CFD – Chapter 9 – Yotsuka’s Exploration Scene 《Azami》

[3rd person POV]

Azami was staring intently at Yotsuka’s live stream on her desktop computer in her room.

Her own plans for the day had been canceled. Normally, she would have been delving into the dungeon for the second day in a row. However, considering what had happened yesterday, she couldn’t possibly bring herself to feel motivated for such a thing.

Instead, she found herself watching Yotsuka’s channel, which had been discovered through social media.

Yotsuka seemed to have gained a lot of attention for helping Azami, as not only her viewers but also new viewers who became interested after watching videos of the incident uploaded on social media flocked in. The incident where Yotsuka helped Azami had become a big topic of discussion on social media, generating a lot of buzz.

(I should apologize to him for dragging him into all this commotion)

Azami thought about the content of Yotsuka’s channel, which seemed to have no intention of attracting this much attention.

On the screen, there was Yotsuka in the midst of exploration. Currently, they are moving through the middle layer.

Too amazing.

It’s different from the dungeon explorations I’m familiar with.

It’s actually quite boring, lol.

As mentioned in the first comment, it really does feel like he is the King of the Dungeon.

Such comments were scrolling by on the side of the screen.

Indeed, the dungeon exploration Yotsuka was undertaking was clearly different from the ones Azami usually engaged in herself or saw in other streams.

There was no stopping to check for traps or engage in battles with monsters.

Yotsuka just simply followed the guidance of the fairy while heading for the depths of the dungeon.

If there were traps, the fairy would detect them in advance and inform Yotsuka, allowing them to sidestep it. If monsters blocked their path, spirits would appear out of nowhere and eliminate them in an instant without Yotsuka having to do anything. The spirits would clear the path, and Yotsuka would simply walk through without much effort.

Was the Summoner job always this powerful?

Azami noticed a comment that seemed to echo her own thoughts.

No, this person is strange. Normally, you need to call out the spirits by their names to summon them, and summoning Ifrit while walking is impossible. You need to stop and concentrate, not to mention, they don’t appear in an instant like that. And keeping the fairy summoned all the time? That’s unheard of.

So, it seems their way of battling is different from a regular Summoner, huh?

Moreover, it’s insane that he can keep the fairy summoned all the time and not even need any mana recovery. If it was me, I’d be completely drained while chugging mana recovery potions.

So, it seems they have no problem with the middle layer. I wonder what will happen when they reach the lower layers.

Rinnea-chan, look this way~

While watching the completely safe exploration, they managed to reach the lower layers.

They truly are explorers of the lower layers.

As Azami felt a sense of worry when Yotsuka stepped into the lower layers, she couldn’t help but marvel at how her childhood friend had gained such incredible power.

Even in the lower layers, Yotsuka remained overwhelmingly strong.

His still not doing anything himself.

I can’t believe that even looting is left to the spirits.

They are not stopping at all, even in the lower layers.

As the comments suggested, as they reached the lower layers, the strength of the monsters increased, and there were additional steps required for gathering materials. However, Yotsuka does not show any signs of slowing down.

The fairy would announce the presence of monsters, and the spirits, often the one wielding a sword, would appear and swiftly cut the monsters into pieces. The fairy would then extract materials from the mutilated corpses and toss them into Yotsuka’s open bag. And the process repeats itself. There was no sign of struggle, and Yotsuka continued to walk leisurely. As they passed by the monsters’ corpses, Ifrit would be summoned to incinerate the remains, probably to prevent them from becoming food for other monsters.

What’s up with that spirit?

Tyr, huh? It can handle defeating and dismantling monsters at the same time. I want one too… even though I’m not a summoner.

Seems like even summoners can’t summon it right away.

Seriously, how much mana does he have? He has not recovered it even once.

Seems like instead of using Tyr, his just going straight to incinerating everything with Ifrit.

Probably because their bag is full. Rinnea-chan closed up the bag, after all. I think they can’t bring back any more materials.

I see.

I wonder what happened to the spirit that was carrying Hikari-chan yesterday. It hasn’t had any role so far.

Yeah, I am wondering that too.

I wonder if they will continue venturing deeper into the dungeon like this.

While the comments kept scrolling by, it was revealed that the Minotaur, the monster that Azami encountered yesterday, was cut in half by Tyr.

