CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 1 – The shut-in becomes a hot topic

Everyone in [Grand Bahamut] was lounging around today. Apparently, there weren’t any more urgent quests so we decided to take it easy for now.

I leisurely read the newspaper.

It seems that the ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of friendship with the [Seagull Principality] is coming up soon. Come to think of it, Tony said he had to greet the Grand Duke as the representative of the Wondersky family.

I’m worried about Tony, and I’m thinking of going to the ceremony venue myself.

By the way, since this ceremony is open to the public, I think Anya and the others will also participate.

According to the newspaper, it’s going to be a major event that will liven up the entire city. The article mentioned that there would be lots of delicious food and stalls, so it’s likely to turn into quite the festival.

As I turned the page of the newspaper, Tony placed his textbook on the table.

It seemed that Tony had just one final exam left. He had been reading his textbook with a serious expression, but it looked like he had finished studying.

“Hey, nii-san.” (Tony)

In a relaxed, family-like manner, I responded, “Hmm?”

“I want to have a serious duel with you, using swords.” (Tony)

“…Huh? Weren’t you supposed to be preparing for your final exam?” (Wilhelm)

Even though he had been reading his textbook with a serious face, I wondered if he hadn’t been concentrating at all.

“I’m sure I can get a perfect score for the test. So, I don’t need to study anymore.” (Tony)

“That’s impressive.” (Wilhelm)

“But, I can’t get a perfect score with a sword.” (Tony)

“If it’s a swordsmanship class, I think you could get not just a perfect score, but maybe even surpass the limit.” (Wilhelm)

“I don’t want it from the school, I want to get a perfect score from you, nii-san. The other day, I couldn’t defeat the thieves completely. But you defeated them with just one swing of your sword. This made me realize that I still have a long way to go.” (Tony)

“Tony, you could have easily won, couldn’t you? You just needed to defeat as many monsters as necessary to get closer to the boss and then take down the boss in one go. At that time, Liliana was behind you, right? We had to deal with a large number of monsters that kept coming out to protect her.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s true, but… how should I put it, I want to be strong enough to be acknowledged by nii-san.” (Tony)

“I already acknowledge you, though.” (Wilhelm)

“…For example, let’s say, a rival. What level of sword skills would be necessary for you to acknowledge someone as a rival? That’s the level I’m aiming for.” (Tony)

His eyes were serious. His gaze strongly conveyed that he wanted an answer.

Since Tony was this serious, I couldn’t just give a half-hearted response. I didn’t know what had ignited his passion, but I decided to answer earnestly.

“A rival with the sword, huh? Well, let’s see. I guess you’d need to have enough skill to injure me with a sword. When I fight, I simultaneously activate physical ability enhancement and defensive magic. So normally, even if someone cuts me with a sword, I don’t get a single scratch. If you can surpass that and manage to wound me, then I might consider acknowledging you as a rival.” (Wilhelm)

Well, it’s almost impossible to meet such an opponent. If there were someone like that, they would likely be a legendary entity.

“Are you satisfied with this answer?” (Wilhelm)

Tony looks delighted. It’s hard to understand why he’s so happy.

“Completely satisfied! Now I can see what I’m aiming for. It feels like an endless journey, but someday, I’ll definitely manage to injure you, nii-san!” (Tony)

Uh, no thanks. Hearing that with a smile is a bit scary.

“Alright, I’ll definitely wound you, nii-san!” (Tony)

Am I being targeted by Tony? Should I be cautious while walking at night? I don’t understand my little brother. It’s incredibly frightening.

Oh, it seems we have a guest at the guild.

I could hear Mew-chan greeting the visitor. However, it seemed like the conversation wasn’t quite making sense. In other words, the guest had a pure heart and couldn’t understand him.

The visitor entered the room where we were. Oh, it was Clara.

“Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho. Good day, everyone in [Grand Bahamut]. I made some refreshing orange mousse (a creamy dessert), so please enjoy it with—gegh!” (Clara)

Clara and I were both startled.

Anya leaped up joyfully. It was an incredible jump. She soared over the table and nearly touched the ceiling. Then, with a look of pure happiness, she dived towards Clara.

“Clara-chan, welcome~! Thank you for coming!” (Anya)

With that momentum, Anya hugged Clara tightly.

