CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 4 – The shut-in becomes a hot topic

[Feene’s PoV]

From the magic sword, Catastrophe, I emerged in my fairy form.

I, Feene, resolved to do my best so that Wilhelm-sama would use this magnificent sword that is me.

The magic sword has already accumulated a lot of magic. Most of it was from that thief.

But it’s still not enough. Next, I plan to absorb magic from someone with even stronger magic.

So, I raised my fist high and cheered myself on, aiming for the exit of the museum. I successfully made it outside with ease.

It was night outside. I checked around taverns and restaurants. But it was no good. I couldn’t find anyone who seemed evil or who had strong magic.

“Hmm, what should I do…” (Feene)

I flew through the night city, arms crossed, deep in thought.

Isn’t there someone who conveniently has high amounts of magic and bad intentions somewhere?

“Alright, this time I will succeed in my trick!” (?)

I heard the voice of someone with strong magic. I immediately turned around. It seemed to be coming from a room on the third floor of an inn. I peeked in through the window.

“There are three chicks here. Now, this cute Stephanie-chan will cast a miracle on these chicks. So, cover them with this cloth… ta-da-da-da-da-da! And when I remove the cloth, look! The chicks have turned back into eggs!” (Stephanie)

“Coo!” (Chickens)

What was under the cloth were three chickens.

“No wayyyyy! Why are they growing?!” (Stephanie)

The magician girl was aghast, holding her head in despair. She seemed utterly shocked.

“The trick is supposed to turn chicks into eggs… If it’s going to fail, at least stay as chicks!” (Stephanie)

Ah, upon closer inspection, these are the type of chickens with strong magic that grow quickly. Not suitable for magic tricks.

Haa… I can’t even get it right in practice. I’m supposed to be a genius.” (Stephanie)

If you’re a genius, you wouldn’t fail, right? What a peculiar person.

“Oh, maybe if I cover them with the cloth again, they’ll turn into fried chicken or something!” (Stephanie)

That’s amusing. The girl covers the chickens with the cloth. Then, she quickly removes it.

“Coo!” (Chickens)

They remained as chickens. Well, of course they did.

“Of course, it won’t happen…” (Stephanie)

Alright, I’ve decided. I’m going to scout her. Oh, I just remembered. This girl was the one said Wilhelm-sama was the Demon Kingat the museum. This is quite convenient.

“Good evening!” (Feene)

I greeted her by passing through the wall, and the girl looked incredibly embarrassed.

“N-no, that wasn’t a failure… Wait, huh? You’re the fairy that came out of the magic sword, aren’t you? What are you here for?” (Stephanie)

“I came to scout you. Aren’t you interested in the magic sword?” (Feene)

“I’m not. I’m a magician who dedicates her life to magic tricks. Fighting isn’t my main gig, even if I have talent.” (Stephanie)

I quietly used magic.

It’s a spell that manipulates people’s hearts to my advantage. It’s not exactly brainwashing, but with skilled persuasion, I can control the other party to some extent. Thanks to the magic sword accumulating enough magic, I’ve become capable of this. Resisting is out of the question.

The girl’s eyes became unfocused. Success.

“Let’s change the question. Is there anyone you want to have the magic sword?” (Feene)

“…Of course, it’s… Wilhelm Wondersky-sama.” (Stephanie)

“That’s a good answer. The magic sword is currently in the warehouse. Someone needs to retrieve it.” (Feene)

“…I see. Then I’ll… deliver it.” (Stephanie)

“You catch on quickly, which is helpful. Let’s go together now. We can retrieve the cursed sword tonight without being caught by security.” (Feene)

“Understood. Everything is for the sake of my beloved Maou-sama.” (Stephanie)

“That’s right, it’s for Maou-sama.” (Feene)

I grinned.

Things proceeded smoothly. The magician girl, Stephanie, got hold of the magic sword. And from the effects of holding the magic sword, malicious intent began to sprout and intensify rapidly.

According to those who wield the sword, it feels like their minds are collapsing like shattered glass. They can’t resist it and find themselves unable to avoid doing bad things. Stephanie is probably already in that state.

