CSCP – Vol 1 Prologue

I had a dream.

As expected, the contents were wild. I was dancing around school with my middle school friend when suddenly, a silver-haired beauty of a monster yelled, “Wake up!” Then, I found myself reincarnated in another world, riding a subway. When the monster in the seat next to me shook my shoulder, it pulled out a sword that only a hero could draw, and just as the monster was about to wake me up…

“Get up, Takaki! Seriously, wake up!” (?)

“Mmm…” (Takaki)

I felt my shoulder being shaken vigorously, and I jerked awake.

As I slowly opened my eyes, I found myself in an empty classroom.

Standing right beside me was a girl, looking down at me lying face-down on the desk with an exasperated expression.

“Arisu… Earlier, the subway was delayed because a monster showed up…” (Takaki)

“Don’t tell me you’re still half-asleep! If a monster really appeared, the subway delay would be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Come on, get up already.” (Arisu)

My childhood friend, Yura Arisu, cut through my words with a single stroke.

She had inherited her mother’s beautiful silver short bob hairstyle, and her determined almond-shaped eyes1 left a strong impression.

“You know, we were told that there’s a speech for the student council election after school today. Look, everyone’s already moving.” (Arisu)

My brain, which has just returned from the dream world, reluctantly grasped the current situation.

Glancing at the clock in front of the classroom, I realized school hours had long ended.

We were supposed to be heading to the gymnasium to listen to a speech. However, I had apparently fallen asleep during the last class and continued sleeping through it until now.

I was left behind in the empty classroom because no one in my class bothered to wake me up. My reputation in class was basically at the Dead Sea level by now, so it wasn’t surprising.

If Arisu were in the same class as me, things might have been different, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We rarely even had a chance to talk at school. I guess Childhood friends aren’t always the universal solution.

At that moment, the classroom door swung open.

“What are you all doing here! Hurry up and move to the gymnasium!” (Teacher)

The teacher’s booming voice echoed as he entered.

He must have been checking if there were any students left in the classroom.

“Hey, you, move along already.” (Teacher)

When I was told this, I managed to shake off my drowsiness and stood up, meeting the gaze of a middle-aged teacher with glasses. Perhaps because I had just woken up and struggled to open my eyes, I might have unintentionally glared at him.

“Um… what is it?” (Takaki)

My voice, still not quite awake, sounded somewhat gruff.

“G-Gujou, huh…” (Teacher)

I vaguely remembered seeing him around the school building a few times, but I didn’t know the teacher’s name. However, it seemed like he knew me. Not that he probably had any good impressions of me.

Unfortunately, I’m treated like an outcast at school and even labeled as a “delinquent dropout”. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s a fact that I’m indeed a repeat offender when it comes to failing exams, so I can’t really argue against it.

The teacher then shifted his gaze to Arisu, who was next to me.

“Ahem. Um, Yura. Instead of slacking off, hurry up and move to the gymnasium.” (Teacher)

“Huh? M-Me!?” (Arisu)

Arisu, who was suddenly called out, let out a startled voice.

Well, of course she would be surprised. She was just the one who woke me up after I was left behind in the classroom.

“Quit the excuses. Your attitude towards school life leaves much to be desired.” (Teacher)

“But…” (Arisu)

Arisu murmured, dropping her gaze to the floor.

“Anyways, just hurry up and move.” (Teacher) 

As if he had nothing more to add, he began to walk away briskly.

Before I knew it, I found myself taking a step forward.

“Excuse me, Sensei.” (Takaki)

Calling out to stop him, the teacher flinched slightly and turned around.

No, I didn’t mean to startle you that much…

Nevertheless, I couldn’t just let the teacher go like this, so I tried to speak in a more composed tone than earlier. My body swayed slightly as I spoke, not in an attempt to intimidate like a delinquent, but simply because I was still groggy and off balance.

“W-What is it?” (Teacher)

“Arisu… Yura just woke me up from sleeping at my desk. She wasn’t slacking off. If you want to scold someone, do it to me instead.” (Takaki)

“Is that so? Well then, Gujou, hurry up and move along.” (Teacher)

The teacher nodded with a somewhat vague expression after listening to my explanation.

But that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear.

