CGM – Vol 3 Chapter 6 – The shut-in battles the legendary magic sword

Mew-chan looks at me, startled.

“Wow, there it is again mew! For some reason, you always manage to wake up early on special days. What’s up with that mysterious skill?” (Mew-chan)

“Good morning, Mew-chan. Don’t be so surprised just because I woke up early.” (Wilhelm)

“Well, considering your usual habits mew…” (Mew-chan)

“I guess I can somewhat understand it.” (Wilhelm)

Today is the day when the Grand Duke of [Seagull Principality] is coming to the city. In other words, the place is like a festival, so I managed to wake up on my own.

I dress in clean clothes so as not to embarrass myself as a noble. After washing my face carefully, I put on my shoes.

“Huh? Where are you going mew?” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan was cutting bread and preparing sandwiches for me. He spreads butter carefully and the sandwiches look really delicious with plenty of fillings.

“I’m going to go get a haircut. Then I’ll join the friendship ceremony directly afterwards, so I’m not returning until night.” (Wilhelm)

“I think a bald cut would look good on you mew.” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan smiled mischievously.

“I’m just getting it tidied up a bit. Can’t show up at the friendship ceremony with messy hair, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Being a noble is tough mew. Oh, why don’t you eat while walking mew.” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan handed me the plate with the sandwiches.

“If you’re hungry, you won’t have any energy for the main event mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Thanks.” (Wilhelm)

“Take your sword with you mew.” (Mew-chan)

“My sword? No, that’s impossible. It’s disrespectful to attend the friendship ceremony armed.” (Wilhelm)

“…Magic beasts have a keen sense of smell mew. But well, a neet like you might be able to slip through, Mew.” (Mew-chan)

Maybe it was some kind of intuition. Mew-chan might have sensed some unsettling atmosphere. If something were to happen at the friendship ceremony, it would be disastrous. 

At worst, it could end the friendship between the two countries and lead to war. So, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

“Well, I’m off.” (Wilhelm)

“Oi neet.” (Mew-chan)

I turned around as I was opening the back door. Mew-chan wasn’t looking my way. He was heading to the sink to clean up the plates.

“Make sure you come back mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Huh? What do you mean?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s nothing. Magic beasts have a keen sense of smell mew. Just go already mew.” (Mew-chan)

I left [Grand Bahamut]. After a few steps, I turned around. Did he really sense something? Did he pick up on the fact that my heart was drifting away from [Grand Bahamut] towards getting a job?

“If I get a job, I won’t see her as much, huh.” (Wilhelm)

Mew-chan’s annoying smiling face flashed in my mind. …Well, even if I don’t see him, I won’t be too lonely.

I continued on without looking back.

The cheers were incredible.

People had gathered in large numbers along the roadside and even on rooftops to catch a glimpse of the Grand Duke and Duchess of [Seagull Principality]. The couple was slowly proceeding down the main street in a luxurious carriage. The excitement was overwhelming; it was a complete festival.

I arrived at the friendship ceremony venue a bit earlier. It was happening right in front of the royal castle’s main gate. On both sides were gorgeous-looking gardens, making it a very suitable place.

“Ah, you! What are you doing here?!” (Robert)

So noisy. My father suddenly grabbed me by the collar.

“Today’s representative of the Wondersky family is Tony. You have no place here!” (Robert)

“I just came in case something happens to Tony. Are you alright, Tony?” (Wilhelm)

I called out to Tony, who was looking extra dashing today.

“No, I’m not doing well at all. I thought I’d like to greet the Grand Duke with nii-san.” (Tony)

“Toonnyyyyy! What are you saying? I’m devastated! Why would you say you respect a shut-in? He’s the last person in this city anyone should respect!” (Robert)

“But doesn’t nii-san have a lot of respectable qualities?” (Tony)

“Huh? I can’t find a single one. Respecting someone like him will rot your soul. Come on, it’s dangerous, so don’t get close. Don’t even let him into your line of sight. Let’s go. Okay?” (Robert)

Father growled, trying to keep me from getting close to Tony. He gestured for me to shoo away.

“N-Nii-san, see you later!” (Tony)

Tony waved his hand with a charming gesture as if he were flirting with a girl. It made my heart skip a beat. I see. He’d definitely win over any girl around his age just like this.

“Hey, hey, Wil-kun. Can we eat the food now?” (Sofia)

“You’re unwavering, Sofia-san.” (Wilhelm)

Since we bumped into each other, I brought her along. Technically, civilians aren’t allowed in until after the ceremony for the party, but I managed to get through by claiming that she was a guard for the Wondersky family.

“Let’s wait until the ceremony starts.” (Wilhelm)

She said she would check which dishes to eat. So steadfast.

“Mr Grand Duke and Mrs Grand Duchess, thank you for your long journey to visit us!” (Anya & Clara)

As soon as the friendship ceremony began, it was Anya and Clara’s turn.

Dressed in pure white dresses like princesses, the two of them looked like angels. The Duke and Duchess were all smiles, and the audience was buzzing with excitement over how adorable they looked.

“We’ve brought you some welcome flowers!” (Anya & Clara)

But then it became silent.

Of course, it did. After all, they weren’t holding the flowers.

“W-W-W-Wil-kun, what should we do? Hey, what should we do? Onee-san’s stomach hurts with worry, or rather, my chest hurts. Wil-kun, do something.” (Sofia)

“C-C-Calm down. The adults around us will surely do something.” (Wilhelm)

Somehow, both of them seemed to be looking at me with a parental sense. It’s nerve-wracking.

I feel like the Grand Duke and Duchess are looking at them in a parental way. It’s nerve-wracking.

Is someone going to deliver the flowers to them? Or did they forget them?

“Huh? Why are Anya-chan and Clara-chan smiling?” (Sofia)

“…I see. I think I know what they are doing.” (Wilhelm)

The Grand Duke pointed out while smiling.

“Oh? Did you forget the flowers?” (Grand Duke)

“No, they’re right here.” (Anya & Clara)

Anya and Clara said in unison. Then, they crossed their hands in front of their chests, looking adorable. With smiles on their faces, they opened their arms wide.

And magically, an elegant bouquet of flowers appeared in each of Anya and Clara’s arms.

“What?! No wayyyyyy! Wil-kun, wasn’t that amazing?” (Sofia)

“Indeed! To think that they would try this on the grand stage! That was incredible!” (Wilhelm)

The audience erupted into applause. It was one step above Stephanie’s magic tricks. Truly impressive.

“Hahaha. That was quite a surprise. What a wonderful welcome!”

The Duke seemed thoroughly pleased. He and his wife happily accepted the bouquets.

It seems like there’s still something more. Anya and Clara are smiling mischievously.

“Whaaaat?! No wayyyyy! Wil-kun, wasn’t that amazingggg?” (Sofia)

“Indeed! I was totally surprised! That was absolutely incredible!” (Wilhelm)

The audience erupted into thunderous applause. It surpassed Stephanie’s magic completely. It was splendid.

“Hahaha. That was amazing. What a wonderful welcome!” (Grand Duke)

The Grand Duke also seemed very pleased. He and his wife happily accepted the bouquets.

It seems like there’s still more to come. Anya and Clara are smiling happily.

“Clara-chan, let’s go!” (Anya)

“Yes, Anastasia. I’m ready!” (Clara)

They gracefully spun around as if dancing. Their skirts fluttered, and somehow, they were holding a large number of white doves in their arms.

“No wayyyy! Where did those doves come frommm?” (Sofia)

“That’s surprising too, but can you really carry doves like that?” (Wilhelm)

Maybe Sofia-san and I are the most excited ones here.

“May the lasting friendship between our nations continue!” (Anya & Clara)

Anya and Clara simultaneously released the white doves. The doves gracefully soared into the sky. In harmony, the brass band played a majestic fanfare, and celebratory cannons were fired into the air.

The friendship ceremony venue was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was clapping and whistling.

Thanks to Anya and Clara’s lively performance, the subsequent orchestral and dance performances were also filled with energy. The friendship ceremony was a great success.

On the special stage, the king and the Grand Duke firmly shook hands.

Following that, speeches wishing for friendship between the two nations were delivered. There was even a speech from the saint. Despite being a formal ceremony, it proceeded in a bright and lively atmosphere, free from stiffness.

I realized that I had somehow become separated from Sofia-san.

Since Sofia-san was busy enjoying and praising the delicious dishes served at the friendship ceremony, she must have wandered off to find more food and desserts.