“I want to save the [Seagull Principality]. I want to defeat the Grand Duke and have Wilhelm Wondersky-sama take his place on the throne. If someone like him, who is openly acknowledged as the Demon King, becomes the country’s leader, there will never be another civil war. After all, no one can oppose the Demon King’s strength. I don’t want to see another child suffering like me.” (Stephanie)

“I understand. When shall we proceed?” (Feene)

“The friendship ceremony―― This will be a major event. It’s impossible alone. We need allies.” (Stephanie)

I guided Stephanie to free the thieves.

The thieves, now outside, were joyfully breathing in the fresh air.

The boss of the thieves approached Stephanie. He seemed overflowing with gratitude.

“Sorry, miss. Thank you for helping us out.” (Thief)

“It’s the least I could do for a fellow countryman. You all hate the Grand Duke, don’t you?” (Stephanie)

“You too, miss… That sword is dangerous. It’ll take over with malice. Let me take it.” (Thief)

“No, I’ll deliver it to Maou-sama.” (Stephanie)

“Maou-sama?” (Thief)

“The one who defeated you guys. I want him to become the Demon King and stand at the top of the country.” (Stephanie)

“Ah, him. He certainly has the power to rule the country. As a token of gratitude for your help, we’ll go along with your plan, miss.”  (Thief)

It looks like it’s going to be very interesting. At the friendship ceremony where the Grand Duke of the [Seagull Principality] will attend, we’re going to cause a big commotion.

It seems like it’ll be a festival of madness and death, woven with blood and screams. I quietly let out a devilish smile.

[Wilhelm’s PoV]

I came to the church. It’s not like I came here to pray or confess. I’ve decided to get a job, but I wanted to clear up any lingering doubts.

Guided by a nun, I arrived at the entrance of a splendid room deep within the church. This must be the room used by the saint. The nun knocked on the door.

A woman’s voice responded casually.

“Saint-sama, a visitor has arrived. May I open the door?” (Nun)

“Huh? Seriously? Wait, wait a minute. Don’t open it yet. Absolutely not, okay?” (Edelweiss)

Sounds of hurried movements came from inside the room. They must be rushing to clean up. I can vividly imagine how messy it must have been before.

“Please, come in.” (Edelweiss)

The tone of the voice changed. It was the gentle voice of the totally pure saint.

The nun opened the door for me, and I confidently stepped into the room. Edel-nee stood with an elegant posture, welcoming me. She may look gentle, but one should never be deceived. In our student days, she was quite a troublemaker.

“Good day. Welcome.” (Edelweiss)

“Hey, Edel-nee.” (Wilhelm)

“Oh? Wilhelm-san?” (Edelweiss)

“Long time no see.” (Wilhelm)

“My, my? Isn’t Wilhelm-san supposed to turn into ashes if he steps out into the sunlight? I heard you couldn’t leave your house.” (Edelweiss)

“Don’t mix up shut-ins with vampires or something from fiction. Even I go out occasionally, you know.” (Wilhelm)

I flashed a smug grin.

“Oh my, what a miracle. Great God above, on behalf of humanity, I sincerely thank you for bringing this pitiful shut-in out into the sunlight.” (Edelweiss)

“Isn’t that a bit much? Whoa, it’s so bright.” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee shone with divine radiance. It was so dazzling that I couldn’t see anything.

“Edel-nee, could you tone down the brightness a bit? Just a little glow is enough to give off a saintly vibe.” (Wilhelm)

“Hehehe, that wasn’t just an act. That was a genuine expression of gratitude.” (Edelweiss)

“Hey, you don’t have to pity me so much for being a shut-in. I was actually pretty proud of being one.” (Wilhelm)

“My my! How troubling! Your heart is still tainted, isn’t it? What a pitiful sight. As a saint, it’s my duty to correct you with love.” (Edelweiss)

“I think it’s you who needs correcting, Edel-nee… And I don’t need your ‘love’ either.” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee playfully delivered a cute cat punch to my forehead. She was smiling, yet clearly annoyed.

“Rejecting the love of a saint will bring you misfortune. I’m fuming.” (Edelweiss)

“Wow, hearing you say that doesn’t suit you at all. Anyway, let’s get to the point.” (Wilhelm)

“Indeed. We can discuss love another time, when we’re alone.” (Edelweiss)

The nun brewed tea gracefully, then bowed and left the room. 

Now that we were alone, Edel-nee seemed to relax. She sat cross-legged on a chair.

