CFD – Chapter 20 – Date

“Ah, that is her, isn’t it?” (Amane)

The doorbell rings, and Amane reacts first. She leaves the living room before I even get up.

“Azami-senpai, are you going on a date with my brother?” (Amane)

“Yes, that’s right. Can you call him for me?” (Azami)

“Before that, I want to ask, is he your significant other or just a friend?” (Amane)

“Amane.” (Yotsuka)

I approached the entrance and overheard their conversation, deciding whether to call out from behind or discreetly eavesdrop to hear Azami’s answer. In the end, I hesitated to eavesdrop. I don’t want to do something like that.

“Hmph. You should have taken your time to come.” (Amane)

“Yotsuka-kun, sorry for keeping you waiting.” (Azami)

Azami didn’t answer Amane’s previous question and instead called out to me. She had tied her hair back, wore a hat, and had glasses on. She appeared quite different from before.

With a subscriber count in the six digits, and attracting tens of thousands of viewers per live stream, it’s understandable that she would be conscious of her public image. Recalling her appearance when we met after returning from the dungeon, it occurred to me that she probably didn’t usually engage in such disguises. However, it’s only natural for her to be cautious when going out alone with me, a man.

I wonder what would happen if someone who recognizes her sees us during our outing and writes about it on the internet. It’s a bit scary to think about the potential reactions from her passionate fans.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Yotsuka)

“Take care and have fun. Azami-senpai, please take care of her brother as well.” (Amane)

“Ok, I will keep that in mind.” (Azami)

Saying that, Azami smiled.

The two of us headed to the station together and boarded the train, and moved to our destination.

Upon arriving and getting off the train, we left the station.

Walking side by side, I followed her lead and proceeded along the street in front of the station. Eventually, we stepped into a women’s clothing store that I had never been to before. It was only natural since I had never been on a proper date before, especially not one that seemed to fit the typical image of a date. After all, I’m not a woman.

“Which do you think is better?” (Azami)

I experience several scenes where she presents me with two outfits that seem to catch her eye and asks me to choose. Based on what I have heard, I had the impression that in such cases, the opposite of what I chose would be decided. However, Azami either chooses the one I picked or makes the decision to get both.

As implied by the mention of multiple instances of choosing outfits, it becomes clear that she did not just purchase one or two, but rather several pieces of clothing. As someone who only has a few outfits for going out, I can’t help but wonder why she needs so many. Is it due to gender differences, or is this her shopping style?

During the checkout, I flinched a bit at the total amount displayed, even though I was not even the one paying.

Fortunately, Azami was the type of shopper who made quick decisions. She had a decisive nature, and the process of deciding whether to buy a particular item of clothing or not was swift. If she could not make a decision, she would immediately seek my opinion, and since I did not spend much time pondering, the decision would be made promptly.

It’s possible that her ability to buy as much as she wants is due to having a generous budget at her disposal.

However, even though she made quick decisions for each individual item, going through a considerable number of them still takes some time in the end.

I think it was a relatively enjoyable time for me as well. It was refreshing, and it was quite interesting to think about which clothes would suit the cute girl in front of me. I even thought it might be nice to go shopping for clothes with Amane if I had a bit more disposable income. However, I probably would get rejected.

Next, we went shopping for jewelry.

Unlike when we were shopping for clothes, we only bought one item of jewelry. I thought perhaps budget constraints came into play, but as the shopping continued afterwards, that did not seem to be the case.

By the way, I was given the task of choosing this one item. Unlike with the clothes, I was not presented with two options but rather given the freedom to select one item from the store. It was quite challenging. Even though I was not the one paying, I could not help but feel a bit hesitant and more inclined to choose something relatively inexpensive. However, I reminded myself that we did not come to shop for the cheapest items, and I focused on finding something that would suit her the best.

In the end, I chose a pendant with an emerald.

I wonder if that was the right choice.

Azami bought the pendant and immediately put it on, so I don’t think it was a mistake.

On the contrary, when it came to selecting cosmetics, I mostly remained silent and simply took on the role of carrying the bags. Up until now, even though I did not know much about fashion, I could still voice my opinion based on my preferences. However, when it came to cosmetics, I honestly admitted that I had no intuitive understanding of them. In response, she occasionally explained things to me and made purchase decisions based solely on her own judgment.

As evening approached, it was decided that we would have dinner before heading back. I decided to follow Azami’s lead.

Upon entering the restaurant and realizing that reservations were required, I was momentarily taken aback. However, it seemed that Azami had made a reservation in advance, so we were able to secure a table.

This place looks expensive. As I took my seat and observed the clientele, I could not help but mutter that to myself inwardly.

“Thank you for coming along today. I had a great time with you.” (Azami)

“It was refreshing and fun to accompany a woman on her shopping trip.” (Yotsuka)

“Really? I also had more fun with you than usual, Yotsuka-kun. Do you normally go out with Amane-chan?” (Azami)

“We don’t go out together. But I thought it might be nice to invite her next time.” (Yotsuka)

“It’s nice to have a brother, isn’t it?” (Azami)

I wonder if it would have been different if I had a younger sister. I heard Azami mutter that to herself.