Most of the main events of the friendship ceremony were already over. The venue was buzzing with excitement, including the general public.

Now, what should I do?

“Oh, Wilhelm-kun, I see you were tucked away in this corner.” (Liliana)

I turned around at Liliana’s voice.

That caught me off guard. Liliana looked so dazzling and beautiful as if she were the main heroine of this venue.

“Liliana? Wow, you look beautiful.” (Wilhelm)

“R-Really? I didn’t think this bright red party dress suited me at all, but my mother insisted I wear it…” (Liliana)

“Your mother has great taste. It suits you perfectly. You look really beautiful.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana, who seemed somewhat unsettled, smiled happily.

“I feel a bit more confident after hearing that from you, Wilhelm-kun.” (Liliana)

I picked up a chocolate tart from the table and handed it to Liliana on a plate.

“That is pretty good. Would you like to share one with me, Princess?” (Wilhelm)

“You’re getting a bit carried away with the ‘Princess’, aren’t you? But it does look delicious.” (Liliana)

“What about a drink? Champagne?” (Wilhelm)

“I’ll refrain from alcohol today.” (Liliana)

I received an apple juice from the waiter and handed it to Liliana.

“You’re unusually kind today.” (Liliana)

“I’m participating as a nobleman, after all. I should behave as a gentleman to elegantly dressed beautiful ladies.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s very admirable. I hope you’re always like this.” (Liliana)

Liliana raised her glass to me. I clinked my glass against hers. Cheers to this friendship ceremony.

She took a bite of the chocolate tart.

“Oh, it’s delicious. Well, that’s to be expected considering they gathered the top chefs.” (Liliana)

“Yeah. I wonder which restaurant this is from. I’d like to try it sometime.” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm-kun, you have chocolate on the corner of your mouth. Honestly, you need to be more careful.” (Liliana)

Liliana wipes the corner of my mouth with a beautiful handkerchief.

“Oh. Thanks.” (Wilhelm)

It must have been from the rich and creamy texture of the chocolate tart.

Liliana has this “you’re hopeless” look on her face. There’s a hint of maternal instinct in that expression. Wait, am I a child? I need to be more composed. Composed.

“Ehh—? So, it’s like that between you two?” (?)

Huh? There’s a guy nearby grinning from ear to ear. He’s someone I know well.

“Oh, Father!” (Wilhelm)

Liliana quickly withdrew her hand that was wiping the corner of my mouth.

“T-That’s not it! We’re just friends!” (Liliana)

“That’s right! We’re just friends, you know!” (Wilhelm)

“You don’t want me to tell anyone, right? I understand. I understand perfectly. Hehehehe…” (Tony)

“Father, you’re completely misunderstanding! There really is nothing between us!” (Wilhelm)

“Youngsters are all like that. Ah, delightful! So, you’ve chosen the Liliana route, eh? That’s how I see it. Well, indeed, Liliana looks exceptionally beautiful today. Even a shut-in would be captivated by her.” (Tony)

“Robert-sama, we’re really not like that.” (Liliana)

“Oh? Is that really so? Would one normally wipe the corner of another’s mouth if there weren’t some love involved?” (Tony)

“Father, you’re exaggerating! We didn’t do anything like that!” (Wilhelm)

“That’s right! If I did that to him, my hands would get dirty!” (Liliana)

“Oi, Liliana, that’s a bit too much.” (Wilhelm)

I interjected with a retort.

Oh no, it’s no use. My father’s grin won’t stop. He’s definitely thinking something mischievous.

“Blushing in love is a young person’s privilege! Hahaha! I’ve seen something good. Oh, how joyous! Liliana, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on our family’s liabilities! I’m truly grateful!” (Tony)

“Liabilities?! It’s because you keep saying things like that that this child loses confidence and becomes a shut-in. Please, at least refrain from tarnishing the Wondersky family’s reputation.” (Liliana)

“Whoa, Liliana, that’s quite harsh. That really hurt, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t worry, Liliana. I’ve always said I’m willing to take the blame if need be.” (Tony)

Well, that’s certainly true, but…

“Wilhelm-kun, aren’t you going to say something back?” (Liliana)

“I don’t have any positive accomplishments or achievements to retort with, you know.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s why I’ve been telling you to find a job as soon as possible!” (Liliana)

“Ow, my ears hurt.” (Wilhelm)

I covered my ears with both hands. However, Liliana grabbed those hands and insisted, “You must find a job!”

“Hehehe, delightful, delightful. It’d be nice if you young ones just stayed together like that.” (Tony)

“W-wait, we’re not ‘continuing on’ in any way!” (Liliana)

“Now it’s the parents’ turn. I’ll go greet the Shootingstar family’s couple! Well then, enjoy yourselves!” (Tony)

“Ah, wait! Hold on. My parents are the kind of people who take that seriously! They’ve been wanting to marry me off as soon as possible!” (Liliana)

“That’s even more convenient, isn’t it? I can’t stop now. Hehehe!” (Tony)

My father attempted to leave with a skip. This was bad. I was being undermined from the outset. I grabbed my father’s back with all my strength to stop him.

“Please wait, Father! Liliana really is just a friend. Please think about it. It doesn’t make sense for someone like me, a shut-in, to have a girlfriend, right?” (Wilhelm)

“I understand that reasoning.” (Tony)

“That’s right.” (Wilhelm)

“But Tony also mentioned it. He said he thinks a capable and beautiful girl like Liliana would be perfect for his nii-san.” (Tony)

“Tonyyyyyyy!” (Wilhelm)

His Liliana endorsement came back to bite us huh? That’s a fatal blow. Damn it.

“Well, I can’t believe Tony would say something like that.” (Liliana)

“You’re not looking too upset, Liliana.” (Wilhelm)

“Alright, it’s settled! Well then, I’m off! Farewell!” (Tony)

“Ah, no, it’s not settled at all! Wilhelm-kun, please stop him. If you don’t, he’ll escape!” (Liliana)

“Please stop, Father. Let’s discuss this properly.” (Wilhelm)

“Hahaha, stopping me is futile! It’s fun for parents to give the final push, you know!” (Tony)

“What kind of parent has fun pushing forward their child’s marriage proposal?” (Wilhelm)

“Unfortunately, it’s me!” (Tony)

Oh no, this person is hopeless!

“Accept it gracefully! This is what noble marriages are like!” (Tony)

“Wait, wait!” (Wilhelm)

Father sped off in a blur. Uh oh. I have to catch up. Surprisingly, he’s quite agile. I had to sprint at full speed to chase after him.

Phew, that was a relief. Father got called away for work.

We narrowly avoided having the wedding venue decided for us. The noble society is really intimidating.

But now, I guess things will calm down for a while.

I took a glass of champagne from the server and drank it. The chill and fizziness are irresistible.

I returned to where Liliana was. She was drinking champagne with a tired expression. Wasn’t she supposed to refrain from drinking today? Well, she must be exhausted. I felt the same.

“You look tired.” (Wilhelm)

“Tou too, Wilhelm-kun.” (Liliana)

That was the extent of our conversation. We drank our champagne in silence.

Well, spending quiet time like this with Liliana isn’t so bad. It’s been a while since my student days.

Just when I thought that…

BOOM! Smoke suddenly billowed from the makeshift stage. What on earth? It was quite abrupt. It didn’t feel like the start of an event.

“Ladies and gentlemen, everyone, pay attention to me!” (Stephanie)

A familiar voice echoed from within the smoke.

 “*Cough cough* I-I’ve produced too much smoke.” (Stephanie)

It was Stephanie. Seems like she messed up another magic trick.

“Everyone seems to be having a good time, right? Well, it’s only going to get better from here! Because now, the adorable Stephanie-chan is going to show you some miracles!” (Stephanie)

The smoke began to dissipate.

Stephanie was carrying a blood-red sword on her back. That’s… not good, is it?

“It’s the magic sword, Catastrophe.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Wilhelm-kun, that sword was supposed to be stored in the museum’s warehouse, right?” (Liliana)

“It must have been stolen again. And somehow, it’s ended up in Stephanie’s hands. This is really bad.” (Wilhelm)

That sword seems to have some effect on people, making them act strangely. The leader of the thieves was affected by it.

Stephanie pulled out a scroll from somewhere.

I recognize that too. It was supposed to be displayed in the museum as an artifact of the Demon King.

