CFD – Chapter 17 -《Bulletin Board》

[Thread talking about Azami part76]

714 Anonymous Monster
They just had a near-death experience, and yet they are already resuming their exploration. Azami-chan and the others are strong.

717 Anonymous Monster
Well, Minotaurs hardly ever appear in the middle layers, so I guess that’s why.

721 Anonymous Monster
But if it were me, I would probably be traumatized.

723 Anonymous Monster
By the way, did you see Mutsuo’s shout1?

726 Anonymous Monster
Don’t mention that name here.

727 Anonymous Monster
He better stay away from Azami-chan.

728 Anonymous Monster
I really hate the Saturday collaborations.

729 Anonymous Monster
Are those two hot girlfriends not enough for him? How much of a lustful monster is he?

730 Anonymous Monster
As expected, the atmosphere quickly became tense.

731 Anonymous Monster
Yotsuka is the guest on Sunday. It’s tough to have male-related topics continue during the weekend.

732 Anonymous Monster
I went to see Mutsuo’s Shouter2. Is that for real?

735 Anonymous Monster
What happened? Could it be a declaration of a relationship with Azami? I’m too scared to go see it.

739 Anonymous Monster
In the title of the scheduled stream that was shouted out, there were words like “descending into the lower levels”…

743 Anonymous Monster
Seriously? Do they have a death wish?

745 Anonymous Monster
It’s the title of Saturday’s stream.

749 Anonymous Monster
What?! Azami-chan is also involved?! Don’t drag her into this, Mutsuo!

752 Anonymous Monster
By the way, I’m surprised Azami-chan accepted it. She just suffered a crushing defeat against the Minotaur, a lower-level monster. Normally, she would refuse something like this.

Was she always this reckless?

753 Anonymous Monster
Don’t go, Azami-chan…

754 Anonymous Monster
Please let it be Mutsuo’s recklessness. If that happens, Azami-chan should also decline the collaboration from now on.3

756 Anonymous Monster
What happened to lead to such a decision?

757 Anonymous Monster
There was an additional shout. It seems that Yotsuka-kun had a match with Forest and received approval for lower-level exploration.

761 Anonymous Monster
Seriously? Yotsuka had to meddle in unnecessary things.

763 Anonymous Monster
Well, Forest is actually strong, though.

767 Anonymous Monster
They might be strong, but I have doubts about them being classified as lower-level capable. Aren’t you still a bit concerned?

770 Anonymous Monster
By the way, when did Yotsuka and Mutsuo get to know each other?

771 Anonymous Monster
I wonder if Azami-chan agreed because Yotsuka-kun gave his OK.

772 Anonymous Monster
Well, Azami-chan and Hikari-chan will be joining them, so they should have some leeway. I don’t think they will be completely overwhelmed as soon as they enter the lower levels. They should be able to assess the situation and retreat if needed.

775 Anonymous Monster
Didn’t they mention in the recent stream that they would postpone the lower-level exploration for a bit longer?

778 Anonymous Monster
They did say that. It seems like they suddenly got ahead of themselves. I thought they were a relatively cautious group for high schoolers.

782 Anonymous Monster
Could it be that they have developed a sense of rivalry against Yotsuka-kun?

786 Anonymous Monster
That might be the case. If they hear about someone from the same local high school exploring the lower levels solo, it’s only natural for their feelings to be stirred as fellow high school explorers.

789 Anonymous Monster
I hope they are not thinking about showing off in front of Azami-chan or anything like that.

792 Anonymous Monster
The people here often worry about Azami-chan and Mutsuo getting together, but considering Forest’s team composition, wouldn’t they actually want Hikari-chan more?

795 Anonymous Monster
That’s true. They don’t have a healer in their group.

796 Anonymous Monster
Considering Forest’s strength and reputation, they could easily find a healer if they put out a recruitment notice. Maybe they are really just aiming for Azami-chan.

800 Anonymous Monster
But now that you mention it, there’s also a possibility that they’re aiming for Hikari-chan as well. She’s cute too. Even though they say she is older, they are not that far apart in age, right?

805 Anonymous Monster
I wonder what the actual situation is. Is Mutsuo really targeting one of them, or maybe he’s not targeting either of them and just hanging out with them as fellow local explorers and streamers of the same age?

809 Anonymous Monster
These days, with new guys like Yotsuka appearing, it must be tough for Azami-chan’s fans.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I wonder how they are gonna completely mess up the exploration. Btw I still don’t see the Harem, unless you count Rinnea as one lol.

I don’t have to put footnotes for Shout and Shouter anymore right?

EDIT: LOL it finally happened, I forgot to change the url of this page so the post can link to this


  1. Author’s version of Tweet
  2. Author’s version of Twitter
  3. Raw is “ムツオの暴走であってくれ。そうすればアザミちゃんも今からコラボ断ってくれるはず”. I have no idea if I translated it correctly.
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Marethyu Moros

This is getting pretty idiotic.
I feel like they would push even harder than what they are able to and get in trouble, but I also feel like they would collectively be saved by Yotsuka if that happens since he would be in the dungeon that day (also because of the series title).


If they really wanted to be safe, they should have just asked Yotsuka to accompany them. But obviously Mutsuo is not gonna do that.

Strawberry Milkshake

Death flags ahead


Thanks for the new chapter!