The Story of How I Saved My Childhood Friend Who Was Estranged from Me in a Dungeon and It Went Viral

Source: ダンジョンで疎遠だった幼馴染を助けたらバズった話
Alias: Childhood friend dungeon (CFD)


One day, dungeons started to appear in the world without warning, causing people to manifest a special power called “Job” and changed the world forever. Yotsuka, a high school student who is a dungeon explorer, works hard to explore dungeons while also streaming his adventures as a small streamer.

While trying to leave the dungeon after finishing his exploration as usual, he hears a girl’s scream and rushes to the scene. There, he finds his long-estranged childhood friend and popular streamer, Azami, who has been cornered by a powerful monster. When Yotsuka saves her, his channel went viral and he starts to gain a lot of attention.

Through his streams, viewers get to witness his excellent skills and his strange fate.

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