CFD – Chapter 18 – The Thoughtful Beauty’s Livestream

After leaving the riverside with Azami and heading home together, I bid farewell to her as she mentioned she has a live stream coming up. I returned to my own room at home.

Having met Azami, I had postponed the summoning of a new spirit. Now, I decided to give it a try. I lay on my bed, lazily gazing at the chatter on Shouter, when suddenly information began to flow in.

It seems that Azami and the others, along with Forest, are planning to begin their exploration of the lower levels on Saturday. The source of this information is Mutsuo’s Shouts.

Apparently, they have made the decision to venture into the lower levels based on my evaluation from yesterday. Considering how much they inquired me about it, I am not surprised. However, I never expected them to challenge the lower levels during a collaboration livestream with Azami.

Despite the fact that she had just narrowly escaped being killed by monsters in the lower levels, it’s surprising that Azami and the others agreed to it.

Feeling a bit curious, I decided to see if they were discussing anything related to this matter during Azami’s ongoing live stream.

When I opened the stream, the left side prominently displayed the gameplay screen, while the top right showed Hikari, and the bottom right showed Azami. Today’s stream seemed to be focused on gaming.

“Yes, that’s right! On Saturday, we are going to challenge the lower levels together with everyone from Forest!” (Azami)

Azami exclaimed cheerfully towards the camera. It seems that she was discussing that very topic.

Don’t push yourselves too hard.

Are you sure it’s going to be okay?

Aren’t you scared?

What if another Minotaur appears? What will you do?

Comments filled with worries came in.

“We will be fine. If the Minotaur really exists, it’s a monster that would only be found in the lower levels.” (Azami)

“We could conquer the lower to mid-lower levels with Azami’s tamed monsters alone. So if everyone from the Forest is here, we should be fine exploring the beginning of the lower levels of the dungeon.” (Hikari)

Hikari and Azami paused the game for a moment, and start responding to the comments.

Did Yotsuka-kun and Mutsuo-kun know each other?

“They didn’t know each other, but they happened to run into each other yesterday, so they talked to each other.” (Azami)

“I heard that everyone in Forest fought against the Sword Spirit and ended it ended in a draw. It’s amazing, isn’t it?” (Hikari)


That’s amazing.

The Sword Spirit is Tyr, right? Then maybe they can already handle the Minotaur too, right?

This is reassuring.

“Mutsuo-kun mentioned that it wasn’t a serious battle, just a friendly match, so we can’t be overconfident. However, if we could fight on par with the Sword Spirit, then we should have no problem with at least the entrance of the lower levels.” (Hikari)

“Don’t worry, we won’t delve too deep.” (Azami)

If it’s just that level, then it should be fine. With Hikari, the issue of not having a healer in Forest is solved, they should not fall behind the monsters in the shallow depths of the lower levels.

After that, the two of them return to the game.

Is the collaboration with Yotsuka-kun on Sunday also set in the lower levels?

I am curious about that too.

Exploring the lower levels two days in a row, they are definitely dedicated lower-level explorers already.

“Exploring the lower levels on Sunday sounds like a good idea. It would lack tension if we went to the lower levels with Forest, and then explored the mid-levels with Yotsuka-kun.” (Hikari)

“Hmm… On Sunday, we had planned to have a detailed showcase of his spirits on an easy floor. But you are right, it makes sense. I’ll discuss it later.” (Azami)

“I’m excited to see the spirits in action live for the first time. It’s going to be enjoyable!” (Hikari)

Indeed, Summoner is not a popular job, so many people do not have the opportunity to see spirits.

I have a feeling that on Sunday, we will just be watching without much to do.

“Yeah, I watched a bit of the previous live stream archive, and Yotsuka-kun can handle the lower levels easily even on his own. I wonder what we will be doing.” (Hikari)

“Yotsuka-kun is the type who focuses on the exploration and doesn’t read the comments, so I think our role will be to read out the comments from the viewers, ask questions from an amateur perspective, and bridge the gap between everyone and Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

I looked at the five-digit viewers displayed on the screen.

On Sunday, we will be exploring while having this number of viewers. Thinking about it, it’s starting to make me nervous.

Responding to comments might also be quite challenging.

Which one of the two, Yotsuka-kun or Mutsuo-kun, do you both find more appealing?

How close are Azami-chan and Yotsuka-kun, after all?

