CFD – Character List

Main characters

(???) Yotsuka (M) -> the MC
Shirosaki Azami (F) -> popular streamer, classmate and childhood friend
(???) Amane (F) -> MC’s younger sister

MC’s summons

Rinnea (F) -> Fairy
Salamander -> Fire spirit, weaker than Ifrit
Ifrit -> Fire spirit
Euros -> Wind spirit
Ianga (F) -> Attraction & Repulsion control spirit
Tyr -> Sword spirit
Naiad -> Water spirit

Side characters

Tsuguru Shinooka (M) -> classmate who seats in front of MC
(???) Hikari (F) -> Azami’s cousin
(???) Mutsuo (M) -> Leader of a streaming group, “Forest”
(???) Bakku (M) -> Axe user, member of “Forest”
(???) Ren (M) -> Spear user, member of “Forest”
(???) Hidetatsu (M) -> Enchanter, member of “Forest”

Other monsters

Knight (aka Nai-chan) -> Azami’s tamed Fenrir
Kuku -> Azami’s tamed Pheonix
Lilim -> Azami’s tamed small white dragon

* (???) means missing family name
** I don’t think summons have genders, so for them, the gender is only as appearance

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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