“No hugs allowed! Absolutely not allowed! I didn’t come here for cuddling. I just came for a little tea.” (Clara)

Clara, in society, that’s what they call wanting to get along.

“Wilhelm-sama, Wilhelm-sama! Please pull Anastasia off me!” (Clara)

“Well, that’s difficult. Seeing you two being affectionate makes me feel happy.” (Wilhelm)

“I don’t understand at all! We are not being affectionate. I strongly recommend you reconsider your understanding of happiness!” (Clara)

Clara blushed and looked embarrassed. She managed to reach the table somehow and placed a basket on the table. It must contain the orange mousse.

Suddenly, Clara noticed Tony. Tony flashed a charming smile, and Clara’s face turned bright red up to her ears.

“Kyaa! There’s my ideal prince! Who is he? Hey, who is he? Oh no, what should I do? Anastasia, do I look cute today?” (Clara)

“Yeah, you’re the cutest in the world!” (Anya)

Clara bashfully met Tony’s eyes. Her blushing face was adorable.

“Good afternoon. I’m Tony. Your name is Clara-chan, right? You’re really cute.” (Tony)

“Kyaa~! He greeted me! What should I do, Anastasia? If this develops into a relationship… It feels like a happy ending is waiting for me desu wa!” (Clara)

“Wow~! I’m planning to make Wil-sama my husband, so if that happens, Clara-chan, we could become relatives!” (Anya)

That’s an amusing future scenario. Clara would probably do just fine marrying into a noble family. She already seems more noble than the nobles themselves.

“So, does that mean that Tony-sama is Wilhelm-sama’s brother?” (Clara)

“Yeah, I’m his younger brother.” (Tony)

“S-So, even though you’re brothers, you’re so different…” (Clara)

Ouch. I took a huge blow to the heart. It’s a critical hit.

“Haha, we’re often told that we’re not alike at all.” (Tony)

“That’s right. I mean, Tony-sama is so handsome, but Wilhelm-sama doesn’t make my heart flutter at all no matter how much I look at him. How cruel the world can be…” (Clara)

Oof… That was harsh. C-Clara, that was quite an attack. She doesn’t even realize I’m right next to her. Even though I’m used to this treatment, it still hurts a lot…

Oh, Sofia-san has a mischievous look on her face. Looks like she’s ready to tease Clara.

“Clara-chan, I didn’t expect you to be so shallow.” (Sofia)

“T-That’s not true at all!” (Clara)

“Then, what do you like about Tony-kun?” (Sofia)

“As a lady, I shall remain silent on that matter.” (Clara)

“But your face is all red?” (Sofia)

“It’s just your imagination!” (Clara)

Clara pressed her cheeks with both hands. She said they felt “hot”. She looked around nervously. Then her gaze landed on me.

Clara seemed relieved. Her complexion gradually returned to normal. In no time, she was back to her usual self.

“Sofia-san, I’m still the same as usual, right? My face isn’t all red—” (Clara)

“Just take a look at Tony-kun.” (Sofia)

She glanced at Tony. He gave a gentle prince-like smile. Clara’s face turned beet red in no time.

“Kya~! Please, just leave me alone! What are you making me say? Honestly! Is everyone in [Grand Bahamut] determined to embarrass me?” (Clara)

Clara looked at me. She quickly returned to her usual self.

“Haha, Clara-chan, you really are easy after all.” (Sofia)

“I am not!” (Clara)

Even Sofia-san was flustered when she first saw Tony, wasn’t she? I don’t think she’s in a position to tease Clara.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Wil-kun is also incredibly handsome to me. He’s like a prince in my eyes… Well, maybe my sense of things is a bit off from other people’s.” (Sofia)

“You didn’t need to include that last comment. The mental damage is enormous enough as it is.” (Wilhelm)

Well, I knew there wouldn’t be anyone openly declaring shut-ins as cool. But just for a moment, it’s okay to be hopeful, right? Ah, life is about wanting cute girls to say you’re cool…

Clara’s orange mousse was perfect for the season. It had a refreshing taste that cleared both the body and the mind.

We all praised it highly and enjoyed our tea leisurely.

After a bit of chatting, Tony said he had a test at school and left.

With Tony gone, Clara seemed noticeably relaxed. She slouched over the table, completely at ease. Her expression softened and she looked adorable.

“Ah… I think I’ve had enough excitement for a lifetime…” (Clara)

Anya was poking Clara’s cheeks. Clara was completely limp, just letting it happen.

