CFD – Chapter 16 – A World with Jobs

I headed to the riverbed after school to continue my training. After finishing my usual spar with Tyr, I promptly sat down on the ground.

Feeling the wind blow across the river, I began my meditation.

The presence was extremely close.

While restraining the overwhelming feeling of anticipation, I earnestly pulled it closer, and finally, my hand reached it.

The channel opened.

Information about a new spirit’s existence flows into me. I can feel that presence.

“Hahahaha…” (Yotsuka)

I couldn’t help but let out laughter at the unfamiliarity of the spirits that could now communicate, the feeling and sense of accomplishment that came with it.

This is interesting.

That is the main impression I have of the new spirit’s power.

I might be the first person in the world to communicate with a spirit possessing this kind of ability. Such self-conceited thoughts start to arise in my mind. It was an extraordinary spirit with abnormal abilities.

Eager to test that power immediately, I stopped meditating and opened my eyes.

Before summoning the spirit, I decided to take a look around and assess my surroundings. As I glanced around, I noticed a person behind me.

Azami, dressed in a uniform, was looking at me from a distance. 

As soon as she noticed my awareness of her presence, she began to approach me.

I wondered if she had something to discuss. Lately, I’ve had more opportunities to talk to her all at once. Such thoughts crossed my mind.

“Good work, can I sit next to you?” (Azami)

“Sure.” (Yotsuka)

Azami took a seat next to me.

“How long have you been watching?” (Yotsuka)

“I have been watching for a little while. I heard from Mutsuo and the others that Yotsuka-kun was training here yesterday, so I came to see if he was here today… I was just observing from a distance and did not want to disturb you. Are you taking a break?” (Azami)

Come to think of it, Shinooka mentioned yesterday that Azami and Mutsuo had a conversation. It seems like my name came up during that discussion.

“Well, I was actually in the midst of meditation. It was for the purpose of communicating with the new spirit.” (Yotsuka)

“I see. Summoners have their unique ways of training, huh?” (Azami)

“What about Monster Tamers? What kind of training do they undergo?” (Yotsuka)

“…Well, that depends on Nai-chan and the others.” (Azami)

Curious about it, I asked about the kind of training Monster Tamers undergo. However, since being a Monster Tamer wasn’t exactly a job that required the Monster Tamer themselves to do something specific, it seemed that there wasn’t any specific training for the Tamers themselves. Or perhaps Azami was simply slacking off.

After that, we discussed the details of the upcoming guest livestream scheduled for Sunday.

Once we wrapped up the discussion, Azami abruptly stopped speaking and looked around her surroundings.

“This place feels nostalgic, doesn’t it?” (Azami)

“I come here quite often, so I don’t have that kind of feeling.” (Yotsuka)

“Oh, I see. Well, I haven’t really come here since… that incident.” (Azami)

“That incident, huh? It feels nostalgic. It’s been about ten years already, right?” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long.” (Azami)

Azami’s words triggered a certain incident to resurface in my mind.

It happened eleven years ago when we were in first grade of elementary school.

Back then, Azami and I were in the same class and were good friends. We often gathered around this area with a few other classmates to play, and that day was no exception. There were about ten of us, if I recall correctly. I can’t quite remember what we were playing, whether it was soccer or dodgeball, but I do remember using a ball. I also have a vague recollection that Azami was quite strong in the game.

As we continued playing, I noticed that one of our group members had left and was talking to another group nearby. There was something unsettling about the situation, which made us all concerned. We paused our game and gathered around to see what was happening.

The group was made up of our senpais1, mostly boys, about ten or so. Or was it eight?

It was a simple situation. One of our group members was being confronted by our senpais, who demanded that we vacate the play area and give it to them. The person being confronted seemed to politely refuse, but our senpais remained visibly agitated by their response.

As everyone gathered in that spot, the argument escalated further.

“Move! No, we won’t. Move! There’s plenty of space over there. No, it’s not happening.” Such exchanges were repeated.

Unable to tolerate the ongoing high-handed orders, one of our group members eventually snapped in anger.

“Stop it already!” (Kid)

“Shut up!” (Senpai)

Their leader, feeling provoked by our friend yelling at him, struck our friend with a punch. Our friend stumbled backward, falling on their rear.

In response, one of our friends, who had a strong sense of justice, became even angrier. He attempted to retaliate, but the leader’s fist intercepted his chin from below. The small body went flying through the air.

The leader continued his assault, mercilessly attacking my classmate who was already on the ground, defenseless. He kicked the fallen body without any mercy. His companions watched the scene with smug expressions. My classmates and I were momentarily frozen in shock and fear, unable to move.

Eventually, I was the first to regain my senses and tried to intervene to stop him. The sound of my classmate’s breathing, who was being kicked repeatedly, sounded strange.

As a result, I was kicked and sent flying directly from the front. I remember the sensation of being lifted off the ground, with the impact hitting my tailbone.

It was clear to me now. From the attacks on my classmates, I had a faint suspicion, and now I am certain. The leader was likely a warrior or a martial artist.

As I lay there in pain, my gaze turned towards the leader who seemed to be satisfied, tilting his chin and saying something. I couldn’t make out the words. He was probably urging us to leave the scene.

