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[Thread for discussing Azami-chan part 74]

234 Anonymous Monster
I wonder if Hikari-chan has woken up. Honestly, I feel relieved until she wakes up.

246 Anonymous Monster
There was a post on Shouter1 just now. She already woke up.

247 Anonymous Monster
Thank goodness.

258 Anonymous Monster
It’s quite lively here. Did something happen?

260 Anonymous Monster
Azami-chan and the others encountered a Minotaur on the middle floor.

267 Anonymous Monster
Seriously? They’re dead, right?

271 Anonymous Monster
They’re alive.

272 Anonymous Monster
They’re still alive.

276 Anonymous Monster
>> 267
In the end, everyone is safe. All injuries have been treated.

280 Anonymous Monster
I’m going to check the archives.

288 Anonymous Monster
So in the end, who was that Summoner? Do you all think he’s really just a classmate?

291 Anonymous Monster
I don’t think so, but that’s what Azami said herself. What else could it be?

293 Anonymous Monster
Is Unicorn-san getting jealous again?

298 Anonymous Monster
No, that’s not it. It’s just that it seems too convenient for a UR-class solo explorer classmate who can annihilate a Minotaur to just so happen to be passing by at that moment.

301 Anonymous Monster
I see what you mean.

302 Anonymous Monster
So, are you suggesting the possibility that it was a set-up by Azami-chan and the others?

308 Anonymous Monster
>> 302
I don’t think Azami-chan and Hikari-chan would do that though…

312 Anonymous Monster
Or maybe that Summoner guy was originally a stalker who was following Azami-chan around.

315 Anonymous Monster
>> 312
If that were the case, he wouldn’t come out from behind the Minotaur.2

319 Anonymous Monster
>> 315
That’s right.

321 Anonymous Monster
So it was purely by chance, then? It’s not like you can just set up a monster like a Minotaur in the middle floor.

325 Anonymous Monster
Thinking about it again, it’s amazing. They encountered a Minotaur in the middle layer and survived a life-or-death situation. Azami-chan really has what it takes as a streamer.

330 Anonymous Monster
I thought the last part, about inviting him as a guest next time, was unnecessary. I might be called jealous for saying this, but just inviting a high school student who is only strong for a live stream won’t be exciting, even though I’m grateful that he helped Azami-chan and the others.

332 Anonymous Monster
>> 330

334 Anonymous Monster
I don’t think so. The comments during the stream also mentioned that all the spirits he used were extremely rare. Just having them introduced one by one during a live stream would make for a pretty interesting sight.

By the way, I’m a Summoner but I didn’t recognize any of his summons except the Naiad and Fairy. Maybe I’m not as knowledgeable as I thought…

337 Anonymous Monster
>> 334
The one who decapitated the Minotaur was Tyr, the sword spirit. I only know two foreign summoner explorers who can use it. As for the spirit who was holding Hikari-chan, I have no idea who that was.

341 Anonymous Monster
>> 337
Only two people!?

342 Anonymous Monster
This is so ridiculous, I can’t help but laugh.

344 Anonymous Monster
I thought that if I could get their names, maybe I could become able to use them too, but if Tyr can only be used by two people, it is probably impossible for me, a bottom-tier Summoner.

347 Anonymous Monster
There, I found his channel for you guys. Continue the discussion in the comments section there or make a dedicated thread. This is an Azami-chan thread.

349 Anonymous Monster
What?! He was streaming?

353 Anonymous Monster
>> 349
Didn’t you notice? There was a camera occasionally visible on the screen when Azami-chan was talking to him.

357 Anonymous Monster
>> 353
I didn’t notice it at all.

361 Anonymous Monster
Hold on a seconddd- Is that one viewer and the fairy treating him like a King LOL 

366 Anonymous Monster
I am pretty sure it’s just an inside joke between the viewer and the Fairy.

371 Anonymous Monster
I already told you, go and continue this discussion in a dedicated thread.

373 Anonymous Monster

400 Anonymous Monster
This guy is dangerous, though.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I feel that NU should have a “forum” tag or something, I have seen quite a few novels with this concept but no tag to categorize it.
I wonder if Yotsuka’s sister watches his streams, well probably not because there is only one viewer (for now). I mean she would feel more reassured if she knows how strong he is.


  1. I think this might be the Author’s version of Twitter
  2. His saying that MC would have come from the entrance instead of the exit of the floor if he was a stalker
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This chapter was way to composed and lacking in obscenity to be a proper forum discussion


bruhh the whole chapter is random filler text, that’s amazing


I had to look through the chapter multiple times to see if I was missing something, but I didn’t rly find anything. I think the next forum one is gonna be after MC’s big stream, so maybe there’ll be something during that chapter. I’ll try to see if I can make these forum chapters more fun to read in the future.

Strawberry Milkshake

A thread forum chapter is always welcome to me.
They are awesome