CSCP – Vol 1 Chapter 1 – Dropout in the Student Council

“Gujou-san, you’re joining the student council.” (?)

“…Huh?” (Takaki)

During the early October after school…

As usual, I was summoned to the staff room and was currently facing my homeroom teacher, Sashiki-sensei, in the reception area which was separated by partitions.

I felt like I had just heard the name of some mysterious organization called the student council.

For now, I stayed silent, and Sashiki-sensei continued talking without seeming to mind.

“Didn’t you hear that? Gujou-san, you will be joining the student council. As for your position, let’s see, for now, you’ll be the secretary~” (Sashiki)

“Sorry, this is too sudden, I can’t comprehend it.” (Takaki)

“To put it simply, Gujou-san, at this rate, you will have to repeat the year. The only way to avoid that is to join the student council.” (Sashiki)

Despite saying something so terrifying, Sashiki-sensei smiled sweetly and tilted her head.

She was a young teacher in her mid-twenties, and her main teaching subject was World History.

Her loosely wavy, semi-long brown hair suited her somewhat youthful face well. Yet, her attire—a white blouse and a moss-green skirt—exuded a mature composure.

It is unclear whether this has connections to her popularity among male students, but it was said that there were hardly any students sleeping during Sashiki-sensei’s classes. Instead, the vending machines in the school would be sold out of canned coffee and energy drinks before her lessons.

It was a touching display of effort from the male students.

“Repeating a year? Did I do something wrong?” (Takaki)

“Being late, sleeping in class, failing grades, and not submitting assignments… I told you before summer break that at this rate, you might be held back a year, didn’t I?” (Sashiki)

“I might have heard rumors of such things.” (Takaki)

“Why are you speaking as if I never told you? This isn’t the first or second time you’ve been called here, right!?” (Sashiki)

Sashiki-sensei puffed out her cheeks in anger.

It was amazing how this gesture came off as genuinely cute rather than harsh. No wonder the male students tried so hard to impress her.

I found myself in these one-on-one meetings with Sashiki-sensei quite frequently.

Writing it this way might make it seem enviable among the boys, but it’s nothing of the sort.

She was just providing much-needed guidance to the most notorious failing student in her class.

Usually, this kind of “much-needed guidance” wasn’t appreciated by the recipient.

“Still, Gujou-san, I don’t remember your entrance exam scores being that bad. How did it come to this?” (Sashiki)

“They say it’s never too late for a person to change.”  (Takaki)

“I believe that’s meant to be used in a positive context…” (Sashiki)

Seeing the troubled look on her face, I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty. She’s a good teacher, genuinely concerned about her students’ grades.

But then again, I’m not failing because I want to fail.

Just before starting school, there was a lot of turmoil at home, and during spring break, I couldn’t focus on studying at all.

Because of that, I started high school on the wrong foot. I missed the time to join clubs and I couldn’t keep up with my studies.

Having friends would have made it a bit easier, but I also failed at making friends.

I hate to admit it, but I have a menacing look in my eyes. My facial muscles are oddly stiff, making my entire expression unfriendly. My voice is often described as intimidating.

There was a time when I was smiling while watching cute animal videos on my phone, and Arisu said, “You look like a criminal from Detective Conan1 when they’re setting up a trap.” That’s an extreme opposite of a smile.

Still, until elementary school, just living in the neighborhood was enough to make friends. Even when half of my middle school classmates were the same in elementary school, I managed to get along.

In fact, there was even a running joke when they would tell me “Your face is too scary!” to which I would respond, “It’s just how I was born!”

I genuinely believed that I would quickly make friends in high school too.

However, after a while, I noticed that my classmates were strangely avoiding me. When I talked to them, they seemed unusually tense and forced a smile. They quickly ended the conversation and hastily left the scene.

I even checked the mirror multiple times, wondering if there was something on my face.

Then, one day in May, while looking in the mirror, it suddenly dawned on me.

Could it be that I’m scary?

There were plenty of reasons to consider. Reishuu High School was the top school in the area, and you rarely saw delinquent-looking people there, unlike in middle school. 

While old acquaintances might overlook my appearance, new people might judge me solely on my looks and think, “He seems dangerous.” After all, apparently, I had the face of a culprit from Detective Conan.

Realizing this one morning before school, I immediately began practicing a non-threatening smile.

Even after leaving home, I would walk while checking my face with my phone’s front camera.

And then—I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle.

The hospitalization only lasted two weeks, but during that time, I couldn’t study at all.

High school tends to gather students with similar academic levels, unlike public middle schools, where the children just come from the neighborhood.

In middle school, I was one of the top students, but in high school, at best, I was below average.

