CFD – Chapter 21 – Saturday Morning

Important stuff, read the TN notes.

“Good morning. I’m a bit late today.” (Yotsuka)

Good morning, King.

Immediately, a comment pops up.

“Why were you late?” (Rinnea)

I had just summoned her in front of the dungeon today, started the camera for the live stream, and then began streaming.

As I mentioned earlier, the live stream started later than usual today.

“I was out a little longer yesterday, so I went to bed late. It’s dangerous to delve into the dungeon while sleep-deprived, so I slept later than usual. That’s why.” (Yotsuka)

“………… Out late on Friday night… Mating?!” (Rinnea)

“What are you saying?!” (Yotsuka)

Spirits are knowledgeable about human culture to the extent that they can come up with such associations.



Even though you’re in high school!

Well, it’s common at that age, I guess.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Wasn’t Yotsuka-kun walking with a woman in front of the station yesterday?

Even though you’re just a high school student, doing things on a Friday night with your girlfriend, while I’m…

I want a lover too.

I’m relieved to see that you’re properly experiencing youth as a student.

“I just ended up taking more time than I expected when I went out after school.” (Yotsuka)

A comment mentioning that they witnessed me caused a momentary jolt, but fortunately, no further comments referring to it appeared afterwards.

Was I truly seen? Or was it just a coincidence that someone wrote it as a joke and happened to hit the mark?

I have a five-digit number of subscribers. With this number, it would not be surprising to have some eyewitnesses. However, it’s still hard to believe that someone who knows me well would randomly encounter me. It’s a line that makes it difficult to judge.

Should I openly talk about being out with Azami? I have a feeling that it could elicit extreme reactions, so it might be better to keep silent about it.

Rinnea leans in towards my neck and takes a sniff, tickling me a bit.

How was it, Rinnea-chan?

The scent of a woman!!

Thieving cat!

Don’t take our Yotsuka away from us.

In response to the comments, Rinnea wears a suggestive smile and gives a thumbs-up. What does that mean?

On another note, how does a fairy’s sense of smell work?

Did Rinnea really understand something just from that?


They definitely had s*x!

“Please stop with the suggestive gestures.” (Yotsuka)

“Can I check it more clearly?” (Rinnea)

“What are you even trying to smell?!” (Yotsuka)

Please continue, Rinnea-chan, LOL!

Yotsuka-kun, let’s exchange positions.

I gently separate Rinnea from me. It’s quite a commotion over a slight delay in starting the live stream. The stares of other adventurers passing by and entering the dungeon are uncomfortable.

“Instead of messing around, let’s enter the dungeon soon.” (Yotsuka)

“Roger that!” (Rinnea)

“Alright then… Oh, before that, I have one announcement. Tomorrow, I will be joining Azami’s live stream as a guest. We will be exploring the lower layers of the dungeon while introducing some of the spirits. I will be showing some spirits that I have not shown on stream before, including one I recently formed a contract with. So if you are interested, please come and watch.” (Yotsuka)

New spirits!

You still had other spirits in your possession?

Nice of you to show them for free.

Congratulations on your achievement!

Congratulations on the successful contract!

How many spirits do you have as a high school student?

That’s amazing. Here I am still struggling with my fifth one.

I’ll work hard to be able to summon Tyr quickly too.

Messages congratulating me flowed in the comments.

“I hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship where I can exchange information with other summoners. If any of you have the ability to summon unknown or rare spirits, feel free to share your knowledge through comments, or even by streaming it yourself or posting it on social media.” (Yotsuka)

Impossible LOL

Well, if only I could summon such amazing spirits…

If you want to interact with people like Yotsuka-kun mentioned, it might be better to upload spirit explanation videos with English subtitles or send out a Shouter in English. That way, you can reach a broader audience.

“Ah, content for an international audience, huh? Being a summoner is a relatively rare job, after all. That idea is pretty good.” (Yotsuka)

While I am not particularly skilled in English, when it comes to written text, I can rely on the power of automatic translation.