“I did quite a lot of shopping today, but what do you think of it? Does it look too childish? Would it be off-putting for a high school girl to be so spendthrift1?” (Azami)

“I didn’t think of it that way. I did notice that you must be earning quite a bit though.” (Yotsuka)

“When I have built up stress or have upcoming events that make me nervous, I tend to indulge in shopping like this.” (Azami)

“Being a streamer can be tough, right?” (Yotsuka)

“Usually, it’s not like that at all. Everyone showers me with attention and there are many enjoyable things… but when I think about tomorrow’s plans, I get nervous. It’s a bit presumptuous2 of me, but today I wanted to lean on you, Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

“…Tomorrow, you’re going to explore the dungeon together with Forest, right? Are you guys really going to the lower layers?” (Yotsuka)

“That’s the plan. If everything goes well, we will make it to the lowest part of the middle level. I heard from Mutsuo-kun that he received approval from Yotsuka-kun, but is that true?” (Azami)

“Yes, it’s true. With his skills, I don’t think they will be wiped out right away even if we enter the lower layers.” (Yotsuka)

“That’s good to hear.” (Azami)

“Are you worried?” (Yotsuka)

“Just a little. Mutsuo-kun told me, ‘I’ll make sure to protect the rear guard,’ and I eventually agreed to it, but the lower layers are still scary for a first-timer. As an exploration streamer, it’s a territory I have to step into eventually.” (Azami)

If she keeps staying at the middle level, the viewers will get bored. This is the unique circumstance of being a streamer. If she was just an ordinary explorer, she could take as much time as she wants to conquer a dungeon. However, it’s not a viable long-term plan to keep the attention of the viewers.

“Since you can already make it to the lower levels of the middle layers by yourself, six people should be fine.” (Yotsuka)

“It’s reassuring to hear you say that.” (Azami)

“By the way,” Azami changes the topic.

“How was Mutsuo-kun in your opinion, Yotsuka-kun?” (Azami)

“…He gives off a polite and well-mannered young man vibe?” (Yotsuka)

Since we didn’t really talk much, I only have a superficial impression of him.

“I think everyone says the same thing. And from my perspective too, he seems that way. He’s quite confident. He declares his intentions to do something and actually follows through with it every time.” (Azami)

“Oh, really? That’s pretty impressive.” (Yotsuka)

“What do you think of him as a partner?” (Azami)

The moment she asked that question, my body tensed up for a split second.

Before I could respond, the food was served, and we both started eating. I could not focus on the taste of the food. Could it be that there is something more between Azami and Mutsuo, just as the rumors suggest?

“Isn’t he already dating with two other girls?” (Yotsuka)

For now, I should provide a non-controversial reason to deny it.

“There’s also an opinion that being in a relationship already makes someone a safer choice. It’s said that having a stable relationship with one person shows that there are no hidden agendas, and if someone can maintain stability while being involved with two people, it means that both of his girlfriends are understanding and don’t get into conflicts. ” (Azami)

“……Yeah, that’s one way to look at it.” (Yotsuka)

That’s quite the perspective on relationships.

“Is Azami the type who doesn’t mind such things?” (Yotsuka)

“If it brings happiness, then why not? It seems lively and enjoyable in its own way, doesn’t it?” (Azami)

“That’s certainly true.” (Yotsuka)

It might be enjoyable, especially for men.

If that girl was a stranger without any personal connection, it would not evoke much of a reaction. However, considering that Azami, a girl I am somewhat conscious of, might be involved, my feelings become considerably complex.

“Bringing up such a topic, does it mean that you also have some interest in him, Azami-san?” (Yotsuka)

I decided to ask her frankly.

“No. I don’t.” (Azami)

“Then what was that conversation just now?” (Yotsuka)

“People often ask me about it, so I was curious about what Yotsuka-kun thinks about it too. Hehe… I’m glad you denied it.” (Azami)

After hearing her response, I leaned back against the chair.

For now, I felt relieved that she does not have any feelings for Mutsuo.

I wondered if she had sensed that I was conscious of her.

“Hey, Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

“Hmm?” (Yotsuka)

“Can I invite you out again, like today?” (Azami)

“You mean for shopping?” (Yotsuka)

“Besides that, I thought it would be nice to go somewhere together.” (Azami)

“…Sure.” (Yotsuka)

“Really? You don’t mind?” (Azami)

“Not at all.” (Yotsuka)

Upon hearing my response, Azami expressed relived and joy on her face.

I recalled what Amane had mentioned before. If you are not interested, you would not ask them out, right?

Should I take the initiative and push forward?

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Azami just got out of a life-and-death situation, so I think she can take a bit more time to recover. If she is worried, she could have just asked Yotsuka to come too, but I guess that would also involve telling the others about it which is a huge pain that would lead to nothing changing.

Tmr’s chapter is also gonna be late cause I got a test xd


  1. Spendthift = a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.
  2. Presumptuous = (of a person or their behaviour) failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.
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