“So, what brings you here, Wil?” (Edelweiss)

It seemed like Edel-nee reverted to her usual self. In private, she dropped the refined facade and interacted with a more rough and casual demeanor.

“I actually came here today because I wanted Edel-nee to teach me purification magic.” (Wilhelm)

That was the reason for my visit. I can’t use purification magic myself, but Edel-nee, being a saint, has mastered all forms of it.

By learning purification magic from her, I hope to master the sacred sword technique called the [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade]. I plan to pass on this sword technique to Anya before I start my job.

“Huh? Purification magic? Why’s that? Suddenly feeling like wearing a nun outfit? If you want one, I can get it for you. Whose do you want? I can bring it right now.” (Edelweiss)

Edel-nee made a face like she couldn’t believe it, then burst into a smile. Is she really a saint…? I’m starting to think I might have chosen the wrong person for this.

“I don’t have any peculiar fetishes like that. I just want to learn Angelina-san’s sword technique and teach it to Anya.” (Wilhelm)

“Angelina-san? Oh, Anya’s mother, right? What’s the sword technique again?” (Edelweiss)

“It’s called the [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade]. Haven’t you heard of it?” (Wilhelm)

“Oh, right, right. I remember now. I heard about it from the previous saint when I became a saint myself. It’s the sword technique used to dance in the Sacred Spring and offer prayers to the gods, isn’t it? It’s a lost art.” (Edelweiss)

I nodded in agreement.

“That’s kind of dumb though. There’s no special reason why there’s only one successor. It’s just tradition. But logically, if there’s only one successor, the tradition would eventually die out.” (Edelweiss)

“That’s reassuring to hear. It seems unlikely that the gods would be angry if I were to learn the technique.” (Wilhelm)

“I don’t mind at all. In fact, I encourage it. Spread it far and wide so that there will never be zero successors again. If you’re worried, I’ll make sure to convey it properly to the gods.” (Edelweiss)

“Thanks.” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee’s expression changed suddenly.

It seemed like she had realized something. She stood up from her chair and leaned forward towards me. Her gaze was fixed straight into my eyes.

“Edel-nee?” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee gently held both my cheeks in her hands and brought her face closer to mine.

“Wil, there’s something bothering you, isn’t there?” (Edelweiss)

“Nah, not really?” (Wilhelm)

“Oh come on, there definitely is something. I can tell. How many years do you think we’ve known each other?” (Edelweiss)

“About 10 years?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s been 20.” (Edelweiss)

“Hey, don’t exaggerate. We weren’t even born 20 years ago.” (Wilhelm)

The correct answer would be around 14 years, I guess. I didn’t include the years when we were babies because I don’t remember them.

“Well, forget about the exact numbers. The fact is, you’re the one I’ve known the longest among the guys.” (Edelweiss)

Huh… Wait, am I actually Edel-nee’s childhood friend? That’s not something I want to hear.

“That’s why I can tell when you’re troubled. Come on, spill it. Confess. There’s nothing to hide in front of a saint. How many pairs of Anya’s underwear did you steal? Come on, tell me honestly. Confess! Come on, come on, hurry up!” (Edelweiss)

“Hey! Who would even do something like that?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s alright. I already know everything. I won’t tell anyone, I promise. So, how many?” (Edelweiss)

Edel grinned mischievously. There’s nothing saintly about her at all.

“I’m telling you, I didn’t take any.” (Wilhelm)

“Aw, come on, where’s your sense of humor? Let’s talk about panties, okay? C’mon?” (Edelweiss)

Is this saint okay? Maybe I should consider finding help from someone else real quick.

“Listen, Edel-nee.” (Wilhelm)

I widened my eyes. My expression was dead serious.

“Panties, you see, they’re best when cute girls wear them. There’s no romance in washed ones stored in a drawer. So, I haven’t taken any. Not interested at all. Edel-nee, you get my reasoning, right?” (Edelweiss)

Edel-nee looked like she had a really bad headache. She had the expression of a mother lamenting how foolish her child is.