Does Yotsuka-kun have a girlfriend?

It seems that questions about me are popping up in the conversation.

Please don’t compare me to that handsome guy. Also, shouldn’t you consider comparing me to the other members of the Forest as well?

“Ah, I am curious about this too. Which is your type, Yotsuka-kun or Mutsuo-kun.” (Hikari)

Hikari picked up on the question.

“Well… Both of them are cool, aren’t they?” (Azami)

“Ah, she dodged the question.” (Hikari)

“Because, you know, it would be rude to compare them, right? Someone who is watching this broadcast might be offended, you know?” (Azami)

I am watching. I am not sure about Mutsuo though.

“Praising both of them might make the hardcore fans even more anxious.” (Hikari)

“It’s not rude to deny either.” (Azami)

“But what if you had to choose one?” (Hikari)

“Well… why are those two specifically being mentioned?” (Azami)

“Oh, you mean the handsome guy who seemed to get along well with us and the savior who saved our lives?” (Hikari)

“It’s not like I have any special relationship with Mutsuo-kun as much as people say. It’s no different from the rest of the members of the Forest.” (Azami)

“If I had to choose between someone from the Forest and Yotsuka-kun?” (Hikari)

“I can’t choose.” (Azami)

“Oh, I see. Everyone, it seems like she is trying to keep everyone happy.” (Hikari)

“Why does it turn out that way?” (Azami)

“Maybe because you try to please everyone.” (Hikari)

“Well, what about you, Hikari-chan? Which of the two would you pick?” (Azami)

“I’m on Team Mutsuo-kun.” (Hikari)

“I’m sorry, Yotsuka-kun.” Hikari apologized, rejecting me. Unlike Azami, she was the type to give a clear answer in situations like this. Well, it didn’t really bother me that she rejected me.

To be honest, I’m only curious about Azami’s answer.

When it comes to these two, I’m on Team Azami.

Hikari is not my type.

Yotsuka-kun got rejected, lol.

After he helped them…

“It’s all about looks, huh.” (Azami)

I admit that I don’t stand a chance based on appearance. Let’s pray that Hikari can become the “Number Three” for Mutsuo.

Or rather, is there any place I can win at?

Perhaps in terms of abilities as an explorer. However, even in that aspect, it may seem indistinguishable to an outsider, especially considering that they are both venturing into the lower layers.

It’s possible that I’m losing in terms of income as well. While the exact income of popular streamers is unknown, unlike the profession of an explorer which has its limitations, as a streamer, Mutsuo may be earning more without the restrictions of a tenth of the earnings. So there is a possibility of falling behind him in that aspect too.

It may appear that Mutsuo, who leads a team of three companions, is more dependable compared to me, who explores solo.

He seems to excel in his studies, and besides the uncertain path of being an explorer or a streamer, he may have other promising future prospects as well.

Having two girlfriends, he must be experienced in dating and entertaining women.

The more I think about it, the clearer it becomes that my chances are slim.

But I guess winning or losing in that regard doesn’t really matter in the end.

“So, you have some interaction with the members of Forest in real life, albeit mostly related to our streams, but what about Yotsuka-kun? How is it in that regard?” (Hikari)

“Is this conversation still going on?” (Azami)

“Well, I mean, we are receiving questions, so it’s inevitable.” (Hikari)

“Well, Yotsuka-kun is just a classmate to me, and we have known each other since we were little. Our houses were close by, so we are childhood friends. Recently, we haven’t been talking much though.” (Azami)

“It seems like you have known each other for quite a while.” (Hikari)

“Yes, in terms of duration, that’s true.” (Azami)

“Well, in your case, your childhood friend who you had grown apart from came to your rescue in a pinch? That’s incredibly dramatic. It sounds like the setup for a romantic storyline with Mutsuo-kun as the sacrificial lamb.” (Hikari)

“I wouldn’t call him a sacrificial lamb.” (Azami)

“Did you develop feelings for him? Maybe you should start dating already.” (Hikari)


Don’t date him.

Don’t say weird things, Hikari-chan.

“Don’t tease me.” (Azami)

“Let’s change the topic then. Oh, before that, just to confirm, do you know if Yotsuka-kun has a girlfriend?” (Hikari)

“…He shouldn’t have one.” (Azami)

“Yes, everyone heard that. There is a possibility that Yotsuka-kun might also be interested in Azami-chan.” (Hikari)

I can’t believe it, Yotsuka better stay away!