Meanwhile, my head was filled with anger. The pain only fueled my rage, and in that moment, I realized something. When I desired the power to seek revenge against the leader, a connection was made. It was the first time in my life that I felt the channel opening with a spirit.

Summon, Salamander!” (Yotsuka)

I remember shouting those words.

As the summoned spirit appeared, indicating that I still had the will to oppose them, the leader showed his anger once again. He tensed his shoulders and started walking steadily towards me.

I did not panic and run.

At that time, I remember thinking, “Is this guy stupid?”

I also had a faint sense that if I were to be caught by him, I would be killed.

Of course, I would not let myself get caught by this foolish person who was casually strolling towards me.

The fiery lizard turned the leader into a human torch. If it were now, I could reduce him to a pile of ash in an instant without causing much suffering. However, at that time, the firepower of the summoned Salamander was not sufficient for such a feat. It was a lower-ranked individual among the Salamanders.

A scream echoed through the air.

Upon witnessing that, several of his companions started approaching me. They were probably trying to stop me. I saw it as their support for their leader or their intention to attack me.

More human torches were created, their screams intensifying.

When I turned my gaze towards the remaining senpais, one of them reached out their hand towards me.

In hindsight, he might have been a mage or something, and perhaps he was trying to extinguish the flames of his companions using magic. I can’t be sure. It’s impossible to know now. At that time, I acted based on my intuition that something was approaching. In reality, there was a high possibility of incoming attack magic, so I still believe it was the right judgment.

Salamander engulfed the remaining senpais in flames.

Until the screams of the boys engulfed in flames subsided, it felt like a long time, or maybe it was short. For me, who was on edge, waiting for any further threats, it felt long. However, I remember that no adults had come rushing in during that time, so maybe it didn’t actually take that long.

None of the senpais survived.

I confirmed their collapsed figures, completely blackened, and just as I let my guard down and released the summoning of the Salamander, the adults gathered around.

By that time, the presence of my other classmates finally returned to my consciousness.

They were casting fearful glances at me.

Azami was no exception.

Seeing the corpses and the gazes directed at me, I began to ponder if what I had done was wrong, if I had gone too far.

After that, the police arrived and we were each separated and questioned about the circumstances. I don’t know how everyone explained things.

In the end, I was commended.

Yes, commended.

In my childish mind, I had prepared myself for possible arrest, but what awaited me was a podium for commendation.

I mustered up the courage to confront our senpais and saved a classmate who was on the verge of being killed. At that time, our homeroom teacher praised and commended me in front of my classmates. The classmate who had been relentlessly kicked by the leader had multiple fractures, starting from their jaw and extending to various parts of their body.

Even if I were to experience the same situation again, I must never show any mercy. That’s what my father taught me. Engaging in battles utilizing our jobs is a matter of life and death. To show mercy in a life-or-death situation would mean accepting the possibility of being killed oneself. That’s what he said.

After that, both my homeroom teacher and my father emphasized that I must never use the power of my job to attack others under any circumstances.

That incident served as a lesson for us, showing us the consequences of using our jobs as weapons in a fight.

Even if we turned into human torches and ended up completely charred, nobody would show us any sympathy.

Now that I have grown up, I understand. With the power of Jobs, even children can easily kill others. For young fighters or warriors, it would be as simple as punching and killing a peer with a non-melee job. If a young mage were to wield that power recklessly, the situation would become even more serious.

In reality, incidents like the one I experienced occur every year. However, it seems that there are fewer cases where the perpetrators face retaliation. Particularly among children in elementary school, especially those in the lower grades, there is a relatively high occurrence of murder cases involving boys and girls with jobs.

Possessing a job means that one should not underestimate even young children as opponents.

Occasionally, there may be voices of condemnation towards cases like mine where retaliation occurred, criticizing the idea of going as far as killing. However, such voices are often targeted for criticism themselves, being seen as ignorant individuals who still don’t understand the true danger of possessing jobs.

It is often said that children in the era before the appearance of jobs were quite safe.

“You know, back then…” (Azami)

Hearing Azami’s words brought me back from my childhood reminiscence.

“I got a little scared of you, Yotsuka-kun. I’m sorry.” (Azami)

“It’s understandable.” (Yotsuka)

I do think that I was quite merciless. And the sight of burned bodies is visually shocking. It’s only natural for a young girl like Azami to fear me, the one who created that scene.

“But… Yotsuka-kun, you were also scared, weren’t you?” (Azami)

“…Well, I suppose so.” (Yotsuka)

My fighting instinct was driven by anger and I killed relentlessly, so I didn’t feel much fear, but I nodded without mentioning that.

“That’s why, even though it’s a bit late to say it now, I think Yotsuka-kun, who stood up alone, is amazing.” (Azami)

She praised me.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Here is a surprise extra chapter lol.

Man, the adults really took their time huh. The argument seems to have gone on for a long time too. If adults know that this shit happens every year and is more common in elementary school, why is there no supervisor looking over them? Sure you can argue lack of manpower, but like isn’t this also one of the causes of the lower population in Japan, you know, the thing the government is trying to fix?

What a messed up world they live in.


  1. Upperclassman or senior in school
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