CFD – Chapter 10 -《Bulletin Board》

[Thread for discussing Yotsuka-kun part 1]

101 Anonymous Spirit
That was amazing…

102 Anonymous Spirit
He didn’t have any trouble with monsters until the end. Maybe he can already go even lower?

103 Anonymous Spirit
I’m also amazed by his mana pool. In the end, he did not need any mana recovery.

105 Anonymous Spirit
I could not find anything about Ianaga even when I do a search. It seems to be only a story from folklore.

107 Anonymous Spirit
I know right? Could it possibly be the world’s first?

108 Anonymous Spirit
I think that’s probably the case, but there might be a slight possibility that there are people who can summon it like Yotsuka-kun but haven’t had the chance to use it.

110 Anonymous Spirit
I also want to try using Ianga. It seems convenient for party battles. It doesn’t seem like there’s a risk of accidentally hitting allies either.

111 Anonymous Spirit
I want to try using Tyr. It looks cool.

113 Anonymous Spirit
Could it be that everyone here is a Summoner?

114 Anonymous Spirit
There are also people here who are not Summoners.

115 Anonymous Spirit
I’m a mage.

117 Anonymous Spirit
Well, the ratio of Summoners does seem high. Those who don’t actually summon would not truly understand the danger in the real sense.

119 Anonymous Spirit
Exactly. I think for ordinary people, their impression would be something like “Wow, they’re progressing so steadily even in the lower levels of the dungeon. That’s amazing.” Just that alone would give a considerable sense of exhilaration.

120 Anonymous Spirit
I don’t understand because I’m not a Summoner, but what specifically makes it dangerous?

121 Anonymous Spirit
Leaving the Fairy summoned for extended periods during exploration, simultaneous use of multiple spirits, and commanding rare spirits.

122 Anonymous Spirit
There are too many things to explain, making it difficult.

First of all, summoning spirits as a Summoner requires concentration and mana. This is often misunderstood—it’s not just at the moment of summoning but throughout the entire duration of the summoning.

This becomes especially exacerbated when dealing with more difficult spirits.

So even just having Rinnea-chan, the Fairy, constantly summoned requires significant concentration and magical power. And yet, he can calmly command combat spirits in that state as well. Moreover, while walking. Normally, just summoning one Ifrit requires you to stop and focus.

To top it off, he simultaneously commands three spirits: the Fairy, Ianga, and Ifrit. And he does it while providing commentary for the viewers. At this point, it’s beyond the realm of human capacity.

On top of all that, he didn’t consume any mana recovery potions throughout the entire exploration, so his magical power is also out of the norm.

Furthermore, in terms of the variety of summonable spirits, he has more than an average Summoner.

124 Anonymous Spirit
Just being able to summon Ifrit alone gives off a sense of being a capable Summoner. And even the Fairy is quite rare. He might be able to summon Tyr, Ianga, Euros, Naiad, and perhaps others at the same time.

125 Anonymous Spirit
I have been curious about this for a while, but how do Summoners determine what they can or cannot summon?

126 Anonymous Spirit
It’s based on their aptitude as a Summoner, although compatibility with the spirits also plays a role.

127 Anonymous Spirit
There is indeed a question about what criteria determine the proficiency of a Summoner. Generally, those who have high concentration and a large amount of mana, like Yotsuka-kun, are able to summon various spirits.

However, it seems that even skilled Summoners may have difficulty summoning Ifrit or other specific spirits, so compatibility also plays a role.

129 Anonymous Spirit
Does it feel like the number of summonable spirits increases automatically as concentration and mana increase?

130 Anonymous Spirit
No, the process of increasing the number of spirits one can command is through meditation.

132 Anonymous Spirit
By meditating and sharpening your senses, there comes a time when suddenly you can communicate with a greater variety of spirits. At least, that is how it works for me. Some people have described it as gradually approaching a vague presence.

If you want to be able to command a specific type of spirit, you can try meditating while visualizing their form and calling out their name. It increases the chances of success.

134 Anonymous Spirit
Oh, I see. It sounds much more mystical than what mages do. I’m starting to feel a bit envious.

135 Anonymous Spirit
If you’re not careful, it can take several years to even a decade of effort just to add one type of spirit lol. It is a world where being a mage is better.

136 Anonymous Spirit

137 Anonymous Spirit
Mages do seem to have the image of being able to steadily increase their capabilities through training. I am quite envious. As for when I will be able to summon a new spirit, who knows?

138 Anonymous Spirit
I really want to summon a Fairy~

139 Anonymous Spirit
Me too. I wish Rinnea-chan would come to me.

140 Anonymous Spirit
She’s being summoned through a unique summoning, so maybe she’s exclusive to Yotsuka-kun?

Come to think of it, I recall her introducing herself as a spirit exclusive to him during the stream.

142 Anonymous Spirit
I don’t understand the concept of unique summoning.

144 Anonymous Spirit
Even though we say “Fairy” or “Ifrit” in general, there are many different fairies and Ifrits, and each one has its own name. When you simply chant “Summon, Fairy” for example, a random fairy is summoned from among them. But if you chant something like “Summon, Fairy, Rinnea” you can summon Rinnea-chan specifically from the group of fairies.

However, there are times when they may refuse to come…

145 Anonymous Spirit
It seems like Yotsuka-kun didn’t chant anything…

146 Anonymous Spirit
Oh, right. I nearly forgot about that. There are too many impressive points to remember. Non-verbal summoning is also incredible. It’s a display of advanced techniques.

147 Anonymous Spirit
His face is so-so, isn’t it?

149 Anonymous Spirit
Is this going to turn into a discussion about Azami-chan?

150 Anonymous Spirit
Please stop…

151 Anonymous Spirit
It’s better than getting involved with Mutsuo, right?

153 Anonymous Spirit
Who’s Mutsuo?

155 Anonymous Spirit
He’s the leader of a streaming group consisting of high school boys who occasionally collaborate with Azami-chan. He’s handsome and has two girlfriends. It’s clear that he’s aiming for Azami-chan, and they always mention it whenever they collaborate.

156 Anonymous Spirit
Oh, I don’t like that guy. Yotsuka-kun is better.

157 Anonymous Spirit
I hate both…

159 Anonymous Spirit
Speaking of which, I wonder how Mutsuo-kun is doing. Azami-chan, who he had his eyes on, was dramatically saved by another guy.

161 Anonymous Spirit
I don’t really care either way.

162 Anonymous Spirit
If this makes him pursue Azami-chan more fiercely out of competitiveness, it’d be funny… NOT, it will be irritating.

163 Anonymous Spirit
Yotsuka-kun, please beat Mutsuo to a pulp~

164 Anonymous Spirit
Why though? LOL

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Yeppp they got the right idea. Go away Mutsuo, go flirt with your other girlfriends. He hasn’t even appeared and but its obvious that he is the playboy handsome guy plot device.

Can’t wait for Yotsuka to beat him up~

LSP chapter tmr


  1. This is suppose to be something like scared noises
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Thanks for the translation~~~
Btw, that “hi~e~tsu~”, the “tsu” is small, so “Hiieee~~~” like someone scared.


Thanks, I updated that part.

Strawberry Milkshake

Mutsuo will be the type of careless side character harem seeking dude who will perished by unexpected monster during livestream 👍


Thanks for the chapter, I hope Rinnea can somehow join the MC’s harem


This is actually quite a great style of board comments. They provide alot of world building on how the summoning system works.

Also thank you for the chapters 🙂


This novel is quickly becoming my favorite. Especially the MC and this bulletin board chapters. And the translations are divine.