CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 4 Part 3 – The shut-in fights alongside his talented younger brother

“Please, wake up already!” (Liliana)

“No way. I absolutely refuse to get up.” (Wilhelm)

“Come on, stop clinging to the futon like that.” (Liliana)

“I haven’t looked at the clock, but it still feels like morning. In other words, it’s not the time for people to wake up yet. So, I won’t get up no matter what. Absolutely. Not for anything.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s already way past the time for people to wake up! How long do you plan to keep acting like a child? Sleeping in until noon like it’s no big deal is unacceptable. Come on, get up already.” (Liliana)

Liliana began to pry off each of my fingers, which were clinging to the futon. How cruel of her to do such a thing.

“Hey, wait. If you’re going to do that, then I won’t let you touch my muscles ever again.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Do you think you have the right to refuse there?” (Liliana)

“Hey, hold on. Why are you being so assertive? It’s obvious, isn’t it? They’re my precious muscles.” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm-kun, please try to remember carefully. How many years do you think you’ve been taken care of by me, starting from our student days?” (Liliana)

“…I’m still a bit sleepy to do the math.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s been ten years.” (Liliana)

“That sounds a bit exaggerated, no matter how you look at it. There weren’t even ten years of student days in the first place.” (Wilhelm)

“Okay, chew—” (Liliana)

*chew chew*

“Alright, swallow—” (Liliana)

*gulp gulp*

“Here, have some water.” (Liliana)

The cup touched my lips, and water slowly flowed down my throat.

*gulp gulp gulp* 

“Hey, you don’t have to go that far to take care of me.” (Wilhelm)

Oh no, I accidentally opened my eyes to deliver that retort. Liliana flashed me a triumphant smile.

“A shut-in like Wilhelm-kun qualifies as a certified care recipient, you know. Since your eyes are open now, let’s get you changed, shall we?” (Liliana)

“What do you plan to drag me out of bed for?” (Wilhelm)

“I need you to work no matter what.” (Liliana)

Seriously? It’s only seven in the morning. Even animals are still asleep at this time, aren’t they? Liliana is way too much of an early riser.

I asked while scratching the back of my head.

“Did something happen?” (Wilhelm)

“Didn’t you hear? The Demon King’s artifact was stolen from the museum. Remember last night?” (Liliana)

“Hmm…” (Wilhelm)

It seemed like there was something, yet it also felt like there wasn’t. I drank too much, so I don’t remember clearly.

“I also have a vague memory, but something like that did happen. And then under your father’s command, the soldiers chased after the thieves… but they lost track of them easily.” (Liliana)

“Oh man, Father’s reputation is going down the drain.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s why it was decided that Wilhelm-kun needs to work. It’s a proper quest, so there will be a reward.” (Liliana)

The quest’s difficulty is rated as A. The reward for completion is 300,000 gold. That’s quite a sum. Well, considering that national treasures were stolen, it makes sense. They need to offer a high amount to resolve it. It’s also reasonable for me to work to restore the Wondersky family’s honor.

“So, why is Tony grinning while looking over here?” (Wilhelm)

Tony is standing a little ways off, smiling warmly as he watches us.

“Oh, you know, I just thought that you and Liliana-san get along really well. Ah, I must have been intruding. I’ll wait downstairs, so you two can have some alone time.” (Tony)

“Wait, hold on. That’s a misunderstanding.” (Wilhelm)

Come to think of it, Tony always seemed to favor Liliana. We’re not dating or anything like that. I hope he doesn’t misunderstand just because we were close in our student days.

“Well, can’t be helped. Haa… I guess I’ll get up.” (Wilhelm)

If I keep lounging around, Tony might start imagining things between me and Liliana.

Ugh, my body feels so heavy. I don’t want to get up. It’s all because of those thieves. It’s because of them that I, a shut-in, have to wake up so early in the morning. I’m angry.

Starting our operation early in the morning might have been the right decision.

Last night, there was a brief rainfall, leaving the ground muddy. Thanks to that, the tracks of what appeared to be the thieves’ carriage were clearly visible in the dirt.

