CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 2 – The shut-in fights alongside his talented younger brother

It was night. I slowly emerged from the bath. It’s about time for dinner so I thought I should help with setting the table or something. When I entered the kitchen, Anya greeted me with a smile.

“Welcome home, Master (goshujinsama)!” (Anya)

“Oh! Anya, you’re wearing an incredibly cute outfit today.” (Wilhelm)

Anya was dressed up in a maid outfit, looking super cute.

It’s a black maid outfit with lots of white frills. The skirt is quite short, and she’s wearing black stockings on her legs. The headband is super cute too.

When Sofia-san said, “Anya-chan, spin for us,” Anya spun around and her skirt fluttered up. Anya’s cute thighs were exposed.

Splendid. That’s amazing, Anya!

“Ufufu. How is it, master? Does my maid outfit suit me?” (Anya)

Anya looks embarrassed while holding down her skirt.

“It’s amazing! I think you could captivate masters from all over the world!” (Wilhelm)

Anya looks delighted. That smile of hers is incredibly cute.

“I’m glad you’re pleased.” (Anya)

“Where did you get that maid outfit? It’s got amazing style.” (Wilhelm)

“This is a maid outfit from the Wondersky family. Tony-sama told me that all men love maids, so he lent me this maid outfit.” (Anya)

“I see. I’ll have to thank Tony for that.” (Wilhelm)

Tony, that was a brilliant move! I didn’t even know we had such a cute maid outfit in the house.

“Alright, Wil-kun, the omelette rice is ready!” (Sofia)

Sofia-san prepared a large serving of omelette rice. The eggs are fluffy and look delicious.

As Sofia-san bent over to place the plate, her cleavage was accentuated. I couldn’t help but be captivated by it.

“Sofia-san, your maid outfit is quite provocative. By the way, why are you wearing one too?” (Wilhelm)

The maid outfit Sofia-san wore highlighted her cleavage prominently, and the length was incredibly short. It was quite something.

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to try wearing something like this at least once. Is that weird?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san spun around. Her skirt floated up to a quite daring height.

“It’s absolutely fantastic.” (Wilhelm)

I said with a gentlemanly smile.

“Yay! I got praised too!” (Sofia)

Anya prepared the ketchup, squeezing it tightly from the bottle. She drew a big heart with the ketchup on the omelette rice.

“I poured all my love into it for you, Master.” (Anya)

“You’re even doing this kind of service! That’s quite extravagant!” (Wilhelm)

“M-Moe, moe, kyun~!” (Anya) 

She shyly made cat-like paws with her hands as she spoke. It was irresistibly cute.

“Anya, you’re so cute! Could you cast a spell to make the omelette rice delicious? Come on! Quickly!” (Wilhelm)

Anya blushed a little and then made heart marks with both hands.

“I’m going to put even more love into it! Here I go, become delicious~! Uuu, this is too embarrassing after all!” (Anya)

She spun around in embarrassment. So cute! Incredibly cute! The maids in this guild are just too amazing!

I took the spoon and ate the omelette rice.

“Mhmm.” (Wilhelm)

With Anya’s cute service added to it, an incredible sweetness spread throughout my body like never before. The taste was out of this world. This must be the effect of the maid’s spell.

Sofia-san came over, took a spoon, and scooped up some omelette rice.

“Wil-kun, Wil-kun, next, onee-san will gently feed you. Here, say ahhh.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san fed me a bite.

“Mhmm, it’s good!” (Wilhelm)

“Alright, one more time!” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san, that’s unfair. I want to feed Master too!” (Anya)

“Oh, I dropped it.” (Sofia)

The omelette rice fell from the spoon and landed softly on Sofia-san’s ample chest.

“Sofia-san, may I eat that?” (Wilhelm)

I asked quite seriously, maintaining a gentlemanly demeanor.

“Huh? It fell on my chest, but is that okay?” (Sofia)

“That’s exactly why I want it.” (Wilhelm)

I replied with a straight face. Sofia-san took the omelette rice with her fingers and fed it to me.