“Now, it’s your turn! Come out! Great Demon Beast Cyclops! Go wild and destroy everything in sight!” (Stephanie)

The magic being used was incredible. Stephanie is a demon herself, so she has a naturally high magical ability, but she seems to be exceptionally skilled even among them.

Stephanie’s strong magic triggers the magic depicted on the scroll.

It’s a summoning spell. A giant has been summoned. It’s as big as the castle.

The massive magical beast called Cyclops roared towards the sky. It was a deafening roar.

“Gaoooooooo!” (Cyclops)

It sounded like an ominous cry that heralded the end of a country.

Indeed, there’s a legend that Cyclops once destroyed an entire small country single-handedly. It’s a terrifying magical beast that gained infamy during the era of the Demon King.

Cyclops looks like a huge and terrifying demon. It has horns on its head, a single eye, and green skin, and its hands grip a menacingly spiked club.

“Cyclops! Destroy everything! Crush every single human here! And then, join me in this blood-soaked party venue to welcome the new Demon King!” (Stephanie)

“Gyaaaaaaaah!” (Cyclops)

Cyclops mercilessly smashes its club into the densely packed crowd of people. Soldiers who were bravely charging at Cyclops are crushed one after another.

A scream erupts from one person, then another, spreading like wildfire. The atmosphere of joy quickly turns into a chaotic whirlwind of screams and panic.

“Stop the caster!” someone shouts. Soldiers start gathering, ready to take action.

Stephanie grips the magic sword tightly, her eyes gleaming with malice.

“Kyahahaha! My miracles will continue! Come forth, all of you! I’ll devour anyone who gets in my way! Die! Die! Dieeee!” (Stephanie)

Stephanie swings the magic sword repeatedly, summoning one monstrous creature after another.

Each one is a large-scale monster. Stephanie’s formidable magic power seems to allow her to summon even more powerful creatures than when the sword was wielded by the leader of the thieves.

There’s a lion-like beast with razor-sharp fangs, a zombie knight beast clad in full armor, a man-eating wyvern beast, and a gorilla beast capable of using magic. Each of them is a formidable monster, ranking at least B-rank or higher.

Furthermore, reinforcements seem to have arrived. There might be dozens of them.

“Uooooooo! Kill the Grand Duke!” (Thief)

“Grand Duke! You’ve been feasting on delicious food all by yourself!” (Thief)

“You’re not fit to be the leader of our nation!” (Thief)

“Know the hatred of the people suffering from food shortages!” (Thief)

Those are… the thieves Tony dealt with before. And it seems they’ve also hired mercenaries. They must have blended in with the crowd and are now causing chaos all over.

This is bad. I don’t think it’ll stop unless I intervene.

“Liliana, I’ll be back in a moment. Stay somewhere safe—” (Wilhelm)

I felt a murderous intent and turned around. The boss of the thieves was standing there, seemingly having concealed his presence.

“My bad. You’re too strong. Just stay quiet for a while, will ya?” (Big Thief)

The thief boss infused something with magic and hurled it at me. It is firmly attached to my right hand.

My right hand was being pulled back. My left hand too. And then, both hands were restrained.

“What’s this? It won’t come off! Oh no. Petrification?” (Wilhelm)

“The Gorgon’s Handcuffs, an artifact of the Demon King. You won’t easily break free from it no matter how hard you try. Just stay put and watch quietly until we kill the Grand Duke. That girl there wants you to become the Demon King. As long as you behave, nothing bad will happen to you. See ya!” (Big Thief)

“Wait!” (Wilhelm)

I want to chase after him. I really do, but the lion-like demon beast bared its fangs and lunged forward—not at me, but at Liliana.

I instinctively shielded Liliana with my back.

It sunk its teeth deeply into my right shoulder. No, it was more than that. Its jaw would be strong enough to pierce through my shoulder and tear it apart, bone and all.

“Wilhelm-kun!!!!!!!” (Liliana)

Liliana turned pale. That was the loudest I’ve ever heard her scream.

“Rest assured. This would be a fatal wound for an ordinary person, but I’m exceptional, so I’ll be fine. See, even this beast’s fangs couldn’t pierce my defense.” (Wilhelm)

The lion-like beast is overwhelmed by my aura, visibly shocked.

It hesitates, trembling, before withdrawing its teeth from my shoulder. It must have realized the hopeless difference in strength.

I turn around and kick the beast’s jaw, likely shattering its skull into pieces.

“Hah, go back and train until you’re an S-rank beast!” (Wilhelm)

Even if you’re an S-rank, I’ll still be stronger though!

“Wilhelm-kun, thank you for saving me! Are you sure there’s no serious injury? Your muscles are fine, right? If they were hurt, I’d cry.” (Liliana)

“If possible, I’d like you to worry about more than just my muscles.” (Wilhelm)

“As long as you’re energetic, you should be fine.” (Liliana)

The treatment for everything but muscles seems a bit casual…

I concentrate magic into my arms, pushing harder and harder.

But darn, it’s no use. The handcuffs restraining me remain unaffected.

As expected of an artifact from the Demon King. These handcuffs don’t seem like they’ll break easily.

The petrification progresses steadily. I need to concentrate my magic to interfere with it, or things will get bad. What a troublesome thing to be stuck with.

“Wil-something-kun!” (Tony)

My father rushed over, his expression tense. The diplomatic event had been utterly ruined. It’s only natural to panic in such a situation. It could escalate into a full-blown war between the two nations, a serious matter indeed.

Grabbing my collar, my father’s eyes were deadly serious.

“Do something about this, now! This might be the only time you can be of any use to society. If you put in a bit of effort, you could wipe out these monsters in an instant!” (Tony)

“I’m sorry, but it’s a bit complicated right now…” (Wilhelm)

I showed him the condition of my arms.

“It’s an artifact of the Demon King. What’s more, if even you can’t remove it… How can I set you free?” (Tony)

Quick thinking, as always.

“A mere sword won’t be able to destroy this. Father, do you have any legendary sword that you can guarantee will be able to destroy it?” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm, if it weren’t for the friendship ceremony, I would have had the finest sword at hand… But, our home is nearby from here. Wait here. I’ll fetch the sword and do everything I can to minimize the damage until then!” (Tony)

“Understood!” (Wilhelm)

My father dashed off at an incredible speed. It seemed like his muscles and tendons were about to snap. Could he really be okay running at such a pace? His speed was worthy of respect. Truly fitting for the father of both me and Tony.

Seeing my father put in so much effort, I knew I had to do the same.

I looked out at the ceremony venue, where screams were echoing incessantly.

Various people were engaged in different actions—fighting, fleeing, standing frozen in fear or crying. I needed to do something quickly. There were already a hundred monsters, and with each swing of Stephanie’s sword, their numbers increased. It was becoming overwhelming. And on top of that, there were the thieves.

But the most troublesome was— I looked up at the towering figure. It was the Cyclops. If we didn’t deal with it, this chaos would never end.

The Cyclops swung its club relentlessly, repeatedly attacking the same spot. Why was it fixating on one person?

Wait a minute. Was there someone here who could attract such a powerful creature’s attention?

Ah, it was Sofia-san. Somehow, I found it quite fitting.

“Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why meeeeeeeeeee?! Why are you only targeting me?! It’s not fun even if you crush meeeeeeeeeee!” (Sofia)

Well, it might actually be quite amusing. Sofia-san, you’re always so unlucky.

The Cyclops was chuckling. Perhaps it found Sofia-san’s reactions amusing. I get, that feeling. We might become friends after all.

It kept swinging its club relentlessly. But Sofia-san, with her incredible speed, narrowly dodged each attack. Truly impressive, Sofia-san. She’s amazing. As expected of the master of evasion. If it’s just about running away, she’s the best in the country!

“Sofia-san! Nice job! Just keep leading it like that for about an hour!” (Wilhelm)

“An hour?! No way, no way, no way, no way! Hey, Wil-kun, instead of just watching, help meeeeeeeeeeeee!” (Sofia)

“It’s okay, Sofia-san can handle it!” (Wilhelm)

“There’s no way I can handle it! I’m just a delicate girl, you knowwww!” (Sofia)

“That’s not true, right?” (Wilhelm)

“GAOOOOO!” (Cyclops)

“See, she agreed!” (Wilhelm)

“She just shouted out of frustration! Wil-kun, hurry up and help meeeeeeeeeeeee!” (Sofia)

“Even while saying that, Sofia-san is amazing at dodging, isn’t she?” (Wilhelm)

She gracefully dodges to the right, somersaults to the left, and continuously avoids attacks by occasionally slipping inside the Cyclops.