Coupling this with a brief period of hospitalization, my grades in the midterm exams of the first semester were a disaster.

As a result, after starting high school, I ended up being unable to study, not joining any clubs, and having no friends.

Thus, I completely lost all motivation for high school life.

If I couldn’t get up in the morning, I’d be late, and during classes, I would just zone out or fall asleep. My grumpy face right after waking up probably looked even scarier, causing my classmates to be visibly frightened more often.

As a result, I got labeled as the “dropout delinquent”.

I’m not really a delinquent, but at this point, I don’t feel like correcting anyone’s misunderstanding. Besides, I didn’t even know who to explain this to.

The only person I know from before who moved on to the same high school is Arisu. She occasionally talks to me, but since we’re in different classes, it’s not very frequent. 

Lately, we might chat a bit if we end up on the same train, but even those opportunities have dwindled due to me being late for school.

Also, I’m worried that I might inconvenience Arisu by being around her. It makes me hesitate to talk to her myself.

And so, this negative spiral has only intensified, leading to where I am now.

Sashiki-sensei let out a small sigh.

“The school has some discretion in handling these matters, but Gujou-san, your reputation among the teachers isn’t great either~ It wouldn’t be surprising if the possibility of repeating a year comes up.” (Sashiki)

“I’d appreciate it if you could put me in a more positive light, Sensei.” (Takaki)

“If there’s a way for me to, I would.” (Sashiki)

In other words, I was being told there weren’t many positive things to say about me.

Through our conversations, I’ve come to realize this teacher has quite a sharp tongue, despite her attractive appearance.

“Well then, with that in mind, you can earn some commendations through student council activities!” (Sashiki)

She raised her index finger as if to say it was a brilliant idea.

“Oh, is that why the student council was brought up?” (Takaki)

“It’s a straightforward solution, isn’t it?” (Sashiki)

“I understand it’s important to earn commendations. But why the student council?” (Takaki)

When I asked, Sashiki-sensei put her hand to her cheek and made a troubled expression.

“Well, truth be told, I was kind of pushed into… no, I mean, I humbly accepted the role as the advisor due to being a young teacher.” (Sashiki)

“You’re letting your true feelings slip.” (Takaki)

“Let’s leave the adult reasons aside.” (Sashiki)

She clapped her hands together and changed the subject.

“Adult reasons” is such a convenient phrase. I wish I could skirt around things with “child reasons” too.

“This year, the number of people wishing to join the student council has been low, and we still don’t have enough members.” (Sashiki)

“Not enough members?” (Takaki)

“That’s right. We need to cover various positions to run the student council such as president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary…” (Sashiki)

The term “not enough people” was something I had only heard in the context of public high school entrance exams.

“The new president is the one who gave that speech, right?” (Takaki)

I remember she was elected smoothly through a vote of confidence.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s Togami Nadeshiko from Class 1-H.” (Sashiki)

“Seems like she’s quite popular, though. Shouldn’t you have no trouble gathering members?” (Takaki)

“Well~ that’s what I thought too. But maybe it’s because she’s popular that makes it difficult for students to approach her about it. Or maybe they felt like it’s okay to not join since others will handle it.” (Sashiki)

I see. Sometimes, admiration can create a barrier, making it difficult to approach someone. Or perhaps being around someone impressive highlights your own shortcomings and makes you uncomfortable.

And of course, there’s also the simple possibility that the student council work seems like too much hassle.

“Wait, so how many members are there supposed to be in total?” (Takaki)

“The quota is four people, and currently, including the president, we only have two.” (Sashiki)

“Seriously?” (Takaki)

“We’d ideally like five or more, but we can’t afford to be picky.” (Sashiki)

With only half of the positions filled, the situation was more dire than I had imagined.

“So, that’s why I’ve been stressed lately.” (Sashiki)

“…And then along came me with my terrible grades, so you thought, ‘Here’s my chance,’ and pushed the position onto me.” (Takaki)

“Gujo-san, please don’t say it like it’s a bad thing. This is a win-win situation.” (Sashiki)

“Well, if it means I can avoid repeating a year, it works for me too.” (Takaki)

If I had been okay with repeating a year, I wouldn’t be here at school right now. If such a situation was tossed onto me out of nowhere, I would definitely start to panic.

These days, I know there are other paths available if you wish to stray away from the norm. Still, the fear of taking those paths remains, and some people, despite feeling constrained, still want to aim for a safer future.

“Alright then, it’s settled~ I’ll give you the paperwork, so please fill it out quickly here. Let’s assign you as the secretary.” (Sashiki)

Sashiki-sensei, humming cheerfully, handed me a ballpoint pen and the documents.