We pursued the thieves by riding in military carriages used by the soldiers. Our team consisted of me, Tony, Liliana, and around ten female soldiers. Plus, we were unexpectedly joined by the magician named Stephanie whom we met on the road. She insisted on coming along, saying she wanted to see my advanced magic. I warned her of the dangers, but she claimed to be skilled in magic and capable of protecting herself, so I reluctantly agreed.

As it turns out, Stephanie was apparently from the demon race. While riding in the carriage, I asked her what kind of demon she was.

“A clown.” (Stephanie)

“Even though you come from a lineage of clowns, your magic tricks are lacking…” (Wilhelm)

“I’m not bad at it! I’m just an unfinished masterpiece with great potential.” (Stephanie)

“I see… I hope you’ll reach your full potential someday.” (Wilhelm)

“How rude! That day won’t be far!” (Stephanie)

I couldn’t help but think that she seemed like an unfinished masterpiece that would never be completed.

We veered off the main road and entered the forest. We traveled along narrow paths that resembled animal trails. After a while, we reached a point where the tracks of the carriage abruptly disappeared. The path was clearly blocked by vegetation. If they were trying to hide their trail here, they didn’t seem to be very smart.

We cleared away the vegetation and continued forward.

Soon, we came across a cave. The thieves’ carriage was parked right next to the entrance. There was no doubt that this was the thieves’ hideout.

We got off the carriage and entered the cave.

It wasn’t a very deep cave. After about five minutes of walking, we arrived at a wide space illuminated by campfires. Towards the back, a large tent was set up.

“Huh? Who the heck are you guys?! Daring to enter someone’s home with your shoes on!” (?)

About ten rough-looking thieves, who had been chatting and laughing, approached us menacingly.

Tony stepped forward with a charming smile.

“We are from the guild, [Grand Bahamut], and we’re accompanied by the city’s soldiers.” (Tony)

“Guild members and soldiers, huh?! What business do you have here?!” (Thief)

“Of course, we’ve come to recover the items you stole.” (Tony)

The thieves observed us warily, their attitudes becoming increasingly aggressive.

“Hey, look, it’s just some women and kids!” (Thief)

“Looks like an easy win!” (Thief)

“Let’s show them why they shouldn’t mess with us!” (Thief)

“Kids, wouldn’t it have been better for you to stay home and drink some tea instead?” (Thief)

“Oioi, looks like there’s a dull man among them. Is that guy the commander? Let’s just kill him already~” (Thief)

…Wait, Tony seems angry. I guess he’s the type to fall for such cheap provocations.

“Excuse me, sir?” (Tony)

“Huh? Me?” (Thief)

“Insulting my beloved brother is unforgivable. I demand a retraction and an apology.” (Tony)

Tony’s expression turned cold.

The thieves laughed as if mocking him.

“Is that guy your brother? Haha, he doesn’t look anything like you at all. Your younger brother here is much cooler, isn’t he? Deep down, you must think I’m a hundred million times cooler than him, right? Huh—” (Thief)

In the blink of an eye, Tony cut down the thief. He slashed him nine times in an instant. Ruthless. The thief fell without even a chance to scream, his eyes rolling back.

“Come on, there’s no way I’m cooler than my brother, right? Anyone can see he’s at least two hundred million times cooler than me, right? Right?” (Tony)

All the thieves and female soldiers present turned their attention to me. And then, they all tilted their heads. They probably wanted to say Tony’s cooler. Seriously, you guys…

“You should probably take a good look in the mirror.” (Thief)

Looks like you’re being advised by the thieves, Tony.

“Hey, that guy just got chopped to pieces! This guy’s seriously dangerous!” (Thief)

“It’s so unfair that he’s handsome and strong. Damn it, let’s all attack him together! Let’s go!” (Thief)

“Uooooooh!” (Thief)

The thieves all rushed at once. Tony let out a sigh as if to say, “Here we go again.”

“I won’t forgive you for insulting my brother. I won’t show any mercy.” (Tony)

In an instant, without even a moment for me to consider helping, Tony had already cut down every single thief.

Not long ago, he could barely swing a sword like a child. But he must have been diligently training in the shadows. Tony had become far stronger than I had ever imagined.

Oh, a large man emerged from the tent.

He’s really huge. He must weigh as much as three adult men combined. His beard is bushy, giving off a rough and tough warrior vibe.