“With that settled, let’s continue our exploration today. Thank you for your support.” (Yotsuka)

After saying that, I put my smartphone back in my pocket.
As I advanced beyond the upper and middle layers, reaching the lower layers, I encountered a monster that shouldn’t be present in the lower levels—a Dullahan (Headless Horseman) from the deep depths.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

TLDR: I am dropping this series because of the bad developments from this chapter onwards. I am starting a new series with a similar setting to this one. You can find it at the bottom of the TN notes.

Ok so I have a good explanation for this decision. I kinda already hinted at this back in ch 12 but stuff really goes downhill from here and there were not much improvements since then. We are nearing the end of the first arc which is at ch 29. Let me summarise what happens for the rest of this arc.

Yotsuka ends up fighting Dullahan and the fight was going well until Forest together with Azami and Hikari arrives. They saw the fight and they decided to join in the fight despite Yotsuka telling them not to. Yotsuka actually dies from this because he was distracted but since he is the protagonist, he somehow gets resurrected as an undead a week later, he is still stuck in a dungeon and the final chapter of the arc just ends there. I don’t have a problem with this development so far.

I mean there are a lot of ideas to explore here, like how will his family and more importantly, Amane react to this? Or how will Azami and Mutsuo who was there during the incident feel about this? Or even more, how will this messed up world react to him turning into one of those monsters? Or how will Yotsuka cope with this new side of him? With all these ideas, the writer’s next move seems obvious isn’t it? The writer should leave this situation on a cliffhanger and introduce a new female protagonist just for the 2nd arc and show her grow as a new streamer! Huh? What’s that? That is a dumb idea that is unrelated to the synopsis or plot at hand? WELL TOO BAD, cause that’s what the writer did.

We have a new female protagonist called Rona for the 2nd arc which if it is similar to the first arc, should last around 30 chapters. Rona is a monster tamer who just started live streaming and we spent some chapters focused on that aspect. Rona does encounter Yotsuka later who became an undead and SHE TAMES HIM. Yes, I am not kidding, Yotsuka got tamed by this random new protagonist because Yotsuka is considered a monster now. Then she brings him to visit his family and stuff but Yotsuka can not speak properly and can’t summon any spirits because of unspecified reasons. So yeh RIP to the king. Btw did I mention that this is all going to be from Rona’s perspective? So basically new characters and no king Yotsuka or Rinnea. It’s just sad to try and translate this for 30 more chapters.

You can argue things like maybe this will be good later or whatever, but this is a poor reading experience to me. Introducing a new protagonist when we are left on a cliffhanger and being forced to read (and translate) from the perspective of a new character that no one cares about is just annoying (or at least to me).

This basically killed my motivation to translate this series. Back when I first picked this up, it was at 11 chapters so I didn’t know it was gonna turn out like this. If you are wondering why I decide to stop here instead of translating finish the arc, it is because I want to leave this on a happy ending. As I mentioned before, this arc ends with Yotsuka dying and getting revived as an undead while stuck in a dungeon so it’s technically a bad ending. Btw sorry for ending this series before Yotsuka even gets a Harem introduction lol.

Once again, I’m sorry for ending this series so abruptly. It was a fun and short ride with you guys.

Also, special sorrys to Delgadius who commented that this is quickly becoming their favourite novel 1 hour after I finished writing this chapter lol. The timing was unfortunate xd

I have picked up a series which has the same setting as this series for those interested. For those who care, there is a clearer view of the harem in this one and also forums chapters.
It’s called “The Reincarnated Onmyoji Who Became a Huge Hit After Saving a Dungeon Streamer, Accidentally Streams a Special Class Curse Item and Becomes a Legend” and here is the first chapter.

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Oof. Yeah. The later development is pretty annoying since it messes with the initial set up so much. I understand.