“Wil, could you please come up with a slightly more sensible reason? I’m seriously starting to worry. You know, even being interested in panties worn by cute girls is crossing a line, right?” (Edelweiss)

“I was just kidding and got a serious response.” (Wilhelm)

“Hahaha, it’s because you never straightforwardly ask for advice. If you don’t like it, just spit it out. What’s bothering you?” (Edelweiss)

“…Alright. But promise not to tell anyone, okay? Lately, Tony has been acting strange. It’s just been on my mind a lot. That’s all.” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee looked relieved and sat back in her chair.

“Finally being honest, huh? But is that really something to worry about now? Tony’s been amazing since we were kids, right?” (Edelweiss)

“Yeah, but… It’s been especially incredible lately. He’s been clearing quests one after another, and more and more people are gathering around him.” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee looked like she didn’t care.

“But hasn’t that been the case since we were kids? Tony’s always been a magnet for attention… So?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh?” (Edelweiss)

“Is that really all you’ve been worrying about?” (Wilhelm)

“…I guess I was just feeling conceited, thinking everyone needed me. But I finally realized there were plenty of people who could replace me. And now that I’ve realized that, I feel really bad for being treated kindly by everyone in my current position.” (Edelweiss)

Everyone around here takes care of me without even saying a word. There shouldn’t be any need for them to treat me specially when I’m nothing special.

“Ah, I see. That’s actually a pretty typical worry for you, huh?” (Edelweiss)

I took a sip of the tea. It was delicious. You’ve landed a good job, Edel-nee.

“Are you planning to leave [Grand Bahamut]?” (Edelweiss)

“Yeah, I think so.” (Wilhelm)

“Well, then, why not become a Church Knight? I’ll make you my personal guard.” (Edelweiss)

Her suggestion caught me off guard. Church Knights are considered elite positions in this country, right alongside civil servants. And of course, the pay is good too.

“If you become my personal guard, I can relax. The contract requires eight hours of work per day, but you only need to put in about three hours of actual work. Sounds good, right?” (Edelweiss)

Apparently, being busy during major events where the saint appears on stage is expected. But apart from that, it seems pretty easygoing.

It was a tempting offer for me. Even if Tony becomes a civil servant and climbs the ranks like his father, being the saint’s guard would still be something to be proud of.

Edel-nee retrieved some documents from the shelf.

“Here, this is a recruitment brochure. Consider it as one of your options. I really recommend it.” (Edelweiss)

Edel-nee always seems to be looking out for me in her own way. I took the recruitment brochure. I’ll give it some serious thought.

Next, I consulted about purification magic. It seems Edel-nee will schedule a time for me after the friendship event with the neighboring country is over. Right now, she’s busy with preparations for that, so there’s no available time.

Just as we were wrapping up our discussion and considering leaving, we had a visitor in the room.

“Hellooo! Delivery from [Grand Bahamut]! Oh, Wil-kun’s here? Whatcha lookin’ at, huh?” (Sofia)

It’s Sofia-san. She approaches with a cheerful demeanor. Oh no, she saw the recruitment brochure for the Church Knights.

“Oh, Wil-kun, you’re getting a job? Come to think of it, I think I heard something similar from Anya-chan. Hmm… I didn’t expect Wil-kun to get a job. It’s a bit sad, but I believe you can do well anywhere, Wil-kun. I’ll be rooting for you!” (Sofia)

I guess she isn’t going to stop me? Just as I thought.

“Thank you… By the way, what are you delivering here?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s food! Summer oranges, fish, you name it.” (Edelweiss)

Edel-nee chimed in, providing some clarification.

“You’re aware of the food shortage in the [Seagull Principality], even if you’re a shut-in, right? I thought it would be good for me to provide food support as a saint. After all, I am the saint.” (Edelweiss)

“Well, having a good reputation is important, huh?” (Wilhelm)

“Oh my, it’s not just for rapport, you know? Hehehe.” (Edelweiss)

The friendship ceremony is coming up soon. The city is starting to bustle with preparations for the welcome. As Sofia-san and I chatted, we headed home, looking forward to the event.

[Anya’s PoV]

I, Anastasia, am currently on a quest with Tony-sama.

It’s a quest to retrieve bananas from the vast nest of monkeys. The quest difficulty is C, and it’s quite dangerous. Even Tony-sama is struggling a bit.

“Ah, this monkey beast is a problem. It’s not afraid of fire at all.” (Tony)

That’s right. It doesn’t fear Tony-sama’s fire magic at all.