“The forbidden feeling makes it so delicious!” (Wilhelm)

“Are you an idiot or something? Alright, that’s enough. Anya-chan, let’s eat too.” (Sofia)

“Wait, Sofia-san. I also want to feed Master with my breasts too. That’s what a true maid does!” (Anya)

“What should I do? Anya-chan’s understanding of being a maid is a bit off.” (Sofia)

“Isn’t it fine? She’s cute.” (Wilhelm)

Anya took a spoon and scooped up some omelette rice.

Then, she spread open the chest of her maid outfit and checked her own breasts. At that moment, a look of great despair appeared on Anya’s face. Her eyes gradually became vacant with shock.

“S-Sofia-san, what should I do…?” (Anya)

“Huh, what’s wrong?” (Sofia)

“There’s nowhere to put the omelette rice!” (Anya)

“In moments like this, you just need to give them a lift, you know?” (Sofia)

“T-There are limits to these things!” (Anya)

“Try again.” (Sofia)

“It’s impossible. There’s no way…” (Anya)

“That’s not true. When I was eight, I used to push them close to me and play with them to make them bigger. Breasts are something you can make.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san moved behind Anya. Then, she slid her hands beneath Anya’s chest and gently pushed them up. Anya looked embarrassed, but also a bit pleased.

“Huh…?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san’s expression turned into one of regret. It was a remarkably disappointed look. Perhaps the volume wasn’t enough.

“S-Sofia-san, please stop making that face. You’re shattering my pride as a girl.” (Anya)

“T-That’s odd… Hmm. Anya-chan, you’re around twelve, right…?” (Sofia)

“Aaah, please stop adding insult to injury. I don’t think my brain can handle this.” (Anya)

“I-It’s okay. Anya-chan’s mom, Angelina-san, had big breasts, right? Anya-chan will grow up soon too. Probably…” (Sofia)

“P-Please don’t lose confidence in your tone. Please encourage me more. I’m going through a delicate time…” (Anya)

“Anya, you can do it!”

When I tried to encourage her, Anya looked embarrassed.

“M-Master, if I were to get bigger, I’ll make sure to provide even more service than I do now, so please look forward to it!” (Anya)

Then, I won’t forget those words. I’ll eagerly anticipate Anya’s growth and development.

Haa, I feel guilty…

After dinner, I escorted Sofia-san out and went back to my room. Then, a sense of guilt overwhelmed me.

Sitting on the bed, I’m tormented by guilt. 

“Did I deserve to be treated so kindly even though I haven’t done anything?” (Wilhelm)

I feel guilty for receiving so much care. I’m just a shut-in with an overinflated ego.

Someone like Tony should be the one receiving such wonderful service. He works hard. He’s cool.

“What am I even… It’s such a waste…” (Wilhelm)

Anya is incredibly beautiful and kind, and Sofia-san is obviously an attractive and kind older sister type.

The door to my room timidly opens. It’s Anya. She’s still in her maid outfit, looking at me with joy.

“Wil-sama, I will sleep beside you.” (Anya)

“Eh?” (Wilhelm)

I think I made a dumb sound.

“It’s the duty of a maid to serve the master from morning till night.” (Anya)

Anya’s perception of being a maid might still be a bit off. Maybe someone in the neighborhood instilled that idea in her. But oh well.

“Well, I guess it’s nice to sleep together once in a while.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, then, if you’ll excuse me.” (Anya)

I moved to the end of the bed, and Anya came to lie down beside me. We both lay down side by side, facing upwards.

It feels strange. Anya somehow becomes about three times cuter when she lies down. Her eyes sparkle, and it feels like she’s asking for something.

Anya gently stroked my chest. Her touch was gentle, like a mother putting her child to sleep.

She began to sing softly. It was a lullaby. It reminded me of the maid who used to sing to me when I was little. I feel like I could fall asleep soon.

After a while—

“…nn…zzz…” (Anya)

Anya was the first to fall asleep.

Well, that’s to be expected. She wakes up early in the morning, does chores, goes to work, and must be tired. Thank you, as always, for everything you do for me.

I turned to the side and looked at Anya’s sleeping face. She looked so happy. Seeing her contented expression made me feel a little relieved. I realized that Anya wasn’t forcing herself to take care of me.