Thank you for translating this far….!!
Yes indeed, that Rona become the MC is just the author butchering their own story honestly. If you look at the Favorite button in the bottom of the chapter, around the beginning of Rona POV chapters, the amount of like dropped from 800s to 500s, and in recent chapters its 200s. It’s stable in 200s now.
Well, there’re comments that said the author tweeted that it will turn back to Yotsuka-kun’s POV again soon. But….when….WHEN…!!??
The story most likely will be like this :
Rona + yotsuka dungeon diving -> Yotsuka evolves -> he become human again and can summon spirits again

Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

Yeah, I honestly think that’s the most likely route. If then author-sama should’ve added the Mystery genre to this work as well

Marethyu Moros

This is bullshit. I was looking forward to how this story moves on but it SWITCHED MC?!


Tell me the author is out of his mind without telling me the author is out of his mind.

Anyways, thanks for translating this. It was very fun for these 21 chapters!


that’s a very bruh momento


Thanks for the translation so far, and thanks for stopping it before it goes to shit


Don’t apologize, you made the right decision, in fact I’m glad I didn’t have to read further just to be disappointed. The undead thing caught me off guard, I would have been fine with that, sounds cool and original, but the MC becoming tamed by a new protagonist and not being able to summon his own spirits would have been terrible. I just wanted to read a nice MC x Harem story, not all this other confusing stuff. Seems like the author wanted to be unique but went way too far, and wrote something none of his current readers would enjoy. Fair play, he got his huge plot twist no one would expect down, but it’s just the wrong move for a harem story with harem readers.


I’ve been reading the comments and reviews on kakuyomu and it’s mostly people genuinely confused the mc is coming back as a zombie or people trying to be positive about it. But the most liked reviews are the ones complaining that the author changed protagonists for the sake of being “original”. this novel kinda crazy. I’ve never expected this kinda thing lol


What’s the point of any of this then? Why have him save his estranged childhood friend? Why have the video go viral? Why have him be so unreasonably powerful? Why have him have a past where he killed some people in self-defense? Why have him start pining for his childhood friend? If he’s just going to be killed off and resurrected as a mute zombie with none of his previous power who’s just a familiar to a new character? It’s like the author wanted to start writing a different story, but didn’t want to start from scratch so just jury rigged in the new one. Don’t blame you for dropping this.


What the heck??? It’d at least make a little more sense if it was the neighbor girl who tames him but it’s just some rando??? That’s awful. Thanks for all your work until now, and I completely understand and agree with your decision to drop the series here.


Thank you for the translation of 21 chapter of this novel! Well that’s really a bummer.. glad you decided to stop rather than continuing.. If not I’ll not be able to sleep peacefully for sure lmao


Wtf… It’s good that you abandoned that novel, if I had read that development it would have scared me to read more webnovels to be honest

Strawberry Milkshake

I thank you for translating this,
THATS A BIG BRUH moments from author..
Whats the point of the title and the progression they did then? Its all utter nonsense to me.

Also even if author decided to turn Yotsuka into human again, Azami probably married into someone else.

I know author wants to try original plot but this is the bad route.

And here i am hyped because how good previous chapter was.

Yup that’s it! This chapter is the true ending, that spoiler basically just author being high!


Thanks for the translation and WTF BRUH Moment right there. Good thing you stopped translating it otherwise I would just be as confused as heck why the author did this


After reading that summary of the next chapters, thanks for dropping this novel, it really sounds like the author dropped the ball with this one

Hopefully I will like the next novel, I really like your translation style


Yeah definitely a good idea to drop it then. I read ahead It feels so bad to read it on a new perspective for like what 10 chapters of something hard to read(streamer activities like dancing) after that cliff hanger and BOI it doesn’t get any better even now I feel like if the author wanted to do this they should’ve changed the title or have a prologue than shows the MC as a tamed monster instead. The bait and switch is real on this one here I was interested on the summoning mechanic too lol.


Thanks for the chappies!

Went to read the raws, that’s wild. What’s worse is that the writing feels like it got worse, the ideas were good, but it definitely felt like there would be a better (but maybe boring/stereotypical) plot line without Yotsuka dying.