CSCP – Vol 1 Chapter 2 – Student Council Work Is Surprisingly Plain

The day after I became a student council member in exchange for preventing my retention…

I dragged my heavy feet to the student council room after school.

Over the past six months, perhaps due to actively avoiding troublesome matters, I had developed a strong aversion to work.

If possible, I wanted to shove the work onto the other members and take it easy… 

As I entertained such wicked thoughts, I arrived at the student council room.

Each member was given a key to the student council room. Unlike in middle school, there was no need to go to the staff room, call a teacher, and get the key, which was a relief.

Standing in front of the door, I sensed someone already inside, so I opened it.

“Gujou-san, good afternoon. You’re here early.” (Nadeshiko)

Togami, who was standing by the window of the student council room, turned towards me.

He was holding a small red watering can. Apparently, she had been watering the potted plant placed by the window.

“You’re the earlier one, Togami.” (Takaki)

“Well, today is my first official duty of the student council. I need to be fully prepared.” (Nadeshiko)

With that, Togami smiled warmly.

While I was busy thinking about ways to avoid work instead of getting pumped up, I felt a slight twinge of guilt and averted my gaze.

After waiting for a while, Arisu arrived.

“Oh, you two are early.” (Arisu)

“You’re late, Arisu.” (Takaki)

“Good afternoon, Yura-san.” (Nadeshiko)

As we exchanged greetings, Arisu placed her bag on the reception sofa and sat down.

She glanced around the room for a moment and then murmured softly.

“You know, with just a few of us, this place feels quite spacious. Even the quality of the furnishings seems good, and having a room like this inside the school feels strange.” (Arisu)

“The student council has a long history, so items brought in by previous members have remained. Besides, as the student council of Reishuu High School, a certain level of prestige is required.” (Nadeshiko)

“Is that how it is…?” (Arisu)

It seemed that even the student council is expected to maintain a certain level of prestige at this school.

I began to worry if it was really okay to include a slacker like me in the student council.

At that moment, the door of the student council room swung open with a loud noise.

“Everyone, sorry I’m late!” (?)

With an energetic tone, a girl with black hair tied in a ponytail burst into the room.

She was as beautiful as Togami, but her slightly droopy eyes made her approachable rather than intimidating, giving off a somewhat friendly vibe.

Her healthy complexion and toned physique gave off the impression of being a very active person.

Judging by the color of her tie, she’s a second-year student.

She must be the last remaining student council member.

“Good afternoon, Hourai-senpai.” (Nadeshiko)

“Hey, Togami. Sorry, homeroom took longer than expected.” (Misuzu)

The senpai, called Hourai, apologized to Togami with a remorseful look.

“We just arrived ourselves, so please don’t worry about it. Besides, classes and homeroom should take priority.” (Nadeshiko)

“I see, that’s a relief… Oh! These two must be the first-years who joined.” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai turned towards us, her ponytail swaying, and flashed a charming smile.

“I’m Hourai Misuzu, a second-year. I was the secretary in last year’s student council, and this year, I’m continuing as vice president. Nice to meet you!” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai extended her hand gracefully.

For a moment, I was puzzled, unsure of what was happening, but it seemed she was asking for a handshake.

“T-Thank you. I’m Gujou from Class 1-B. I’ll be serving as the secretary this year.” (Takaki)

I shook her hand back, conscious of not sweating.

Her palm felt surprisingly firm for a girl. Perhaps she played a sport. From my first impression, it seemed like she could be into kendo1 or naginata2.

“Ah, so you’re Gujou-kun! I’ve heard a few things about you.” (Misuzu)

“Haha… I hope they weren’t bad things.” (Takaki)

“Don’t worry about it. It’s premature to judge someone based solely on rumors.” (Misuzu)

“That’s basically confirming that you heard bad things about me.” (Takaki)

“You catch on quickly. You seem dependable as a student council member.” (Misuzu)

Despite the circumstances, I was complimented somehow. I couldn’t help but feel pleased with myself for it, which probably made me quite easy to please.

At that moment, Arisu, who was next to me, gave me a sharp glare.

“How long are you going to keep holding hands…” (Arisu)

She muttered quietly, but I heard it.

I mean, it’s not like I wanted to hold hands in the first place. I quickly released her hand while making excuses in my mind. Suddenly, Arisu swiftly cut in from the side. Her agility reminded me of a seagull swooping in to snatch food from tourists at the beach.