“Well, I’m fine with it, but… we still need one more person to fill the positions, right? Do you have someone in mind for that?” (Takaki)

“Hehe, well~” (Sashiki)

As I asked, Sashiki-sensei gently pressed a finger to her lips.

Was that a signal to keep quiet?

Then, with swift movements, she stood up from the sofa and peeked over the partition that divided the room.

“Yura-san, how about it?” (Sashiki)

“Eh!? H-How did you know…?!” (Arisu)

A familiar scream echoed through the room.

“Don’t raise your voice too loud. There are other teachers in the staff room.” (Sashiki)

“W-well, that’s true but…” (Arisu)

“Hey, Arisu, what are you doing?” (Takaki)

Peeking over the teacher’s shoulder, I caught sight of my childhood friend, Arisu, stumbling backward.

It seemed she had been eavesdropping on our conversation.

She looked at my face and immediately regretted it.

“How long have you been here?” (Takaki)

“Since the ‘Gujou-san will join the student council’ part…” (Arisu)

“From the beginning then.” (Takaki)

“Tch, it’s not like that, Takaki! I was just passing by on a walk and happened to hear you. I wasn’t spying because you went into the staff room or anything!” (Arisu)

No matter the route she chose, there was no way Arisu would have wandered into the depths of the staff room during her walk.

She noticed me heading towards the staff room on my way back, and out of curiosity, followed me all the way here. That’s probably about the gist of it.

She really does have a lot of free time, or maybe she’s just very attentive.

“Hmm, so you were eavesdropping?” (Sashiki)

“W-Well, that’s…” (Arisu)

“By the way, Yura-san. I think you heard our conversation, but are you interested in joining the student council?” (Sashiki)

“Huh? You’re asking me all of a sudden…” (Arisu)

Arisu looked bewildered, glancing back and forth between me and Sashiki-sensei.

Well, that’s understandable.

If it weren’t for the risk of repeating a year, I wouldn’t have considered joining either. There’s no reason for Arisu to join.

It might be more reasonable to find one more student who’s struggling with their grades.

But then, having half of the student council made up of failing students would be another issue in itself.

“Well, if Yura-san isn’t interested, we’ll just have to find someone else.” (Sashiki)

“By the way, who are the other members besides Takaki?” (Arisu)

“So far, it’s Togami-san, a second-year girl, and Gujo-san. If we add one more girl, Gujou-san can have his own little harem, right?” (Sashiki)

“Please stop with the jokes.” (Takaki)

“Nono, Sensei is serious! Sensei recognizes that Gujou-san can be reliable at times and if he is serious, he can keep up with his studies.” (Sashiki)

“You’re just exaggerating.” (Takaki)

“Maybe we’ll even see a couple form in the student council!” (Sashiki)

“I’m joining the student council! Let me do it!” (Arisu)

Somewhere along the way, Arisu decisively raised her hand.

Seeing this, Sashiki-sensei smiled intriguingly for some reason.

“Are you really okay with this, Arisu? You don’t have to force yourself.” (Takaki)

“I’ll be fine. If you end up isolated in the student council, it’ll affect my sleep too.” (Arisu)

“Why are you worrying so much about that? My solitude shouldn’t affect you.” (Takaki)

“I said it’s fine! If I’m saying I’ll join, just be quiet and be happy about it!” (Arisu)

“Well, if Arisu insists, then it’s fine.” (Takaki)

No matter what was said to Arisu, once she’s made up her mind, arguing with her is futile.

Ufufu, it’s settled then~ Yura-san, you’ll handle the treasurer’s duties.” (Sashiki)

Sashiki-sensei clasped her hands together and smiled warmly.

She retrieved another set of documents and a pen from the drawer, handing them over to Arisu.

“Please fill these out. Once you’re done, submit them to the student council room.” (Sashiki)

Her tone was gentle, yet there was an undeniable forceful tone beneath it.

Despite her youth, if she’s like this now, I wonder how she’ll be in five years.

In my heart, I silently paid respects to Sashiki-sensei’s future students.

After finishing the paperwork, we visited the student council room together with Sashiki-sensei.

Located deep in a corner of the practical training building, the student council room felt secluded with no students around. It had quietly become evening, with the slanting rays of the setting sun shining through the window glass.

Unlike other classrooms, the door to the student council room had a chic wood grain design. Instead of sliding, it was the type you open by turning the doorknob.

Feeling somewhat awkward, I glanced at Sashiki-sensei, who smiled encouragingly. It seemed like she wanted me to open it myself.

Gathering my courage, I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” (?)

