (Sofia)

As we chatted, Sofia-san dragged me to my feet. I felt her pushing me towards the door. She called out to Mew-chan, who was tending to the shop.

“I’m borrowing Wil-kun for a bit!” (Sofia)

“Sodane! You don’t have to give him back mew!” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan’s words didn’t reach Sofia. She just smiled.

“It’s lonely without Wil-kun around, isn’t it? You two are so close!” (Sofia)

Huh, despite being like cats and dogs. Sofia-san’s heart really is pure.

I walked to the museum with Sofia-san.

This museum is the oldest in the country. It’s a bit inconveniently located, but it’s luxurious and spacious. Plus, it’s three stories tall.

After entering the museum and handing over our tickets, we take our time to appreciate the exhibits.

“Ah, Wil-kun, isn’t that the exhibit of the Demon King’s artifacts over there? There sure are a lot of people.” (Sofia)

There’s a large room with many security guards. Checking the signboard in that room, just as Sofia-san said, it’s a special exhibition featuring artifacts of the Demon King.

Upon entering the room, I immediately felt a heavy pressure on my chest. The artifacts of the Demon King in this room seem to emit a powerful aura.

“I wonder what the first exhibit is… Oh, huh? Just an old scroll?” (Sofia)

According to the description, it’s called the [Scroll of Grand Summoning]. It’s housed in a glass case.

“Does this mean I can use summoning magic like Wil-kun?” (Sofia)

“According to the description, it seems so. It’s a one-time use, but by imbuing this scroll with magic, you can summon a giant beast called a Cyclops.” (Wilhelm)

It seems the Demon King used this to send his minions to attack the city. Terrifying stuff.

“Alright, let’s move on to the next one.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san is already ahead. I quickly follow her to the next exhibit.

Wait, what’s this? Two round, sturdy-looking rings… Oh, I see. They’re handcuffs. That seems ominous. According to the explanation, um…

“It’s called the [Gorgon’s Shackles]. Just throw them with magic, and they’ll automatically bind the opponent. Once you’re caught, you can’t get them off. And on top of that, they start petrifying you from where they’re attached. The key to unlocking them is missing… Ugh, I definitely don’t want to get caught in these.” (Wilhelm)

Huh, I thought Sofia-san was next to me, but she’s not. She seems to have run into an acquaintance and is chatting with them.

Standing next to me is a girl with twin tails. I feel like I’ve met this girl somewhere before. She seems to be seriously examining the shackles… 

“Hmm… I see, shackles. Escaping from restraint is the quintessential essence of magic tricks. If I managed to pull it off, it might be a hit. Worth considering.” (Twin-tailed Girl)

Ah, that’s right. I remember now. She’s the girl who was doing magic tricks in the city. Anya was impressed by her magic. Since then, Anya has been diligently practicing magic tricks.

Wasn’t this girl’s name Stephanie?

“Hey, Stephanie.” (Wilhelm)

Stephanie tilts her twin tails and looks at me suspiciously.

“When you’re doing escape magic, it’s better to do it when someone is around, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Why’s that?” (Stephanie)

“Well, if you fail and get stuck, it’d be troublesome if there’s no one to help you out of the restraints, right?” (Wilhelm)

She looked easily convinced.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ve never had a successful magic trick, so…” (Stephanie)

I’m glad she understands. It’s good that I voiced my concerns.

“Hey, who said anything about failing at magic tricks?!” (Stephanie)

Stephanie, you have a great sense of humor.

“I’ll show you an amazing magic trick one of these days, so look forward to it, okay?” (Stephanie)

“Yeah, I hope that day comes.” (Wilhelm)

Somehow, Stephanie ended up joining us as we wandered around. With Sofia-san here too, it’s like I’m surrounded by flowers. Maybe my lucky streak is starting.

We looked at various other exhibits.

There were books containing the ultimate magic of the unknown Demon King, picture books that, when opened, would transport you to a special dungeon, intricately crafted magic dolls visible only to humans, and other items like shields, armor, and rods that looked strong at a glance. 

There was also the Demon King’s diary. Even though he’s deceased, it’s kind of pitiful to have his diary made public.

And finally, the centerpiece of the exhibition.

It’s the Demon King’s crafted magic sword, called Catastrophe.

By some stroke of luck, there was a moment when no visitors were around. Lucky us. Looks like we’ll be able to take our time examining the magic sword.

“This is the Demon King’s magic sword… It looks incredibly sharp.” (Sofia)

Stephanie seems captivated by the magic sword, seriously admiring it.

The appearance of the magic sword is a deep crimson, like blood. If someone told me that it became red with the blood of those it cuts, I might just believe them.

Let’s read the explanation.

“The magic sword, Catastrophe, is the strongest weapon created by the Demon King. However, it is extremely difficult to wield, and only the Demon King himself was able to master it. Records suggest that the Demon King referred to it as a failed creation.” (Wilhelm)

Hmm, I wonder what went wrong with it. I feel like I could handle it if I had the chance.

Wait, huh? Something white is flying out from the sword. It’s a small luminescent object that looks like it could fit in the palm of my hand. It fluttered cutely in front of me, with four wings flapping.