“I want to keep watching. That artistic evasion is just…” (Wilhelm)

“Wilhelm-kun, I was going to say we should help her, but… she’s really something. Despite having such a stunning and enviable body, her agility is unfair. Should we just keep watching like this?” (Liliana)

“Noooo! Why are you both looking at it like you’re appreciating art? This isn’t an art gallery!” (Sofia)

“If Sofia-san were in an art gallery, she wouldn’t look out of place at all with her beautiful appearance. I’d want to visit every day. How about ‘The Beautiful Evasion Master Sofia’ for the title?” (Wilhelm)

“Oh, come on! There’s no time for such comments when lives are at stake! I won’t be happy no matter what you say in a life-or-death situation!” (Sofia)

The Cyclops seemed to be getting annoyed and clicked its tongue. Its speed in swinging the club only increased.

Wow. That’s some master-level attack speed. And Sofia-san, continuously evading it, is even more incredible.

“I can’t keep up anymore. Both the attackers and the ones dodging are too fast. Sometimes, it feels like she’s moving fast enough to leave afterimages. Is that even humanly possible?” (Liliana)

“She’s amazing. It seems like something inside Sofia-san always awakens in extreme situations. Her movements are something even I could learn from.” (Wilhelm)

Sofia-san might actually be quite the prodigy.

“If we wait a little longer, Sofia-san might level up to a whole new tier of strength.” (Wilhelm)

“Hey, don’t just leisurely watch! If you wait any longer, I’ll be squashed flat!” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san seems soft, so she won’t get squashed, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t say random things! Ouch, that hit!” (Sofia)

Ah, indeed it looks bad. I can’t use my hands. So, I can’t swing a sword or even use magic much. I have to manage somehow with just my legs.

I swiftly approached Sofia-san.

A gigantic club from a Cyclops loomed from above. If I don’t do something, Sofia-san will be crushed. So, the excellent me will handle it!

“Take this! Hero’s Divine Sword Technique, [Savage Beast Whirlwind Kick]!” (Wilhelm)

It’s one of the techniques for when the hero doesn’t have a sword.

Giving weight and hardness to my legs, I charged forward and swung with all my might. If my opponent were human, I could crush bones and organs simultaneously. But my opponent is a club.

“Ugh. It’s heavy–” (Wilhelm)

It was indeed impossible to crush it. But I had enough power in my legs to prevail.

I deflected the Cyclops’ club. The Cyclops leaned back, exposing its arms and upper body. It’s wide open.

I circled behind the Cyclops. Then, once again, I unleashed [Savage Beast Cyclone Kick].

“Fall—!” (Wilhelm)

I struck the back of the Cyclops’ knee with [Savage Beast Cyclone Kick]. Successfully, I crushed its bones and flesh, causing it to lose balance.

The Cyclops let out a scream as it fell backward. Its head collided with the royal castle, breaking through the outer wall.

I leaped high into the air. Looking down at the fallen Cyclops, its expression twisted in terror.

“Does this hurt a bit?” (Wilhelm)

I aimed [Savage Beast Cyclone Kick] at the Cyclops’s abdomen. There was a sensation of destroying its internal organs. It must have taken significant damage.

“Now’s the time! Attack!” (Wilhelm)

“Uoooohhhhh!” (Backup)

Soldiers and guild members swarmed around the Cyclops. I’ll leave the rest to them. With the Cyclops injured, they should be able to handle it. I withdrew.

Sofia-san came running, gasping for breath.

“Thank you, Wil-kun… *haah, haah* But, next time, if you could *haah* help a little faster, I’d be *haah, haah* so happy.” (Sofia)

“Well, I thought the same thing, but I didn’t want to steal your moment, Sofia-san.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s fine, really. Haah, haah. Oh, by the way, what happened to your hand?” (Sofia)

“I got hit by the enemy. Sofia-san, could you please take Liliana and escape? I’ll handle things here.” (Wilhelm)

“But, with your hand like that, even you, Wil-kun—” (Sofia)

Oops, a zombie monster is approaching Liliana. I used the Demon King’s ultimate magic, [Monster Control], to manipulate a nearby lion monster and rescue her.

“Sofia-san, hurry!” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, sorry. Hang in there!” (Sofia)

Sofia-san runs off.

I’ll hold out until my father brings the sword. It’s going to be a really tiring day. Come to think of it, Mew-chan predicted this kind of crisis, didn’t he? Mew-chan’s intuition is seriously impressive. I kinda respect him for that.

[Tony’s PoV]

What a disaster. The entire ceremony has gone down the drain.

In this chaotic situation, the action I, Tony, must take—it’s definitely to support my nii-san.

…Huh, nii-san’s hands are bound. It seems Father will handle it somehow, so I should do something else.

If I was nii-san, what would I do in this situation? Probably protect the Grand Duke.

Upon checking on the Grand Duke, I found that he was being attacked by thieves. The soldiers are desperately trying to protect him, but the thieves are just as desperate. The thieves seem to have the upper hand in momentum.

Soldiers are falling one by one. I should go assist over there. I decided to use the fallen soldiers’ swords to aid in the fight.

Ah, Edelweiss-san jumped in to help first.

“Naughty kids need to be punished! The saint is furious!” (Edelweiss)

“You’re… you’re the former delinquent saint!” (Thief)

Ah, Edelweiss-san looked irritated with a delinquent expression. She raised her hands high and unleashed a powerful magic.

“Hehehe. In this world, there are things you can say and things you can’t. This is divine punishment. Purification magic, [Holy Hawk]!” (Edelweiss)

A large, large hawk descended from the sky. With its sharp talons gleaming, it swiftly attacked like beams of light.

In the blink of an eye, she scattered the thieves. As expected of the former delinquent who was renowned during her school days. She’s incredibly strong in fights.

Next, the boss of the thieves approached Edelweiss-san. It’s my turn to take him down.

“Fake saint, prepare to die!” (Big thief)

“Oh my? Who’s the fake here? No matter how you look at it, I’m clearly a genuine saint, aren’t I?” (Edelweiss)

“No matter how you look at it, you look like a delinquent pretending to be a saint!” (Big thief)

“W-What are you saying? I’m more modest and pure than anyone, aren’t I?” (Edelweiss)

“Don’t mess with me! If you’re pure, then I’m considered pure too!” (Big thief)

“I’m definitely much purer than you! The saint is absolutely furious!” (Edelweiss)

The boss of the thieves raised a large sword overhead.

Edelweiss-san seemed to be engaging in hand-to-hand combat. She clenched her fists in a fighting stance. It’s likely not in her favor. It’s my turn to intervene.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I’ll just get in your way for a moment!” (Tony)

I stood in front of Edelweiss-san, as if shielding her. Then, I imbued magic into my right fist and unleashed it.

“You… you’re that person from back then!” (Big thief)

“My apologies. This might sting a bit! [Blast Explosion]!” (Tony)

The boss of the thieves was hit by the explosion magic and was lifted into the air.

“Aaaargh! It hurts!” (Big thief)

As he floated upwards, another explosion occurred.

“No way! Aaaaaargh!” (Big thief)

Another explosion occurred as he floated higher… And thus, the explosions continued ten times.

“Aaaaaaah! Why is it always the explosions?!” (Big thief)

The boss of the thieves became tattered, rolling his eyes back as he fell. Seems like he’s lost consciousness.

“Perhaps I went a little overboard. Oh well. Are you okay, Edelweiss-san?” (Tony)

“Kyaa! Tony-san, you’re so cool! Let me pat your head!” (Edelweiss)

Edelweiss-san hugged me and patted my head. Instantly, goosebumps covered my entire body.

“Ugh… Uwaaaaah!” (Tony)

“Why are you turning pale and screaming?” (Edelweiss)

Well, who wouldn’t be scared when hugged by a wild beast and touched on the head?

“Hehehe, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Didn’t I always hug you like this when you were little? It’s okay to rely on your onee-san, you know?” (Edelweiss)

All I remember from when I was little is being treated like Edelweiss-san’s toy… A kind onee-san? No way, it’s the opposite.

“Edelweiss-san, could you maybe stop acting like that?” (Tony)

I don’t want to deal with this weird facade of hers.

“Alright, Tony-san?” (Edelweiss)

Edelweiss-san showed her usual delinquent expression.