“I’ll move now. But before I do, please take back what you said to Yura earlier.” (Takaki)

“Huh?” (Teacher)

“You said things like ‘slacking off’ and ‘your attitude towards school life leaves much to be desired’ to Arisu, didn’t you? That wasn’t fair considering she didn’t do anything like that. So, please retract what you said and apologize to her.” (Takaki)

“Takaki…” (Arisu)

Arisu let out a small gasp, but I kept my focus on the teacher.

The teacher hesitated for a moment, then finally lowered his head towards Arisu.

“You’re right… Yura. I jumped to conclusions earlier and said something rude. I apologize.” (Teacher)

“U-Um, it’s okay. I’m not really bothered by it.” (Arisu)

Upon hearing her response, the teacher seemed relieved and glanced briefly at me. I nodded, thinking I should say something in response, but the teacher swiftly exited the classroom.

Come to think of it, the teacher didn’t seem angry at me… Well, it’s a bit too late now, it would be weird to have him come back to scold me.

“Phew. Shall we go too?” (Takaki)

“Yeah!” (Arisu)

With that, Arisu and I left the classroom.

“Um, thank you for earlier, for standing up for me.” (Arisu)

“Hmm?” (Takaki)

As we walked down the hallway, Arisu spoke to me.

“Like how you told sensei to retract his words earlier.” (Arisu)

“I just did it because I felt like it. Sorry if it was a bother.” (Takaki)

“No way! I was really happy about it.” (Arisu)

“I see. Well, I’m glad then.” (Takaki)

Arisu smiled with narrowed eyes. I did it for self-satisfaction, but if it made her happy, then that’s all that mattered.

“And Arisu, thanks for waking me up earlier.” (Takaki)

“You’re welcome.” (Arisu)

“But how did you notice I wasn’t there? Even though we’re in different classes.” (Takaki)

Fue!? W-Well, um, it’s just, you know…” (Arisu)

When I asked, Arisu suddenly blushed and began to fluster.

Was my question really that awkward?

“I’m not saying you have to force yourself to answer…” (Takaki)

“N-No, it’s not like that at all! Well, yeah, even though we’re in different classes, if you weren’t there, I’d notice… I mean, it’s not like I was watching you or anything weird like that. It’s just that, you know, it’s like a childhood friend’s intuition!” (Arisu)

“Uh, yeah… Well, if that’s the case, then it’s fine.” (Takaki)

She rattled off her explanation at lightning speed, leaving me somewhat confused but it’s fine. It wasn’t really a big deal anyway.

As we talked, we reached the entrance to the gymnasium.

A different teacher was standing next to the entrance. He widened his eyes in surprise as we arrived late.

“Oh, you’re just getting here?” (Teacher)

“Sorry, this guy was sleeping in the classroom…” (Arisu)

“Yeah, sorry about that.” (Takaki)

As Arisu and I apologized, the teacher glanced at his watch with a slightly troubled expression.

“Hmm, well, the speeches are about to begin. Would you two mind sitting at the back?” (Teacher)

Arisu and I nodded in agreement, and the teacher gestured for us to step into the gymnasium.

Speech for the Student Council President election.

Among the numerous school events, this one is particularly lackluster.

In anime and manga, there are scenes where protagonists and heroines struggle to fight and win the Student Council President election.

But for regular students who aren’t directly involved, that’s not something they care about.

To make matters worse. this time there seemed to be only one candidate, so a vote of confidence2 was held, making it even less exciting.

As I silently complain in my mind like this, I hear the voice of a student who seems to be an election committee member from the speaker.

“Now, we will begin the student council election speeches. There is only one candidate for the upcoming student council election…” (Speaker)

After the explanation about the election, a girl appeared from behind the stage curtain.

Even from a distance, I could sense something different about her.

I had noticed it as she walked, but once she stood at the podium on the stage, her excellent posture became even more apparent.

She touched the microphone on the podium, and a tapping sound echoed.

In the next moment, a refreshing breeze blew through the stifling air of the gymnasium.

“Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Togami Nadeshiko, a first-year student running for student council president at Reishuu High School. The reason I decided to run for student council president is…” (Nadeshiko)

Togami Nadeshiko.

She’s a famous student at our private Reishuu High School and everyone knew her name.