“Oh, right. Anastasia, are you free next Friday?” (Clara)

“If it’s an invitation from Clara-chan, then I’m always free.” (Anya)

“In that case, would you mind if you invited me to learn kimono dressing?” (Clara)

“Yeah, sounds good! Let’s go together!” (Anya)

“No, um, I mean, would you like to invite me?” (Clara)

Anya grinned. Clara looked irritated. It seems Clara’s pride won’t allow her to be the one to extend the invitation herself.

“Clara-chan’s date invitation. I’m so happy~” (Anya)

“So, Ana-sta-sia, please extend the invitation to me.” (Clara)

Anya said she’d refill the tea and got up from her seat. She walked over with the teapot in hand. Clara looked quite dissatisfied.

“Hey, Clara. What’s this about learning kimono dressing? Are you getting married or something?” (Wilhelm)

“No, it’s not that. When the Grand Duke of the [Seagull Principality] visits, Anastasia and I are supposed to present him with flowers. We’re discussing the dresses we’ll wear for that occasion desu wa.” (Clara)

“Whoa, isn’t that a huge responsibility? Was there a lottery to decide or something?” (Wilhelm)

“No, it’s a personal recommendation from the King himself desu wa. He apparently took a liking to us when he watched the finals of the Spring Festival.” (Clara)

“The guild showdown, huh? You both looked cute back then. It’s understandable why the King would like you.” (Wilhelm)

I’m starting to look forward to seeing them in their outfits at the Friendship Ceremony. My enthusiasm for participating is increasing even more.

After chatting with Clara for a while, Anya returned with freshly brewed tea. She served it with a smile to everyone.

“Let’s have a quiz here.” (Clara)

Clara really does love quizzes, doesn’t she? It’s a shame they’re not more creative.

“What am I currently obsessed with?” (Clara)

No idea.

“Yes, Wilhelm-sama.” (Wilhelm)

“I’m starting first, huh? Um, maybe buying summer clothes?” (Wilhelm)

“Bzzt desu wa, wrong answer. Next, yes, Sofia-san.” (Clara)

“Um, collecting stuffed animals?” (Sofia)

“I’ve always been doing that.” (Clara)

Clara looked at Mew-chan. I admire her willingness to try to understand even if she doesn’t understand his words. I’ll interpret for her.

“Mew-chan says it might be writing poems.” (Wilhelm)

“N-No, I don’t have such a hobby!” (Clara)

Anya reacted happily.

“Wow, Clara-chan writes poems? I’d love to see them!” (Anya)

“I-I’m not writing any at all!” (Clara)

Clara pouted. She’s definitely writing them. It’s so obvious.

“Anyway, let’s get back to the quiz. Anastasia, do you have an idea?” (Clara)

Anya seems confident about something.

“Hehehe, is it something like this?” (Anya)

Anya playfully snapped her left finger. She’s quite skilled at it. Wait, ehh? A cute white flower bloomed on Anya’s head.

Clara’s eyes sparkled. She seemed impressed by Anya.

“Anastasia, you too, huh? That’s absolutely correct desu wa!” (Clara)

Clara snapped her fingers. She’s good at it too. Wait, ehh? A flower bloomed on Clara’s head, just like the one on Anya’s, but it was a cute red flower.

Anya and Clara smiled at each other as they looked at each other’s flowers. It seems like they found something in common.

“Clara-chan loves Stephanie-san’s magic tricks too, huh?” (Anya)

“Yes, I was very impressed.” (Clara)

“Hey, weren’t Stephanie’s magic tricks kind of amateurish?” (Wilhelm)

“No, they weren’t. They were cute!” (Anya & Clara)

They harmonized perfectly.

I wonder if Stephanie’s magic tricks appeal to girls. Well, Stephanie herself is cute. Maybe if such a cute girl messes up a magic trick, it becomes endearing.

After that, Anya and Clara showed each other a lot of their magic tricks. Both of them were quite skilled, and it was clear that they already surpassed Stephanie by a wide margin in terms of skill.

After a breather from the magic tricks, I taught them some techniques for the Hero’s Divine Sword. I only taught them one technique, but everyone was so eager to learn and quickly improved.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

They’re already better than Stephanie in that regard lol. Stephanie’s heart is gonna be shattered if she ever sees them perform their magic tricks.


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