“What’s this! Did you guys take out my men?” (Big thief)

He must be the boss of the thieves. He’s wielding a menacing sword, its blade as red as blood. That’s the demonic sword Catastrophe, one of the artifacts of the Demon King.

Tony pointed his sword at the thief boss.

“Now, it’s your turn. We’ll be taking back all of the Demon King’s artifacts!”

The thief’s boss gritted his teeth in frustration.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!” (Big thief)

What’s going on? The thief boss seems strange. His eyes are bloodshot, and he emits a menacing aura that doesn’t seem human. No, maybe it’s the magic sword doing this.

The magic sword was emitting a pitch-black aura. It seems to be absorbing the boss’s magic and converting it into its own strength.

“I’ll kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill you all! I’ll kill the duke, I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way! I’m the strongest. Let’s go, I’ll give you death for the fulfillment of my greatest wish!” (Big thief)

The thief boss swung the magic sword wildly.

Then, some kind of magic… it seems like summoning magic was activated. Magic circles appeared, and from them, magical beasts emerged.

They were demonic wolves with black fur. There were six of them. They looked quite formidable, baring their fangs and intimidating us.

So that magic sword can activate summoning magic with just a swing. This is more than just dangerous.

“Come on! Hahaha! This is great! Is this the power of the strongest magic sword?” (Big thief)

“Nii-san, please stay behind me!” (Tony)

“Yeah, leave it to me!” (Wilhelm)

Tony charged at the demonic wolves. As they slipped past each other, he took them down one by one.

“There’s no time to be relaxed! Let’s keep going! I’ll give you endless suffering! Die, die, die, die— DIE!” (Big thief)

The thief boss swung the demonic sword repeatedly. Every time he did, more demonic wolves were summoned.

It’s not just wolves; hawks, skeletons, frogs, and various other demonic beasts, numbering in the dozens, were summoned. Their ranks may be around C, but the sheer number is more than troublesome.

“Liliana, Stephanie, stay at the back!” (Wilhelm)

“No need to worry! I’ll fight alongside you! Watch this, it’s my miracle! Clown’s magic, [Trump Cutter]!” (Stephanie)

Wow, Stephanie used an unusual magic.

Giant cards flew, slicing the demonic beasts in half like blades. It’s quite a powerful magic. Must be a magic unique to clown demons. It’s no wonder she volunteered for this dangerous job.

“You’re doing great, Stephanie. Maybe fighting suits you better than magic tricks?” (Wilhelm)

“Magic tricks are special! Fighting is ordinary!” (Stephanie)

“Your perception is off. It’s the other way around, definitely.” (Wilhelm)

“Now, it’s time for the Demon King-sama to shine. Show us your ultimate magic!” (Stephanie)

“Can I even use it in such a narrow cave?” (Wilhelm)

“Figure something out.” (Stephanie)

“The ceiling will collapse and crush us all!” (Wilhelm)

I glance at Tony. He’s swiftly cutting down the emerging magical beasts at an unbelievable speed. His movements are magnificent. I want to keep watching, and I don’t want to interfere with my brother’s efforts. But no matter how you look at it, the rate at which the demonic beasts are emerging is greater.

“Kill, kill, kill—. It’s their fault. It’s all their fault. It’s because of the Grand Duke that ordinary people like us suffer from hunger. Kill, kill, kill—” (Big thief)

“What’s he talking about? Aren’t we getting caught in the crossfire?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Could that person be from the same hometown as me?” (Stephanie)

“Stephanie, save the reminiscing for later!” (Wilhelm)

Seven of the magical beasts moved towards the rear from Stephanie’s side. Two female soldiers had already been injured. This is bad. It’ll be disadvantageous if this turns into a prolonged battle.

“Tony, move aside! I’ll finish them off in one go!” (Wilhelm)

“Sorry, nii-san. I’m not strong enough…” (Tony)

“Don’t worry about it. You fought more than enough!” (Wilhelm)

“Demon King-dama, are you about to use the Demon King’s ultimate magic?” (Stephanie)

“Nope! This is the Divine Sword Technique of the Hero, [Explosive Flame Dragon Fang Slash!]” (Wilhelm)

“Wow! Amazing! A dragon made of flames burst out from the sword!” (Stephanie)

That’s right, [Explosive Flame Dragon Fang Slash] creates a pseudo-dragon of flames with magic. It’s an incredibly powerful sword technique.

