CFD – Chapter 15 – Rumors

“I heard someone saw Forest and Azami-chan and the others having a meeting yesterday.” (Tsuguru)

On Thursday, when I arrived at school, Shinooka brought up such rumors.

“Is that so? They collaborate quite often and interact as streamers, so it could be a discussion or something related to that.” (Yotsuka)

“They have a collaboration scheduled for Saturday, so it might be related to that meeting as well.” (Tsuguru)

“Oh, they have such plans?” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah, they are going on a dungeon exploration with six people.” (Tsuguru)

“Yesterday, Forest approached me as well.” (Yotsuka)

“Eh, for real?” (Tsuguru)

“I was training by the riverside when they approached me.” (Yotsuka)

“So, what did they want?” (Tsuguru)

“They wanted to have a match against my spirit, so I agreed. They fought against Tyr with four people and held their own..” (Yotsuka)

“Tyr, you mean that one? The one who easily defeated a Minotaur? If you can go toe-to-toe with Tyr, you’re already at the lower-level class.” (Tsuguru)

“With those four, I think they will be fine to some extent. Although I do have some concerns.” (Yotsuka)

“Were there any areas that felt problematic?” (Tsuguru)

“…I think it’s the part where they held their own evenly with only the four of them. Forest doesn’t have a healer, right? Relying solely on potions has its limits when it comes to immediate and effective healing. If something happens to one of them, they could be overwhelmed in an instant.”

“Yeah, like having a safety margin.” (Tsuguru)

“Exactly.” (Yotsuka)

“But still, having the ability to venture into the lower levels while still in high school is impressive, you know? Well, I don’t know how it feels from your perspective. From someone like me, I am quite jealous.” (Tsuguru)

“The playing field is definitely different for those who go on to college.” (Yotsuka)

“Mutsuo, the leader, mentioned in a stream that he is planning to go to college. And his academic performance is definitely way better than mine.” (Tsuguru)

It seems like Shinooka was a viewer of Forest.

“College, huh? I wonder what his plans are for the future. He seems to be excellent as an explorer. Will he retire and find employment, or something along those lines?” (Yotsuka)

“He said he plans to continue working as an explorer.” (Tsuguru)

“Well, in that case, academic qualifications wouldn’t really be necessary, would they?” (Yotsuka)

“He also said he wanted to try his hand at college studies.” (Tsuguru)

“Oh, that’s mocking.” (Yotsuka)

“You think so too?” (Tsuguru)

“If he goes to that extent.” (Yotsuka)

He has a handsome appearance, a sharp intellect, a good educational background, and he is also physically strong. He also has two girlfriends, and on top of that, he is diligent. Moreover, based on the impression from when I met him yesterday, he was polite and had a good demeanor. His attitude towards me seemed overly excessive for just a high school student, but it was probably because he was talking to a lower-level explorer. 

Actually if he had requested to fight Tyr in a more casual tone, I think I would have been offended. Tyr is also the result of my training and, more importantly, it is a great spirit. I don’t want Tyr to be used as a training tool.

“By the way, how was Forest when actually talking to them?” (Tsuguru)

“I only directly spoke to Mutsuo-kun. He was pretty much the same as the impression I saw during the live stream. He gave off the vibe of a polite and well-mannered young man.” (Yotsuka)

As we were talking, I saw Azami enter the classroom. 

Shinooka also glanced in that direction and whispered in a lower voice. 

“I wonder if that kind of person is her type.” (Tsuguru)

He didn’t specify who he was referring to, but I know what he is asking.

“I wonder.” (Yotsuka)

“What do you think? If she ends up being the third person in Mutsuo’s rumored love triangle.” (Tsuguru)

“…Well, that’s up to the person to decide.” (Yotsuka)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Here’s another chapter cause this is pretty short, and nothing much really happens this chapter. Btw keep in mind that Yotsuka and Azami’s collaboration is on Sunday, and Forest’s one is on Saturday.

And here is a random video of Squidward singing die in a fire. I randomly came across this gem in Youtube. This is something I can imagine Squidward singing lol and I am quite impressed by the cover, it actually sounds like Squidward.

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Strawberry Milkshake

Bru those party has highly chance to get KIA soon enough

Marethyu Moros

Thanks for the chapter again!

They may think he’s mocking or condescending, but I think going to college is a good idea depending on the subject.

Of course, something like a sports college IS mocking somewhat, but if he went into accounting or computer studies or stuff like that, he’s creating a contingency for if he survives but unable to delve into the dungeon any longer.