“After all this, come to the back of the church later, okay? Absolutely.” (Tony)

Scary. Her gaze is particularly intimidating. Okay, let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.

Now, onto the next enemy.

“Nooooooo! Anastasiaaaa, Anastasiaaaa!” (Clara)

That’s a scream. It’s Clara-chan. And in front of her is a bipedal dragon.

Wait, what? The dragon is looking up at the sky, and there are legs of a girl sticking out from its closed mouth.

Are those legs possibly Anya-chan’s? In other words, is she being eaten from the waist up?

“Don’t worry, she hasn’t been eaten yet. I’m sure she’s still safe.” (Edelweiss)

Well, I don’t think you can call that safe. Just one step away from being swallowed.

“Please be careful! Someone, anyone! Preferably Wilhelm-sama!” (Clara)

I readied my sword and charged forward. With one swift strike, I cleaved the dragon’s neck in half.

Anya-chan, who was inside the dragon’s mouth, was thrown out with a poof. I gracefully caught Anya-chan in a princess-like embrace.

“Phew, looks like I made it just in time.” (Tony)

“Kyaa! Tony-sama, you’re so cool desu wa! Actually, that’s not fair, Anastasia! I want a princess carry too desu wa!” (Clara)

“We’ll save that for another time.” (Tony)

I winked at her.

“Kyaa! Yes, please!” (Clara)

I gently set Anya-chan down. It seems she’s uninjured.

“Thank you, Tony-sama! You looked so cool, just like Wil-sama!” (Anya)

“Heh, for a capable guy like me, it’s a piece of cake. I’m just glad Anya-chan is safe.” (Tony)

Anya-chan stood up and looked towards the makeshift stage. There, Stephanie-san was swinging her magic sword vigorously, summoning one magical beast after another.

“Tony-sama, I want to stop Stephanie-san. She’s clearly in an abnormal state. I’m sure that magic sword is the cause.” (Anya)

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. Let’s help her out.” (Tony)

However, I’m not sure if we can even make it that far. Even if I go alone, I’ll have to defeat at least fifty powerful magical beasts in a straight line. The longer it takes, the more magical beasts will appear, making this a very difficult mission.

Now, what should we do…? Oh, it looks like Edelweiss-san has caught up.

“You seem troubled.” (Edelweiss)

“No, not really.” (Tony)

“You’re definitely troubled, aren’t you? Right?” (Edelweiss)

“I’m not troubled at all, Edelweiss-san.” (Tony)

“But you are troubled, aren’t you? Ah, Tony-san, you’re such a tsundere. Hehehe.” (Edelweiss)

“I’m not a tsundere, not at all.” (Tony)

“Hehehe, it’s useless to lie. After all, as the kind and innocent person that I am, I’ve been taking care of you since you were a baby, treating you like a toy to play with—uh, I mean, I’ve been taking care of you with lots of love and affection since you were a baby. If you were a tsundere, I’d know, and I’d notice your troubles right away.” (Edelweiss)

So, I really was treated like a toy…

“So, Tony-san, let’s solve your worries. As the most pure-hearted and reliable person here, I will pave the way for you.” (Anya)

“P-Pure-hearted…?” (Tony)

Edelweiss-san placed her hand on my shoulder. Then, she leaned in closer, exuding an aura of intimidation.

“Tony, remember to come to back of the church, right? If you don’t show up, I’ll come get you at your house, okay?” (Edelweiss)

Yikes. Alright, I’m not going back to my parent’s house today.

“Now, I’ll use purification magic. Tony-san, please respect me a little. Also. maybe show a bit of your ‘dere’ too.” (Edelweiss)

I really don’t want to show any ‘dere’.

“This is the power of justice shown by the gods. Let this blessed saint, wielding the sword of judgment, pave the way forward.” (Edelweiss)

Edelweiss-san raised her hand towards the sky.

A beam of light descended from above. And that light transformed into an unbelievably large sword, fitting into Edelweiss-san’s hand. It was pure white and truly beautiful.

“Evil beings, be destroyed! Here we go. Purification magic, [Saint Sword]!” (Edelweiss)

Edelweiss-san swung the massive sword downwards.

This is incredible. It’s a sword imbued with the powerful magic of purification. All the magical beasts in the vicinity of where the sword was swung were purified and disappeared without a trace.

“Amazing. Truly worthy of being called a saint.” (Tony)

I genuinely admire her. Thanks to her, a path towards Stephanie-san has been cleared.

“You should have just said that from the beginning. Alright, I’m counting on you! Please save the poor girl who’s been possessed by the magic sword!” (Edelweiss)

“Yes! Leave it to me!” (Tony)

I dashed forward, with Anya-chan and Clara-chan following closely behind.

It seems Stephanie-san noticed my approach. She turned her eyes, clearly disturbed, towards me. They were violent and suspicious, something so terrifying that if someone said she was the Demon King, I might believe it.

“Stephanie-san, please drop that sword! It’s too dangerous!” (Tony)

“Kyahaha, that won’t do! Everyone should just die already. Come on, die, die right now, die for me! Bleed out and die with a splash of blood! That would make me so happy!” (Stephanie)

It’s clear that the magic sword is affecting Stephanie-san. This isn’t her usual personality.

“Stephanie-san, hand over the magic sword. Even if your magic tricks aren’t perfect, don’t give up on life!” (Tony)

“How rude! My magic tricks aren’t imperfect!” (Stephanie)

Anya-chan and Clara-chan caught up.

“Stephanie-san, your magic tricks are cute! People might call them imperfect, but I love them, so please keep going!” (Anya)

“Stephanie-san, please take care of yourself. Even if your magic tricks aren’t perfect, life usually works out somehow desu wa!” (Clara)

Stephanie-san swung her sword, summoning three more monsters, but I swiftly defeated them all in an instant.

“I told you I’m not bad at magic tricks! Leave me alone! I’m just preparing a suitable stage for the Demon King to make an entrance! Don’t interfere!” (Stephanie)

“Demon King? Sorry, but the Demon King perished over a hundred years ago!” (Tony)

“But they still exist in the present day. I’m talking about your onii-san!” (Stephanie)

“Nii-san is the coolest hero in the world!” (Tony)

I leaped onto the makeshift stage and attacked Stephanie-san. She drew her sword to block.

“The weakness of that magic sword is that it only summons beasts when swung,” I remarked as our swords clashed. As long as we kept up this exchange, no new monsters would be summoned.

“But staying like this won’t resolve the situation. Sooner or later, you’ll be attacked by beasts from behind,” she retorted.

“No, it’s fine. Because I’m not alone,” I replied confidently.

From both sides, two girls came running towards us. It was Anya-chan and Clara-chan. I could feel the power they were gathering in the palms of their hands.

“That magic sword seems to be the weakness. If you don’t swing it, no more monsters will come out.” (Tony)

We clashed swords. As long as we continued like this, no new monsters would be summoned.

“But even if you keep this up, the situation won’t be resolved. Sooner or later, you’ll be attacked by monsters from behind.” (Stephanie)

“No, it’s okay. Because I’m not alone.” (Tony)

Two girls ran towards me from both sides. It was Anya-chan and Clara-chan. I could feel the power building up in the palms of their hands.

“Anastasia, here I go!” (Clara)

“Yeah, Clara-chan, together!” (Anya)

“Hero’s Divine Sword Technique, [Explosive Palm Strike]!” (Anya & Clara)

“Bfffffttt!” (Stephanie)

Anya-chan and Clara-chan’s palm strikes hit Stephanie-san’s solar plexus simultaneously. Stephanie-san’s expression twisted in pain.

Explosive energy from their hands surged into Stephanie-san’s body. The energy rampaged inside her, causing her body to contort and twist. What a brutal technique.

Stephanie-san rolled her eyes back and gazed up at the sky. With a dry clatter, the magic sword fell to the stage.

“Oww… That hurts…” (Stephanie)

She collapsed onto the stage, groaning in agony. Despite the intense pain, she seemed to have avoided losing consciousness.

Anya-chan and Clara-chan, being light in weight, probably didn’t sustain as much damage as one might expect.

I looked at the fallen magic sword.

It seemed prudent to dispose of such a dangerous artifact. I resolved to discuss it with my father and seek the nation’s counsel. While it might be considered a national treasure, until then, we would responsibly hold onto it—

“Huh…?” (Tony)

As I picked up the magic sword, I had a sensation that the entire world was shattering like fragile glass.