We didn’t need to defeat the monkeys, so the plan was to scare them away with fire and then retrieve the bananas. However, it ended in failure.

“Uggyaa!” (Monkey)

One of the monkeys jumped from the tree and tried to pounce on Tony-sama’s face. He simply grabbed the monkey’s face and tossed it away.

“We have no choice. Let’s try to force our way through.”(Tony)

That seems to be the only option. We have plenty of other quests to attend to, so we can’t afford to spend too much time here.

“Anya-chan, don’t leave my side.” (Tony)

“Don’t worry! Dodging is actually one of my specialties!” (Anya)

“Uggyaa!” (Monkey)

The monkey leaped towards me. I gracefully danced aside, avoiding its attack.

“Huh…? Why are there two Anya-chans?” (Tony)

I smiled.

“Look, there are even more of me!” (Anya)

“Whaaaat? Amazing! There are seven Anya-chans!” (Tony)

The monkeys and Tony-sama exchange glances.

“That was incredible!”  (Tony)

“Uggii!” (Monkey)

“Well, I need to keep dancing to use the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique, [Mirage Step].” (Anya)

Huh…? Tony-sama’s complexion doesn’t look good. It’s getting darker and darker. The monkey also looks worried as it gazes at Tony-sama.

“Hey, Anya-chan, is that by any chance the Divine Sword Technique of the Hero…?” (Tony)

“Yes, that’s right. I learned it from Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“I see. That’s nice. Um, have you been taught any other techniques?” (Tony)

I proceeded to tell Tony-sama the names of all the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques I’ve been taught so far. Although I haven’t mastered any of them completely yet, I aspire to be able to wield them all proficiently someday. Using Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques would make me look cool as a Guild Master, after all.

Tony-sama looks incredibly envious.

“When I was five years old, I asked nii-san to teach me the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques.” (Tony)

Tony-sama gazed into the distance. Perhaps he’s reminiscing about those memories.

As the monkey lunged towards him, Tony-sama effortlessly caught its face and gently pushed it away. He doesn’t seem to have any openings. Truly, Tony-sama is remarkable.

“At that time, he told me, ‘You can’t stay like this forever. You need to grow stronger, Tony, so that I can acknowledge you. If you do that, I’ll teach you all the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques.’ Since then, I’ve been training diligently every single day.” (Tony)

Tony-sama looks pained as he speaks. It’s evident that he’s put in extraordinary effort to reach where he is now.

“But no matter how hard I tried, it was no use. Nii-san’s remained as strong as ever, just like back when I was five. At this rate, it seems like I’ll never get to learn the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques…” (Tony)

“Tony-sama, it’ll be alright.” (Anya)

I tried to cheer him up with a bright and energetic voice.

“When we get back, let’s ask Wil-sama right away. Wil-sama is a kind person, so I’m sure he’ll teach you the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques.” (Anya)

“Thank you. But, I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do that.” (Tony)

“Huh? Why not?” (Anya)

“Brothers, you know, sometimes it’s hard to be straightforward.” (Tony)

“Meaning?” (Anya)

“I want nii-san to acknowledge my strength first, and then teach me the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques. The promise we made when I was five is absolute to me.” (Tony)

It really feels like a typical sibling relationship. I don’t have any siblings myself, but I feel like I can understand Tony-sama’s feelings a bit.

“I understand how you feel, Tony-sama. Well then, it’s time for a serious match with Wil-sama!” (Anya)

“A serious match… I wonder if he’ll do it. My brother and I have hardly ever had a real fight. He rarely takes me seriously.”  (Tony)

“The two of you are quite close, aren’t you?” (Anya)

“Yeah, I love nii-san. Oh, it seems like our conversation turned into life counseling somehow, huh? Shall we go get those bananas?” (Tony)

“Thank you for sharing with me. I’ll support you, Tony-sama!” (Anya)

I hope Wil-sama acknowledges Tony-sama’s strength. I’m sure there will be a chance. I’ll also keep an eye out for it so we don’t miss it.

Tony-sama said thank you. His gentle expression reminded me so much of Wil-sama.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So many job options. Well, considering how strong he is, it’s only natural. I mean, he basically saved the entire city twice at this point. It’s weird how he isn’t being acknowledged more.

Also, poor Stephanie. She has one of the worst lucks ever, getting caught in all this mess.


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