HWTR – Chapter 3 – Resignation Letter

After that, Dark-chan and I shifted our conversation from serious matters to more casual topics. We discussed various strange events, encounters with weird individuals, and amusing incidents that had occurred during the years we hadn’t met.

As a hero, I have traveled to the [Republic of Zuminar] and the [Terian Empire] before. Most of the time, I would temporarily base myself in those countries so I had lots of stories to tell. Most notably, I talked about the differences in culture and the personalities of the people compared to the [Kingdom of Reinella].

As for Dark-chan, she had taken over her family business and now worked as an alchemist, crafting and repairing magical tools and such. Therefore, she vented about her experience working with various strange items that came in or complained about weird customers.

In the end, we must have talked to each other for about three hours or so.

Although we had started drinking together during the day, by the time we realized it, the sun was already setting. Eventually, Dark-chan and I, both drunk, stumbled out of the tavern.

Ah, how dazzling the sunset is.

While basking in the lukewarm breeze of summer, I swiftly sharpened my dulled mind, despite being drunk. Even in this state, I held the position of a hero in [First Family]. So, no matter the situation, I have trained my mind to remain cool.

“Well then, Senpai, see you later… Don’t disappear all of a sudden again, okay? It’ll be lonely.” (Dark-chan)

“Of course. If I have to go somewhere again, I’ll definitely contact you with a Message Bird.” (Saburo)

“A Message Bird…? Come on, senpai. You’re kidding, right? You should say goodbye properly in person! Are you underestimating Dark-chan? Am I just a casual acquaintance to you, senpai?” (Dark-chan)

“No, no, my bad, my bad. You’re right. Let’s meet in person for that. Anyways. Bye-bye.” (Saburo)

“Eh, no way! Meeting and saying goodbye is super sad, you know! It’ll just make me really sad! Why can’t you understand something as simple as that, Senpai?! You really don’t get the feelings of a maiden at all!” (Dark-chan)

“Ugh, you’re such a pain when you’re drunk, Dark-chan!” (Saburo)

“What did you say!?” (Dark-chan)

With Dark-chan closing in on me, I gently embraced her to calm her down. Then, I turned my back to her and had her climb onto my back for a piggyback ride. While carrying her like that, I made my way to the residential area.

As we walked along the bustling streets, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to Razuli. There probably isn’t anyone else in the kingdom, or even in the world, capable of casting such precise magic barriers to block one’s presence. It was all thanks to Razuli’s talent and effort. What an amazing person.

After safely escorting Dark-chan back to her same home from a year ago, I made my way to the heart of the [Royal Capital, Miracle]. My main destination was the Adventurers’ Association.

The Adventurers’ Association.

Where I, as a hero, am registered.

What am I going there for?

That’s already been decided.

I had been wrestling with this decision for over five years now. From the age of eighteen to my current twenty-three, I’ve been consumed by this dilemma. I was aware that it all began with my foolish misunderstanding but…

I’m really not cut out to bear the title of a hero nor am I fit to stand above my talented friends as an adventurer. In fact, I’m more suited to mundane tasks like the clerical work I did from seventeen to eighteen. I’m better off with a safe job. Stability suits me better.

This isn’t about running away; it’s a matter of suitability.

Standing before the sturdy double doors of the Adventurers’ Association, I composed myself. Then, I rummaged through my survival pouch tied around my waist and took out a pristine envelope. 

The title on the envelope was clear. The words “Letter of Resignation” were written on it. 

It took a great deal of inner conflict to write those words. It was the culmination of five years of struggle, and at the same time, it was the ending of everything.

After returning to my homeland kingdom for the first time in a year, I had finally made up my mind.

――I quit being a hero.

――I am resigning from my position.

I pondered about the future that would follow. Most likely, I would be separated from my four close friends. They are all talented people. Moreover, they have a genuine enjoyment of adventure deep within their hearts. And I can’t imagine the kingdom letting them go.

It would be best to appoint a more capable adventurer as their leader. That adventurer could be hailed as the next hero. They would likely continue their adventures smoothly one way or another while ensuring the safety and peace of the world.

By the way, I hadn’t said anything to them. I don’t want to confuse them with strange talks. When it comes to resigning, seeking advice is not a good idea. It’s probably not limited to heroes or adventurers; it’s the same for other professions.

Now then.

“――[Dispel, Magic]” (Saburo)

I muttered the incantation designated by Razuli for dispelling her magic. Although I couldn’t sense it myself, the concealment magic should have been lifted.

Then, I took another deep breath. I could feel an unusually fast heartbeat in my chest. It was a feeling similar to impatience. But once I recognized it, it was easy to calm down. With all my emotions under control, I opened the door.

Instantly, the gaze of every adventurer hanging around in the building pierced through me. Then, their expressions shifted to one of surprise. There was a slight stir, but it soon subsided into silence.

It was a reaction that I’m used to. Well, perhaps a bit excessive? But then again, it has been a year since I’ve been here. Being surprised like this… maybe something is a bit off after all?

I couldn’t help but tilt my head in confusion, partly due to the frantic movements of the staff behind the counter a while ago. They were clearly in a hurry, darting back and forth. However, they stopped their movements upon noticing my presence.

When looking closely, I noticed a sense of unease from the adventurers as well. There was a faint sense of tension as well.

I could feel that something was about to happen.

And the moment I felt it, my body wanted to run away. I don’t want to stay in this place anymore. I wanted to escape! But I also wanted to resign!

“Is that Saburo, the hero from the [First Family]?” (Adventurer)

“…Everyone in that party is A-rank, right? Everyone except for Saburo.” (Adventurer)

“Yeah. Rumor has it that it’s been five years since he became S-rank1.” (Adventurer)

“Is he a monster or something?” (Adventurer)

“But seriously, where did he get his intel from?” (Adventurer)

“To show up at a time like this… Where did he hear the information from around the town?” (Adventurer)

Despite being talked about in various ways, I decided to ignore it. The ability to ignore such things is a skill that comes with being a hero.

With that resolve, I made up my mind. First and foremost, I needed to submit my resignation letter. After all the preparation, what else had I come here for? Yes, maybe the surrounding tension is just a misunderstanding on my part. Perhaps nothing is wrong at all.

I cut through the commotion and walked straight to the counter. There, I addressed the bewildered female staff member.

“Are you busy right now?” (Saburo)


Seeing the female staff member nod, I silently berated myself. I messed up. Something was wrong after all.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

MC and Dark-chan are definitely much closer to each other than in a normal senpai-kouhai relationship. Really makes me wonder what happened to them in the school days. 

So from what I can piece together, [First Family] has been adventuring outside their home country, [Kingdom of Reinella], for a year and they just got back.

And yes, the author is gonna be using a lot of fictional terms for places and stuff. Well, since you probably won’t remember them, I’ll help note it down here if it’s important.


  1. I’m not sure if ‘it’s been 5 years since he became S-rank’ or ‘it took him 5 years to become S-rank’. We’ll probably find out down the line. Or if you can read japanese and can help dissect it, here’s the raw “噂だと、五年らしいぜ。サブローがS級に上り詰めるまで”.
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