Someone’s scream echoes repeatedly in my mind.

My vision is tinted blood-red.

I thirst for death.

Hatred wells up from the depths of my heart.

I never imagined this magic sword could be so dangerous―― I can’t resist. Nii-san’s smile briefly flashes before fading into oblivion.

“No, stop. If you hold that sword, you’ll go mad!” (Stephanie)

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” (Tony)

I want to kill. I want to kill. I want to kill. I want to kill. I want to kill…

I want to kill everything. I want to kill it all. If I don’t, I feel like I’ll lose my mind.

Anya-chan approaches me.

“Tony-sama? Are you alright?” (Anya)

“Anya-chan, come to think of it, you learned the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique from nii-san before me, didn’t you?” (Tony)

“Y-Yes, that’s right… But I’m sure Tony-san will learn it too.” (Anya)

“I… I feel jealous.” (Tony)

I want to kill. I want to kill. Oh, how I want to kill. I can’t suppress this emotion. It’s like I’m not myself anymore. I raise the sword. At this rate, I’ll end up killing Anya-chan.

“No, stop!” (Stephanie)

Stephanie-sama sits up and throws a smoke bomb at me.

A surprisingly large amount of smoke billowed out, obscuring Anya-chan.

“I’ll show you my miracle now. This time, it’s a real miracle!” (Stephanie)

Stephanie-san stood up unsteadily.

“Stephanie-san’s magic tricks are famous for never working. That’s why I’ll just go ahead and strike down Anya-chan!” (Tony)

I swung my sword while still enveloped in smoke. Fueled by hatred, I intended to strike down Anya-chan.

However, the sensation was completely different. It didn’t feel like I had struck a person. What I had actually struck was Stephanie-san’s hat. It seemed that Anya-chan had swapped places with her using magic tricks.

“Wha? The magic… succeeded…? Stephanie-san’s magic worked? A miracle happened!” (Anya)

“Don’t call it a miracle! It’s pure skill!” (Stephanie)

“But, like, isn’t this where you’re supposed to say, ‘This is my miracle!’ as your catchphrase?” (Anya)

“Ugh! I missed my chance for my catchphrase, aaaaaah! It was the perfect timing for me to act cool! Am I such an idiot!” (Stephanie)

I trembled violently. I felt a chill. I had come dangerously close to killing Anya-chan. I needed to thank Stephanie-san.

“T-Tony-sama…” (Clara)

“Clara-chan, hurry… and run away… I’m… losing it…” (Tony)

Stephanie-san pulled Anya-chan’s hand, leading her out of the smoke. She also grabbed Clara-chan’s hand and ran away.

“Stephanie-san, I want to help Tony-sama desu wa!” (Clara)

*Cough* Ughh…!” (Stephanie)

“Hyaa! That’s an incredible amount of blood desu wa! Why is this happening?!” (Clara)

“It’s because of your palm strikes, isn’t it?! That little brother of maou-sama has ten times more magic than me. That’s why there’s absolutely no way we can win against him. If anyone could win, it would be just one person. Yes, only maou-sama.” (Stephanie)

I swung the magic sword. I swung and swung and swung.

In front of me, an A-rank large demon was being summoned. If I continued like this, destroying the city, the country, and even the world, it would surely feel satisfying. Such wicked emotions surged within me. It doesn’t matter anymore. I spotted my brother in my line of sight. With a laugh, I dashed towards him.

[Wilhelm’s PoV]

I remained restrained by handcuffs. Despite that, I managed to do my best, engaging in battles with the magical beasts and assisting with civilian evacuations.

During my efforts, I noticed that Tony had somehow managed to stop Stephanie.

“…Ah, I guess I’m not such a special person after all.” (Wilhelm)

I came to terms with it. With Tony around, this city would be more than safe. Tony, along with Anya and Clara, I hope you all continue to work together and accomplish many things in the future. As for me, I’ll find employment and support Tony from the shadows.

I kicked away the approaching demons.

I may not be suited for glamorous stages, but rather for hunting down mass-produced magical beasts. Well, even that is an important task. There are still dozens of them left, so I’ll keep doing my best with all my might.

Hmm? The sinister magic is exploding. It’s on the stage. Oh no, what’s happening? Tony has the magic sword.

Stephanie is running towards me, pulling Anya and Clara along. That’s a lot of blood she’s coughing up. Impressive that she can still run. She’s got guts.

“M-Maou-sama, please. Save us, save this city.” (Stephanie)

“You’re really asking a lot. Are you okay, Stephanie?” (Wilhelm)

“The only one who can handle this situation is the Maou-sama. Take back the magic sword. Control all the demons. Then, declare yourself as the Demon King. And then, save my country. Praise my magic tricks, write the latest edition of the scriptures, go on a date with me, treat me to lots of crepes, and also—” (Stephanie)

“Whoa, whoa, hold on. Isn’t that a bit too much to ask for?” (Wilhelm)

“If I can only pick one thing, then I really want you to become the Demon King. I’ll worship you for life.” (Stephanie)

“That’s not happening.” (Wilhelm)

“Anyway, please, just grant my wish. I’ll take these kids to safety.” (Stephanie)

“Alright, leave it to me.” (Wilhelm)

Stephanie and the others run off. Anya looks like she wants to say something, staring at me.

“What’s wrong, Anya?” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama, could you please confront Tony-sama?” (Anya)

“What do you mean?” (Wilhelm)

“I can’t say anything more than this…” (Anya)

Anya is then taken away by Stephanie before she can explain further.

I didn’t fully understand, but it seemed like Tony was carrying something heavy inside of him. Perhaps I can find out during this battle. It might be tough, but as someone as talented as me, I should be able to do it.

“I found you, nii-san.” (Tony)

Tony was approaching from behind at an unbelievable speed. He swung his sword with enough force to split my head in two.

Sensing his presence, I ducked to avoid it. However, numerous magical beasts were summoned from the magic sword. There were even dragon-type magical beasts that seemed to be close to S-rank. It’s not advisable to fight here. The damage would be too great.

“Am I Tony’s target? Convenient. Let’s change the location, Tony.” (Wilhelm)

While smashing the summoned magical beasts with kicks, I started running. Tony followed me at the same speed. I need to minimize the damage. For Tony’s sake too.

We were brothers who had never fought before. It’s unbelievable that we’re now doing something like killing each other. Life sure is unpredictable.

I ran with Tony chasing me all the way to the royal castle. Since it’s not a designated evacuation area, the damage should be minimized here.

As I ran up the outer wall, Tony followed, running up the wall as well.

“Nii-san, I want you to face me!” (Tony)

Whoa, Tony swung the magic sword. Two winged magical beasts, griffons, were summoned and attacked with their claws. It was difficult to fight while running up the wall. I ran up to the nearest roof and waited for the griffons.

A griffon approached, roaring, trying to slit my throat. As the first one came close, I kicked its jaw and shattered it. The other, I snapped its neck with a kick.

Tony headed further up, so I jumped up and followed him.

We were quite high up. The royal castle was built on an elevated location, so from here, the view was spectacular. If it weren’t for this situation, I might have enjoyed the cityscape and the breathtaking scenery.

I faced Tony. His eyes and expression looked utterly cursed.

“As expected of you, nii-san. Even without using your hands, you don’t get any weaker.” (Tony)

“Of course. I’m skilled, after all.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s exactly why I love you, nii-san!” (Tony)

Tony charged at me, brandishing his magic sword. His approach was incredibly fast. I narrowly dodged his attack, but a bit of my hair was cut. I just had it styled today.

Tony kept slashing at me without pause. His swordplay was artistically beautiful. If I let my guard down, I might be cut in half. Well, not that he’d ever hit me. I continued to evade gracefully.

“Cut, cut, cut, oh, I want to cut you, nii-san! I want to put many wounds on you, make you tattered, then bring you down to the ground, and then I’ll—” (Tony)

“You’re full of openings.” (Wilhelm)

I delivered a powerful headbutt to Tony’s forehead.

He talked too much during the fight. Blood flowed from Tony’s forehead. It seemed to have caused some damage.

Tony scooped up his blood with his fingers and licked it, looking pleased.

“The wounds you gave me… I hope they never heal.” (Tony)

“What are you saying? All the girls in this city would hate me if your handsome face got ruined. So hurry up and heal it—whoa, that was close!” (Wilhelm)

The tail of a scorpion-like beast struck down behind me at an unbelievable speed. Following that, a giant serpent-like beast slithered towards my feet, trying to bind me. Additionally, a demon with a pitch-black body was about to cast a spell. There were many other beasts behind me as well. Every time Tony swung his magic sword, more beasts were summoned.

