HWTR – Chapter 12 – Laruway Heming

Laruway-chan, or Laruway Heming, was considered a vampire by species. We met two years ago in [Kagayaki Cave], which belonged to no territory. At the time of the encounter, we were both in a pretty dire situation.

I had become separated from my companions and was lost inside the cave while Laruway-chan was also lost due to some “mysterious reason”. By the way, the details of this “mysterious reason” have not been revealed. It seems she has no intention of talking about it. So, there’s no reason to pursue it.

Now then.

At that time, I didn’t have the strength to survive being in [Kagayaki Cave] by myself (and perhaps even now…). Therefore, I needed companions or someone to help me.

On the other hand, Laruway-chan at that time was suffering from hunger. She also seemed quite injured and weakened, so she couldn’t get food herself.

By the way, initially, I thought she was dead. And out of pity for someone who seemed to have passed away out in the open, I thought I should at least cover her corpse with a coat. But as I approached, I realized she was alive. I can’t forget the faint sound of her breathing at that moment. And her gently rising and falling chest.

I had past confrontations with vampires before so I could quickly tell that she was of the same kind. Unfortunately, vampires are not known for their friendliness towards humans. After all, humans often serve as prey for vampires.

Nevertheless, I decided to offer her my blood.

Logically, I should have just abandoned her as one would normally do. After all, she belonged to the demon race that opposed humans. Moreover, I could tell that she was a strong and dangerous vampire. Once she recovered, who knows what she might do? Even past vampires I fought before were cunning and vile. If that vampire had been in Laruway-chan’s position, I would undoubtedly have been killed.

But still, my philosophy remains: “There are good and bad people in the world.”

So, I rescued the vampire girl—which I later found out her name was Laruway-chan—from [Kagayaki Cave]. Although she was initially wary of me, Laruway-chan gradually softened up as time passed. Together, we managed to escape from [Kagayaki Cave].

Well, all I did was provide Laruway-chan with blood. Essentially, all the fighting was left to her while I remained in the back as usual, providing support. Heh. Whether it’s humans or demons, it seems my role will always be the same.

And outside the cave— Laruway-chan and I made a contract.

The contents of the contract were straightforward.

“Saburo’s my best friend, so—it’s okay for us to always be able to meet each other, right? It’s a bit embarrassing to say this out loud…” (Laruway)

“There’s nothing embarrassing about it. We’re best friends, right? Being able to meet each other is important!” (Saburo)

“…I’m relieved to hear you say that. However, it’s inconvenient using this method since I can’t call you.” (Laruway)

“Don’t worry. If anything happens, I’ll consult with Laruway-chan right away.” (Saburo)

“…You can call me even if nothing happens.” (Laruway)

“Of course. It’s a deal.” (Saburo)

And then, we parted ways.

And then, we reunited.

—With her silver-haired princess cut and eyes as red as blood.

—Clad in a gothic black lolita outfit

In the basement of the house lies a transparent magic circle. When blood is dripped onto it, it turns into a vivid red magic circle. The existence of this magic circle is to fulfill the contract of “being able to meet each other anytime”. The only necessary cost is a single drop of my blood. And what spawned from it was a noble vampire from the demon clan.

It feels like the cost and result aren’t quite balanced, but I’ll take it as a friend discount. Thank you, Laruway-chan.

Slowly emerging from the magic circle drawn on the floor, Laruway-chan appears as if floating gently in the air like a soap bubble. Then, she lands on both feet. Laruway-chan looks around for a moment, her gaze scanning the surroundings. Then she spots me standing in front of her.

She clicks her tongue.

“…Baka Saburo. I was in the middle of something important, you know? Hah…” (Laruway)

“Eh? Um, I’m sorry but what was this ‘important’ thing that you were doing? Did you finally make a friend other than me, Laruway-chan?” (Saburo)

“I-I never said that!” (Laruway)

“Sorry, sorry. It seems like you didn’t make a friend after all.” (Saburo)

“Well, that’s true, but… Anyway, that’s not the point! You’re annoying today! I’m going home!” (Laruway)

“Wait, I’m sorrrryyy! I teasing you too much!” (Saburo)

“Hah.” (Laruway)

Tch. Laruway-chan clicks her tongue repeatedly to express her displeasure.

So, in order to regain Laruway-chan’s favor, I once again bit my finger and offered my blood to her… This had pretty much become a ritual to fix Laruway-chan’s mood. In other words, it’s the usual.

And so, without saying anything in particular, Laruway-chan latched onto my finger and started sucking on it, making light kissing sounds. When the blood flow was slow, she would lick the wound with her tongue. …The strange ticklish sensation sent shivers down my spine. However, to not make things weird at times like this, I would shut off the nerves in my brain.

After sucking on my finger for about three minutes…

Laruway-chan separated her soft lips. Her expression was oddly seductive and it made my heart race. I’m glad I’m someone who believes in platonic friendship between men and women! I couldn’t help but think. …But even if I were to mistake the atmosphere and attack her, there’s no way I could match Laruway-chan.

After she was done, the wound on my finger was gone. I wiped my finger with a handkerchief and then continued.

“So, um, sorry Laruway-chan. Were you in the middle of some work?” (Saburo)

“Hm? Oh, it’s not exactly work… but I was playing a game?” (Laruway)

“Ah, so it’s just a game?” (Saburo)

“What do you mean it’s just a game?! Hey! I was just about to wipe out the enemy team! Do you understand, Saburo? I was on the verge of becoming the MVP by blasting all the enemies with my Mana Gun!” (Laruway)

“And it’s an FPS, too…” (Saburo)

“What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with a vampire playing an FPS, huh? Say it!” (Laruway)

“Nothing’s wrong, there’s nothing wrong at all! It’s perfectly fine for a vampire to play games. Yeah. Even a vampire can play FPS games!” (Saburo)

“That’s right!” (Laruway)

“Right!” (Saburo)

If I anger her any further, it won’t just end with my finger. She’ll probably sink her teeth into my neck… It happened once before when I teased Laruway-chan too much, and she got angry. Then she forcefully pushed me down and bit my neck. It was truly hell.

The sensation inflicted on the victim is influenced by the emotions the vampire has towards the target.

For example, when sucking blood from an enemy one hates, the sensation inflicted upon them is nothing but excruciating pain, to the point where the victim may go into shock and die from it. It’s unimaginable torment.

But what if the vampire harbors affection for their target—?

“Uwah! Laruway-chan, stop! Stop it—! Seriously, stop! I’m sorry! Hey! This is really bad! I’m gonna die! I’m gonna diiieee!” (Saburo)

“Shut up! Take it like a man, baka.” (Laruway)

“Uwagghhhh!” (Saburo)

It became nothing short of unimaginable pleasure. Pleasure. Enough to make one foam at the mouth… I never want to experience that again. It was a different kind of hell. Worst of all, pleasure has addictive qualities. Ah, if I were to experience it again, I wonder if I could break free from it. There’s a real possibility of becoming addicted.


Now then.

Despite it not even being that long since I summoned her, I feel oddly exhausted. I chuckle wryly at that thought.

Seeing my wry smile, Laruway-chan changes her demeanor and speaks.

“So? Saburo. What’s wrong? Is something troubling you for you to look like that…? Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” (Laruway)

“I wonder if I can really not worry.” (Saburo)

“I still haven’t repaid you for saving me yet. I’ll help you out.” (Laruway)

With such reassuring words spoken from her smile, I nod and begin to explain the situation.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

That’s an interesting take on the vampire-biting thing. I really wanted to see the bite happen lol. They already look like the best of friends.


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