Don’t you dare come near our Azami-chan!

Following Hikari’s provocation, such comments started to appear. Even if you say that, Azami is the one who invited me as a guest.

Further, what does “also” refer to? Is it true from Hikari’s perspective that Mutsuo is interested in Azami?

“So, in the end, what viewers really want to know is what type of guy is Azami interested in and whether there is a possibility of she is dating someone, right? What can you tell us about that?” (Hikari)

“Well, it’s hard to say.” (Azami)

“And what about your desire for marriage?” (Hikari)

“Well… I do have a desire to get married. I would like to do it sooner rather than later.” (Azami)

Wait, really?

Don’t get married.

I wish you happiness in the future.

“Seems like there are some overly eager comments, but it’s still a long way off.” (Azami)

“On a serious note, if you were to continue trying to please everyone at this stage, wouldn’t there be a huge backlash if I were to announce a marriage in the future?” (Hikari)

“I-Is that so?” (Azami)

I understand.

If she appears too pure and innocent, she might attract some strange people.

There are already quite a few unicorns1 out there.

It’s important to get accustomed to the presence of men to some extent.

I’m not saying you have to become like Hikari-chan, but if you plan to get married soon, it might be important to establish the understanding that ‘the time will come soon’ to ensure a smoother transition. It can be quite unsettling to suddenly have news about your relationship one day.

“Well, everyone in the comment section seems to be nodding in agreement.” (Hikari)

“Um… Well, if I happen to find a suitable partner someday, I would like to get married. So, please wish me luck.” (Azami)

“What kind of person do you want as a marriage partner?” (Hikari)

“I’m looking for someone I can feel safe with.” (Azami)

“Ah, so you are the type who seeks peace of mind. You can earn your own money after all.” (Hikari)

Making its first appearance in Japan, Azami-chan’s ideal type: someone who can make her feel safe.

Well, in that case, maybe I have a chance… not.

I’m a civil servant, so I have stability going for me.

Someone who can make you feel at ease, huh?

It seems like a distant concept to me.

After all, I am a lower-level explorer and is constantly in danger.

“Well, let’s drop this topic, okay?” (Azami)

“Agreed. By the way, my type is a good-looking man with a high income. I will be waiting!” (Hikari)

With Hikari’s declaration, the conversation shifted to other topics.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

The number of flags being set between this and the previous chapter. 

OMG Hikari is so annoying. She made me feel so uncomfortable reading this chapter. Like normally, you wouldn’t pick a question that you know the other party feels uncomfortable talking about and yet she does. Azami gave obvious signs that she did not want to talk about this and yet she continues. Is there a deeper story in Azami and Hikari’s relationship? What I assume is happening is that Hikari likes Mutsuo but he is only aiming for Azami, so she tries to push Azami and Yotsuka’s relationship but it’s done in an annoying way.

Yotsuka says that his and Mutsuo’s abilities in exploring might be indistinguishable from the outside but we all know that is not the case. My man can simply walk through lower levels like a king, the difference is plain as day. 

Btw this chapter’s title is “八方美人配信” which I have no idea how to translate so someone correct me if the title is wrong.


  1. In otaku culture a unicorn is a fan who believes their oshi/streamer is a pure and innocent girl who will never marry or date 
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Thanks for the chapter! I’m disappointed Hikari prefers Mutsuo, I was hoping she could be in the MC’s harem, I dislike these handsome side characters authors always feel the need to add.


I was also hoping that Hikari would be in MC’s harem, too bad she is this kind of character.
His harem is like non existent. At this point I don’t even mind if it’s Rinnea.


Yeah but you just know that his original knight (like Sora’s 12 knights) is gunna be a bombshell.


jmdict lists 八方美人 as “flawlessly beautiful woman” or “person who’s friendly with everyone”. 八方 means all directions and 美人 is beautiful person. I’d say is more like the latter meaning. Take a look at weblio’s japanese to english dictionary which has a lot of examples of how a specific word is used in a sentence.
And in otaku culture a unicorn is a fan who believes their oshi is a pure and innocent girl who will never marry or date (anyone other than them).


Thanks, I think I’ll keep the title as it is since it probably the latter. I’ll add in the unicorn part in footnotes.

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Strawberry Milkshake

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