Quietly, I got up and gently carried Anya like a princess.

Mew-chan was standing outside the room, glaring at me with intense eyes. He’s brimming with hostility.

“Are you planning to mess with the young lady, you neet?” (Mew-chan)

“As if I would. Who do you think I am?” (Wilhelm)

“The Demon King of the Night.” (Mew-chan)

“Your perception of me is way off. Look at her sleeping face. She’s an angel. No one would dare to do anything while looking at this peaceful expression.” (Wilhelm)

“Indeed. I agree with that mew.” (Mew-chan)

I handed Anya to Mew-chan and then left the room.

“Huh? Where are you going mew?” (Mew-chan)

“I felt like feeling the night breeze. I’ll be back in a bit.” (Wilhelm)

“No need to hurry back mew~” (Mew-chan)

He smirked and laughed. What a jerk.

“Don’t say such lonely things.” (Wilhelm)

“I’ll lock the door mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Leave it unlocked for me.” (Wilhelm)

He descended the stairs. When I went outside through the back door, it was raining. I opened an umbrella and walked slowly. I couldn’t see the moon or stars. I felt gloomy.

My footsteps echoed in the quiet city as I walked slowly along the road.

I realized it. My mental state was not good. Not just a little bit. It was incredibly bad.

“Sir, you’re on your twentieth drink already.” (Bartender)

“That’s the mood I’m in. Let me get drunk today.” (Wilhelm)

I was at a bar. It was a mature and calm establishment. The customers were quietly enjoying the tranquility of the night and the taste of alcohol.

I sat at the counter and had already downed twenty drinks on the bartender’s recommendation. The more I drank, the more I became aware of my current situation. It was tough.

“Master… actually, I might be leaving my current job soon.”

I blurted out my feelings. The middle-aged bartender slowly returned the emptied bottle to its original place, as if he were neither listening nor ignoring me.

“A talented young newcomer joined. A truly exceptional person. They’re handling tasks that I thought only I could do at that workplace, and they’re doing it at an unbelievable speed.” (Wilhelm)

The bartender still hadn’t turned around. But once I started pouring out my feelings, I couldn’t stop. Maybe it was partly because I was nicely drunk.

“Before I knew it, they had taken care of all the tasks that I thought only I could handle. The girls at the workplace who used to admire me are all flocking around them. They’re still keeping me company for now, but I realized that in the near future, no one will even give me a second glance.” (Wilhelm)

The bartender moved away from me. Perhaps another customer had called for him.

Ah, this is sad. There’s no one to listen to my complaints. I wonder if I’ve become a troublesome customer. I feel like I’m just drunkenly bothering everyone. I must look pretty uncool right now.

“Here you go, sir.” (Bartender)

The master politely placed an envelope in front of me. I wonder what this is.

“Master, what’s this?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s from the other customer over there.” (Bartender)

What…? So there’s actually someone who does that? People actually say “It’s from the other customer over there” in real life? I thought that only happened in fiction.

I glanced over at the other customer.

It seems like it’s the person sitting at the far end of the bar counter. Wow, isn’t she beautiful? Whether it’s because I’m tipsy or not, her expression is soft and quite seductive. Plus, the way she’s elegantly crossing her legs in black tights adds to her allure.

Well, the beauty in question is Liliana. I would have preferred a mysterious beauty whose name I didn’t even know. That would have made the situation even more interesting.

Before I knew it, she gave me a casual smile that she doesn’t usually show. And she even waved her hand cutely. It feels like she’s breaking character a bit.

Liliana looks delighted as she hops over to me. Looks like she’s going to sit beside me. She’s moving her belongings and drinks as well.

“Mind if I sit here?” (Liliana)

“You don’t have to ask me.” (Wilhelm)

“Thanks for the drink.” (Liliana)

“Whoa, seriously? You’re quite bold to take mine.” (Wilhelm)

“Hehe, let’s enjoy the adult night together, shall we?” (Liliana)

“You just want to drink freely on someone else’s tab, aren’t you?” (Wilhelm)

“What’s wrong with that? Treating a lady to drinks is the mark of a gentleman, you know?” (Liliana)

“I’ve never heard such a flimsy excuse before.” (Wilhelm)

She seems much more relaxed than the usual Liliana. There’s an air of carelessness about her. Also, her voice sounds more childish than usual. I guess this is what happens when she’s drunk.

