CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 1 – The shut-in fights alongside his talented younger brother

I woke up in the early afternoon. Tony and the others seemed to have gone on a quest, which is why the guild was so quiet.

It seems that the quests with an approaching deadline are being wrapped up. When I checked the bulletin board, it was surprisingly neat.

“…Impressive.” (Wilhelm)

So this was Tony’s current strength. Not long ago, he was just my cute little brother following behind me. Looks like Tony had grown considerably stronger while I wasn’t looking.

I reminisced about the many memories I had with Tony. Ah, they rush through my mind like a slideshow.

—(Nii-san, I managed to eat the same amount of food as you!)

He was so cute back then, so small.

—(Look! I’m wearing the same thing as nii-san. Hehe, does it suit me?)

There was a time when he imitated me excessively.

—(Nii-san, nii-san, I’ve gotten better with the sword!)

He worked hard to catch up to me.

—(Nii-san, look! I got a perfect score!)

Tony worked hard in his studies too.

—(I respect you from the bottom of my heart, nii-san. Someday, I’ll become a worthy man who can stand by your side and support you. So please look forward to that!)

He had been saying that since he was little. Since Tony looked up to me, I worked desperately not to be overtaken by him.

—(Nii-san, nii-san, nii-sann~!)

Tony’s smile was so cute. It would have been nice if he had been a girl.

When I was busy reminiscing, a fluffy white magical beast walked up beside me. It stood next to me, looking at the bulletin board.

“Your younger brother is very competent mew. Unlike a certain someone!” (Mew-chan)

“Yeah, that’s right. He’s incredibly capable.” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane! Wait, what? Aren’t you going to say, ‘Tony is great, but I’m a hundred times better’ or something like that?” (Mew-chan)

“Tony is my proud younger brother. So, when he gets praised, It honestly makes me happy.” (Wilhelm)

“Ehh. Aren’t brothers supposed to grow up hating each other and fighting?” (Mew-chan)

“I can’t bring myself to punch that pretty face.” (Wilhelm)

“Then, what kind of face could you punch mew?” (Mew-chan)

“Maybe the face of a fluffy white creature that’s a bit too much to handle.” (Wilhelm)

My gaze clashed sharply with Mew-chan’s. It was as if sparks were flying.

Mew-chan cracked his knuckles.

“Hehe, so the time has finally come to settle things between us, you neet.” (Mew-chan)

“I’m just in need of some stress relief. I’ll make sure to make full use of you.” (Wilhelm)

“Stress? For a neet? Hah! You’re probably just jealous of Tony mew.” (Mew-chan)

“As if I’d be jealous.” (Wilhelm)

Mew-chan gestured provocatively, looking down at me. He was clearly signaling for me to come at her.

“Heh, if you think you can beat me, you’re gravely mistaken.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s my line mew. If you think I’m just a Sodane Mew’ you’re in for a painful surprise.” (Liliana)

Mew-chan’s magic started to surge. His eyes began to glow, and his white fur stood on end. The powerful aura he exuded whipped up like a storm, causing the quest papers on the bulletin board to flutter violently.

As expected, Mew-chan was a formidable magical beast. He possessed a strength far beyond that of an ordinary Sodane Mew.

However, she wasn’t a match for someone as talented as me.

“I’ll show you what real strength is. Here I come.” (Wilhelm)

“Bring it on! Mewwwwww!” (Liliana)

“Haaahhhhhh!” (Wilhelm)

We both psyched ourselves up. And then, we leaped towards each other—

The shop door opened. A woman, radiating a graceful aura, entered.

“Good afternoon!” (?)

“Welcome!” (Wilhelm (Mew-chan) Mew-chan)

Due to our momentum, Mew-chan and I ended up hugging each other. We turned our faces towards the customer and greeted her.

The customer who entered the shop was a woman wearing a civil servant uniform. She was a beautiful lady with cool, blue hair. We’ve known each other for years, and we used to spend a lot of time together during our school days.

“Ah, it’s Liliana. You don’t have to be so formal, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“Oh? You two seem quite close. Were you perhaps nurturing love in secret while no one was around?” (Liliana)

“As if! Mew-chan and I are like cats and dogs.” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

“But you two seem to get along really well, don’t you?” (Liliana)

Liliana flashed a slightly mischievous smile.

“So, what brings you here today? Did you come to touch some muscles?” (Wilhelm)

“I’ll save that for my days off.” (Liliana)

Oh god, her heart is as polluted as ever.