She was a fairy with golden hair, and emerald eyes, and dressed in white.

“Hello (konnichiwa).” (Fairy)

She greeted politely.

“Oh, you’re the fairy I met at night. It wasn’t a dream after all. Why did you come out of the magic sword?” (Wilhelm)

“I am an embodiment of the consciousness of this magic sword. Please call me Feene. And what might your name be?” (Feene)

“Me? I’m Wilhelm Wondersky. Just a humble shut-in.” (Wilhelm)

Stephanie seemed to react to something. Was she surprised to learn I’m from a noble family, or was it the shut-in part that caught her off guard?

Feene fluttered gracefully.

“Wilhelm-sama, would you consider using the magic sword? I would be very happy if you could use it—” (Feene)

Stephanie interrupted the conversation and came around to face me directly. What’s going on all of a sudden? She seems surprised about something.

“Oh, you’re Wilhelm Wondersky-sama!” (Stephanie)

“No need for ‘sama’. Just call me Wil.” (Wilhelm)

“I’ve always wanted to meet you! If I were to express this feeling through a magic trick, it would be like this.” (Stephanie)

Stephanie brought her left hand in front of me. She snapped her fingers. Then, a flute appeared in Stephanie’s right hand. I have no idea what’s going on.

“Sorry, Stephanie. It seems like my understanding can’t keep up with your magic tricks.” (Wilhelm)

I don’t really understand. What should I do?

“What kind of feeling was Stephanie trying to convey with the flute? It seems a bit risky to play it in the museum, don’t you think?” (Wilhelm)

“I just failed miserably. Why does this always happen at important moments?” (Stephanie)

Well, probably because your magic tricks aren’t that good.

Stephanie reached behind her and pulled something out. It’s a bright red flower with thorns on its stem. It’s a rose. I wonder if it hurt to have it tucked behind her back.

“I actually meant to bring this out.” (Stephanie)

“A single rose… Hah, so basically, you were captivated by my charm, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah.” (Stephanie)

“But I’m the older brother in the Wondersky family. Did you mistake me for my younger brother?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not the case. Please accept it, Wilhelm Wondersky-sama. No, maybe it’s better if I address you as Demon King—” (Stephanie)

I tried to accept the rose with joy, but then I quickly pulled my hand back. I don’t need that last part.

“The Demon King part is definitely a mistake. You’ve got the wrong person.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? But you’re Wilhelm Wondersky-sama, right?” (Stephanie)

“Well, yeah…” (Wilhelm)

“Then, without a doubt, you’re the Demon King.” (Stephanie)

“No, that’s definitely a mistake.” (Wilhelm)

Stephanie pulled out a newspaper from somewhere. My name is on the front page. It’s from when I defeated the legendary ghost a while back.

“Look here. It’s written clearly. Wilhelm Wondersky-sama is the Demon King. It says that the children’s eyes sparkle when they say it in unison. It’s even written in big letters.” (Stephanie)

It really was written there.

Those kids! After I risked my life to save them from being eaten by the legendary ghost. They repay me like this…

“I’m not the Demon King. I’m more like a hero, you know? I mean, look at me, don’t I look like a cool hero?” (Wilhelm)

I tried to strike a heroic pose. I thought it was pretty good.

Stephanie looked unsure.

“Well, if we’re judging solely based on appearance, then yeah, you’re kind of a dull onii-san.” (Stephanie)

Gah, stop it. Handle my heart with care. I was really confident in that heroic pose just now. If you shoot it down, how am I supposed to look cool from now on? Ugh… the world can be so harsh.

Feene flew into my field of vision.

“Um, is Wilhelm-sama the Demon King?” (Feene)

“No, absolutely not.” (Wilhelm)

Stephanie leaned in closer to me.

“Please, Demon King-sama, I want to see the ultimate magic of the Demon King.” (Stephanie)

“You can use ultimate magic! That definitely means you’re the Demon King. I really want to see it too!” (Feene)

“I’m telling you, I’m a hero. Sofia-san, say something, please.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? I don’t really mind either. Wil-kun is Wil-kun. Even if he’s called the Demon King, I’ll always be friends with him.” (Sofia)

She seems to be saying something nice, but it feels incredibly nonchalant.

*waku waku*” (Stephanie & Feene)

Stephanie and Feene’s eyes sparkle. But I won’t be swayed by such looks.

“Well, maybe if there’s a chance in the future. But definitely not today.” (Wilhelm)

Now, let’s move on to the next exhibit. When in doubt, retreat.

“I won’t give up, Demon King-sama! I traveled across the sea all the way to this country just to meet you!” (Stephanie)

That’s some impressive determination. Something I, as a shut-in, could never muster.

Stephanie and Feene persisted, but I didn’t engage with them. I’m more of a hero, after all. I can’t afford to entertain being called the Demon King.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

MC had one more chance to redeem himself but he blew it. But then again, if Stephanie hadn’t interrupted, maybe Feene would have brought up the whole heist thing that’s gonna happen. Wait… Is Stephanie and Sofia not gonna question Feene’s last sentence before she was cut off?

Idk why but the flute appearing on her opposite hand is funny to me. I even thought she was about to sing a song.


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