“Um, senpai! I’m Yura from Class 1-F. Nice to meet you.” (Arisu)

“Oh, you’re the treasurer, right? Thank you so much for joining the student council!” (Misuzu)

Arisu, who seemed unusually guarded, stared intently at senpai. Senpai, on the other hand, seemed unfazed and shook her hand firmly. She appeared straightforward and genuine.

“By the way, your hair color is quite unusual.” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai couldn’t help but stare at Arisu’s silver hair.

Silver hair is uncommon among high school students, which can be surprising for someone seeing it for the first time unless they’re an adult.

“Oh, um, it’s not dyed, actually… My mother is from Northern Europe.” (Arisu)

Arisu wore a somewhat uncomfortable expression. While she has a bright personality nowadays, she had been teased about her hair color a lot in elementary school, which sometimes made her feel down.

When asked about her hair color by someone she just met, it might have brought back memories of those times.

As I pondered whether to intervene, Hourai-senpai nodded thoughtfully.

“I see. I thought your hair was quite beautiful. I’m envious.” (Misuzu)

“Oh… really? Um, thank you.” (Arisu)

Arisu’s eyes widened in surprise. She seemed taken aback by her senpai’s sincere words.

After releasing her hand, Arisu returned to my side and whispered softly.

“She’s a nice person, that senpai.” (Arisu)

I have no right to say this, but she’s quite easy to please, isn’t she?

Togami, who had been watching the two interact, smiled happily.

“Now that everyone’s introduced themselves, let’s begin our student council activities.” (Nadeshiko)

And so, the first official duties of the student council commenced.

This year’s student council consisted of Togami as president, Hourai-senpai as vice president, myself as secretary, and Arisu as treasurer. We really could use a general affairs officer, but there’s no helping it if we don’t have one.

“Let’s start by explaining the duties of the student council.” (Nadeshiko)

As Togami said this, Hourai-senpai handed out a thin booklet. The cover read “Student Council Manual – Latest Reiwa3 Edition”. It sounded like some mysterious product with questionable Japanese from Amazon.

“The basic contents are written in this manual. It’s also stored on the student council’s shared server, so if you ever need it, please refer to it.” (Nadeshiko)

Flipping through the pages, the second one displayed Reishuu High School’s organizational chart.

The executive bodies of Reishuu High School consisted of the student council and various committees, alongside independent associations like the Sports Union and Cultural Union. While the student council held higher authority in terms of power balance, committees and club unions also wielded significant influence. That seemed to be the general structure.

Subsequent pages illustrated the flow of the school year centered around events. Alongside were entries detailing the student council’s tasks organized by time period.

Key responsibilities included allocating budgets for clubs and committees, organizing school events such as cultural festivals, sports days, Christmas events, as well as managing ceremonies like entrance and graduation ceremonies, and overseeing inter-school charity events in collaboration with neighboring high schools. They also help coordinate school clubs when they participate in local festivals and events.

“Also included are tasks like consulting on club activities, mediating disputes, handling media relations for students who attract attention, writing columns for the alumni newsletter sent to former students, and sometimes dealing with detailed requests from the teachers.” (Nadeshiko)

In short, it seemed like a job overseeing school events and various miscellaneous tasks.

Seems like a hassle… I sighed inwardly, only for Togami to add another blow.

“In addition to those, starting this year, we also have to manage the ‘Suggestion Box’.” (Nadeshiko)

“Suggestion Box?” (Takaki)

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember him mentioning that during his speech.

“Is the ‘Suggestion Box’ where we collect various opinions from students?” (Arisu)

Togami nodded in response to Arisu’s question.

“Yes, that’s right. The goal of this year’s student council is to be ‘a student council that empathizes with the students’. So, we want to accept a wide range of suggestions not only for the school but also for student life concerns.” (Nadeshiko)

“That’s a commendable approach.” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai praised, and Togami blinked bashfully. Arisu also looked at Togami with admiration.

“Can I say something?” (Takaki)

I spoke up, and Togami turned to me with a composed expression.

“Yes, what is it?” (Nadeshiko)

“Well, considering we already have a shortage of members in the student council this year, I don’t think it’s wise to increase our workload by adding the ‘Suggestion Box’. It’s just going to make things more burdensome for us.” (Takaki)

That’s my honest opinion, though I believe this statement hits the mark quite well.