“So, what’s this envelope all about? Normally, when you say ‘it’s from another customer’, shouldn’t it be some good booze?” (Wilhelm)

“But isn’t it exciting not knowing what’s in it?” (Liliana)

“Exciting? What’s so exciting about that?” (Wilhelm)

“Just open it and see.” (Liliana)

Liliana seems excited. I wonder if there’s something fun inside.

I opened the envelope and took out what was inside. It was a booklet in a color that looked expensive.

“Th-This is… a civil service recruitment guide.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve been assisting with recruitment activities lately. I go to the academy as an alumni and talk to students seeking jobs. I tell them how wonderful it is to work in civil servant environments.” (Liliana)

“You’re still working hard as ever, huh? So, why are you giving this to me?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, let’s just open it for now.” (Liliana)

Liliana reached out and flipped through the pages of the recruitment guide. There, several civil servants were featured with bright smiles.

“Here are some of the most handsome and beautiful civil servants. If you become one, you can work with them.” (Liliana)

“Why aren’t you in here, Liliana?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Do you think I should be in here?” (Liliana)

She looks at me with a glimmer of expectation.

“Of course. I mean, for example, you’re way more beautiful than this woman.” (Wilhelm)

“Do you think so? Oh? Wilhelm-kun, are you trying to flirt with me?” (Liliana)

“Master, could you bring her the same as mine?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course.” (Bartender)

“Wilhelm-kun, please answer my question. This is important, you know?” (Liliana)

I ignored her and looked at the next page.

I’m not interested in the workplace guide. I’ve been to the castle where civil servants work countless times since I was a child. I kept flipping through the pages.

Liliana took a sip of the drink I chose. She quietly remarked that “It’s delicious”.

“Is there a page about the civil servant dormitories?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, there is. Those are dormitories reserved for nobles. If you become a civil servant, you can live there for free.” (Liliana)

A four-bedroom apartment with each room being quite spacious. The bathroom seems large enough to swim in. It seems that all the necessary furniture is already provided. Plus, it says you can hire a maid for household chores. And the security measures are top-notch. With this, even those with families can live comfortably and elegantly.

“Isn’t this a bit too extravagant?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, yes, it is. They spend a lot of tax money on these civil servant lodgings for nobles. But if you were to live here, Wilhelm-kun, I think it would be better to choose a regular residence and experience the hardships of the world.” (Liliana)

“Which one does Liliana live in? The one for nobles?” (Wilhelm)

“I still live with my family. It’s easy for me to commute from home. Oh, were you planning to visit my room? You’re such a naughty person, aren’t you?” (Liliana)

Liliana gave a bewitching smile, her lips shimmering invitingly.

I ignored her and flipped through the pages. The list of benefits was extensive.

“Come on, loosen up a bit. I’m doing something out of my comfort zone here.” (Liliana)

“I just don’t know how to respond to this new side of you. Wow, civil servants get really great perks. The salary is high. There are plenty of allowances and perks too. No wonder the taxes are so high.” (Wilhelm)

“Being a civil servant is a special profession reserved for prestigious nobles and elite scholars who excel in school. Wilhelm-kun, you could work under these conditions too, you know? As long as you have the will. How about it?” (Liliana)

“Well, maybe some day.” (Wilhelm)

“When will that be?” (Liliana)

“Master, could you recommend something for her?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course.” (Bartender)

“Wilhelm-kun, that day could be today. Come on, say it with some enthusiasm.” (Liliana)

Liliana drank the recommended drink. Her eyes sparkled softly. It seemed like she enjoyed it.

Liliana leaned her shoulder against mine. Had she drank too much?

“Wilhelm-kun, I think it’s about time to face reality, don’t you think?”

Face reality… It means putting an end to the life of running away from society, doesn’t it?

