HWTR – Chapter 11 – About the Demon Girl

120 years ago, the war between demons and humans erupted due to the resurrection of the Demon Lord. As a result, the hostility between demons and humans became more apparent. Since then, the main task of adventurers has been dealing with demons. This could involve demon subjugation, escorting merchant caravans to protect them from demons, or investigating demon territory.

By the way, I am both a hero and an adventurer. So, do I still harbor hostile feelings towards demons? Well, not particularly. To be frank, I can’t just bring myself to kill demons just because they are demons! 

As someone who is skilled in observing humans, I can’t help but think that humans and demons aren’t all that different in nature. It’s more about the ratio of good and bad people. Just as there are good and bad humans, there might be a similar situation with demons. That’s my philosophy.

I understand that this is wrong as a human and as a hero. Therefore, I have no intention of openly expressing this philosophy. I won’t even tell my companions. I’ll just keep it in my heart.

Now then.

Truth be told, I befriended a certain demon about two years ago. The circumstances are complicated. Since it’s lengthy, I’ll give a brief summary. We met in a cave, or more specifically, [Kagayaki Cave] which was located at the far south of the [Kingdom of Reinella]. By the way, [Kagayaki Cave] doesn’t belong to any kingdom or territory. It’s a completely isolated cave.

There, I got separated from my companions and was stranded.

And the demon I would come to know was also on the brink of death.

It was a fateful coincidence. By the way, why she was on the brink of death is still a mystery to me, as she hasn’t told me yet, citing it as “inconvenient”. While I was stranded due to being separated from my companions, why was she in such a dire state? It piques my curiosity, but I don’t want to inconvenience her by probing further. So, I’ll leave it at that.

Now, regarding that demon—what she thinks about humans is still up for debate. We’ve become on quite good terms to the point of being friends now, but that’s because of the mutual assistance we provided to each other in the cave; it’s a special bond that developed under those circumstances. It’s not a typical relationship. In other words, who knows what would have happened if we ran into each other in perfect conditions.


As I ponder about such things, I find myself in my room. It’s a house located on the outskirts of the [Royal Capital, Miracle]. Although it’s considered a residential area, the houses aren’t densely packed so there’s plenty of space. It almost seems wasteful for a single person.

My room is on the second floor of this house. With the window open to let in fresh air, I’m teaching words to a message bird with white feathers.

(I’m heading to the [Toto Dungeon] in [Yoimai Forest] in the eastern region. You probably know it as Dungeon X. But it seems that an unusually high density of mana has erupted, something which was not supposed to happen. So, I’ve been assigned to the investigation team. I’ll be leaving the capital tomorrow at noon. If you see this message, please come and help me.)

…Come and help me. That last message was rather pathetic. I’m aware of that. But at the same time, it’s the undeniable truth. Lying to my companions isn’t something I can do, right? Without my companions, I’m just a weakling, a powerless man. If I were to face danger in the [Toto Dungeon], I honestly don’t have the confidence to return alive.

I prepared message birds for Spica, Razuri, Shirayuki, and Dragon. …By the way, I don’t know where they are, so it’s more like leaving a note. In other words, the message birds will go to their respective homes or the hotel rooms they’re staying in.

Now then.

Looking at the clock, it’s already close to 6 PM. Even though it’s summer and the days are long, it’s getting dark outside.

If you listen closely, you can hear the lively chirping of summer insects and the laughter of children. Then there’s the sound of flying magic from housewives returning from shopping. Additionally, there are those who prefer to save mana or aren’t proficient in magic, opting to ride the public carriages. The sound of their wheels echoes in the distance.

The food Dark-chan and I enjoyed at the tavern has already begun to digest. So, I went downstairs and had a light meal. I’m the type who prefers to eat little by little multiple times rather than gobbling everything down at once. With my stomach satisfied, the next place I head to is underground.

The basement of the house.

It’s a basement that Razuri and Dragon made for me rights after I bought the house. Razuri used her magic to create space underground, and I asked the strong Dragon to help with the heavy lifting. I admit, it might seem like I’m not treating them well, but it’s mutual. Razuri and the Dragon often make unreasonable demands for me too.

It’s a give-and-take relationship. That’s how we are.


“So? Why do you need such a basement?” (Razuri)

“Well, there are various reasons.” (Saburo)

“Various reasons? Hmm… Do you like abnormal play or something, Saburo?” (Razuri)

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but thanks. You can go home now.” (Saburo)

“If I were you, I’d want to hang out with me. What do you say?” (Razuri)

“Thanks. You can go home now.” (Saburo)


As I descend the dark stairs, I recall the conversation with Razuri. It feels nostalgic.

After that day, Razuri often teased me about “abnormal play”. It was seriously annoying. Just does she think I’m doing…? Well, I guess I can understand her suspicions to some extent. It’s certainly not something normal to build a basement like this for no apparent reason.

I reach the bottom of the stairs.

There, an iron door awaits me.

Feeling the atmosphere of the cold, hard door, I check the time. The sun hadn’t completely set yet. Nevertheless, it was approaching night. 

If she were to scold me for calling her out “when it’s not night yet”, I’d probably get angry in return. After all, I had accumulated a lot of pent-up frustration today. She’d surely forgive me for it.

With all that in mind, I opened the iron door.

The lighting was dim red.

There was nothing there.

Just gray walls and a gray floor, emitting the smell of gunpowder.

But what’s notable was the thing in the center of the room—A transparent magic circle. What is it for? Well, you’ll soon see.

I bit my left index finger and tore the tip of my finger with my front teeth. The sensation of pain has already flown somewhere else. I’m used to doing this by now. And naturally, what spreads in my mouth is the taste of iron. The bitterness of blood.

I drip the blood onto the center of the room.

—Instantly, the transparency dissolves.

A red-stained magic circle materializes.

I whisper towards the magic circle.

“Come forth, Laruway-chan.” (Saburo)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So in other words, the whole baby play thing started with him not clearing up the misunderstanding. I mean, there are definitely ways to do it without revealing that it’s for Laruway but I guess MC still doesn’t know what she meant by “plays”.


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