The dragon of flames opened its mouth wide, baring its fangs as it flew forward. It moved according to my will, incinerating one magical beast after another.

By the way, this sword technique was known to the president of the Hero Research Enthusiasts Club back when I was in school. Although the president couldn’t use it themselves, they knew what it was all about, so they taught me the knowledge. That’s how I was able to reproduce it easily. Both the president and I love this technique because it looks so cool.

“Take this!” (Wilhelm)

The fiery dragon incinerated all the demonic beasts, numbering in the tens. Only the leader of the thieves remained.

With the same momentum, the fiery dragon engulfed the entire body of the thief leader.

“Wow! It’s really hot! Is it going to explode?” (Stephanie)

“Yes, it’s an intense sword technique that burns everything to ashes and then explodes at the end!” (Wilhelm)

After the spectacular explosion, the thief boss was forcefully slammed into the cave wall.

With his eyes rolled back, tongue hanging out, and mouth wide open in a ridiculous manner, the thief boss lost consciousness. The magic sword, Catastrophe, fell to the ground, emitting a loud metallic sound.

I sheathed my sword in a cool way.

“Heh, quite the formidable opponent, but it seems he wasn’t a match for me after all.” (Wilhelm)

“As expected of you, nii-san! I really respect you from the bottom of my heart! You’re the coolest in the world!” (Tony)

“Right? Tony understands. He’s the best little brother in the world.” (Wilhelm)

I flashed a confident smile at Tony. He looked pleased.

“Um, nii-san…” (Tony)

Tony suddenly seemed fidgety. He seemed to have something difficult to say.

“Do you remember the promise we made when I was five years old――” (Tony)

Five years old…? Hmm… I was about to inquire further, but we were interrupted.

A white luminescent entity flew energetically towards me from the magic sword, Catastrophe.

“Demon King Wilhelm-sama~~!” (Feene)

A fairy flew towards me, radiating light. Wasn’t that the form taken by the consciousness of Catastrophe? If I remember correctly, when it took the form of a fairy, its name was Feene.

“How was my performance? I believe I’ve demonstrated capabilities that would satisfy Demon King-sama, haven’t I?” (Feene)

“Yeah, indeed. I’ve come to fully understand just how dangerous and troublesome of a magic sword you are.” (Wilhelm)

“Exactly. Heheh. Well then, Demon King-sama, I’d like you to wield me. And from now on, let’s have fun together and slaughter many people!” (Feene)

Feene raised both hands happily.

“Well, considering how dangerous you are, maybe I should just seal you away.” (Wilhelm)

“Wai-Whaaaat?” (Feene)

“Because a magic sword like you doesn’t really fit in the peaceful era of today, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Wait a moment. Look, I’m a national treasure. If you seal me away, the country will be furious.” (Feene)

“That’s right, Wilhelm-kun. I don’t know why you’re so friendly with the fairy that came out of the magic sword, but this sword will be reclaimed by the country. Sealing it away is not an option.” (Liliana)

Liliana scolded me.

The sword was retrieved by one of the female soldiers and Feene said, “I won’t give up,” as she returned to the sword with a parting remark.

After that, we treated the wounded and recovered all the stolen goods.

We also discovered a large amount of food stored in the cave. So, these thieves were plundering the resources of the hunting grounds.

Liliana, who is well-versed in current affairs, speculated that a large amount of food was being smuggled to the neighboring country, [Seagull Principality]. Apparently, there’s a serious food crisis happening in the neighboring country right now. That’s why there have been so many quests related to food procurement recently. It seems that our country has decided to assist with food aid, hence the quests. It all makes sense now.

Stephanie also seemed to have some thoughts on the matter. She said she believes the speculation is correct, with a slightly sad expression.

Ah, we really worked hard today from morning till night. I’m definitely going to be a shut-in tomorrow.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Stephanie being a demon caught me off-guard. I didn’t even know there was an entire clown species.

Looks like Feene is still trying to appeal to him, even though he’s, you know, not a murderer. Also, how can you not seal the sword after seeing its power and how easily it was stolen? A bunch of people stealing food can steal from a highly guarded museum? Feene definitely played a part in it.


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