“Don’t interfere with my conversation with my brother!” (Wilhelm)

I mercilessly kicked all of them down to the bottom of the royal castle.

Whoa, close one. In the brief moment I looked away, Tony had closed in with his sword ready. He aimed a series of thrusts at my neck with his magic sword. If it hit, it would be instant death. But, it wouldn’t hit.

“Nii-san, stop just dodging and attack me more! Let me experience your strength. Come on! Right now!” (Tony)

No way, without a sword, I can’t do it. I can’t defeat him while being restrained. Tony is too strong. Where’s Father, who went to get the sword? Do I need to buy more time?

“Hey, Tony. Why am I your only target?” (Wilhelm)

Whether it was the boss of the thieves or Stephanie, they swung the demonic sword indiscriminately. They fought in a way that involved not only the enemy in front of them but also those around them.

But Tony only attacked me.

It feels like even the magical beasts are being summoned in a quantity that I can handle. Perhaps there’s still a hint of gentle Tony remaining in him.

“The reason you’re the only target is because I deeply respect you, nii-san!” (Tony)

“So basically, because you respected me but then I turned into a pathetic shut-in, you suddenly wanted to chop me up first?” (Wilhelm)

“There’s no way I could ever think of you as pathetic! You’re the one who drove away the strongest ancient magical beasts from the surface and saved the city! And when the legendary ghost appeared, you rescued all the children in the city, and when there was a food crisis in the neighboring country, you worked harder than anyone else. You’re my proud nii-san!” (Tony)

Tony swung the magic sword with all his might. I gracefully dodged and then kicked away the emerging magical beasts, one after another.

“Regarding the food crisis, I’m sure Tony worked harder, though?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s because you were handling all the difficult quests, nii-san! I only dealt with the easy ones. Nii-san, you’ll bite your tongue if you keep talking during the fight!” (Tony)

I keep my distance, but Tony quickly catches up and continues his thrust attacks. It seems like the magical beasts aren’t summoned when he thrusts. It makes it a bit easier to handle.

“Don’t worry. I can handle this much.” (Wilhelm)

“What do you mean, ‘don’t worry’?! This is a serious duel between men!” (Tony)

“A duel? Seriously? I didn’t see it that way.” (Wilhelm)

“Please have that perception! Right now, I’m happy. I’m content. The last time that you faced me with your sword seriously was when I was five!” (Tony)

“Huh? Has it been that long?” (Wilhelm)

“It has! Nii-san, , you haven’t looked at me like that for so long! For so, so long! That’s why I’ve been striving and striving to catch up, to keep trying! This duel! This serious match! It’s important for me that you take it seriously, nii-san!” (Tony)

…I see. I feel like I understand the troubles Tony has been carrying. Tony has been watching me all this time. But I…

In the past, I only thought of myself, and I only saw Tony, who kept chasing after me, as a cute little brother. Even with his sword training, I only thought, ‘Oh, he’s trying his best, huh.’ That’s what Tony has been unsatisfied with all this time. He was training all this time to fight me seriously.

What should I do? Tony is starting to seem even cuter. Because he’s cute, I want to show him my overwhelming strength and show him the cool big brother side of me.

Is the sword still not here—?

“Wil-something-kun!” (Robert)

There it is. Father’s voice. He’s calling me from below the castle.

“Take this sword—!” (Robert)

Father threw the tip of the sword towards me. The sword is flying towards me at an incredible speed.

“Father, you’re late!” (Wilhelm)

“I’ve been working hard for you, yet that’s all you can say? Listen up! That’s our family heirloom sword! No, it’s the holy sword once wielded by a hero! There’s no sword greater than this in our country! Do you have any complaints?!” (Robert)

“I don’t, but why do we have such an amazing sword?!” (Wilhelm)

“Who do you think I am to teach you that?! I can only teach it to the heir! Listen, don’t you dare harm our precious heir! Solve everything in an instant with that hero’s sword!” (Robert)

“Father—! I’m the heir of the Wondersky family—!” (Wilhelm)

Father put his hand to his ear and showed a pretending face.

“I’ve been having trouble hearing lately. Ha ha ha, how unfortunate—!” (Robert)

I ran to the edge of the roof to meet the sword. Tony was right behind me, chasing after me.

“Nii-san, how are you going to catch the sword while your hands are restrained like that? I’ll cut those handcuffs for you!” (Tony)

“I can’t trust you in your current state, Tony!” (Wilhelm)

“No, I’ll do it! Just don’t move!” (Tony)

See, I knew it. I couldn’t trust Tony, who was filled with malice. He swung the sword down towards the back of my head.

I dodged to the side, but a sturdy golem-like magical beast and a large dragon were summoned.

I’ll deal with them later. I caught the handle of the hero’s sword flying towards me with my teeth. Alright, now I can fight with the sword!

“Let me show you a rare technique of sword throwing! Hero’s Divine Sword Technique, [Gale of the Sky]!” (Wilhelm)

I cast a spell on the hero’s sword I held with my teeth. Then, I threw it strongly into the sky.

The hero’s sword, enveloped in fierce winds, soared into the air.

This technique aims to target and throw down the enemy king who exposes his face on top of the castle walls. It’s a powerful technique that can pierce through both armor and flesh.

The hero’s sword, soaring into the sky, descended at my will.

“I’m going to cut you! If you look away, I’ll kill you! Please look at me!” (Tony)

Dodging Tony’s attacks, I manipulated the hero’s sword.

With a piercing sound cutting through the air, the hero’s sword flew around like a falcon. I let it dart around endlessly, disrupting Tony’s movements, then swiftly attacked towards Tony’s chest with the hero’s sword.

“Kuh—” (Tony)

Tony managed to dodge, but it gave me an opening.

“All right, come down!” (Wilhelm)

I successfully dropped the hero’s sword precisely onto the handcuffs.

“There we go, kept you waiting, Tony!” (Tony)

My hands were free. I took the hero’s sword and cleanly sliced off the handcuffs still lingering on my arms.

The sky darkened above me. The large magical beasts licked their lips and looked down at me.

“Get out of the way.” (Wilhelm)

I swung the hero’s sword. This sword, it’s unbelievably light and sharp. With a single swing, I effortlessly cleaved multiple large magical beasts in half as if they were paper.

Tony backed away from me, keeping a slight distance. He must have instinctively sensed that being too close would mean getting cut down in an instant. And he was right.

Tony’s expression turned serious as he carefully poised his sword. That stance was something I taught him when he was still young. It was a stance that resembled the one I have now.

“Nii-san, do you remember?” (Wilhelm)

“What now, Tony?” (Tony)

“It was when I was only five years old—” (Wilhelm)

“Can you give me the summary version?” (Tony)

He looked disappointed.

“In short, I asked you to teach me the hero’s divine sword technique. And you said you’d teach me once I got stronger.” (Tony)

“Huh. I don’t remember that at all.” (Wilhelm)

“I was sure you wouldn’t! That’s why today, I’m going to kill you!” (Tony)

“Is Tony some kind of obsessed yandere boyfriend or something?” (Wilhelm)

“When I’m facing you, it’s bound to happen!” (Tony)

“Can you please go back to being the honest and kind Tony?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s a bit difficult. So, I’m going to seriously take your life, nii-san! I’ll put everything into this one-strike! Please, accept it!” (Tony)

“Alright, bring it on, Tony! I’ll show you the power of your older brother!” (Wilhelm)

We both stepped back to create some distance between us. Then, our eyes met. At that moment, we both charged forward simultaneously.

Tony roared.

“Haaaaaaaah! Today, I’ll become a strong man who will be acknowledged by nii-san!” (Tony)

“Uwooooooooo! Hero’s divine sword technique, [Fierce Wind]! Followed by, Hero’s divine sword technique, [Mirage Attack]!” (Wilhelm)

I closed the distance between us with a short-distance, super-high-speed movement technique, almost like teleportation. Then, using the Mirage technique, I created multiple illusions of myself to confuse Tony. Timing might be a bit off.

“And—Tony! Today, I’ll put on a grand performance just for you!” (Wilhelm)

From here, I’ll stack the hero’s divine sword techniques. I’ll show you my strongest combo.

By doing so, I respond to Tony’s serious feelings. This is a serious duel, where backing down as a man is absolutely not an option.

