CFD – Chapter 14 – Forest

Today is Wednesday. Currently, I am spending time working out on the riverbed today together with Amane.

Her job is a magic swordsman. She is more adept at close combat and can skillfully wield her sword much better than me. Although she says she has no intention of becoming an explorer, for some reason, she occasionally joins and trains with me.

I am currently doing my usual meditation.

Although I describe it as a journey of a thousand miles, it turns out to be closer than expected. It seems like I would comfortably make it in time by the weekend. I have been dedicating most of my time to meditation even after returning home.

“I am sorry to disturb you while you are in the middle of training. May I have a word?” (?)

A presence approached from behind and spoke to me.

In response, I opened my closed eyes.

At the edge of my field of vision, there was a handsome man in a uniform, kneeling on one knee and looking at me.

I recognized him.

If I recall correctly, he is the leader of a group of streamers called “Forest,” who primarily focus on dungeon exploration. All the members are male students from the same high school. I have seen them occasionally collaborating with Azami and Hikari when exploring dungeons. I remember him distinctly because he has two girlfriends.

However, at least from what I have seen during their streams, he gave the impression of being a polite and well-mannered young man. Even now, as he approaches and speaks to me while I’m meditating, he was kneeling and making eye contact.

“It’s alright. Is there something you need?” (Yotsuka)

“When I passed by here, I caught sight of your training scene. I would love to have a match with the spirits over there.” (Mutsuo)

The man in front of me, Mutsuo, had a sword at his waist. If he was indeed Forest’s Mutsuo, then that sword was not merely for show.

“Alright.” (Yotsuka)

In response, I called out to Amane, who was sparring with Tyr.

“Amane, switch with this person for a moment.” (Yotsuka)

“Sure.” (Amane)

In response, Amane came over to stand by my side.

“Thank you.” (Mutsuo)

In exchange, Mutsuo stood up and expressed his gratitude before making his way towards Tyr.

As he drew the sword from his waist, a shield appeared in his left hand.

Mutsuo lunged at Teul, but his attack was dodged, and in turn, Tyr counterattacked. He blocked a strike aimed at his torso with his shield, then jumped back to create some distance.

The sword and shield emitted a radiant glow. The shield disappeared, and in its place, his right-hand sword elongated, becoming larger in size. It seemed that he had switched his weapon.

The weapon he possesses, known as an “Artifact,” is obtained from treasure chests within the dungeon itself. These artifacts often possess mysterious and extraordinary effects, and so far, their artificial reproduction has not been possible. It is said that the one Mutsuo possesses has the ability to transform into various weapons.

Mutsuo, wielding a longsword, clashed with Tyr. As Tyr’s sword speed gradually increased, Mutsuo seemed unable to withstand the pressure and once again created distance. This time, he transformed his weapon into a spear. Then, he switched to a poleaxe, followed by dual swords. It appeared that Mutsuo was employing various tactics, such as taking advantage of distance, prioritizing power, and increasing his versatility. However, despite his efforts, he gradually fell behind in keeping up with Tyr’s movements, and just moments before Tyr’s sword touched Mutsuo’s shoulder, the fight ended.

“He is quite strong.” (Amane)

“Yeah, I suppose so.” (Yotsuka)

I nodded in agreement with Amane’s impression by my side.

“Sorry, would it be possible for me to have another battle with my friends?” (Mutsuo)

“I don’t mind.” (Yotsuka)

As Mutsuo directed his gaze, there were three male students. They were Mutsuo’s companions who had been observing the battle from a slightly distant position.

When our eyes met, they approached us.

“We are going to engage in a team battle together. Please assist me. Let’s give it our all.” (Mutsuo)

Mutsuo’s companions nodded in agreement and arranged themselves in a certain formation.

“I will go on the offensive with Bakku. Ren, you focus on protecting Hidetatsu. If there’s an opening, join in the attack.” (Mutsuo)

The man wielding a large axe and Mutsuo stepped forward, with the man wielding a spear positioned behind them. Behind him stood the man holding a staff.

As the man at the rear raised his staff, the weapons of the three companions began to shimmer. He was most likely an Enchanter, although there was a possibility of being a Mage as well. However, if he was a Mage, they would not have gone into a formation that obstructed their line of sight. In fact, I vaguely remembered them being introduced as Enchanters during their live stream.

The battle between the three companions wielding enhanced weapons and Tyr began.

The result was a close match. Tyr focused on evasion as he was attacked by the two pairs of enchanted large weapons, and with the additional support from the spear user, he put up a good fight. However, from what I observed, Tyr had several opportunities to cut off the handles of the axes or the tips of the spears. However, as it was a training session, I instructed it to not destroy weapons, so it did not do so.

If it had been an anything-goes battle, the situation would have been slightly different for both sides.

In the end, Mutsuo’s side reached their limit in terms of stamina and had to retreat, signaling the end of the battle.

“Thank you for the fight.” (Mutsuo)

The men who had finished their mock battle approached and bowed. Mutsuo folded his knees and made eye contact with me, who remained seated on the ground.

“Well, what do you think? Do you think our skills are sufficient to be effective in the lower levels?” (Mutsuo)

If such a question comes up, it means that he knew that I am a lower-level explorer through a stream or something and reached out to me.

“I think it should work well enough.” (Yotsuka)

Since you can exchange blows with Tyr, you should be able to hold your own in the lower levels to some extent.

“Thank you very much. Well then, I’ll take my leave.” (Mutsuo)

Mutsuo bowed once again, stood up, and left with his companions.

While watching his departing figure, Amane started talking.

“What’s up with those people?” (Amane)

“They are from ‘Forest’. Don’t you recognize them?” (Yotsuka)

“No, I don’t.” (Amane)

“They must have approached me to test their skills before venturing into the lower levels.” (Yotsuka)

“I see. Onii-chan, you’re becoming famous.” (Amane)

“It’s just a coincidence. They occasionally collaborate with Azami-san, so they might have come to know me through that connection.” (Yotsuka)

“Oh, now that you mention it, I might know who that guy is. He is the person rumored to be targeting Azami-senpai, right?” (Amane)

“Huh, really?” (Yotsuka)

That’s not good now, isn’t it?1 I kinda don’t like that person now.

While talking about such things, we went back to our original training.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Sorry to the people who wanted to see some action or Rinnea lol. Well, Mutsuo doesn’t seem like an asshole type, but he really should be less blatant about aiming for Azami. 

Gonna post another chapter later today.


  1. Probably referring to how Mutsuo already has 2 girlfriends and he is trying to get another.
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Thanks for the new chapter!

Marethyu Moros

Thanks for the new chapter!

Honestly I feel like Matsuo isn’t a bad guy, but sees himself as the protag and wanna “get along” with beautiful girls and “keep them safe”.

TLDR: He feels delusional, but is actually a nice guy, or maybe just an act.