“I’ll always be by your side, so you can go to work with a peace of mind. Let me take care of you again, just like back in school. Those were fun times, weren’t they?” (Liliana)

“Master, could you give her the same as before?” (Wilhelm)

“How much more are you trying to get me drunk?” (Liliana)

“But it was delicious, wasn’t it?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, I won’t deny that.” (Liliana)

She gave me a gentle smile. It was a refreshing expression. I feel like she’s enjoying herself. I’ve never seen Liliana make such a face before, even back in our student days. Oh well. I guess I’ll stick with her all night today.

Ah, this is unusual. Liliana is twirling around like she’s dancing. She’s smiling and laughing with her mouth wide open when we talk, undeniably cuter than usual.

Liliana and I spent some leisurely time at the bar, and now we’re walking home. It’s deep into the night, and I intend to escort Liliana all the way to her house.

As we walk, Liliana talks about her dreams. She wants me to become a top civil servant in the future, with her working as my secretary.

I wonder if such a day will come. Or rather, should I be hearing this? Did she accidentally blurt out a dream that she was supposed to keep to herself while drunk?

If we keep going straight down this road, we’ll reach Liliana’s house soon.

If I wanted to go to my parents’ house, I’d have to take another road from here. So, back in our student days, I probably would’ve just said goodbye here.

Suddenly, Liliana wraps her arms around mine. Her legs are tangled oddly. Drunkard.

“Wilhelm-kun~” (Liliana)

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to escort you home properly. I’m a gentleman, after all.” (Wilhelm)

“How about we… have a drink at my place, just a little longer?” (Liliana)

Huh? Does she still want to drink more? After all that?

No, wait. Her tone sounds serious. Liliana is using all her feminine charms to earnestly appeal to me.

“Is your family asleep?” (Wilhelm)

“Probably. But isn’t that better? Please come to my room.” (Liliana)


I feel like Liliana is genuinely inviting me.

What should I do? What’s the best course of action for the most gentlemanly man in town? Ugh, I’ve drank too much, my reasoning is failing me.

Hmm… I don’t know, but this feels like a trap. If I were to naively accept such a sweet invitation, there might be something scary waiting ahead… It seems like the kind of invitation that could lead to trouble.

“Wilhelm-kun? Surely a gentleman like yourself wouldn’t be so tactless as to reject a lady’s courageous invitation, right?” (Liliana)

Uh oh. My escape route has been blocked. She’s taken the initiative.

Um… What should I do? Let’s see…

Oh, look! There’s a group of soldiers rushing from the direction of the castle. They seem to be in a hurry and not interested in us, but they look alarmed. Something must have happened.

“Huh? Hmm? Well if it isn’t our local bacouple1, or rather, isn’t it someone who was once my son? I seem to have forgotten his name. Oh well, it doesn’t matter!” (Robert)

My father has arrived from the direction of our home. He seems to be in a hurry too, but he’s not missing the chance to tease me.

“Father, I am your beloved eldest son, Wilhelm.” (Wilhelm)

“Ugh, this is the worst. Stop reminding me of your name every time. Also, don’t call yourself ‘beloved’, it’s making me sick.” (Robert)

“If you’ve remembered, then please address me by my name.” (Wilhelm)

I was met with a disdainful gaze.

“So, what am I witnessing here? Why are you two so close? Are you dating? Oh dear, Liliana, let’s not go there. You’ll definitely end up unhappy.” (Robert)

“Excuse me, Robert-sama. Could you refrain from dissing your eldest son? He’s lacking in self-esteem, you know. We need to praise and encourage him.” (Liliana)

“Hahaha, you’re totally drunk. Sounds more like lines from a mother-son relationship than a couple.” (Robert)

“I’m not drunk! I, um, I’m planning to invite Wilhelm-kun home and make him write his resume for job hunting, that’s all! Yeah, that’s it…” (Liliana)

“Hahaha, you slipped up big time! You’re definitely drunk.” (Robert)

“~~~~~~” (Liliana)

Scary, Liliana is scary. Was she pretending to be vulnerable to set up a honey trap?

I feel like I’m developing a fear of women. Liliana used to be one of the most trustworthy women to me. Well, it was a good learning experience, I guess.