With a clear voice that could be heard through the door, there was a reply. I slowly opened the door.

The student council room was about half the size of a regular classroom, surrounded by cream-colored wallpaper. Steel cabinets and wooden shelves lined the walls, displaying files, certificates, plaques, and such. Chairs were arranged around simple desks, and there was also what appeared to be a reception table and a sofa.

Standing in front of the reception set was a female student.

—Togami Nadeshiko.

She had just been elected as the student council president of Reishuu High School.

She excelled both academically and athletically, came from a prestigious family, and was immensely popular among students and teachers alike. Truly a perfect superhuman.

Her figure, bathed in the sun’s rays casting through the window, was picturesque, especially with her long, straight hair cascading elegantly.

Her large eyes held a mysterious color reminiscent of the depths of the sea.

Staring at her, one couldn’t help but feel drawn in as if being pulled into her gaze.

“Welcome. Do you need something from the student council? …Oh, isn’t that Sashiki-sensei?” (Nadeshiko)

“Yes, that’s me~” (Sashiki)

Peeking from behind me, Sashiki-sensei greeted her pretty casually. As the student council advisor, it was natural for her to already be acquainted with Togami.

While pushing me and Arisu’s back, Sashiki-sensei stepped into the student council room.

Togami looked at us and asked, “Who are these two?”

Sashiki-sensei then spread her arms and introduced us.

“These are our long-awaited student council members! With them, we’ve secured the minimum four members needed to officially establish the student council!” (Sashiki)

“Eh!? Is that true?” (Nadeshiko)

Togami’s eyes widened as she alternated her gaze between me and Arisu.

“That’s why, both of you, please submit your documents. Come on, quickly!” (Sashiki)

I handed the documents to Togami, thinking she sounded like a pushy salesperson rushing a contract.

Togami quickly glanced over the papers and fell silent with a subtle expression.

After a brief pause, she looked up and asked me,

“…Forgive me, but are you that Gujou-san?” (Nadeshiko)

“I don’t know which Gujou you’re specifically referring to, but my family name is indeed Gujou.” (Takaki)

“I apologize. Gujou-san is, well, quite famous.” (Nadeshiko)

I can’t help but laugh at the idea of being famous. If anything, the right term is more likely to be infamous.

As I’ve mentioned before, I stick out like a sore thumb in this school. I’m even feared by some teachers, so Togami must have heard some rumors about me at least.

“…I see.” (Takaki)

Unable to come up with a good response, the conversation trails off vaguely.

This isn’t good. Since starting high school, my social circle has thinned out, and now I’m not sure how to talk to someone I’ve just met.

It would be weird to suddenly blurt out, “I’m not a delinquent,” wouldn’t it?

When Togami looked at me, she flinched slightly, and her shoulders tensed up. Damn. It seems my intimidating gaze unintentionally startled him.

It was Arisu who cut through the awkward tension.

Interrupting the atmosphere, she handed over the documents and introduced herself in a cheerful voice.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Yura from Class 1-F. I’m also a first year!” (Arisu)

“Yura-san, is it? Nice to meet you.” (Nadeshiko)

“This guy and I are childhood friends. Let me tell you, his fierce look and appearance are just his natural look. He’s not glaring at you or anything, so don’t worry about it.” (Arisu)

“Is that so?” (Nadeshiko)

“Yeah. Everyone thinks he’s a delinquent, but that’s not it. He’s just in his rebellious phase.” (Arisu)

“Hey, rebellious phase? Seriously?” (Takaki)

“But it’s true! Not having friends, bad grades, bad attitude in class—all that could be fixed if you tried hard enough.” (Arisu)

“I’ve got my own circumstances too.” (Takaki)

“From my perspective, it just looks like you’re going through your rebellious phase.” (Arisu)

“A rebellious phase, huh… hehe.” (Nadeshiko)

Arisu’s choice of words made Togami smile faintly.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I scratched my head and offered an explanation.

“Well, I don’t intend to cause any trouble, so rest assured. Besides, I’d be in trouble myself if I had to repeat a year.” (Takaki)

“Repeat a year…?” (Nadeshiko)

“Yeah. I agreed to become a member in exchange for avoiding repeating a year.” (Takaki)

“…Sashiki-sensei, what’s the meaning of this?” (Nadeshiko)

Togami turned to Sashiki-sensei with a surprised expression. It’s natural for her to be bewildered.

Sashiki-sensei wore her usual enigmatic smile, showing no hint of remorse.

“Gujou-san is telling the truth~ Due to accumulating various behavioral issues, it seemed likely that he was to repeat a year. So, I decided to make him a student council member to allow him to advance to the next grade as per usual.” (Sashiki)

Sashiki-sensei continued to explain the process.