“I’m here for the regular inspection today. Where’s guild master Anastasia?” (Liliana)

“She’s out working with Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh?” (Liliana)

“Anya is on a quest with my brother.” (Wilhelm)

“Then, what about you, Wilhelm-kun?” (Liliana)

“I’m manning the guild.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana shot me a disdainful gaze as if she were looking at a bug. It was the kind of cold gaze that someone with masochistic tendencies would probably delight in.

“This is just like you. Not that it’s a good thing. As a grown-up, you shouldn’t make a 14-year-old and a 12-year-old work. Wilhelm-kun, as punishment, I demand some muscles.” (Liliana)

“No.” (Wilhelm)

However, despite what I said, Liliana’s hand reached out towards my chest. She touched me gently.

Liliana’s slender fingers glided smoothly over my chest. For a moment, Liliana’s expression seemed to shift into a smirk, but she quickly withdrew her hand. She withdrew surprisingly early today.

But after a moment, her face paled in disbelief and Liliana ran her hand over my muscles again.

Ara? Arara? Ararara? Wait a minute? Wilhelm-kun? This is unacceptable. You promised to always keep your muscles in top condition for me, didn’t you?” (Liliana)

“I don’t recall making such a promise…” (Wilhelm)

“The conditions of your muscles are very poor. How can I indulge myself if you’re like this?” (Liliana)

“Poor? That’s odd. I don’t feel any muscle soreness.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana touched my chest again, this time with a rather serious expression.

“The feeling of this pectoral muscle… Wilhelm-kun, you must be in big trouble.” (Liliana)

“W-Why would you know something like that? Is Liliana a muscle counselor or something?” (Wilhelm)

“Anyone could tell from this much, you know?” (Liliana)

“No, absolutely not. Only Liliana could.” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm-kun, if you have a problem, you need to tell me. Stress only has negative effects on muscles. Come on, be honest with me. Let’s solve your problem together?” (Liliana)

Liliana gave me a saintly smile, one that seemed to radiate more compassion than any saint in some church.

However, this person is fundamentally interested in muscles. I shouldn’t forget that she may be kind to muscles, but she’s strict with me. If I were to confide in her about my worries here, I’d probably regret it. Actually, I don’t have any worries to begin with.

“I’m fine. Liliana, you’re more caring than usual today.” (Wilhelm)

“Are you really okay? I understand you better than you think, so don’t think you can keep secrets from me, okay?” (Liliana)

“That sounds just like something a mom would say.” (Wilhelm)

“You’re saying things that will make girls dislike you again. If you have any problems, please do consult with me properly. Keeping it all to yourself isn’t good for your muscles, you know.” (Liliana)

Does my condition really seem off to her? A little while ago, it might have been due to overwork, but now I don’t feel any symptoms.

Liliana walked towards the door.

“Are you leaving already?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. I’ll come back when Anastasia-san seems to be around. Despite my appearance, I’m quite busy, you know.” (Liliana)

“Well, you always seem busy. Take care of yourself too, Liliana.” (Wilhelm)

“Thank you. Oh, right. There’s something I want to tell Wilhelm-kun.” (Liliana)

“Me?” (Wilhelm)

“Lately, there has been an increase in thefts both in the city and outside.” (Liliana)

“Oh, I heard that from Sofia-san. If I come across any thieves, I’ll let you know.” (Wilhelm)

“No, you don’t need to let me know. Just round them up if you find them. That way, I’ll have fewer tasks, and I can go home on time more often.” (Liliana)

I gave her a half-hearted look of annoyance.

“Well then, Wilhelm-kun, let me touch your muscles again sometime. Please convey my regards to your muscles.” (Liliana)

“I wish you’d take an interest in something other than my muscles…” (Wilhelm)

She gave me a small smile and left.

Mew-chan and I watched as Liliana left through the door.

“Well, shall we continue from where we left off earlier?” (Wilhelm)

“I’ve lost interest mew. I’m going to go bring in the laundry.” (Mew-chan)

“Then maybe I’ll read a novel.” (Wilhelm)

“Go to work, you neet! If it’s not urgent, there’s plenty to do.” (Mew-chan)

“I’ll start tomorrow. Cut me some slack for today.” (Wilhelm)

“That sounds like something someone who’ll never get around to it would say.” (Liliana)

Maybe that’s true.

By now, Tony is probably working diligently with Anya and Sofia-san.

Not long ago, I used to be in that position. What am I thinking? It’s almost like I’m jealous of Tony.

I push aside these thoughts and dive onto the sofa. I spend some time reading a novel, but for some reason, I can’t seem to enjoy it. My mind is oddly restless. I’m starting to feel some self-awareness about it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

It’s amazing that Liliana knew something was off about MC even before MC noticed it himself. I feel like she could be written to be a childhood friend and nothing about their relationship would change.


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