“Hmm, now that you mention it…” (Arisu)

Arisu looked thoughtful, seeming to agree somewhat.

I felt like one more push could seal the deal. However, Togami shook her head.

“We are indeed short-handed, but this was one of our campaign promises.” (Nadeshiko)

“Nobody remembers campaign promises from speeches anyway.” (Takaki)

My candid thoughts slipped out unintentionally. However, Hourai-senpai responded firmly.

“Ignoring campaign promises would go against the student council rules. As Togami said, let’s go ahead with setting up the Suggestion Box.” (Misuzu)

“Student council rules?” (Takaki)

When I asked about the unfamiliar term, Hourai-senpai showed me the back pages of the student handbook.

She pointed to a section that read like this:

—To fulfill the campaign promises of the student council within the limits of the law and school regulations.

“…Sounds unnecessarily grand.” (Takaki)

“Haha, well, it was written a long time ago. Essentially, it means the student council must uphold its promises to the fullest extent while adhering to school regulations. It takes precedence over club and committee regulations.” (Misuzu)

“So our school has a lot of these complicated rules, huh?” (Takaki)

“The student council operates under various rules, so it’s good to have them memorized.” (Misuzu)

“Seriously…” (Takaki)

It felt burdensome, especially for someone like me who hadn’t even properly memorized an English vocabulary list.

Seeing me looking dejected, Togami smiled softly. Feeling embarrassed, I scratched my head and looked away.

“So, where are we going to set up the Suggestion Box?” (Arisu)

Togami smoothly responded.

“We’ll set up a wooden box next to the student council room hallway. Additionally, we’ll accept suggestions through the official student council social media accounts.” (Nadeshiko)

“Oh, that sounds pretty modern! By the way, are you planning to buy a wooden box?” (Misuzu)

“No, we’ll just repurpose one from several generations ago when the student council also had a Suggestion Box.” (Nadeshiko)

Saying this, Togami proudly pulled out the box from the back of the cupboard.

On the front of the box, there’s a plate labeled “Suggestion Box”, with a long horizontal slot on the top. It feels like a wooden version of the election boxes I’ve seen on the news. There’s a door on the back with a key, which gives access to the contents inside.

“With this, the explanation of our duties is complete. Now, I’ll go ahead and place this outside.” (Nadeshiko)

“Are you okay going alone?” (Arisu)

“Yes, no problem at all.” (Nadeshiko)

Togami carried the box and left the room.

A slightly relaxed atmosphere filled the room, and unknowingly, I felt the tension leaving my body.

“I feel tired even though we haven’t done any work yet…” (Arisu)

Arisu slumped over the desk with a sigh of exhaustion. I felt the same.

Hourai-senpai, who was watching us, smiled gently

“Good job, both of you. Just wait a moment, I’ll go make some tea.” (Misuzu)

She took a tea canister from the cupboard and skillfully brewed cups of tea for us. It was impressive that the student council room was equipped with an electric kettle and tea set.

As we sipped from our tea cups, Hourai-senpai began to speak.

“By the way, there’s something I wanted to ask you two as members of the student council.” (Misuzu)

“What is it?” (Arisu)

When Arisu and I turned our gaze towards her, Hourai-senpai placed her hand over her mouth and spoke with a hint of embarrassment.

“Um… are you two dating?” (Misuzu)

“Eh?” (Takaki)

“Whaaat!?” (Arisu)

Arisu and I responded in sync.

Perhaps flustered by the question, Arisu hastily set down her tea cup.

“N-No, it’s not like that at all.” (Arisu)

“Is that so? You two seemed quite close.” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai still seemed skeptical, prompting Arisu to blush and explain further.

“W-We’re just childhood friends! We just coincidentally happened to be put together by Sashiki-sensei into the student council! it’s not like I joined the student council so that I can spend more time together with him after school or anything like that!” (Arisu)

“I see, sorry for asking something rude. I just wanted to clarify before we start working.” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai spoke with a distant look in her eyes.

“Actually, there was a couple in last year’s student council. They were so close that everyone could see it, and the other council members quietly cheered them on from the sidelines..” (Misuzu)

“Is that so?” (Nadeshiko)

“We would subtly allocate tasks they could do together, or create opportunities for them to be alone. Even though it wasn’t about me, it was quite enjoyable in its own way.” (Misuzu)

“That’s nice… being supported by those around you in a relationship…” (Arisu)

Arisu murmured with a dreamy expression.