“But with that level of drunkenness, you’ll definitely have a two-day hangover2 tomorrow.” (Robert)

Liliana looked resolute.

“I’m quite strong, so I’ll be fine. Is it urgent work?” (Liliana)

“Yes. All the national treasures and relics of the Demon King that were on display at the museum were stolen.” (Robert)

“What? So, that means, more work is coming our way, isn’t it?” (Liliana)

“Exactly. But well, I’ll have someone else handle it these two days. You should get some more rest.” (Robert)

“No, I’ll be up and at it by tomorrow. …Wilhelm-kun, let’s have a drink together again sometime. Thank you for a wonderful evening.” (Liliana)

I offered to walk her home, but my father stopped me for a moment and gestured for Liliana to give us some time. It seems there’s something he wants to discuss.

Father’s expression has become much more serious than before. It seems like he’s trying to gauge my seriousness, but about what, I wonder?

“Wil-something-kun.” (Robert)

I straightened myself up to match the serious atmosphere.

“…Under the condition that you work diligently, I’ll talk to the Shootingstar (aka Liliana’s) family. You don’t need to worry about Anastasia. I’ll make sure to find a good man for her.” (Robert)

“What are you talking about?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s about the marriage proposal.” (Robert)

“Huh?” (Wilhelm)

I looked into my father’s eyes. They were dead serious. So I answered seriously.

“Liliana and I aren’t in that kind of relationship in the first place, though.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s a typical response from a young man. Are you sure Liliana feels the same way?” (Robert)

“Huh… We’ve never really talked about that.” (Wilhelm)

“In that case, why don’t you two take the time to talk it over? If it’s the Shootingstar family, I’m willing to approve. It’s within an acceptable range considering our family’s status.” (Robert)

“You’re jumping the gun here. Liliana and I aren’t even prepared for this.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s how noble matchmaking works.” (Robert)

“We don’t need that kind of matchmaking.” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm… Anyways, you’ve got two choices before you. Will you choose Anastasia, or will you choose Liliana? Both are incredibly beautiful women. So, which one will you choose?” (Robert)

“Wow, both are such luxurious options that are wasted on me…” (Wilhelm)

“Hm? Now that you mention it, it’s true. What an insanely enviable dilemma, coming from a shut-in like you! It makes me furious, I want to punch you!” (Liliana)

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” (Wilhelm)

Father’s jabs came flying at me. It’s tough dealing with this kind of play after drinking.

“Father, I’m not really torn between those two choices, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? You should be! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Well, hurry up and send Liliana off!” (Robert)

A fierce straight punch came flying. But with such a big swing, it’s easy to dodge.

“Come on, get moving. She’s a potential bride for the future.” (Robert)

“I told you, it’s not like that! Ouch, ouch, ouch!” (Wilhelm)

With a series of taps on my back, I was ushered out.

What’s going on? My parents are just letting their imaginations run wild and going off the rails. It’s such a hassle.

I caught up with Liliana as she greeted me with a smile.

“Alright, Wilhelm-kun, since you’re such a good boy, let’s write that resume at my place, okay?” (Liliana)

She patted my head. She’s treating me too much like a child.

“Going straight for the kill, huh? Well, I definitely won’t be writing it.” (Wilhelm)

I didn’t miss Liliana’s annoyed click of the tongue.

We exchanged goodnights in front of Liliana’s house. Just when I thought to leave, she forcefully handed me the resume as a souvenir. Even though I didn’t need it.

The back door to [Grand Bahamut] was open. I quietly slipped into my own bed, so as not to wake Anya. With all the drinking tonight, I’ll probably fall asleep soon.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oh shiiitttt, Liliana actually has a chance?! This feels like that part of a visual novel where the protagonist has to make a choice and he would end up on the route of whoever he picked. Of course, harem is the true route, can’t leave either unhappy.

Also, I need to mention the ridiculousness that is the bandits just being able to rob such important items. Did Feene give them a hand or did they do it themselves? Cause if they did it themselves, then they can’t complain about being weak compared to the nobles.


  1. Baka + couple, but you probably know this.
  2. Hangover means physical effects (such as headache or nausea) following heavy consumption of alcohol.
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