Oh, that’s Tyr.

When the enemy has charging power or the possibility of throwing attacks, there seems to be a tendency to physically defeat them.

Ah, an experienced viewer, I see.

Are you happy to see your favorite spirit getting the spotlight?

I’m happy desu.

With so much talent, it’s surprising his stream did not catch that much attention before… Well, I guess it can’t be helped with that stream title.

Suddenly, Yotsuka’s footsteps came to a halt, and he took out his smartphone from his pocket.

Azami also considered typing a comment but hesitated, concerned about the possibility of causing a commotion. In the end, she decided to refrain from doing so.

“Oh, there are still quite a number of people watching. Or rather, it seems to be increasing.” (Yotsuka)

There’s still a lot left you know?

Boss1 is really strong, isn’t he?

The scene of their exploration is amazing, it made me laugh.

Truly the king of the dungeon.

“I wonder if I’m really that extraordinary. Well, as a Summoner, I do have some confidence.” (Yotsuka)

Yotsuka starts engaging with comments and conversations.

I want to see the spirit used yesterday.

Such a request was posted.

“Yesterday… was it Ianga? I used it to transport Hikari-san.” (Yotsuka)

That’s the one!

So it’s called Ianga.

First time hearing about it.

Well, it’s not really suited for direct attacks. Its uses are limited.

“Alright, I will show you Ianga in the next battle and then wrap up for today.” (Yotsuka)

.With those words, Yotsuka resumes his movement.

“Ianga is a spirit of attraction and repulsion.” (Yotsuka)

When encountering a monster, Yotsuka calls forth the spirit while providing explanations. The spirit takes the form of a female.

As Ianga reaches out towards the monster, it collapsed as if crawling on the ground.

“By strengthening gravity this way, it can slow down the enemy’s movements. Alternatively, we can pull them closer like this or push them away.” (Yotsuka)

Following Yotsuka’s instructions, the monster’s body shifts back and forth accordingly.

“However, as you can see, it’s not a spirit that can directly deal damage. It needs to be used in conjunction with other spirits to be effective… especially when exploring solo.” (Yotsuka)

As the monster tries to approach Yotsuka with its heavy body, Ifrit is summoned and incinerates the monster, reducing it to ashes.

“I can defeat the monsters around here with just one spirit, so I don’t have many opportunities to summon Ianga at the moment… That’s about it. Well then, I’m starting to feel tired, so I think I’ll head back to the surface.” (Yotsuka)

As he says that, he turned around and started heading back.

“Yotsuka-kun is strong, isn’t he?” (Azami)

While watching Yotsuka’s figure, Azami remains seated and speaks to the slime she’s been cradling in her arms.

The slime wriggles and squirms in response, giving its own form of reply.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Ouh so the open bag thing was for Rinnea to toss in the materials, I was wondering why the author kept bringing up the open bag. I’m pretty sure Ianga has a lot of uses against bosses and when exploring, like maybe make a repulsion forcefield to create a rest area and stuff, but I guess it won’t be useful when trying to massacre a bunch of monsters.

This chapter is definitely in 3rd person, but it became first person for one line. So I just put that line in (brackets) since it represents her thoughts.

Btw I changed from using “floors” to using “layers” when talking about dungeons.


  1. This is translated as “Nushi-san/Aruji-san”. Just think of it as a meme way of saying you.
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Strawberry Milkshake

Bro this novel is a good one!
I guess he might have another or maybe new summons soon! Just like pokemon


He mentioned he had other trump cards, so he prob have other summons. Can’t wait to see what busted abilities they have. Although I wonder how many unique summon he has. I mean, Rinnea can’t be the only one right?

Strawberry Milkshake

At this point even if he has Exodia as his summon I wouldn’t be suprised


it’s 主さん (nushi-san). It’s internet slang apparently and basically it means “you”. I like to think it’s like saying chief or boss as a meme. Also, it seems some people (boomers) don’t like the term because it sounds weird


Thank god there are people who know stuff that I don’t. I just read the google translation of it, but when I google search it I got something similar to this. I’ll go update it. Thanks


If the comments on the stream are to be believed, I wonder why the MC has that much mana, and why he can summon spirits this strong