“Do you think so, Yura?” (Misuzu)

“Yes! I mean, if you’re going to be together, wouldn’t you want everyone’s support? Like getting encouragement when you confess, and having people to talk to after you start dating… I think those are every girl’s dream!” (Arisu)

“Hmm, that sounds romantic. I like that kind of thing too.” (Misuzu)

“Right? Right?” (Arisu)

Watching Yura cheerfully talk, Hourai-senpai smiled softly. Despite her initially stern demeanor, she seemed to harbor a longing for romance.

However, her expression darkened, and in a slightly lower tone, she continued.

“But you see, then… Just before the end of their term in the student council, that couple broke up.” (Misuzu)

“Eh?” (Arisu)

“No matter how close they used to be, being together at work after such an event must have been unbearable. It was like hell… They couldn’t avoid each other because of work, but having them together made the atmosphere heavy… We were all concerned, and it affected our efficiency…” (Misuzu)

Hourai-senpai sighed heavily.

Certainly, there are indeed risks involved when couples form within such a group.

Even in middle school, I’ve heard several stories about couples within clubs breaking up, causing tension within the whole group. In university, I’ve heard there are even people known as “circle crashers”, who disrupt circles (clubs), and I’ve even heard that some companies have strict policies against office romances.

“So, that’s what I was worried about if you two were dating. But if you’re not, then that’s irrelevant! I’m relieved!” (Misuzu)

“Y-Yes, that’s right… Hahaha…” (Arisu)

Arisu answered in a somewhat awkward tone while Hourai-senpai looked relieved.

She sure is lively, going from cheerful to downcast to relieved.

I was unsure of what to say from the beginning and was silently hoping that Togami would come back soon.

Just as the silence fell, the door opened and Togami returned.

“Sorry about that, I had a bit of trouble cleaning up the place.” (Nadeshiko)

“No, no, we were just having fun talking, so don’t worry about it. If anything, if it was difficult, I should have offered to help.” (Misuzu)

“Setting up the suggestion box was more of a personal whim, so please don’t worry about it.” (Nadeshiko)

With that, Togami brewed a cup of coffee, took a mug, and settled onto the sofa.

Looks like we’re taking a break.

Everyone sipped their drinks, and a calm atmosphere settled in. While the student council itself was troublesome, moments like these weren’t so bad after all.

Lost in such thoughts, Togami suddenly spoke up.

“Um, there’s something I wanted to ask Gujou-san and Yura-san.” (Nadeshiko)

“What is it?” (Arisu)

Togami looked at Arisu and then turned to me.

What is it…?

Eventually gathering her courage, Togami blushed slightly and asked.

“Are you two… dating?” (Nadeshiko)

Bufuu—!!” (Arisu)

Arisu spewed out the tea she had in her mouth, aiming it right at my face.

“Idiot! Don’t aim it at me!!” (Takaki)

“*cough cough* I-It can’t be helped *cough*!” (Arisu)

I hurriedly grabbed tissues from the box and wiped my soaked face.

Arisu also took out a handkerchief to cover her mouth, but it seemed like some of the tea had gone down the wrong way, causing her to cough for a while.

Several seconds passed.

Finally seeing both of us calm down, Togami nodded as if understanding something.

“Judging from that reaction… you two are dating, aren’t you?” (Nadeshiko)

“No!!” (Takaki & Arisu)

Our voices synchronized perfectly in denial.

Illustration of Hourai-senpai entering the room

“Hey, Togami. Sorry, homeroom took longer than expected.”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oof, that couple one is unfortunate. If the student council had more people and more cliques, then they could simply not interact with each other.

Suggestion box is like one of the classic student council things. My school also implemented such a thing and although I wasn’t the one managing it (yes, I was in student council), I heard some of the suggestions given were “Buy and keep fishes in a tank in the student lounge area”, “Have a sandwich-making machine for when stalls are closed after club activities”, “Put more games in the student lounge area”, and “Extend recess time”. These are the only ones I remember.

Apparently, the school announced they were going to do the sandwich-making one, but I graduated before I could see it be implemented so idk if it worked.


  1. Kendo is the one where they used bamboo swords to fight.
  2. Naginata is the one where they used a spear-like weapon thing to fight. Just imagine a spear, but more japanese if that makes any sense.
  3. Reiwa era is the current era of Japan, and it started from 2019.
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