With her almond-shaped, serene eyes, a well-defined nose, and elegant, light pink lips, she exuded an air of elegance. Her straight black hair, reaching down to her back, evoked the image of a calm night sea.

She was a beauty of a level rarely seen, not just in school but in the entire town.

Her cool, pleasant voice was something I could listen to forever.

My drowsiness had completely vanished, and I was captivated by her speech.

Arisu, sitting next to me, was also silently watching with her mouth closed.

“…I promise to establish this ‘suggestion box’ as a part of the student council’s commitments. I will not just be a facilitator for school events but will work sincerely to create a student council that stands by the students. Thank you all for listening.” (Nadeshiko)

With that, Togami concluded her speech and bowed gracefully.

A genuine, enthusiastic round of applause resounded, not just a perfunctory clapping.

As Togami walked off the stage, enveloped in applause, her movements were mesmerizing.

Apparently, she’s popular among the girls too, as I can hear “Kyaa~” from somewhere.

“You know, Togami-san on top of her appearance, is also pretty smart and athletic.” (Arisu)

Arisu remarked while glancing at me briefly as she clapped.

“Wow, that’s impressive.” (Takaki)

“And apparently, her family is super wealthy. I heard her dad is the president of a company.” (Arisu)

“Well, that sounds about right for a student at this school.” (Takaki)

Reishuu High School is a prestigious institution in the Tokai region. Given its high school fees, naturally, most students come from wealthy families. However, there is also a scholarship system that exempts the fees based on family financial situations.

I, too, was a beneficiary of that scholarship system. Without it, I would have attended a different high school.

“When Togami-san announced her candidacy, I heard the vice president from the previous year withdrew immediately. They said there’s no chance to win against Togami-san.” (Arisu)

“That’s unfortunate.” (Takaki)

Student council elections are usually nothing more than popularity contests. If the candidates are at the same level, people might vote for the previous year’s vice president. 

But if one candidate is significantly more popular, they’ll likely get most of the votes. The vice president likely decided that withdrawing would hurt less than losing in the election.

“Hey, aren’t you going to join the student council?” (Arisu)

“Huh? Why would I?” (Takaki)

“Because you were the student council president back in middle school, weren’t you?” (Arisu)

It’s true that I was the student council president back in middle school.

But that was just youthful enthusiasm. I understand better than anyone that I’m not qualified for that now.

“That was a long time ago. I’m pretty much a dropout now; I’m not cut out for that anymore.” (Takaki)

“Well, if you say so, Takaki, then I guess it’s fine…” (Arisu)

When I replied, Arisu pursed her lips in dissatisfaction. She fiddled with the ends of her hair that hung over her shoulder. It was a clear sign of her displeasure.

I felt a pang of guilt, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

Watching Togami, I was reminded that there are “perfect” beings in this world.

She was someone chosen for something, completely different from me.

If someone like Togami became the student council president, surely only the most talented members would gather around her. Such a place would undoubtedly be unsuitable for a dropout like me.

It felt like a story from a distant world.

After the uneventful voting, Togami was elected as the student council president.

On another note, rumors spread for a while that “Gujou from Class 1-B was cornering a teacher in the classroom.”

It was probably witnessed by students who were late in moving to the gym. It’s not like I actually cornered anyone.

It seems like the image attached to me is quite persistent. It would be impossible to dispel it by ordinary means.

That is unless I do something like joining the student council.

Illustration of Arisu waking up MC

“Get up, Takaki! Seriously, wake up!”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

THIS IS SO TRUE. If all the candidates give a normal speech, and does everything normally, then the election basically becomes a popularity contest. 

I remember during one of the elections at my school, I picked someone who I think was serious about it.

After submitting the vote, my classmates were going around asking each other who they picked, and when they asked me, I just answered the most popular candidate’s name to avoid standing out.

I think it’s because of stuff like this that I didn’t hear any of the less popular candidate’s name out loud. And, yeh if you’re wondering, the most popular student candidate won, duh.

Also, I was wondering if I should change from Arisu to Alice.


  1. Almond eyes are oval shaped, mimicking the shape of an almond nut, which means they are wider than they are tall.
  2. I could be wrong, but I think vote of confidence is basically a yes/no, whether you support the decision or not. Well, I mean, unless you’re infamous, there’s no way to lose this election.
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