I imbued the hero’s sword with magic. The blade began to gleam with incredible intensity.

The intense gleam was like that of the sun, radiating a dazzling brilliance that illuminated the city, the country, and the world with overwhelming force.

This is one of my strongest sword techniques. It’s one of the techniques that the man once called a hero cherished.

“Hero’s divine sword technique, ultimate move! [Flash Brilliance]!” (Wilhelm)

The hero’s sword clashed with the demon king’s magic sword.

That created a powerful impact, accompanied by a loud metallic sound that made one want to cover their ears. It also generated a strong gust of wind that tore through the roof of the royal palace.

Both of our techniques were delivered with all our might. Tony’s sword technique also possessed formidable power.

Having unleashed our respective techniques, we passed by each other and turned our backs, coming to a stop.

There was a brief moment of silence.

Then, a sound echoed from the distant roof of the castle—a sword was pierced through. It was the magic sword Catastrophe, wielded by the Demon King.

I stylishly rested the sword on my shoulder and turned back with a smug expression.

“Ha, still got a long way to go, huh? You can’t catch up that easily to someone as exceptional as me, Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“I did it! I did it! I did it! I did it! Wooooohoooooooo!” (Tony)

Tony raised both hands in a victory pose.


That’s strange. I totally nailed it, looking cool while defeating Tony. Why is he so happy? He keeps repeating his victory pose, raising his fists to the sky multiple times. But wait, isn’t that pose usually done by the loser?

“I mean, it’s pretty clear I won… right…?” (Wilhelm)

With a beaming smile, Tony turned around.

“I was able to hurt you, nii-san! I surpassed your physical abilities and defensive magic!” (Tony)

“Huh?” (Wilhelm)

I finally noticed. There was a faint damage on my cheek, with a slight trickle of blood.

“What… What do you mean?” (Tony)

“I’m so happy! Really, truly happy! The condition for you to acknowledge my strength is to be able to hurt you, right, nii-san?” (Wilhelm)

Ah, I remembered. We might have had that conversation with Tony a while back.

“The best feeling ever! It took me ten whole years to get here. Finally, the day has come when you acknowledge my strength, Wil! This is the first time in my life I’ve felt so excited!” (Tony)

Tony, overwhelmed with joy, fell backward. He continued to raise his fist in victory, rolling around in sheer delight.

After reveling in the moment for a while, Tony looked up at me from his position on the ground.

“Nii-san.” (Tony)

“What is it?” (Wilhelm)

“I want you to teach me the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques!” (Tony)

“Huh? Sure, why not? I’ll teach you anytime.” (Wilhelm)

“Yahoo! I did it, I did it, I did it! My dream since I was five has finally come true!” (Tony)

Wait, could that have been Tony’s underlying concern?

Maybe I haven’t fully understood Tony yet. Is this something to be this happy about? Could it be that from Tony’s perspective, I’ve been a difficult brother to approach?

I realized that I might need to spend more time connecting with Tony in the future. I strongly felt that way.

Leaving Tony, who was filled with joy, behind, I reached the edge of the roof of the royal castle.

In the plaza just before the castle, the battle with the monsters continued relentlessly. There were numerous monsters, each one powerful and ferocious. Moreover, some monsters had even infiltrated the city.

“The situation is seriously dire. This won’t end well if it continues like this.” (Wilhelm)

We had to do something, but defeating each monster one by one was too exhausting. So, I decided to sweep them away in one go.

“Activate Magic Eye—” (Wilhelm)

I heightened my magic. Absorbing the surrounding magic, I ascended higher and higher. Surpassing human limits, transcending even common sense, reaching the utmost extremes that shook the world.

My eyes would probably turn as terrifyingly red as the strongest ancient monster on the ground.

“Now, behold, the ultimate magic of the Demon King!” (Wilhelm)

Locking onto all the monsters present, I unleashed an immensely powerful magic that would attack all of them.

I raised my hands to the sky, no, to the universe. Objects there responded to my magic.

“Now, tremble! Let everything be crushed and perish! [Meteor Burst]!” (Wilhelm)

In the instant after I cast the spell,

A sense of dread enveloped the area as something terrifying fell from the sky. Both humans and magical beasts alike looked up.

And then, immediately afterward, a thunderous sound like the roar of a fearsome monster echoed from the sky.

The rocks hurtle down from the sky, wrapped in flames, descending at an impossible speed that defies perception. Each meteorite falls one after another towards the magical beasts I’ve targeted.

The magical beasts, unable to even utter a final cry, are extinguished in an instant.

In the chaotic battleground, silence falls swiftly.

No one understands what just happened. They all stare in astonishment at the fallen creatures and the meteorites.

“That was undoubtedly the Demon King’s ultimate magic. There’s no mistaking it. Wilhelm Wondersky-sama, you are undoubtedly the most worthy candidate for the title of Demon King in this era!” (Feene)

A fairy flutters before me. It’s Feene.

“I am so happy. It’s now clear to me that the magic sword, Catastrophe, is indeed most suitable for you.” (Feene)

“No, I think the magic sword, Catastrophe, would end up being disposed of…?” (Wilhelm)

“W-What?! Just when I finally met the new Maou-sama…” (Feene)

“How unfortunate…” (Wilhelm)

“Wow, you sound completely uninterested. But but, I do want the Maou-sama to protect the magic sword, Catastrophe.” (Feene)

“I wouldn’t do such a thing.” (Wilhelm)

“Hehehe. But you see, unfortunately for you, we’re going to be inseparable from now on. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to protect me.” (Feene)

Feene flew to my right hand. Then, with her tiny hand, she shook hands with me. Huh, we’re shaking hands?

“I can touch Feene’s body?” (Wilhelm)

“When the magic sword, Catastrophe, accumulates enough magic, then you’ll be able to touch me. So, um, from now on, please take care of me!!” (Feene)

Huh, I thought Feene disappeared, but the magic sword, Catastrophe, was in my right hand.

Uh oh, this isn’t good. When did I start holding the handle of the sword?

Was I shown an illusion by Feene? I felt like an evil thought was sprouting inside me, but I managed to suppress it. So, when you become somewhat stronger, you won’t be swallowed by the darkness of the sword. In other words, everyone was lacking in that department.

“Now, Maou-sama. Let’s show the exhausted people the splendor of our power! Let’s show them the presence of the Demon King, and let’s make a grand entrance!” (Feene)

I heard Feene’s voice coming from the magic sword.

“W-What?! The sword moved on its own!” (Wilhelm)

The magic sword moved on its own while I was still holding it in my right hand. It stood proudly on the roof of the royal palace, striking a pose with the sword held high in the sky.

Somehow, it was already sunset. The orange sunlight shimmered upon the cursed sword.

Everyone looked up at me. It seemed like the light returned to the eyes of the people who had been stunned.

“That’s the Demon King! Maou-sama is standing on top of the royal palace! Wilhelm-sama granted my wish! This must be a call to action, telling me to follow him when he raises the flag!” (Stephanie)

I heard Stephanie’s loud voice.

“B-But that’s not it! I didn’t mean to do that! The sword moved on its own!” (Wilhelm)

However, nobody seemed to hear my voice.

“Is that the person often featured in the newspapers?” (Citizen)

“The shut-in Demon King of the Wondersky family?” (Citizen)

“No matter how you look at it, that’s undoubtedly the Demon King. Hohoho. He’s terrifying yet dependable. One can’t help but admire that. How gracious.” (Citizen)

“Demon King! Demon King!” (Citizen)

Someone started chanting repeatedly. Then, strangely, other people began chanting “Demon King, Demon King” as well.

“No! I’m not the Demon King! If anything, I’m a hero! Or rather, I’m a shut-in!” (Wilhelm)

“Demon King! Demon King! Demon King!” (Crowd)

“S-S-Stop it!” (Wilhelm)

My desperate cry fell on deaf ears.

“Demon King! Demon King! Demon King!” (Crowd)

The chant didn’t stop.

Even from afar, it was clear. Stephanie was the happiest among them.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

MC can’t seem to escape his fate as the Demon King. It’s bound to happen someday. It looks like Feene also did something to him so that they could be together forever…? I’m not sure but it was implied.

Yep, I translated it all in one go cause it didn’t feel right to cut it into parts.

I would like to question how can MC even hear anyone from all the way at the top of the building. Not to mention, his father threw that damn sword all the way to the top of the building.


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