HWTR – Chapter 4 – Problem Arises

If they’re busy, they’re probably not going to accept my resignation at such a time.

But I wonder what’s the problem.

I quietly put the envelope with “Letter of Resignation” written on it back into my survival pouch. As I’m about to turn back and leave, I’m stopped by a dog-eared staff member grabbing my sleeve.

The staff member pleaded with her round eyes.

“Saburo-sama came to help, right? I know ’cause that’s what my senpai always told me.” (Staff)

“I feel like I don’t want to know, but what did you hear from them?” (Saburo)

“Saburo-sama always shows up in a pinch. Whenever everyone’s in trouble, he’s somehow always there to help.” (Staff)

“I see. Like a hero from a picture book, right? It’s frighteningly far from the truth.” (Saburo)

“Actually, we’re in a really dire situation right now.” (Staff)

“Well, I’m in quite a dire situation myself.” (Saburo)

“Ah! I just got a message saying that Mamiya-san will be coming to work soon! Mamiya-san and Saburo-sama are acquaintances, right?” (Staff)

“Acquaintances… is one way to put it, or rather, it’s more like I’m in debt to her.” (Saburo)

The grip on my sleeve shows no sign of letting go anytime soon. And being a dogkin, her voice was quite loud. So even the adventurers at the edge of the venue seemed to notice my presence. And I gradually felt more and more uncomfortable.

Eventually, I decided to give up.

Giving up is something I’m good at.

I’ve thought about quitting being a hero countless times. I’ve even hinted to my companions in [First Family] that I might quit. But their response was always “Huh? Then we’ll quit too”. When faced with such a situation, I could only say “Just kidding”. I’m always the one who gives in. I’m always the one who gives up.

“Could you guide me to a room in the back until Mamiya-san arrives? It’s a bit uncomfortable here, and there are too many people around.” (Saburo)

“Wow~! So it’s true that you’ve come to help us!!” (Staff)

“Yeah yeah. You’re the type who doesn’t listen to what others say, right? I know.” (Saburo)

“As expected of you! It’s just as the rumors say!” (Staff)

Oh, my stomach hurts…

The dog-eared staff member leaps over the counter agilely. While still holding onto my sleeve, she leads me towards the staircase at the back. She’s pulling me quite forcefully. It reminds me that back in my school days, I was taught to be careful of beastkins when they are in heat. 

She guided me all the way to the reception room at the back of the second floor.

By the way, the name tag on the staff member’s chest indicated her name as ‘Pencil’. Let’s call her Pencil-san from now on. She’s probably a year or two younger than me. So, about the same age as Dark-chan?

The hair around her dog ears is red. It’s glossy too, indicating that it’s well taken care of.

“I’ll bring Mamiya-san here once he arrives, so please wait!” (Pencil)

“Yeah, thanks… By the way, it’s okay to keep it brief for now, but could you tell me what’s going on? What’s the situation?” (Saburo)

“Oh, of course!” (Pencil)

I sit on the leather sofa at the back as guided by Pencil. She eagerly takes a seat opposite me.

Her nervous demeanor is evident from her gestures—fidgeting with her fingers and her tail coming out from her skirt was swaying irregularly. This is something Master Kisaragi even told me in the past but—I have good eyesight. I couldn’t help but naturally notice all these things.

Because of this, I can somewhat sense what she’s feeling and thinking.

Eventually, she begins to speak slowly.

“Well, the incident occurred about thirty minutes ago. It happened at a dungeon in the eastern part of the kingdom—the [Toto Dungeon].” (Pencil)

“The [Toto Dungeon], huh? Isn’t it a Dungeon X? It’s practically a dead dungeon.” (Saburo)

“Ah, that’s right. There are no longer any monsters spawning, the mana is thin, there are no treasures inside, and there’s only one floor… There’s supposed to be nothing, which is why it’s classified as Dungeon X.” (Pencil)

“Makes sense.” (Saburo)

“But… thirty minutes ago, the [Kingdom’s Magic Corps] contacted us, saying that there was a sudden outburst of high-density mana in that area.” (Pencil)

…What in the world?

I almost instinctively frown at the revelation. But considering I’m in front of Pencil-san, I restrain myself. Instead, I ponder in my head.

First and foremost, the term “Dungeon X” refers to a place that has already lost its function as a dungeon. When certain conditions are met, a dungeon is classified as X. These conditions are:

1. No monsters spawn in the dungeon.

2. Mana is thinner than usual.

3. Spirits don’t inhabit the area.

4. No treasures are created.

5. Consists of only one floor.

Once a dungeon is classified as X, information about it is wiped from the governing adventurer’s guild. It’s never updated again.

Looking back through hundreds of years of history and literature, there shouldn’t be a situation where Dungeon X suddenly reactivates. At least, not in my memory. I see. That explains why the adventurers and staff were in such a commotion on the first floor.

“So, we were considering forming an investigation team with the adventurers here at the association and heading out for exploration.” (Pencil)

“Hmm, I see. Well, I think I’ll wait for Mamiya-san to arrive first before deciding on anything.” (Saburo)

“Oh, right. That makes sense. I’ve heard rumors that Mamiya-san has been involved as the main receptionist for [First Family] since the beginning.” (Pencil)

“Yeah, I’m really indebted to Mamiya-san.” (Saburo)

“——Well, Saburo-san was still a rookie back then.” (?)

Suddenly, a cool voice resonated from beyond the door.

With lightning-fast reflexes typical of the dogkin, Pencil-san immediately stood up. Then, she swiftly moved to the front of the door and turned the knob. It was like a scene from the entrance of a senior executive.

As the door opens, the figure of the familiar Mamiya-san appears.

Her intelligent demeanor is evident at first glance, and her glasses suit her perfectly.

Instinctively, I also rose from the sofa. And I greeted her with a smile.

“Long time no see, Saburo-san. Shall we get to work?” (Mamiya)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m sure it’s fated for the MC to not be able to resign. The day when he resigns is the day when this series ends.

The Dungeon X thing is interesting. I wonder why one-floor dungeon is one of the criterias. And what does it mean by spirits living there? Maybe we’ll find out eventually.

I know I wrote “guild” before, but checking it again, “association” is probably a more accurate term. I went back and changed it in the previous chapter.


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Really, because I was hoping that he would resign early in the story and this would be a novel Saburo enjoying his retirement while the guild has to find a way to cope with the fact that their golden goose is gone.