After hearing the explanation with a serious expression, Togami let out a troubled sigh.

“To think that such a sacred position as student council member would be offered in exchange for that…” (Nadeshiko)

Whether being a student council member is truly a sacred role is debatable, but Togami’s concerns are valid.

It’s natural to feel uneasy upon hearing that a student on the verge of repeating a year would become a member of the student council.

The student council is currently struggling with a shortage of members, but if Togami shows reluctance, I wonder what will happen to me. 

Could my fate of repeating a year be sealed right here?

However, Sashiki-sensei continued to speak without appearing concerned.

“At the moment, it’s just a possibility of repeating a year. Besides, as the advisor, I’m responsible for the smooth operation of the student council, so I wouldn’t appoint a troublesome student as a member. If Gujou-san was truly a delinquent, he wouldn’t have followed me all the way here obediently.” (Sashiki)

“That’s true…” (Nadeshiko)

“Despite appearances, Gujou-san has a gentle personality. I believe he won’t engage in any strange behavior once he’s in the student council. If he starts slacking off, please inform me. Yura-san will also help keep him in check.” (Sashiki)

“I also think Takaki will be fine. He used to be the student council president in middle school.” (Arisu)

Arisu also chimed in.

“I understand. I will trust everyone’s judgment.” (Nadeshiko)

Togami nodded in understanding. Then, bowed her head towards me.

“I apologize for being rude earlier.” (Nadeshiko)

“Don’t worry about it. Rumors are circulating, so I can see why someone would be rude towards me.” (Takaki)

“I-I’m really sorry…” (Nadeshiko)

“Come on, don’t make Togami-san feel bad more than she already is.” (Arisu)

Arisu lightly smacked my head.

Indeed, I might have overdone it. Seeing Togami’s composed demeanor, I couldn’t help but want to tease her a little.

“My bad. I really don’t mind at all. Anyways, I look forward to working with you.” (Takaki)

“Yes, likewise. I look forward to working with you too, Gujo-san. And you as well, Yura-san.” (Nadeshiko)

“Me too! I look forward to working with you, Togami-san!” (Arisu)

Arisu also raised her hand with a smile.

Seeing this, Togami smiled warmly and made a gesture to welcome us.

“With that… Welcome to Reishuu High School’s Student Council!” (Nadeshiko)

Her expression, to put it mildly… was quite charming.

After Togami mentioned having a few things to do before leaving, we left the student council room first.

We’re supposed to get a detailed explanation of our tasks tomorrow when the vice president is also present.

The vice president was a girl who served as secretary in the student council last year. It seems that she was the only one continuing from the previous year.

I vaguely recall seeing some of the previous student council members at events, but I can’t quite remember. I guess it’s because I wasn’t interested in the school itself.

“Haah, but still, I was surprised that Takaki joined the student council. You said you didn’t want to when I asked during the day of the speech.” (Arisu)

“If you were eavesdropping, you should know. Besides, half of the reason was basically a threat.” (Takaki)

“Even so, you chose to be a student council member rather than face the shame of repeating a year, right?” (Arisu)

With that, Arisu looked up at me with a smug expression.

She usually seems carefree, but sometimes she says things as if she can see right through me.

“Frankly, I’m a little relieved.” (Arisu)

“Why’s that?” (Takaki)

“I was a bit worried you might actually end up repeating a year.” (Arisu)

“I don’t have the guts for that.” (Takaki)

“Ahaha, I guess you’re right.” (Arisu)

“You seem to be in a good mood.” (Takaki)

“Of course, it’s because I think Takaki’s going to turn over a new leaf.” (Arisu)

“You can’t exactly call this ‘turning over a new leaf’.” (Takaki)

“Well, maybe not. You don’t have the kind of guts to do that either.” (Arisu)

“Are you making fun of me?” (Takaki)

“Teenage boys in their rebellious phase are kind of asking for it, don’t you think?” (Arisu)

With a somewhat parental expression, Arisu smiled.

Illustration of Nadeshiko in the student council room

Her figure, bathed in the sun’s rays casting through the window, was picturesque, especially with her long, straight hair cascading elegantly.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I have always wondered why the student council in Japan is always so small. Idk if this is a LN thing or a real thing, but having 4 people is really small. In my school, there’s like 10-20 from each batch which totals up to around 80ish.

All this time, I thought Nadeshiko was her family name and Togami was her first name, but it’s the other way around. I should have known something was wrong when MC referred to her by Togami inside his head.


  1. Detective Conan is a show about a high school detective or something. I never watched it.
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